How to choose bicycle. List of good Amazon bicycles with tests

Rad Power’s All-New RadMission — Lightest, Cheapest, and Raddest So Far

Rad Power’s All-New RadMission — Lightest, Cheapest, and Raddest So FarRad Power Bikes has added a brand-new model to their unique collection – RadMission. It is a cheap, light, and good-looking city commuter intended for young people on a mission and those who feel that way. MSRP: $999 Motor and Battery: 500W / 504Wh Estimated Range: 25 – 45+ miles Weight: 48 lbs Two frame... Read More »

Did Strava Just Shoot Themselves in the Foot?

Did Strava Just Shoot Themselves in the Foot?Strava announced some major changes to its free app. If you want to see how you rank on local segments against other athletes or continue building routes, you’ll have to bite the bullet and pay.  Strava has been one of the most popular fitness tracking apps for cyclists and runners ever since 2009 when it... Read More »

Best Helmets for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Best Helmets for Babies, Toddlers and KidsWearing a helmet whenever going for a bike ride is a crucial safety precaution that both kids and adults should stick to. The sooner you teach your child to wear a baby bike helmet, the better. Wearing a helmet has NO disadvantages, so there’s no reason to avoid using one. They protect the head from... Read More »

Review of Cannondale Quick CX 3

Review of Cannondale Quick CX 3Cannondale Quick CX 3 is an affordable and versatile hybrid bike that thrives in different situations — on the city streets, commutes, leisurely rides, and on unpaved backroads. Here’s why it’s a good deal! CX 3 is currently sold out. Consider other CX models here. Cannondale Quick CX 3 is a two-wheeler you can use... Read More »

Best Cycling Shoes

Best Cycling ShoesWith the best cycling shoes on your feet, you’ll achieve better power transfer, smaller chance of injury, and more efficient pedaling. Let’s find out what the best ones are then! Clipless cycling shoes provide one of the highest performance boosts of all upgrades you can make to your bike, gear, and equipment. Your feet are... Read More »

Review Of Co-Op Cycles REV Series

Review Of Co-Op Cycles REV SeriesWhat’s the best time to fall in love with cycling? The younger the better! That’s one of the reasons Co-op Cycles developed the REV series. It accommodates kids of all ages, from very young toddlers to teenagers.  The REV series is a lineup of children’s bikes that includes balance bikes, pedal bikes with training wheels,... Read More »

Review of Trek Marlin 4 (2020)

Review of Trek Marlin 4 (2020)Photo credits: Trek Marlin 4 is an affordable mountain bike ideal for anyone who wants to get back in shape or test the waters of trail riding. Mountain biking is an expensive sport, right? You’ve always wanted to ride the trails but you never had enough money for it. Well, that’s no longer a... Read More »

Best Trek Bikes You Can Get (2020)

Best Trek Bikes You Can Get (2020)Trek is one of the first brands that comes to the mind of both beginners and experienced cycling enthusiasts. But what are the best Trek bikes on the market? Let’s see They have a HUGE range of bikes, in all price categories, for different purposes, many of which are often seen at top-level competitions, such... Read More »

Review Of Hiplok Z Lok Combo

Hiplok Z Lok Combo is a lightweight, multi-use, steel core security tie ideal for quick pit stops on your rides. This lock is intended for low-risk environments and situations, ideal for preventing the “snatch and run” thefts, which is one of the most common ways riders become walkers. Even though Hiplok Z Lok Combo will... Read More »

Review of DZR Shoes – JetLag Nero Cycling Shoes

Review of DZR Shoes – JetLag Nero Cycling ShoesDo you love riding clipless but you’re not a big fan of wearing nerdy cycling shoes on a day-to-day basis? Then you should consider a pair of commuter cycling shoes, such as the DZR Jetlag Nero.  DZR Jetlag Nero is an urban cycling shoe that blends right in with your business or casual attire. It... Read More »

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