How to choose bicycle. List of good Amazon bicycles with tests

Sixthreezero Around The Block Review

Sixthreezero Around The Block ReviewSixthreezero Around the Block is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for simplicity and practicality in an affordable and beautiful package. This steel-frame cruiser is easy to maintain and incredibly fun to ride! Let’s see, what’s behind this bestseller. Perfect for Beaches and City Streets Sixthreezero is a USA-based company that is wholly... Read More »

Best Bike Deals

Best Bike DealsSee, what are the best cycling related deals at the... Read More »

Across Estonia in a Week on a Mountain Bike

Across Estonia in a Week on a Mountain BikeLast Updated: January 9, 2019 (Added two similar trails in U.S) I want to share something extraordinary with you. A guy from Estonia, called Dusan, helps me to manage this blog. We often talk about bikes and one thing that he shared with me became ingrained in my mind. After doing my own research, I... Read More »

Brooks England – Sparkhill Backpack Overview

Brooks England – Sparkhill Backpack OverviewBrooks England is one of the oldest manufacturers of cycling related accessories that is still active – and they are very proud of it. I don’t intend to write much more about their history because that would be too long and it would not do them the same amount of justice that the History section... Read More »

Cannondale Quick 7 Review

Cannondale Quick 7 Review  If you are on the lookout for lightweight women’s hybrid bike, Cannondale Quick 7 might be the right choice for you. This is a nimble hybrid bike with a flat bar, that is created for city commuting but with some fitness training in mind as well. A hybrid bike should be good at combining... Read More »

CHRISTMAS Gifts For Cyclists

CHRISTMAS Gifts For CyclistsCheck out, what are the best cycling related gift ideas for Christmas... Read More »


CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR CYCLISTSBest Christmas Gift Ideas For... Read More »

Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1

This is the best bike for commuting in urban areas. The Co–op Cycles CTY 2.1 bike comes at a good price and it offers you performance, comfort, beauty, speed and ease of operation. So you have been looking for the perfect city bike to use for your day to day rides in your city. Look... Read More »

Thousand Bike Helmet Review

Thousand Bike Helmet ReviewCreated: October 27, 2017 Riding a bike with no helmet includes a balance between fun and danger. Thousand wants to change this balance by offering helmets with great functionality The story behind Thousands’ helmets is actually more than you would first expect. We all have those friends who don’t wear helmets because they look silly... Read More »

State Bicycle Co – Core Line – Wulf Review

State Bicycle Co – Core Line – Wulf ReviewThe new Core Line Wulf looks even better in person than in the pictures and performs better than can be expected without destroying your wallet Last Update: June 2018 (Updated Core Line model selection & repairs) New model! – Pigeon > The Core Line Wulf The State Bicycle Co Wulf is a versatile single or... Read More »

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