Best Rear Racks For Bikes – For Commuters And Adventurers

Best Rear Racks for Bikes: Carry Panniers for Commuting or Traveling

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Bikes are one of the best tools for transport, and a rear rack can be perfect for commuting, touring, and running errands such as shopping. 

Bikes, when bought new, don’t tend to offer solutions for carrying luggage, but there’s an easy solution in the bike rear rack or as some know it a bike cargo rack.

A bike rear rack is a metal frame you can attach to the rear of your bike, which has the ability to support large loads securely.

They are seen on all types of bikes but are most commonly used on commuting bikes and touring bikes.

Bike racks were originally invented to be used with panniers which were released in 1884 and still to this day a popular way to travel carrying luggage.


Best Rear Racks

Axiom Cycling Gear Steamliner 29er DLX

Axiom rear rack

  • Weight Limit: 110lbs
  • Wheel Sizes: 29”, 27.5”


Axiom Streamliner 29er DLX rack is an excellent example of a great rear bike rack. It has a large weight limit of 110 lbs and is made of strong 6061 T6 aluminum.

This bike rear rack is designed for bikepacking, bike commuting, and bike touring. Coming in at 760g grams, it isn’t the lightest but it’s what you would expect in a race that can hold such a large amount.

The Axiom Cycling Gear Streamliner does great when it comes to bike rack mount options.

It can be mounted via rack mounts like a typical rack but also can be attached via the quick-release skewer, seatpost collar, or brake bracket. This makes it highly adaptable and means it will work with the majority of different bikes.

The extra long versa lock 280mm arms mean the rack can be adjusted to ensure it sits flat, and these arms have the ability to be bent up to 30 degrees, so no matter how wide the bike is, it will fit.

It can be used on bikes with 29” wheels and also 27.5” wheels which makes this a very adaptable rack.

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Ibera PakRak Bike Rear Rack

Ibera PakRak

  • Weight Limit: 55lbs
  • Wheel Sizes: 29”, 27.5”, 26”


Ibera PakRak Bike Rack is a very popular rear bike cargo rack, and one many cyclists are turning to because it is excellent value for money and easy to fit and use.

It’s made of scratch-proof aluminum and has a maximum weight limit of 55 lbs, which is more than enough for all your goods. The design is simple and it has a splash guard to protect what is on top of it.

The Ibera rear rack is designed to be mounted on rack mounts which your bike will need to have on the bike. It can be adjusted to suit different wheel sizes from 26” to 29” on the side rails. On the top, you can adjust it to level the rack out.

It is built to work with general panniers, but Ibera has its own range of bags suited to this rack.

This is one of the best bike racks in terms of price.

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Electra Alloy Rear MIK Bike Rear Rack

Electra MIK rack

  • Weight Limit: 60lbs
  • Wheel Sizes: 29”, 27.5”, 26”


If you are looking for a rack with a bit of style to match a curvy bike, look no further than the Electra MIK rack.

It’s got a unique design with rounded bars which connect to the bike. They not only help keep the rack level but also offer strong support and make the rack look unique.

It’s made of an aluminum structure with 12mm strengthened bars. It has a maximum weight limit of 60 lbs and works with wheel sizes from 26” to 29”.

This rack requires a bike rack mount to use this rear rack, but it makes it much more secure, and it will be solid when riding. Weighing only 620g, it’s a very light rack as well as strong and secure.

What makes this rack special is the accessories that MIK offers with this rack. You can get shopping baskets, panniers, bags, and even dog baskets to suit this bike rack.

It’s not a cheap rack, but it looks amazing, and you have the option of lots of accessories.

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West Biking Bike Carrier Bike Rear Rack

West Biking rear rack

  • Weight Limit: 310lbs
  • Wheel Sizes: 29”, 27.5”, 26”


West Biking makes many different bike accessories, such as bike racks, bags, lighting, and even locks.

The West Biking rack is one of the most heavy-duty racks on this list and has a huge carrying capacity of 310 lbs. It is made of aluminum and has a triple mount system, which allow it to hold so much.

It can fit all wheel sizes and types of different bikes. This rack connects to the seat post and tubes of the bike’s rear triangle.

It can work with all different wheel sizes, including fat bikes, and is very adjustable, making it ideal if you want to switch it between multiple bikes.

It’s easy to mount and even comes with a reflector on the rear. It isn’t light , bt considering the large carrying capacity, this bike rack is more than worth it.

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As far as weight-holding capacity goes, this is the best rear bike rack.

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Axiom Journey

Axiom Journey

  • Weight Limit: 110lbs
  • Wheel Sizes: 29”, 27.5”, 26”, 24”


The Axiom Journey rear bike rack is a great example of a quality rack that is going to last and be very capable of carrying. It’s made of aluminum and comes in a scratch-proof black with an epoxy finish.

With a capacity of 110lb, you are going to be able to add a large load to your bike with this, and weighing in at only 786g, it’s fairly lightweight too.

It has a nice wide platform and even mounting bolts for certain bags. The extra large sides make it perfect for use with large panniers and have a setback design to work with oversized loads.

Axiom Journey can work with all common wheel sizes and go as low as 24”, which means it will work with some children’s bikes too. It attaches to a bike via rack mounts and has great adjustability with its 280mm long mounts.

Unfortunately, this won’t work with disc brake bikes, so you will require a bike with rim brakes.

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Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rear Rack

Topeak MTX bike rear rack

  • Weight Limit: 20lbs
  • Wheel Sizes: 29”, 27.5”, 26”, 24”


Topeak is well known for making excellent cycling accessories from multi-tools to child seats and pumps. Their MTX BeamRack is a great accessory you can add to pretty much any bike, providing it has a round seat post. It doesn’t have to be a bike with a bike rack mount system.

Topeak recommens this rack for mountain bikes and it is designed for rough trails.

It’s made of aluminum, weighs 680g, and has a max weight capacity of 20 lbs. The rack doesn’t have a huge weight capacity, but it is enough for light touring or bikepacking.

It only works with top bags, but you can buy the Topeak pannier kit to upgrade it for panniers.

Unlike the other racks on this list, it comes in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. Depending on the frame size you have, you will have to pick a suitable rack.

It’s the best rear bike rack when it comes to adaptability.

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Anggoer Rear Rack Basket

Anggoer rear basket

  • Weight Limit: 165lbs
  • Wheel Sizes: 29”, 27.5”, 26”


The Anggoer bike rear rack is unique compared to other racks on this list and has some amazing features to help improve your riding experience.

It has a huge carry capacity of 165 lbs, which is more than enough for bike touring, shopping, and commuting to work.

The rack is made of aluminum and can be mounted to the seat post and frame.

It’s the heaviest bicycle rear rack on this list, but it works with different wheel sizes and not only works as a rack but doubles as a shopping basket. By flipping the side panels you can take this rack from a typical shopping basket to a rear pannier.

The Anggoer bike back rack is strong, has a great carrying capacity, and mounts to most bikes. It does have a few drawbacks, such as weight, and it can’t be used with disc brake bikes.

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What To Look For When Buying A Rack?

The first and most important thing to consider is whether the bicycle rear rack fits your bike. Racks all mount differently, some need special rack mounts, and others bolt directly to the frame. You need to which option would be most suitable for your bike.

If you have a bike with mounts, it’s better to use a rear bike rack with mounts.

If your bike doesn’t have mounts, then it would be best if you got a rack that attaches directly to the frame. In case you want to use a frame-mounted rack on a bike with mounts, that’s also fine.


What Do You Want It For?

It’s vital to ask yourself what you want the bicycle rear rack for.

Suppose you are planning a bike trip around the world. In that case, you need something durable, with large capacity, and to work with panniers.

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If you’re looking for a light rack for carrying a spare set of clothes to work or popping out for a ride with friends, then you won’t need to worry about the weight capacity or if it is incredibly strong.

If you are planning on going into bikepacking races, then you’re going to want a rack that has a decent carrying capacity but is lightweight and aerodynamic.

Always go for a rack that will suit the purpose you want it for.



Generally, with rear bike racks, the more you spend, the better rack you will get. That doesn’t mean the cheap racks won’t be good though.

They will work fine, but they might be a little heavier and not look as nice.

We recommend investing what you can into a bicycle rear rack, but not to worry if you want something cheap.


Frequently Asked Questions

Rear bike racks are very handy to have on your bike. They are a huge help if you plan to go bikepacking, touring or even if you need to carry a few extra things on your commute to work. We highly recommend having a rear rack on a bike as it gives you so many options when it comes to riding with luggage.

All rear bike racks are made differently and will mount in different ways. Some racks to be fitted properly need to be mounted onto proper rack mounts, and others will be attached to the frame. It’s important to get a rack that will fit your bike.

Rack mounts are located on the rear of the bike, and you will find them behind the seatpost on the rear triangle and down by the axle. They will be facing outwards, and they will be clear to see. These are common on aluminum and steel bikes but are rare on carbon fiber bikes.

First, you will need to find out if your bike has mounts or not. If you have a bike with rear rack mounts, we recommend using a rack designed to suit them. If you don’t, then you will need a rack that mounts to the frame instead. After you know what mounts you have then, you need to think about what you will be using it for then pick accordingly.

A bicycle rear rack can only hold as little as 20 lbs, but other racks can hold as much as 300 lbs. It depends on how it is mounted, the thickness of the metal, and the structural integrity of the rack. We recommend never going over the weight limit and generally wouldn’t advise going any higher than 100 lbs.

You can either use the front or the back when it comes to baskets. If you have it on the rear, it will sit lower and keep the bike more stable. Having it on the front will make the steering more challenging and make the bike a little less stable. Instead of a basket, a bike with a rear back rack and a bag is probably a better option.


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