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Cycling Advice

Jeff Balton

Cycling Advice by Bicycle Guider

The Cycling Advice section is your guide to becoming a better cyclist. We aim to cover each and every important topic first and then move to the less pressing ones in the future. So far, we’ve covered all of the basic skills that you need to have to become a better cyclist.

The thing that motivated me to start this thread in the first place are numerous questions I get from readers every day asking for cycling tips.

Even if you’re familiar with cycling, you still need to be up to date with the latest info to make the best choices on the road.

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Guide To Fat Bikes

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How to Choose cycling shoes

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Right size bike - bike size graph by bicycle Guider

How to choose the right size bike – All types

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How to Learn Cycling for Beginners?

How to learn cyclingWhen becoming a cyclist, everyone starts as a pure beginner. Luckily, it does not take a long time to become more experienced and master new skills.

To be able to do this, proper resources and cycling tips for beginners are necessary, which I strive to provide through these pages.

The approach to cycling for beginners is different than for experts. Complex issues and theories need to be simplified and made more digestible, which is what these articles are all about. You should be able to understand all of the tips and tricks and pieces of advice even if the only thing you know about bicycles is that they have two wheels. 🙂

Some common questions I get from my readers include, “How to learn cycling for beginners?”, “Where do I start?”, “Which skills are necessary for me to know when I hit the road?”, etc.

I’ll always keep these questions in the back of my mind when deciding which topic to cover next in this Cycling Advice section. That way, you’ll get the most relevant and the most useful cycling tips for beginners each and every time.

What Guides Do You Want To See?

Let us know and you’ll see it soon on our cycling advice section.

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  • Nick says:

    My son is 11 years old, 5’10 with 24 in inseam. searching for a decent inexpensive bike for him. it’ll be used for general riding round the neighborhood so probably a hybrid. Used would be okay also. Any recommendations?

  • Hello Jeff,
    Can you please tell me which points should I consider before buying an ebike? I am beginner, your guidance would be highly appreciated !

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Nora,
      Always consider the following
      1. Why you need an ebike and your type of riding
      2. A reputable retailer
      3. Test several of them before making a decision
      4. Take note of the warranty
      5. You get what you pay for

      Please read my post about Best Electric Bikes

  • Caitlin says:

    Hello! I am considering buying a cruiser for myself. However, I’d like to be able to pull a kid trailer or have a rear mounted child seat. Will a cruiser work for this? Also, I’m not sure if I should with a trailer or child seat. I read your child seat article. I don’t think I’ll get much use out of a front mounted seat as my son seems to be on the upper end of the seat recommendations (for an baby) and isn’t ready for a saddle. I’m 5’6” so I’m not sure if I’m tall enough for a rear mounted seat. Thanks in advance!

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hey Caitlin, a cruiser is a good choice for pulling a kid trailer or having a child seat. One of the problems you might experience is pedaling uphill if you get a single-speed cruiser. If you live in a hilly area, I’d recommend getting a geared bike.

      Your height shouldn’t be too much of a problem as there are rear-mounted child seats that can be fitted with an adapter that lets you attach them even if the saddle is lowered completely.

  • Eric Neal says:

    My daughter is 12 years old, 4’10 with 26 in inseam. Looking for a good inexpensive bike for her. It will be used for general riding around the neighborhood so probably a hybrid. Used would be okay also. Any recommendations?

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hey Eric, we have some great resources about cheap bikes here, here, and here. Check it out and you might find something you like. I think a city/cruiser bike would be a great choice. 🙂

  • Ellie Di Libero says:

    Hi, in need of help. Looking at buying a hybrid bike. Anxious on getting the correct size. Different sites say different things for the size I require. The bike I’m looking at is the carrera subway 1 men’s. (This is my budget) I’m a female 5ft 6in (167cm) with a 29.9in (75cm) inseam. The bike has 27.5 tyres. Do I need 16” or 18”. The size guide says 16 but I’m anxious and others are telling me that’s to small? Thanks.

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Ellie. I, too, believe that a 16″ frame would be a good fit for you. You risk being too stretched out on an 18″ frame. 🙂

  • Michele Murzak says:

    About 20 or so years ago, I rode a mountain bike. I liked to ride trails. Now, I want to strictly ride on the road. So I didn’t know if I should get a road bike or hybrid. I am also unsure of the size to look for. My inseam is 30″ and I am about 5’4” or 5’5″. My thought was a 51cm?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hey Michele! How about a gravel or a cyclocross bike? They’re awesome for both road and off-road rides. 🙂
      When it comes to the frame size, I think anything between 51 cm to 53 cm would be a good fit for you.

      Have fun!

  • John says:

    How wide of road tire will a Valkarie Airborne titanium frame accomadate?

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi John, not sure about that one. The standard model comes with 23mm tires as far as I know. It could certainly accommodate one or two sizes wider tires, but it’s best to contact the manufacturer.