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Best Black Friday Electric Bike Deals of 2022

Jeff Balton

Best Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

Something is around the corner! Let’s see the best Black Friday electric bike deals you don’t want to miss. 

This year, Black Friday takes place on the 25th of November and is followed up by Cyber Monday, like always. 

Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to purchase a new electric bike or purchase some new gear. Over the years, electric bikes have become more affordable than ever, so why not save even more?

We’re here to help you out! We have gathered the best electric bike deals from our partners and all over the World Wide Web. As Black Friday approaches, we will start updating this list, so stay tuned and don’t miss all the sweet deals.

We’ve gathered the best electric bike deals from our partners, stay tuned!

Alchemy Bikes – Up to 25% off Arktos e-MTB

Aventon Bikes – Decent e-bike deals

Buzz Bikes – 25% off site-wide

QuietKat – Famous e-hunting bikes – Early Black Friday Deals

Engwe – Up to $200 off on selected models

evo – Up to $1,400 off on e-bikes

JensonUSA – Early Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

Juiced Bikes – Huge discounts on all e-bikes

Lectric – Up to $200 off, plus Black Friday Bundles

Rad Power Bikes – Black Friday Preview Sale – Up to $500 off

Priority – Weekly deals on e-bikes

Rambo Bikes – e-hunting bikes, up to $1,500 off.

Ride1UP – Black Friday Sneak Peak: Up to $300 off on different models


Best Black Friday E-Bike Deals

RadRover 6 Plus $1,499 $1,999

RadRover 6 Plus

Rad Power Bikes is throwing huge discounts our way. RadRover 6 Plus seems to be the prime example this year – $500 off its original price sound’s way too good to be true. 

RadRover 6 Plus is packed with reliable components that help you ride further and faster. Since this is a comfort-oriented cruiser with suspension, it’s up for every challenge – commuting, hitting the trail, taking kids to school/kindergarten, and so much more.

The 750W motor offers plenty of power and a range of up to 45 miles per charge will take you further than ever.

You won’t be able to resist this sleek-looking machine, especially with this price.


Aventon Soltera $999 $1,299

Aventon Soltera

Aventon Soltera is an agile bike that is more than ready to tackle long distances on the road.

The 350W motor gives more than enough power and the battery offers a range of up to 40 miles.

Electric bikes tend to be a bit heavier than normal bikes, mainly due to the extra weight of the motor and battery. Aventon Soltera is surprisingly light – coming in at around 40 lbs, which makes it perfect for road cycling.


State Bicycle Co. eBike Commuter $1,199.99 $1,499.99

State Bicycle Co eBike Commuter

State Bicycle Co’s eBike Commuter is one of their newest models. It’s an affordable electric commuter that promises a whopping 20-100 mile range, which is something you don’t see every day. 

In every other sense, this is a classic State Bicycle Co bike – a sleek-looking quality build with a lot to give.


Serial 1 RUSH/CTY $3,599.95 $4,999.99

Serial 1 RUSH/CTY

Serial 1 RUSH/CTY is a premium electric bike, designed for comfortable commutes and leisure rides. 

Apart from looking absolutely stunning, it boasts powerful electronics and has a promised range of 30-90 miles.


Priority Current $2,899 $3,299

Priority Current

Priority Current is a fan-favorite electric commuter with a belt drive system.

Belt drive is one of the reasons why this bike is a bit pricier than the rest – belt drive systems are pretty much maintenance-free and last for years and years to come, making the Priority Current a worthy investment!

Use code BF400 to get $400 off!


Wing Freedom 2 $998.98 $1,698.98

Wing Freedom 2

Wing Freedom 2 is one of our favorite bikes in terms of safety.

The first and most noticeable thing about this bike is the frame. Draped in a sleek matte finish, it looks unbelievably stylish. But the best thing about this bike is the security.

This bike comes with a built-in lock and a loud tamper alarm, that will scare the possible thief away.

But aside from the safety aspects, Wing Freedom 2 is a good electric bike, offering reliable components and powerful electronics.


Juiced Scrambler $1,499 $1,599

Juiced Scrambler

Juiced Scrambler looks like a moped, but it’s technically still a bicycle, and boy, it’s powerful. 750W motor powers you through pedal assist or throttle, and the battery grants a range of up to 45 miles. And there’s even a suspension fork to offer more cushioning.

As Juiced describes it – this is the ultimate adventure e-bike!


Engwe Engine Pro $1,649.98 $1,898.99

Engwe Engine

Engwe has some sweet deals on offer this year, but Engwe Engine Pro’s battery deal takes the prize. 

There’s so much packed into a small bike – powerful electronics, dual suspension, and a folding frame make this bike a pretty amazing sight to see.

Now, what makes this deal stand out from the rest is that this bike comes with a free extra battery – so at the moment, this bike comes with a $600 discount.


Lectric XP 3.0 $1,199 $1,299

Lectric XP 3.0

Lectric XP 3.0 has been a fan favorite for years. Simplicity is the key here – the bike looks simple, maybe even somewhat clunky, but the Lectrix XP 2.0 is the definition of power.

The components are simple, yet reliable. Plus, the 500W (1000W peak) brushless geared hub motor will give you more than enough power.

This bike is available with two battery options: the standard battery offers up to 45 miles of range, while the long-range battery offers up to 65 miles of range. This price already includes the long-range battery, but if you choose to go with the smaller capacity, it will save you another $200 dollars.

With puncture-resistant 20″ x 3″ tires and a front fork, this bike is capable of tackling some lighter trails and longer adventures.


Ride1UP 500 Series $1,145 $1,395

Ride1UP 500 Series

Ride1UP is known for high quality electric bikes, and their 500 Series is no different.

This is a class 3 e-bike, which means that this bike can go up to 28mph on pedal assist and 20mph with the throttle. The bike is powered by a powerful 750W geared hub motor with 60nm torque.

Ride1UP 500 Series can go for up to 25-45 miles depending on riding style, rider weight, and terrain.

What is surprising at this price point, is that this bike comes with proper suspension (100 mm of travel), plus this bike sports reliable components in the form of a Shimano 8-speed groupset and Tektro’s mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors.


Huffy Motoric $1,120 $1,599.99

Huffy Motoric

Huffy Motoric is a folding electric bike with a lot of character. The vibrant paintjob, beefy tires, and relaxed riding position are just a few aspects of this bike.

This electric bike is powered by a 36v battery and a 350W motor, which make it perfect for beginners.

Use code HUFFYFRIDAY30 for a 30% discount


Aventon Aventure $1,699 $1,999

Aventon Aventure

Aventon Aventure is an electric mountain bike that is perfect for beginners. As the name suggests, this is perfect for adventure – be it riding on local trails or exploring slightly rougher roads.

The 4″ tires will take you over every obstacle and the 750W motor will only give more power.

While 80mm of travel isn’t too much, it’s more than enough for beginners. Overall, this is a perfect bike for people who want to try out mountain cycling or just want a powerful bike to adventure out on new paths.


Ride1UP Core-5 $945 $1,195

Ride1Up Core-5

Ride1UP Core-5 is a classic electric commuter with its relaxed geometry and reliable components. 

This bike will power you during grocery trips, cycling to work, and so much more. 


NS Bikes E-Fine 1 $5,999.95 $7,999.99

NS Bikes E-Fine 1

This list would not be complete without a proper electric mountain bike. Powered by an EP8 motor from Shimano, the NS Bikes E-Fine 1 flies over every obstacle.

This mountain bike is powerful, agile, and reliable – a dream bike for many.


QuietKat Jeep $4,729 $6,299

QuietKat Jeep electric mountain bike

QuietKat Jeep is already available with a huge discount. This beast has more than enough power for even the wildest adventures. This bike is powered by either a 750W or a 1000W motor and has a range of 22-44 miles.

Adding to the rough look are the beefy 4.8″ tires, which are suitable for pretty much every terrain. The superb dual suspension only adds value to this bike.

If you’re looking for a bike to take your adventures to a new level, QuietKat Jeep might be the perfect option.


When are the prices lowest?

Winter months are usually the best when it comes to buying bikes. Big discounts start even before Black Friday and can carry on until Christmas or even January.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are peak times when it comes to catching the best deals. Prices might not dip that low during Christmas time, so waiting until Christmas time can be a bit risky.


What to look out for?

When purchasing an electric bike there are several considerations. The first and most prominent of them being how you’re planning on using the bike. Are you looking for a more convenient way to commute? Or are you looking for a way to hit the trails or train?

When buying an e-bike on Black Friday, the budget and value of the bike should not be forgotten either. Ultimately, you’re going to get what you are paying for. That means, if a bike is ridiculously cheap (say $400), the components are probably not made to last.

Electric commuter prices start at around $1,400 and can rise as far as $5,000 (but more affordable commuters don’t pass the $2,500 mark). Electric mountain bike prices start at around 

For more considerations, see our article on how to choose an electric bike.


Does REI have Flack Friday sales?

No, REI does not have any Black Friday sales. Instead, they have started a company-wide movement called #OptOutside.


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