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Cycling Advice

Jeff Balton

Cycling Advice by Bicycle Guider

This is our cycling advice section from experts. Stay tuned for more articles!


What type of bike to choose

Types of Bikes – Which bicycle type to choose


Best bike rollers and trainers

Bike Trainers & Rollers – All you need to know. Best picks included.



Bike Fit Article

Bike Fit – An informational guide to get the right bicycle fit


Bike Computers - How To Choose and Calibrate

Bike Computers – How they work and how to choose



Guide To Fat Bikes

Guide to Fat Bikes – All you need to know about fat bikes



Bike Repair Kits

Bike Repair Kits – How and when to use


Insurance for bikes and cyclists

Insurance for cyclists and bikes – Take care of your wealth!



How To Choose Bike tires

How to choose bike tires – In-depth guide about the bike tires



How to Choose cycling shoes

How to choose cycling shoes – All about cycling shoes



Different Bike Transportation ways

Bikepacking – How and when to use



Bicycle chain maintenance and care

Bicycle chain lube and maintenance – How to take care of your chain



Right size bike - bike size graph by bicycle Guider

How to choose the right size bike – All types


How to choose right mountain bike size – Specific mountain bike sizing information

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  • John says:

    How wide of road tire will a Valkarie Airborne titanium frame accomadate?

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi John, not sure about that one. The standard model comes with 23mm tires as far as I know. It could certainly accommodate one or two sizes wider tires, but it’s best to contact the manufacturer.

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