40+ Best Electric Bike Brands You Should Consider in 2024

Best Electric Bike Brands to Consider: Most Value for Your Money in 2024

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Here is a list of the best electric bike brands in our opinion. This is where you’ll find information both about manufacturers who only make e-bikes and about those who make other types of bikes in addition to their electric models.

If you’re new to the cycling world, take a look at our electric bike buying guide to get a better idea about all the mechanics and what to look out for.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best electric brands in 2024!


1. Aventon

aventon aventure ebike

Aventon is a name that most electric bike enthusiasts in North America know and for a good reason. Aventon bikes offer a lot of value for the money.

They typically make Class 2 and Class 3 ebikes that feature pedal assistance and throttle, so they are suitable for different applications and various types of riders.

Their most popular models include the Aventon Aventure and Aventon Level.

See Aventon Bikes on aventon.com

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2. Bakcou

woman standing next to a white bakcou electric bike

Bakcou isn’t a too well-known bicycle manufacturer, but hopefully, this will change in the future. There is just no match for their ultra-powerful hunting bikes!

Some Bakcou ebikes, such as the Mule, have a 35+ mph top speed, which makes them some of the fastest ebikes around.

See Bakcou Bikes on eBike Generation

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3. Benno Bikes

Benno Bikes

Benno Bikes are best described as electric cargo and utility bikes. Their bikes are ready for hauling equipment, kids, food – everything you can think of!

They are typically equipped with high-quality components, such as Shimano drivetrains, hydraulic brakes, handy accessories like an integrated rear rack, and so on.

See Benno Bikes on REI

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4. Bianchi

Bianchi Infinito

The Bianchi bike range is one of the most supreme ones available. While they are known as a pure Italian bike brand that primarily makes road bikes, their e-bike range is wide as well.

If you’re looking for a high-end, lightweight electric road bike with a torque sensor and powerful motors, you should choose Bianchi.

See Bianchi Bikes on GovVelo

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5. Blix Bikes

blix cargo electric bike

Blix makes a variety of affordable electric bikes suitable for different uses. Their lineup consists of folding, city, comfort, cargo, and utility models.

If you’re looking for a dependable commuter bike with powerful electric assistance, you’ll be surprised by the bang for the buck you can get from Blix.

Most models have a 750W rear hub motor that allows for Class 2 and Class 3 performance.

See All Blix Electric Bikes

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6. BMC

yellow BMC roadmachine electric bike

BMC is well known for its road bikes, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their electric bikes are just as good.

They currently offer four different e-bike lines, and there’s something for everyone (even for commuters).

BMC is the most popular and successful cycling brand from Switzerland, which is a country known for high-quality products and stringent quality standards.

See BMC Bikes on Mike's Bikes

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7. Brompton

Brompton Electric Bike

Brompton is known for making reliable folding bikes, but what might come as a surprise to some, is that they also make electric bikes.

While their bikes are not the most powerful beasts out there, they are not famous for affordability. Therefore, you will typically have to pay more for the high quality you get.

However, the higher price is worth it, especially if you’re an intermodal commuter, as Brompton bikes are lightweight, durable, compact, and fold easily.

Shop on Brompton.com     Shop on REI.com

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8. Buzz Bikes

Buzz electric bicycles

Buzz Bikes is an e-bike manufacturer from Dayton, Ohio. It is a part of United Wheels, which is a global holding company that also owns Niner, Huffy, Batch, Royce Union, and Allite.

Buzz specializes in making e-bikes and e-trikes only, as well as some accessories for those bicycles. Its lineup includes entry-level e-bikes and e-trikes intended for commuting, city riding, and casual riding.

The brand also offers a 10-year warranty on its frames. It’s one of the best electric bike brands for seniors and beginners.

See Buzz Bikes on buzzbicycles.com

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9. Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale electric bicycles

Cannondale is one of the biggest and most significant brands in the cycling world. The company was established in 1970 and made its first bicycle in 1983, which quickly proved to be a huge success.

Today, Cannondale makes some of the best bicycles in the world, including e-bikes. Its electric bicycle lineup consists of e-road, e-fitness, e-mountain, e-urban, and e-touring models.

These are Class 1 and Class 3 e-bicycles powered by Mahle, Bosch, Ebikemotion, and Shimano electric motors and batteries.

See Cannondale Bikes on REI

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10. Charge Bikes

Charge Red Comfort 2 Step-thru Electric Bike

Charge Bikes offers a solid line of commuters for city riders, plus, they even have something from off-road enthusiasts.

Their bikes unite in the form of reliability and comfort, so they are certainly worth considering.

Charge bikes are known for being partially foldable, which makes them practical for storage. Their handlebars fold by 90 degrees, becoming parallel with the bike and reducing the bike’s footprint.

See Charge Bikes on chargebikes.com

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11. Co-op Cycles

Co-op Cycles electric bicycles

Co-op Cycles is a cycling brand established in 2017 by REI. In addition to manufacturing bicycles, Co-op Cycles also makes cycling gear, cycling apparel, backpacks, bike bags, and other outdoor equipment.

When it comes to bicycles, this brand mainly focuses on mountain, gravel, and adventure bikes, including e-bikes as well.

Its electric bicycles are ideal for commuting and city riding and come equipped with numerous accessories, including an urban-friendly suspension fork.

See Co-op Bikes on REI

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12. Engwe Bikes

Engwe EP-2 Pro


Engwe is a budget electric bike brand that is still not very well-known. Engwe’s bikes are powerful, compact, and versatile and typically cost less than similar bikes made by competitors.

Engwe has a range of folding fat tire electric bikes, many of which have front, dual, or even triple suspension.

Recently, they’ve released ebike models in a few different categories as well, including a commuter ebike and a moped-style ebike.

See Engwe Bikes on Engwe

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13. Gazelle Bikes

Gazelle bikes

Royal Dutch Gazelle is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world. It has been around for almost 130 years, during which time it has become one of the best electric bike brands in Europe and the rest of the world.

Gazelle makes high-quality Dutch-style bicycles intended for commuting, city riding, and fitness purposes. The company predominantly offers mid-range and high-end electric bicycles, but there are a few non-electric models to choose from as well.

See Gazelle Bikes on Mike's Bikes

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14. GT Bicycles

GT electric mountain bike

GT is mainly known for producing BMX bikes and affordable entry-level bikes. So, it might come as a surprise to many that they also offer high-end bikes (electric bikes included). The range of GT Bicycles offers something for everyone.

See GT Bicycles on Jenson USA

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15. Himiway

Himiway Electric Bicycle

Himiway is a USA-based e-bike manufacturer established in 2017. The brand has a consumer-direct business model which allows it to sell its bicycles at an affordable price point.

Himiway makes fat-tire e-bikes that prioritize comfort and practicality for urban and off-road riding. Its selection consists of step-over and step-through models characterized by powerful rear hub motors and high-capacity batteries.

These bikes also come with numerous accessories and typically cost between $1,500 and $2,000.

See Himiway Bikes on himiwaybike.com

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16. Huffy

Huffy Electric Commuter

Huffy is most well known for its commuters, but surprisingly they also produce a few affordable electric bikes. Their range includes mountain bikes, foldable bikes, and commuters.

Huffy’s ebikes are affordable, typically costing between $1,000 and $1,500, but some models cost even less than that.

As such, they have low-tier components, so they are only recommended for beginners and recreational riders who cycle occasionally.

See Huffy Bikes on huffybikes.com

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17. Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes' Scorpion

Juiced Bikes produces both classical and not-so-classical electric bikes. Their range has different moped-style bikes, and to balance it off, they offer several classical-looking electric bicycles. To tie it all together, they offer supreme performance and durability at affordable prices.

Juiced bikes are known for having high-power motors with up to 1000 watts that are capable of Class 3 speeds and beyond, exceeding 30 mph.

18. Lectric eBikes

Lectric for cargo

Lectric Bikes is a small e-bike manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company was established in 2018 to offer high-quality class 3 electric bicycles at a low price point.

Lectric makes foldable fat-tire e-bikes with 20″ wheels and entry-level components. These are practical and compact class 3 e-bikes suitable for commuters and recreational riders.

All models are typically equipped with a plethora of accessories, such as fenders, racks, lights, kickstands, etc.

See Lectric Bikes on lectricebikes.com

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19. Liv Cycles

Liv Cycling

Liv Cycling offers something for (almost) every cyclist. They have electric road bikes, electric mountain bikes, and even electric adventure bikes.

The only limitation is, that they specialize in producing women’s bikes, so the range is a bit limited.

However, being a rare brand that focuses on female cyclists only, their bikes are highly popular.

See Liv Bikes on Mike's Bikes

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20. LOOK Cycles

Look electric bicycles

Look Cycle was established in 1951, but the company made its first bicycle in 1986. Greg Lemond won the 1986 Tour de France on that very bicycle which meant instant success for Look.

Today, the brand is best known for its carbon race road bikes, but it also manufactures road, gravel, and city electric bicycles. Look’s electric bicycles are equipped with seamlessly integrated Fazua mid-drive motors and batteries that provide smooth pedal assistance. All Look e-bikes are also made with lightweight carbon frames.

See Look Bikes on Jenson USA

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21. Marin Bikes

Marin electric bicycles

Marin has been around since 1986 when it was established by Robert Buckley, who was a huge mountain biking enthusiast. Today, Marin is one of the most reputable manufacturers of off-road bikes, including MTB and Gravel.

The company has a limited e-bike lineup, but the offering still includes a decent selection of models. You can choose between full-suspension and hardtail electric models intended for serious mountain biking or recreational off-road cycling.

See Marin Bikes on Jenson USA

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22. Momentum Bikes

Momentum Bikes

Momentum bikes take commuting to another level. Their range offers something for every commuter (they even have a cargo bike to offer).

See Momentum Bikes on Mike's Bikes

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23. Mondraker Bikes

Mondraker electric bike

Mondraker is known for its premium mountain bikes. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that their range includes electric bikes. Mondraker offers electric bikes for trails, and even for just commuting.

Read our detailed review of Mondraker Bikes

24. Niner Bikes

Niner Bikes Review

Chris Sugai founded Niner Bikes in 2004 after he fell in love with the performance of 29″ trail bikes and wanted to popularize them. Since then, Niner has become one of the industry’s leaders in innovation with a proprietary suspension system, carbon fiber materials, their own bottom bracket, and more.

Niner is particularly popular for its 29″ trail bikes, as well as for gravel and adventure bikes. Its e-bike selection consists of high-end full-suspension trail and enduro bikes, as well as gravel e-bikes. If you want an off-road e-bike that’s just as capable as a non-electric two-wheeler, Niner is the real deal.

See Niner Bikes on Jenson USA

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25. Norco Bikes

Norco electric bikes

Norco Bikes is one of the most famous bicycle brands in Canada. The company was established back in 1964 in British Columbia and has not stopped growing ever since.

Today, Norco makes more than 150 models in all cycling categories, including electric bicycles. Its e-bike lineup consists of E-MTB bikes (enduro, all-mountain, trail, CX, fat) and E-URBAN bikes intended for commuting and recreational riding. They’re characterized by powerful mid-drive motors and high-capacity batteries up to 900 Wh.

See Norco Bikes on Jenson USA

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26. Orbea Bikes

Orbea bikes review

Orbea is the biggest and most popular Spanish manufacturer. It is also one of the oldest and most influential cycling brands in the world. The company was established in 1840, but it switched its focus to bicycles in 1930.

Orbea is best-known for its high-performance non-electric bicycles, but it offers an enviable electric lineup as well. The selection includes road, mountain, and urban e-bikes with seamlessly integrated Ebikemotion, Shimano, and Bosch drive units. These are high-end models with steep price tags and top-tier components.

See Orbea Bikes on Jenson USA

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27. Pivot Bikes

blue pivot electric bike

Pivot Cycles is a boutique brand from the USA, established in 2007 by Chris Cocalis. It’s one of the rare brands that use Dave Weagle’s DW-Link suspension technology.

Pivot is all about quality instead of quantity, so it has a limited selection of bikes, but all of them are awe-inspiringly good. The brand boasts a selection of XC, trail, enduro, DH, dirt jump, fat, gravel, and e-bike models. Its e-bike lineup consists of a limited number of MTB and gravel builds powered by Fazua and Shimano electronics.

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28. Priority Bikes

Priority Bicycles Review

Priority Bicycles is a unique brand from NYC that specializes in making versatile, low-maintenance, belt-drive bikes. The company was established in 2014 by Dave Weiner, who had a goal to offer high-quality, low-price two-wheelers.

Priority now boasts a large selection of non-electric commuter, fitness, and lifestyle models, as well as a limited selection of e-bikes. Its bikes are popular for having a belt drive, internal gears, and excellent accessories. The e-bike models feature powerful mid-drive motors and seamlessly integrated high-capacity batteries.

See Priority Bikes on prioritybicycles.com

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29. Rad Power Bikes


Rad Power Bikes was started in 2015 by Mike Radenbaugh and Ty Collins. This is a direct-to-consumer e-bike brand that manufactures super-affordable and powerful fat-tire and lifestyle electric bicycles.

Rad Power Bikes is one of the best electric bike brands around, especially for beginners, commuters, and recreational riders. Its lineup consists of electric models only, including MTB, city, folding, and cargo models. These bikes stand out for having powerful rear hub motors, high-capacity batteries (up to 672Wh), lots of accessories, and unbeatable pricing.

See Rad Power Bikes' Bikes on radpowerbikes.com

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30. Raleigh

Raleigh Electric Bikes Review

Raleigh is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world. It was established back in 1885 and started manufacturing the Raleigh Safety Bicycle, which was an answer to the incredibly impractical and unsafe Penny-Farthing.

Over the years, Raleigh lost some reputation, but it is still one of the top cycling brands in the world. Its lineup offers MTB and urban bikes, as well as a rich selection of high-quality electric bikes. Raleigh’s e-bikes come with top-tier Bosch mid-drive motors and high-capacity batteries that ensure a long PAS range.

Read our detailed review of Raleigh

31. Rambo Bikes

Rambo Bikes

Rambo is a one-of-a-kind electric bicycle brand. It specializes in making utilitarian off-road-ready e-bikes that are suitable for hunting, fishing, camping, and other types of adventures.

Rambo offers capable electric bicycles with mid-drive or hub motors and massive tires up to 4.8″ wide. The lineup even includes a few 2WD models that deliver 1000W of power and can easily navigate any type of terrain. If you love active vacation, Rambo is one of the best electric bike brands to consider.

32. Ride1UP

ride1up rift electric bike

Ride1UP is a young e-bike company established in 2019 by Kevin Dugger. It’s one of the best electric bike brands for anyone who is looking for affordable e-bikes that prioritize comfort and practicality.

Ride1UP’s lineup mainly consists of step-over and step-through city bikes ideal for commuting and recreational/fitness riding. These bikes have mid-drive or rear hub motors, integrated batteries, lots of accessories, and wide multi-purpose tires.

See Ride1Up Bikes on ride1up.com

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33. Rocky Mountain Bikes

Rocky Mountain Electric MTB

Rocky Mountain has been designing and innovating high-performance bikes since 1981. The company is located at the foot of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, which gives it access to the perfect playground to test and develop its trail bicycles.

Rocky Mountain is an MTB-specific brand, with the exception of a few gravel and adventure drop-bar bikes. In addition to a huge selection of non-electric bikes, Rocky also makes powerful and capable MTB e-bikes. They feature zippy Dyname mid-drive units and massive integrated batteries.

See Rocky Mountain Bikes on Jenson USA

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34. Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn electric bicycles

Schwinn is an iconic USA brand that has become synonymous with cycling over the years. The company has been around since 1895, had a rough patch at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, but is now back with excellent products.

Schwinn has a massive lineup of electric and non-electric bicycles that are suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. Their e-bike offering includes city, hybrid, and all-road bikes with mid-drive or hub motors and large, removable batteries. It’s one of the best electric bike brands if you want tradition, quality, and low price all in one.

See Schwinn Bikes on Amazon

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35. Serial 1

Serial 1 Bikes

Serial 1 is a company that offers electric mountain bikes and electric commuters. With four models in their range, it might not seem like much, but oh boy, they make up for it with performance.

See Serial 1 Bikes on Mike's Bikes

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36. Specialized

Specilaized Turbo Kenevo

Specialized has been on the bike market for decades. Their selection of electric bikes is filled with e-MTB’s electric road bikes and even electric commuters. Their high-quality beasts will last you for years to come.

See All Bikes on Specialized.com

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37. Stromer

Stormer ST5

Stromer is a Swiss manufacturer, they produce high-end electric commuters. Their bikes might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they sure look nice!

See Stromer Bikes on Mike's Bikes

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38. Surly Bikes

Surly electric bicycles

Surly has been making some of the best steel touring and adventure bikes in the world ever since 1998. If you want to travel the entire world or explore the world around you, this is a brand you should seriously consider.

Electric bicycles are not Surly’s specialty. The company mostly makes steel bikes intended for commuting, touring, bikepacking, and cargo hauling, but there are a few e-bikes to choose from as well. They are suitable for carrying weight and come with Bosch electronics.

See Surly Bikes on Jenson USA

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39. Zize Bikes

Zize Bikes

Zize Bikes is not your usual bike brand. These bikes are intended for heavier people (up to 550lbs). While the bikes are not your usual high-quality beasts, they are a great way to find your way to cycling.

See Zize Bikes on REI

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40. Tern Bikes

Tern electric bicycles

Tern is one of the best electric bike brands for hauling heavy cargo, commuting, and saving space. This is a young, Taiwan-based company established in 2011, with a unique approach to making high-end folding electric and non-electric bikes.

Tern’s selection of bikes mostly offers powerful folding and cargo e-bikes with heavy-duty Bosch and Bafang motors. Some of its models even have double batteries with up to 1000Wh of capacity and a range of up to 130 miles. Other unique features include belt drives, internal gear hubs, and numerous accessories.

See Tern Bikes on REI    See All Models on TernBicycles.com

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41. Trek Bikes

Trek electric bikes

Trek is one of the world’s biggest cycling companies that drives innovation and sets standards in the entire industry. The brand started in 1976 with just five employees and today employs thousands of people in numerous countries around the world.

Trek manufactures all types of bicycles for every type of rider. When it comes to e-bikes, you can choose among city, mountain, touring, road, cruiser, and many other types. These are modern, high-performance electric bicycles for lifestyle, fitness, and off-road riding.

See All Trek E-Bikes

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42. Velotric

woman riding a velotric electric cargo bike

Velotric is a relatively new e-bike brand established in 2020, pretending to become one of the biggest contenders in the USA electric bike market. Velotric offers a variety of electric bikes at very competitive prices ($1,500 – $2,000), competing against established brands such as Aventon, Ride1UP, and Rad Power Bikes.

See All Models on VelotricBike.com

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43. Vvolt

Vvolt Sirius

Vvolt is a new electric bike manufacturer. They make affordable electric bikes that offer the best bang for the buck. See what they have to offer and you won’t be disappointed!

See Vvolt Bikes on vvolt.com

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44. Wilier

Wilier's Cento 1 Hybrid

Wilier is a well-known Italian manufacturer whose bikes are known to be powerful and agile, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise, that there are even some electric bikes in their lineup. They produce electric road and mountain bikes, and while the prices may seem a bit daunting, they are going to be worth it!

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45. Wing Bikes

Wing Freedom 2

Wing Bikes is a company that has been around for a couple of years, and they have secured their place in the electric bike world. Their range currently consists of four different electric bikes, perfect for different kinds of commuters. But what makes them stand out from the rest, is their unique lock-alarm system. And all that for an affordable price!

See Wing Bikes on wingbikes.com

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46. Yuba Bikes

Yuba electric bikes

Yuba is a California-based manufacturer of modern cargo bicycles. The brand was established in 2006 by Benjamin Sarrazin who wanted to popularize the bicycle as a means of transportation and a driver of adventure and social change.

Yuba makes both electric and non-electric cargo bikes that can haul 400+ pounds of weight on front or rear racks. Yuba’s e-bikes are available in compact cargo, full cargo, and front cargo iterations. They’re ideal for urban dwellers, entrepreneurs, and large families.

See Yuba Bikes on REI

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The best e-bike brands that specialize in making electric bikes include Rad Power Bikes, Ride1UP, Tern, Yuba, and Gazelle. Of course, other popular brands make excellent e-bikes as well, such as Trek, Giant, Cannondale, Orbea, and so on. You can’t go wrong with these.

There are very few 100% American-made electric bicycles. Companies such as Electric Bike Company and Outrider make their own frames and assemble their bikes in the USA, but some of the components are sourced from other countries. Making a bike in the USA is simply too expensive.

One of the biggest disadvantages of e-bikes is the weight. E-bikes are heavy due to having a large battery and motor, which is usually not a problem until you run out of charge and you need to pedal on your own. Other than that, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Rad Power Bikes has been one of the most popular bike brands recently. Other rider-favorite brands include well-known names such as Trek, Cannondale, Specialized, Giant, and Orbea. However, less-known brands like Ride1Up, Lectric, Himiway, and Rambo are also rising in popularity.

Electric bikes are worth it for the right person. If you ride frequently but you’re not very fit, you’re starting to feel the effects of age, or you’re dealing with an injury, an e-bike is a great solution. E-bikes are also super fun and let you commute effortlessly, without breaking a sweat.



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  1. Great point made by CAT U. – At least a list of other bikes that you know about but not tested – should have been listed, at least for N.American brands. Yes, I wonder what kind of bias this article has ?
    I don’t have time to question and research publications. Let’s have the basics and honesty. What about the best selling Ontario e-bikes: the TESGO- amazing quality and value. I love mine and just bought it. Solid design and big battery and motor. Check it out. Cheers, DK.

    1. Hey Don, there are dozens upon dozens of great bike brands out there and, naturally, everyone has their favorites. Unfortunately, we can’t include all of them, but we try to show as many diverse options as possible. Cheers and thank you for your comment and suggestions!

    1. They are decent affordable e-bikes, similar in build and quality to Lectric, Aventon, or Rad Power Bikes.

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  2. I have to laugh out loud at this list, which fails to include one of the most innovative brands on the global market, Canadian-made Biktrix e-bikes. These guys offer the best built bikes, made from the best components, for the most reasonable price. Their exclusion here seriously calls into question the credibility of this article.

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