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Best Bike Seats For Women

Best Bike Seats For WomenYou need to be comfortable when cycling. That’s why choosing your next bike saddle is essential. The most comfortable bike seats for women are the right height, material, and design to keep you riding longer. It is easier to enjoy your ride and focus on your trail and scenery when you don’t have to worry... Read More »

Kids Bike Accessories

Kids Bike AccessoriesWhen choosing bike accessories for your children, you need to make sure they are safe, practical and your kids can have fun using them when riding. Getting bike add-ons for your kid’s bikes is an excellent way to keep them excited about cycling and staying physically active. There are also bike accessories for kids learning... Read More »

Best Bike Pedals of 2021 (MTB, Road & Gravel)

Best Bike Pedals of 2021 (MTB, Road & Gravel)Here are our top picks of best bike pedals for road cycling, mountain biking, and gravel riding. Clipless and flat models for different applications! Choosing the right type of pedals for your bike and your style of riding is incredibly important. After all, your pedals are one of the three most important contact points on... Read More »

Best Cycling Socks

Best Cycling SocksCycling socks may seem trivial, but try mountain biking with regular socks, and you will know why you need cycling socks. We’ve picked out some of the best cycling socks. Specifical cycling socks are more comfortable, breathable, and don’t move around no matter the distance you are riding. Riding with some of the best cycling... Read More »

Best Bikes For Seniors

Best Bikes For Seniors  It’s never too late to start cycling and there’s no reason to ever stop! With one of these best bikes for seniors, you can enjoy the outdoors and stay healthy and fit no matter the age! Cycling is by far one of the best activities older folks can do to improve their health and... Read More »

Best Comfort Bikes

Best Comfort BikesComfort bikes (also known as comfort hybrid bikes) have a unique blend of components and geometry that help eliminate most pains and aches associated with riding a bicycle.  To be more specific, comfort bikes have an upright geometry that will put you in a relaxed riding position that will not put unnecessary strain on your... Read More »

Best Child (& Baby) Bike Seats

Being a parent does not mean you have to stop cycling. If you get the right child bike seat that fits you, your bike, and your child, you can continue having fun, exercising, or running errands. Before we show you our favorite 11 child and baby bike seats, let’s take a look at the four... Read More »

The Explorer Backback by Douchebags – Overview

The Explorer Backback by Douchebags – OverviewThe first thing that would intrigue anyone about Douchebags is the name. The name of the company perfectly reflects the authenticity and innovative approach but in no sense the character of their bags. The Explorer Backpack by Douchebags is the brainchild of Jon Olsson, the Swedish free-ski legend which is revealed in the functionality of... Read More »

The Transit Waterproof Backpack by Showers Pass

The Transit Waterproof Backpack by Showers PassThis Showers Pass Transit backpack is as big as they come. It reminds me of the huge backpacks bicycle delivery guys carry around the city. The main area is waterproof and pretty huge, providing you with high-capacity storage space that can carry whatever you need. Just as Showers Pass itself says: “Inspired by the challenging... Read More »