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Best Belt Drive Electric Bikes

Best Belt Drive Electric BikesBelt drive e-bikes are the best low-maintenance electric bikes available. Smoother, quieter, and easier to use compared to chain-driven e-bikes, belt-drive e-bikes have exploded in popularity in the last decade. Here, we’ve put together a list of the best belt-drive e-bikes.  Electric bikes have changed the landscape of the cycling industry, and every year, we... Read More »

Best Bike Travel Cases

Best Bike Travel CasesWhen you need to haul your bike hundreds or thousands of miles, there is no better option than a sturdy bike travel case. More than just boxes, these high-tech bike travel cases are specifically designed for all different types of bikes, big or small.  I’m not sure what they did in the old days, but... Read More »

Best Mountain Bikes For Kids

Best Mountain Bikes For KidsIt wasn’t long ago that kids’ mountain bikes hardly existed. But nowadays, you can find full suspension MTBs, hardtails, 20″ MTB and 26″ MTB for kids with all the quality and features of an adult mountain bike.  In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the best kids’ mountain bikes, including 20″... Read More »

Best BMX Bikes

Best BMX BikesBMX bikes may be the most diverse type of bike in the world – you can find them on street corners, back-flipping through the air, racing down a pump track, or being ridden around the block.  The first thing that pops to mind when you see a BMX, is how different they look. The frame... Read More »

Best Electric Bikes For Kids

Best Electric Bikes For KidsThere is nothing that will put a smile on a child’s face like riding a bicycle. But imagine that smile is ten times wider, with the help of the motor pushing them up a hill, helping them ride longer, and increasing their confidence on the bike. Kids’ electric bikes are special tools, and here, we... Read More »

Best Hitch Bike Racks

Best Hitch Bike RacksWhen you need to take your bike across town or on a longer trip, you’re going to need to throw it in the car. But throwing it inside the car doesn’t always work – cars are small, and you might have other people, luggage, and gear that fills up the interior. The solution: bike racks.... Read More »

Best GPS Trackers For Bikes

Best GPS Trackers For BikesThere are few worse feelings in the world than strolling out to your garage or exiting the coffee shop and seeing an empty space where your bike once was. You may panic for a moment, like checking your pockets when you might have lost your keys, and feel that empty pit in your stomach as... Read More »

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits & How to Use Them

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits & How to Use ThemE-bikes are more popular than ever, but they can also be quite expensive. They also take up a lot of room, they can be heavy and difficult to move, and did I mention how pricy they can be? If you’re reading this article, chances are that you already have a bike, and buying an e-bike... Read More »

Best Class 2 Electric Bikes For The Money In 2022

Best Class 2 Electric Bikes For The Money In 2022The advent of e-bikes has truly changed the cycling landscape. In 2022, any cyclist – no matter how tall or small, strong or tired – can climb any mountain in the world, and ride over 50 miles. Electric bikes have changed the game. Electric bicycles are not motorcycles – they are electric-assist bicycles that help... Read More »

Best Bike Repair Stands

Best Bike Repair StandsBest bike repair stands for home mechanics and those with aspirations of setting up a permanent workshop. We’re all guilty of flipping our bikes upside down to do a quick adjustment or repair. All too often, that results in a scuffed handlebar or damaged saddle.  That’s why a good bike work stand is a must,... Read More »

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