How to choose bicycle. List of good Amazon bicycles with tests

Biggest Cycling Events

Biggest Cycling EventsCycling is one of the most famous and popular sports in the entire world. From Colombia to South Africa, and the United States to Australia. Millions of fans tune into the Grand Tours every year. Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, and Vuelta a España are some of the best-known cycling events that take place every... Read More »

Track Cycling Explained

Track Cycling ExplainedTrack cycling certainly looks odd. Riders are racing around a short oval with steep turns and doing it all without brakes. They sprint at 40mph and swing up and down the banking while looking over their shoulder. There’s even one race – called the Madison – where riders grab the hand of their partner and... Read More »

Will Bikes Ever Be Back in Stock Again?

Will Bikes Ever Be Back in Stock Again?It’s clear that the bike industry is in a rough spot right now — the demand is far greater than the supply. Will bikes ever be back in stock? This is the big question that both consumers and retailers want an answer to. We share our predictions below. As we all know, everyone and their... Read More »

Zwift Review – Compared With Others

Zwift Review – Compared With OthersZwift has truly taken over as the king of indoor cycling. The company is less than 10 years old, but already has over four million users and millions of current subscribers. When a cyclist thinks of indoor training, they think of Zwift. However, Zwift is not the only indoor training app in the world. Far... Read More »

Gravel vs. Road Bikes – How To Choose?

Gravel vs. Road Bikes – How To Choose?The differences between gravel and road bikes are real, even though they’re hard to spot by an untrained eye. Keep reading as we delve deeper into the main differences and help you make the right choice. Gravel bikes have been a hot topic in cycling circles for a long time. They’ve been the cause of... Read More »

Best Mountain Bike Shoes

Best Mountain Bike ShoesCheck out our top selection of the best mountain bike shoes — flat and clipless — for men and women. Best models for trail riding, bikepacking, downhill, and more. Finding the best mountain bike shoes in the plethora of options on the market is a daunting task. There are countless brands, models, closure systems, materials,... Read More »

How To Prepare For a Bike Trip

How To Prepare For a Bike TripWelcome to the most complete guide on how to plan a bike trip (or a bikepacking trip). Traveling by bicycle is a synonym of freedom and a dream-come-true for many people. However, setting off from the safety and comfort of your home for the first time can be daunting. Trust me, I know because I’ve... Read More »

Five Obstacles That West African Cyclists Are Facing

Five Obstacles That West African Cyclists Are FacingLife can be tough in West Africa, and it’s not always easy to make time for sport as a leisure activity. Many people in countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone live a hand-to-mouth existence, mostly by subsistence farming. If you only eat what you harvest, it makes it difficult to justify spending a few hours... Read More »

All You Need to Know About Everesting and Why It’s Gaining Traction

All You Need to Know About Everesting and Why It’s Gaining TractionEveresting is the ultimate cycling challenge that more and more people are trying to complete. Climbing 8,848m on a bicycle in one ride is not easy, but it can be done with the right knowledge.  Reaching the top of Mount Everest is the biggest accolade a climber can put next to their name. Cyclists can’t... Read More »

How Much Should I Pay For A Bike?

How Much Should I Pay For A Bike?I love numbers and enjoy putting things into perspective. So let’s only rely on numbers. Instead of giving simple answers, I’d like to help you change your mindset. Are you ready? Let’s go! We hear too often that bikes are expensive. They are not! Or perhaps that’s relative. P.S. In this article, I’ll show you... Read More »

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