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Best Self-Guided Bike Tours for Cycling Vacation

Best Self-Guided Bike Tours for Cycling VacationA self-guided bike tour is a fun, active, and adventurous way to travel, explore, and spend your vacation. Read on as we explain what self-guided tours are, why you should try one, and share the best tours we recommend. Do you love the idea of traveling by bicycle but don’t want to or don’t have... Read More »

Best Bike Seats

Best Bike SeatsBest bike saddles for all types of riders! Check out our top picks for road and MTB cyclists, commuters, and women, and learn how to choose the best bike seat for you. No other part on the bicycle affects your comfort as much as the bike saddle. Selecting the right bike seat means you’ll eliminate... Read More »

Best Cycling Power Meters You Can Get

Best Cycling Power Meters You Can GetOne of the most important cycling innovations of the past two decades is the power meter. Nowadays, it’s a simple tool that allows you to see your power data in real time. There are hundreds of different power meters on the market, ranging from $150 to over $2,000. In this review, we’ll take a look... Read More »

Best Indoor Cycling Apps

Best Indoor Cycling AppsIndoor cycling has never been more important than in the last 12 months.  These apps help us train, track our progress, analyze our rides, and connect with thousands of other riders from around the world. Here is a round-up of all the best indoor cycling apps.   With a high-tech computer inside each of our... Read More »

Best Bike Seats For Women

Best Bike Seats For WomenYou need to be comfortable when cycling. That’s why choosing your next bike saddle is essential. The most comfortable bike seats for women are the right height, material, and design to keep you riding longer. It is easier to enjoy your ride and focus on your trail and scenery when you don’t have to worry... Read More »

Kids Bike Accessories

Kids Bike AccessoriesWhen choosing bike accessories for your children, you need to make sure they are safe, practical and your kids can have fun using them when riding. Getting bike add-ons for your kid’s bikes is an excellent way to keep them excited about cycling and staying physically active. There are also bike accessories for kids learning... Read More »

Best Bike Pedals of 2021 (MTB, Road & Gravel)

Best Bike Pedals of 2021 (MTB, Road & Gravel)Here are our top picks of best bike pedals for road cycling, mountain biking, and gravel riding. Clipless and flat models for different applications! Choosing the right type of pedals for your bike and your style of riding is incredibly important. After all, your pedals are one of the three most important contact points on... Read More »

Best Cycling Socks

Best Cycling SocksCycling socks may seem trivial, but try mountain biking with regular socks, and you will know why you need cycling socks. We’ve picked out some of the best cycling socks. Specifical cycling socks are more comfortable, breathable, and don’t move around no matter the distance you are riding. Riding with some of the best cycling... Read More »

Best Bikes For Seniors

Best Bikes For SeniorsIt’s never too late to start cycling and there’s no reason to ever stop! You can enjoy the outdoors and stay healthy and fit no matter the age with one of these best bikes for seniors! Cycling is by far one of the best activities older folks can do to improve their health and fitness... Read More »

Most Comfortable Bike Seats

Most Comfortable Bike SeatsLet me ask you one thing: Have you ever decided against going for a bike ride because of terrible saddle sores? If your answer is YES, you should really consider getting a different bike seat. Saddle sores are not a normal part of cycling. The saddle you use should feel like an extension of your... Read More »

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