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Best Garage Bike Racks

Robbie Ferri

Best Bike Racks for Garage

Having the correct garage bike rack can be a huge space saver and not only keep your bike safe but also stop it from getting damaged.

Typically, garages are one of the best places to store your bike. But it might not be easy, unless you have a bike rack.

A garage bike rack keeps the bikes out of the way, makes it much safer to store them, and keeps everything organized.

With so many different options on the market to make it easier to store your bike, it’s crazy not to have one.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the best garage bike racks you can buy and talk about some ways of storing bikes in a garage.  


Storing Bikes

No matter what house you live in, it’s easy to run out of space or to become disorganized. The garage is the first place people tend to put things when they want to forget about them, and eventually, it just gets full.

Having multiple bikes in a garage can be challenging because you find yourself moving them around a lot to get to the one you want to use.

One of the easiest ways to break a bike is to store it incorrectly. It’s not rare for people to break them while moving them around a garage and a garage bike rack is an excellent solution to this issue. Incorrect garage bike storage can cause you many issues.

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Over the years we have seen some very inventive ways to store a bike and have been lucky enough to have tried and tested many of these.


Best Wall Hanging Racks

Amazon Basics Bike Hook Hanger

Amazon Basics garage bike rack

  • Fits: Road and light mountain bikes
  • Weight capacity: 40lbs


The Amazon Basics Bike Hook Hanger is a great cost-effective way to store your bikes and a great hanging bike rack. It maximizes vertical space and is suitable for different kinds of bikes.

It’s a small hook plate that, when attached to the top of a wall, you hook the bike’s front wheel into it and let it hang. 

The maximum you can hang on these racks is 40lbs. Fitting a bike on this bike hanger is pretty easy, and it will not take up much space in your garage compared to other racks. They come with all the fitting you need, but it does need to be screwed to a surface. 

The Amazon Basics hanging bike rack is a great solution but does come with a few limitations, such as bikes with larger tires like fat bikes won’t fit into this rack, and bikes with very aero wheels. Electric bikes, and bikes that weigh more than 40lbs shouldn’t be hung. 


Feedback Sports Velo Wall Post Bike Rack

Feedback Sports wall bike rack

  • Fits: Almost all bikes
  • Weight capacity: 50lbs


The Feedback Sports Velo Wall Post hanging bike rack is unlike other garage bike storage solutions on the market and can actually be used for more than just mounting your bike.

The design is simple, it’s a foldable pole that attaches to the wall, and you put this under the bike saddle to hang it. 

This rack can be used on pretty much any kind of bike, and because of its design, you can even mount a spare set of wheels or even a helmet too. This means you can keep more than just hanging a bike in a garage.

It takes up next to no space and keeps the bike nice and safe along with other gear like racing wheels.

Another great feature of this rack is that it mounts the bike flat to the wall, making it easy to adjust and work on while in the rack. We love the fact you can use a lock with it too.

A slight downside is, that this garage bike rack does not secure the bike, just holds it up, so there is a chance to knock it down.

It will require being screwed to the wall too but this is typical with a hanging bike rack.


Ultrawall Bike Storage Rack

Ultrawall bike storage rack

  • Fits: Road, mountain, and hybrid bikes
  • Weight capacity: 360lbs


If you’re looking for a storage solution for hanging a bike (or multiple), the Ultrawall Bike Hanger Storage Rack is perfect. Like other racks, this is mounted to the wall and holds the bike vertically but has the ability to hold up to six bikes, not just one.

What is special about this bike rack is not only being able to hold multiple bikes, but you can adjust the hooks from left to right depending on how large the bikes are.

The rack has a weight capacity of 360lbs over the plate, meaning you can pretty much hold anything.

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This is going to take a few screws to mount and will take up quite a bit of wall space. It’s an ideal solution for storing multiple bikes and saving a huge amount of space at a low cost.


Hiplok Jaw Compact Bike Hanger

Hiplock Jaw

  • Fits: Road, mountain, and hybrid bikes


The Hiplok Jaw Compact Bike Hanger is a unique idea and, as far as bike hanging solutions go, the most minimalist option on this list. It’s a small jaw clip that you roll the bike into, and it holds it in place.

The Hiplok Jaw is perfect if you need a small compact solution for a garage to store a bike. It holds the bike perfectly upright and is very simple to use.

You even have the option of adding a lock to give it extra security. The jaws adjust easily for different-sized tires, and it is very easy to fit. 

The Hiplok jaw looks like the perfect solution, but you do need the bike resting on the floor for it to work, and some bikes are taller than others, so it doesn’t always work universally if you have multiple bikes. But still, it’s a reliable solution for storing a bike. 


Best Floor Stands

Foundation Bike Stand

Foundation Bike Stand

  • Fits: All Bikes


If you’re looking for a small adaptable bike stand for garage, the Foundation Bike Stand is an ideal choice. It’s a small stand that holds the bike via the rear axle and grips the rear tire. The bike floor stand is great for all different types of bikes and can be easily moved.

The Foundation bike storage rack is perfect for mounting a single bike and keeping it completely upright. It’s an ideal stand if you need to move the bike around but still require it to be in a stand.

It weighs next to nothing and doesn’t have to be mounted to a wall or anchored to the floor. Many people use these as display stands as they are so minimal.

The Foundation bike storage rack is reliable, but can only take one bike, and the bike is going to take up a lot of floor space when it is being used and isn’t the most secure if knocked. It is a great solution for garage bike storage and offers good value for money.


Delta Cycle Adjustable Floor Rack

Delta Cycles stand

  • Fits: All Bikes


Delta Cycle’s adjustable floor stand unites practicality and style. It’s a simple standing rack with a lot of stability, yet easy to move around.

The bike floor stand is small but works great when it comes to storing your bike. Adjustable design allows tires up to 5″ in width and diameters of up to 30″ or more to be stored. It can be used on either the front or rear wheel and doesn’t take up much space. 

The Delta Cycle Adjustable Floor bike storage rack is a great garage bike storage option. The bike floor stand is made to last with its industrial-grade powder-coated steel with custom arm covers.


Birdrock Home 4 Bike Stand

Birdrock Garage bike stand

  • Fits: Road and mountain bikes


If you’re storing multiple bikes in your garage and need a great solution to keeping them secure and safe, the Birdrock Home 4 Bike Stand is perfect for the job. It is not just a bike floor stand though. It also offers a storage section. 

The Birdrock is a good solution for multiple bikes and is made to hold four different bikes, which can be put in the rack either forwards or backward.

This bike floor stand may look like a permanent feature, but it is made of lightweight steel and is easy to move around if required.

Even its design looks nice and clean. It also offers a great storage section for anything from tools to cycling accessories. 

Although the bike storage rack is fairly large, it’s a good solution to keep multiple bikes safe in a garage and is a handy solution for cycling accessories. 


Delta Cycle Double Leaning Floor Stand

Delta Cycle garage bike rack

  • Fits: Road and mountain bikes
  • Weight capacity: 80lbs 


The Delta Cycle stand isn’t like any other stand on this list. It’s a stand that puts one bike above another, saving you a lot of space when it comes to garage bike storage.

The Delta bike stand allows you to have two bikes stored, one above the other. This is a freestanding stand but must be placed against a wall.

The bikes hook onto the stand through the bike’s frame, the strongest point. It is a great way to hang bikes, and the hooks are adjustable, so you can get each bike level regardless of whether it’s a mountain or a road bike.

The Delta Cycle bike stand can carry up to 80lbs, making the limit 40 lbs per bike. 

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This is probably one of the best stands on this list, but the only thing we will mention is you have to be strong enough to lift the bike on the higher stand. Apart from that, the bike stand offers good value for money and an attractive storage solution.


How to Choose?

The first thing is to consider the number of bikes you plan to store. Generally, most racks you find on the market will not hold more than five to six bikes. The more bikes a rack can take, the bigger the rack will have to be to handle the extra weight capacity. 

A better alternative to making it work is buying singular hooks or stands for each bike and each time you buy another bike, invest in another stand.

Then you can be much more creative with your garage and fit more bikes in for you to ride. With so many different kinds of bike storage options for garage, you have to think about what will best suit the space you have.


Amount of Free Room

Garages come in all shapes and sizes. You also sometimes are not only storing bikes there.

If you are short on space, it can be a good idea to get creative.

There are many options on the market to hang the bike vertically or even flat against the wall on top of each other. 

We recommend looking at the space you have and the number of things you are storing. If you are tight on space, try to mount the bike vertically or flat against the wall.

The best stands to use are ones that hold the bike vertically when it comes to saving as much space as possible and make storing a bike easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to store a bike is typically in a floor stand. It does take more space, but the bike is the most accessible to grab when you need it.

The garage is the perfect place to store a bike and even work on a bike. It keeps the warm and dry, and the dirt and oil can be easily cleaned if any is spilled.

The best way, in our opinion, to hang a bicycle is on a vertical hook. It takes up very little space, keeps it very secure, and is accessible.

Bike racks do typically save space, but not all of them. A general wide floor rack can actually separate the bikes out, and they will take up more space.

The best way to make the most out of a small space is to hang the bike high flat on the wall, or if you have multiple bikes, then hang them vertically on bike hooks.


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