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Jenson USA Suspension Service – All You Need To Know

Jenson USA Suspension Service – All You Need To KnowJenson USA launched a new suspension service a few months ago. To mark this occasion, we’ve concluded an interview with Carl Tucker, who is a Service Manager.  Suspension service is not a new concept, but it’s mostly done by manufacturers or bike shops. But now, Jenson USA is here to join the action too. So,... Read More »

Review of Ride1UP Core-5

Review of Ride1UP Core-5The Ride1UP Core-5 is a very affordable, capable, and attractive 750W electric bicycle featuring an integrated battery and lightweight alloy frame. The Core-5 is no slouch when it comes to power. At just $1,195, you might think so. However, unlike other 750W rear-hub motor electric bikes, this bike by Ride1UP has a good amount of takeoff... Read More »

How Can Cyclists Support Ukraine

How Can Cyclists Support UkraineOn February 24th, 2022, President Putin issued the order to invade Ukraine and the world has not been the same since. With many of us wanting to offer some support, being cyclists, it’s natural to think, how we can support Ukraine? There are several ways we, as cyclists, can do our bit to show support... Read More »

Review of Ride1UP Café Cruiser

Review of Ride1UP Café CruiserRide1UP Café Cruiser is an affordable Class 3 e-bike with all the features and accessories to replace your car for short trips – even with two people. This bike is equipped with so many valuable components and add-ons that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere at this price point. Over the past few years, the... Read More »

RadRover Plus Review

RadRover Plus ReviewRadRover 6 Plus is a comfortable, capable front-suspension cruiser with dual sport capabilities and a stylish integrated battery look. Rad Power Bikes stepped up their game with this premium version of their wildly popular RadRover. The RadRover 6 Plus adds hydraulic disc brakes, a more powerful hill-climbing motor, and a sleeker and stylish design. Compared... Read More »

RadCity 5 Plus – By Rad Power Bikes (Review)

RadCity 5 Plus – By Rad Power Bikes (Review)The RadCity Plus by Rad Power Bikes is a multi-dimensional city cruiser with mid-range components and telescoping handlebars, a built-in rear rack, and a convenient step-through design. The RadCity has made its way to thousands of hearts, but now there’s an upgraded version of the fan favorite. With higher-end components like a more powerful motor... Read More »

Best Bike Repair Stands

Best Bike Repair StandsBest bike repair stands for home mechanics and those with aspirations of setting up a permanent workshop. We’re all guilty of flipping our bikes upside down to do a quick adjustment or repair. All too often, that results in a scuffed handlebar or damaged saddle.  That’s why a good bike work stand is a must,... Read More »

Review of Vvolt Sirius

Review of Vvolt SiriusVvolt Sirius is a capable and quality designed mid-drive, hardtail, belt drive mountain bike for street and light off-road. Some e-bikes are thumb-throttle first and pedal assistance second. With no thumb throttle to push, the Vvolt Sirius is all about pedal assistance. A smooth belt drive motor provides seamless, silent shifting between gears, no greasy... Read More »

Review of Cannondale Quick CX 4

Review of Cannondale Quick CX 4Cannondale Quick CX 4 is a good-looking and affordable hybrid bike for commuting and enjoying off-road routes. There’s no doubt that bicycles are becoming prohibitively expensive and overly complicated. But there’s no reason to spend thousands if you’re a beginner. A simple, attractive, and well-equipped hybrid such as Cannondale Quick CX 4 is all you... Read More »

Review of Liv Tempt

Review of Liv TemptLiv Tempt is a beginner and wallet-friendly hardtail mountain bike ideal for conquering singletracks or completing your daily commute.  Your first mountain bike should be neither complicated nor expensive and fancy. A reliable hardtail trail bike is all you need to learn the ropes of mountain biking and pick up a new hobby. Liv Tempt... Read More »