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Giant Contend 3

Giant Contend 3The all-new Contend 3 2020 by Giant is sure to fulfill all of your cycling needs and expectations. Designed primarily for riders with an edge for versatility, the Contend 3 is precisely engineered to create a better ride quality for the end-user. This process is done so with Giant’s balanced road geometry – designed to... Read More »

Cyber Monday Cycling Deals

Cyber Monday Cycling Deals... Read More »

Cannondale Trail 1 (2020) Review

The Cannondale Trail 1 is a great option for adventurers looking to hit the trails with a sturdy, dependable rider. These bikes were created with usability in mind, which is why they come standard with high-quality components & a couple of different wheel options depending on size. This means that you’re all but guaranteed to... Read More »

The 15 Best Cheap Bikes You Can Get

Do you need a quality bike but you don’t want to break the bank? Then you’re in the right place. Check out our list of the 15 best cheap bikes you can get online. What Makes One Cheap Bike A Good Cheap Bike? There’s a difference between cheap bikes and good cheap bikes. Paying little... Read More »

Vilano Shadow Review

Vilano Shadow ReviewVilano Shadow is an interesting entry-level road bike that deserves everything but to stay in the shadows. That’s why we’re putting it in the spotlight with this review, where we believe it belongs. This bicycle is a very good choice for any road cycling beginner out there for a number of reasons: It’s cheap. It... Read More »

Cannondale Trail 7 (2020) Review

Cannondale Trail 7 (2020) Review  MSRP $560 A Beginner’s Ticket to Trail Riding The Cannondale Trail line of bikes offers some of the best choices of beginner MTBs in the industry. Period. Trail 7 is one of the best models from that line of advanced entry-level bikes, and the 2020 version is even better than the previous one. With... Read More »

Vilano Tuono 2.0 Review

Who says road biking needs to be expensive! In this review, we’ll be looking at an affordable road bike intended for entry-level riders, commuters, and outdoors enthusiasts—Vilano Tuono 2.0! This is a cheap and attractive bicycle that has a lot to offer to its future owners for the price asked for it. If you’re looking... Read More »

The Future of Bicycles: What to Expect (Infographic)

Script: Cycling has come a long way from riding on heavy steel contraptions and penny-farthing bikes to sophisticated aluminum and carbon machines.  Many of the super-bikes we are riding today look as if they were stolen from a sci-fi movie set. However, if we use our imagination, the bicycles of the future will look even... Read More »

woom 2 Kids Bike Review

woom 2 Kids Bike ReviewDo you have a child that is doing well on the balance bike, but is still quite young and fairly small? If the coordination is there, and the child is full of interest and eagerness to try out a pedal bike, the woom 2 is the choice for you.   Full Review Constructed of high... Read More »

woom 1 Balance Bike Review

woom 1 Balance Bike ReviewBalance bikes are the new thing. They’ve made training wheels obsolete. Indeed, if you’ve ever witnessed a child riding a bike with training wheels and crying in frustration, you’ve likely thought, “There’s got to be a better way!” And you’d be right! There definitely is a better way, and it is the balance bike. Not... Read More »