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Best Black Friday Bike Deals 2022 (You Need To Know)

Jeff Balton

Black Friday Bike Deals of 2022

Black Friday takes place on November 25th of 2022! Cyber Monday on 28th. Enjoy the Cyber Weekend and grab yourself some decent bike deals!

As usual, Black Friday is expected to be the best time of the year for cycling purchases. It’s no longer a question of whether or not there will be the best cycling deals on this shopping holiday—we already know there will be. The only thing left to do for cyclists out there finds them.

If you were planning to purchase a new bike, new cycling apparel, upgrade your components, or invest in some high-end electronics, now is the time! If you browse the right places, you might be lucky enough to run into massive discounts and buy cycling items for half their original price, or even better.

Why would a rider pay typical prices when they can get bikes and gear at a much cheaper price? Best cycling gear sales occur all year long, but they rarely, if ever, beat Black Friday deals.

As every year so far, Bicycle Guider is here to help you out! We’ll browse the Internet for you and share the best deals that we find. We’ll update our lists daily, so stay tuned and don’t miss all the sweet bargains.

I have a little secret to share: I make almost all of my bike-related buys during this time of the year, around Black Friday. The reason is simple – I get much better deals. The prices are lower than during sales and clearances throughout the off-season. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true!

Let’s save some serious money on cycling parts this Black Friday & Cyber Monday – our fabulous hand-picked deals will keep your budget well in the green!


EXTRA: Shop by categories: MOUNTAIN  /  ROAD / ELECTRIC bike category deals


Amazon – Wide selection of deals

Alchemy Bikes – Up to 25% off Arktos e-MTB

Aventon Bikes – Decent e-bike deals

Aventuron – Bike-related items closeout

Backcountry – Yeti, Ibis, Pivot, Why, Ridley, Niner, Santa Cruz, Diamondback, Wilier, GT

Competitive Cyclist – Up to 52% off on bikes, frames, essentials and components

Engwe – Up to $200 off on selected models

evo – Up to 60% off. Yeti, Devinci, Scott, Evil, Santa Cruz

Gravity Coalition – Salsa, Evil, Santa Cruz, Devinci, Surly, Cannondale, Juliana

Huffy Bikes – Bikes for men, women & kids

Jenson USA – Hurley, Marin, Batch, Orbea, SE, Norco, Breezer, GT, Niner up to 62% off

Juiced Bikes – SALE for all Juiced Bikes models

Mike’s Bikes – Up to 25% off Santa Cruz, Giant, Orbea, and more brands

Priority Bicycles – Save Up To $400

QuietKat – Early Black Friday deals for famous e-hunting bikes

Public Bikes – Up to $200 off Public Bikes

Rad Power Bikes – Decent sales for selected models

Rambo Bikes – e-hunting bikes, up to $1,500 off.

Ride1UP – Up to $300 off on different models

State Bicycle Co – Warehouse deals – Up to $300 off

Tommaso Bikes – $100 off all road bikes – use code “tommaso”

Yosuda Bikes – Up to $200 off on stationary bikes

State Bicycle Co. – The Elliston Deluxe $375 $499.99

City Bike - The Elliston Deluxe (3 Speed)

State Bicycle Co.’s Elliston Deluxe catches the eye with its sleek looks and practicality. Like all State Bicycle Co. bikes, this one is highly customizable down to locks, saddles, and cargo capabilities. And boy, the end result is unbelievably stylish. 

The bike comes in either 1 gear or 3 gears and has a coaster brake. Overall, the Elliston Deluxe is a prime example of how simplicity is the key.


Juiced RipRacer $999 $1,299

Juiced RipRacer

Juiced RipRacer is here to wow us with its vibrant colors and power. For such a small bike, it’s surprisingly powerful, heading our way with a 750W motor and a promised range of up to 55 miles.

4″ tires can take you off-road and offer some padding, as this bike doesn’t have any suspension.


State Bicycle Co. Azure $375 $499.99

Stale Bicycle Co. Azure

State Bicycle Co’s Azure is the more feminine version of Elliston Deluxe mentioned previously. The two bikes are virtually the same, the most prominent differences come in the form of a step-through frame and lighter color. 

This bike is highly customizable, making it a dream bike for many commuters.


Ride1UP LMT’D $1,495 $1,895


Ride1UP LMT’D is a commuter bike fitted with lots of power. The 750W geared hub motor makes sure of it.

Sleek looks, a lot of value for the price, and good-quality components – there’s no going wrong with this bike.


Marin Palisades Trail 2 $449.94 $1,019

Marin Palisades Trail 2

There’s no way this list would be complete without a proper entry-level mountain bike. Marin Palisades Trail 2 is one of our favorites and at the moment, it’s available with a 56% discount!

This is a good starting point for people who are looking to start their mountain biking journey – built with quality components, it’s made to last.


Huffy Motoric $1,120 $1,599.99

Huffy Motoric

Huffy Motoric is a folding electric bike that is perfect for beginners, especially for this price! This electric bike is powered by a 36v battery and a 350W motor.

As an added bonus, there are disc brakes and beefy tires that allow you to ride on lighter trails.

Use code HUFFYFRIDAY30 for a 30% discount


Public C7I $699.99 $1,000

Public C7i

As time goes on, classic commuters stay popular. There is something so captivating in their simplicity and reliability, and Public C7I is no different.

Ageless and simple design unite with present-day in the form of good-quality Shimano components and reliable brakes.


Buzz Centris $999 $1,199

Buzz Centris

Buzz Centris is a beefy class 2 electric bike with a lot of character.

This bike is built for comfort and practicality. The 500W motor will give more than enough power and the 48v battery gives this bike enough juice for up to 40 miles.


NS Zircus $799.95 $949.99

NS Zircus

NS Zircus is perfect for pumptrack, riding on the streets, or off-road. Built to be lightweight and with quality components, this bike will be a trustworthy companion.


State Bicycle Co. Black Label All-Road $1,099.99 $1,399.99

State Bicycle Co Black Label All-Road
State Bicycle Co Black Label All-Road is one of our favorite all-road bikes. Perfect for beginners, this bicycle has something to offer for all adventure cyclists. There is no other bike that would be so customizable.

Combined with sleek looks, there is just no other like this!


Serial 1 MOSH/CTY $2,749.95 $3,799.99

Serial 1 MOSH/CTY

Serial 1 MOSH/CTY is a premium electric commuter with a lot of character. 

Equipped with powerful electronics and a belt drive system, this bike offers more than other premium commuters, especially for this price.


QuietKat Jeep $4,729 $6,299

QuietKat Jeep

QuietKat Jeep is an adventurer’s dream bike. This beast is capable of handling everything that stands in its way. With either 750W or 1000W motor, there are no obstacles this bike couldn’t pass. Dual suspension, beefy tires and a long range are just some of the features this bike boasts.


Engwe Engine Pro $1,649.98 $1,898.99

Engwe Engine Pro

Engwe has some sweet deals on offer this year, but nothing really compares to Engwe Engine Pro’s battery deal. 

There’s so much packed into a small bike – powerful electronics, dual suspension, and a folding frame are the main attractions.

Now, what makes this deal stand out from the rest is that this bike comes with a free extra battery – so this bike is available with a $600 discount.


Disney Frozen 2 Kids’ Balance Bike $49.99 $89.99

Disney Frozen-themed balance bike

Most of us learned to ride thanks to training wheels, but today, the new norm is balance bikes. Like the name hints, they learn to balance themselves early – these bikes have no pedals, so their legs can stay in contact with the ground at all times.

So why not get them a Frozen-themed bike? Now, this bike isn’t too flashy – at first sight you can’t even really tell, but your child will get their own Olaf with this bike. This bike is adjustable, so this bike should be good for some time.


Priority Start 20 $379

Priority Start 20

Priority Start 20 is a great way to transition into the bigger league. This is one of those bikes that your kids can give to their younger siblings once they grow out of it themselves. 

Why? Priority Start 20 is equipped with a belt drive system rather than a usual chain, making maintenance easy for parents and keeping the bike in good shape for decades.

Use code BF50 to get $50 off!


Yosuda YB001 $259.99 $369.99

Yosuda stationary bike

Yosuda is famous for its Black Friday bundles – this year is no different. For a low price, Yosuda YB001 stationary bike is filled with features and gadgets.

That’s what makes this brand so special – their bikes are meant to bring fitness to your home in the form of quality equipment.

This deal sounds too good to be true!



Hope you enjoyed it!


But, if you want to see deals by bike types, then continue below.

Best Black Friday Electric Bike | Mountain Bike | Road Bike deals


Does REI have Black Friday Sales?

Unfortunately, REI has not participated in Black Friday sales for several years now. Instead, they have turned into a company-wide holiday and Opt Outside! 

It’s worth keeping an eye on REI though, they might have some discounts coming before holiday-time.


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  • rizwan says:

    Great article.

  • Nick says:

    Wow, it’s time to gooo craaazzzyyy again! (Love the Rad Power deal)

  • Mason says:

    Evo really stepped up their game this year, I’m surprised actually. I like buying from them because it’s fast and easy, though last year they didn’t have such high discounts. I really like the hydration bags they have I might order one

  • Jim says:

    You helped me a lot last year and you’re doing it again this year! I work in retail and I’m SUPER busy during black Friday so I don’t have time to search around for the highest discounts. I’m getting a new helmet, jersey, and gloves finally!

  • Roadie on 29er says:

    Do you know if there are going to be more Giant bikes for sale? I want to buy Talon 1 but I don’t want to overpay if I can save later. It’s a great bike but it’s still pricey for me.

  • Stef says:

    I paid $2000 for my new carbon wheelset but now I see that it’s selling for less than half that price. Why didn’t I wait for BF discounts and save? Luckily I need more stuff so there’s still opportunity to save

  • Sissy on road says:

    I have to admit I’m a hoarder when it comes to cycling clothes, I have so many! And you’re not helping, Jeff! Just kidding! I still need some winter jacket because my current one started leaking badly, I guess now’s the time to get it and stop freezing my ass off

  • Jeremiah says:

    Man this is awesome, I can’t believe some of these prices. I didn’t think I needed any cycling gear this year, but some of these deals are just too good to pass right now

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