National Bike Day and Other Cycling-Related Holidays

National Bike Day And Other Cycling-Related Holidays

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When something is important to us, it is a good idea to spend some time celebrating it.

Bikes are an incredible tool and have been around since roughly 1817 when the Swift Walker was first invented. Since then, it has grown massively, and now you can’t typically go more than a day without seeing multiple bicycles.

Although it may just be a form of transport to many, for others, it is a way of life. Cycling for some people is what they work all week for, and people travel all over the world to watch the biggest cycling events like the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia.

Cycling is not only fun because of riding downhills and telling great bike jokes on group rides, but also because of all the holidays that give you a reason to celebrate.

In this article, we’re going to tell you all about them.

National Bike Month: May

national bike month

First, we have  National Bike Month. When is National Bike Month? Well, it is held over the month of May. National bike month, unlike Bike day, celebrates the invention of the bike. There’s actually very little evidence about when bikes were first made. Many people were working on similar designs in the early 1800s.

National Bike Month is celebrated by people simply just using their bikes more. They recommend the best way of celebrating it is to dust off your bike and try using it for a commute or just generally go out and have a ride either on your own or bring the family along.

What National Bike Month wants to help people achieve is to start using their bikes more and start living a sportier healthier lifestyle which is good for the environment.

National Bike to Work Day: Third Friday of May

national bike to work day

National Bike to Work Day is held on the Third Friday of every May, so it changes dates pretty much every year but always sits in the middle of National Bike Month.

The first National Bike to Work Day was in 1956. It was started by the League of American Bicyclists. They organized the day to raise awareness for the health benefits that come from cycling.

Surprisingly enough, National Bike to Work Day is actually part of National Bike to Work Week, which is also part of National Bike to Work Month. If you love cycling, it gives you the perfect excuse to get on the bike twice a day to help support a good cause.

The benefits of cycling they wanted to promote were:

  • Better work performance
  • Better mental organization
  • Improved physical health and fitness
  • Great way to save money
  • Great for the planet


Cycling to work is becoming increasingly popular, and now we have electric bikes as well. It’s easier than it has ever been. We highly recommend taking part in National Bike to Work Day, as it could completely change your attitude on how to commute or travel in general.

World Bicycle Day: June 3

world bicycle day

World Bicycle Day is probably the most popular event on this list. It is held on June 3rd of every year. The United Nations launched World Bicycle Day so more people would recognize the importance of the bicycle and the way it has transformed societies all over the world.

Although in places like the US, UK, and Europe, we are lucky enough to have bikes everywhere, and we generally only use them recreationally or to commute. In poorer countries, the bicycle plays a much bigger, more important role. It is used to collect water which can be very far away, get groceries and food, and be used to visit loved ones where cars or public transport are not available. For us owning a bicycle isn’t a necessity, but in poorer countries, they rely on them.

There are a few ways that you can participate in World Bicycle day. Firstly you can donate some money toward a cycle scheme. There are many nonprofits that focus on getting more bicycles to places where they make the most difference.

The second way is to dust off your bicycle and go for a ride or commute to work. The third way is to use the hashtag World Cycle Day to share and promote the importance of the bicycle.

Bicycle Day: April 19 (Bonus)

The last day we’re going to speak about is Bicycle Day, not to be confused with World Bicycle Day, as these are two different things. The first thing to mention is that it takes place on the 19th of April every year.

Bicycle Day is surprisingly a celebration of LSD. LSD is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide which can evoke significant shifts in consciousness even in low doses. It was one of the biggest breakthroughs in using a substance as a psychiatric tool, but you are probably wondering where the bicycle fits into the story.

Dr. Albert Hofmann first discovered the effects of LSD when riding a bicycle and had quite the trip. After later being checked by a doctor, the discoveries were confirmed. Typically not everyone takes to the bike to celebrate Bicycle Day. It’s celebrated by many by listening to psychedelic music and taking in the vibe without drug use.


National bike month is held over the whole Month of May. The League of American Bicyclists heavily promotes it and it is celebrated by communities all over and in the US from coast to coast. The Month is used to help promote more people to try cycling.

World Bicycle day was founded by Professor Leszek Sibilski. At the time, he was a Polish social scientist who was working in the United States. He led a grassroots campaign alongside his sociology class to promote a UN Resolution. He was very successful and eventually gained the support of 56 countries and Turkmenistan.

The best way to celebrate National Bike Month is to get out and ride your bike. You can commute to work or go out just for fun. You can ride alone or with friends, and you can go anywhere you want. The key to making the most of Nation Bicycle Month is just enjoying the bike and getting some great miles in.

National Bike Week is run every year and supported by many. You will see lots of people from the bicycle industry, central government, and even plenty of campaign groups come together and organize events for the public. It started in the UK and recently, over the past decade, is becoming popular worldwide. It typically starts in the second week of June and follows just after World Bicycle Day.

There are many ways you can celebrate Bike Day. You can go out for a ride like Albert Hofmann, just without the LSD, or many people take some time to put on psychedelic music and sit and relax.

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