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Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits & How to Use Them

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits & How to Use ThemE-bikes are more popular than ever, but they can also be quite expensive. They also take up a lot of room, they can be heavy and difficult to move, and did I mention how pricy they can be? If you’re reading this article, chances are that you already have a bike, and buying an e-bike... Read More »

Best Class 2 Electric Bikes For The Money In 2022

Best Class 2 Electric Bikes For The Money In 2022The advent of e-bikes has truly changed the cycling landscape. In 2022, any cyclist – no matter how tall or small, strong or tired – can climb any mountain in the world, and ride over 50 miles. Electric bikes have changed the game. Electric bicycles are not motorcycles – they are electric-assist bicycles that help... Read More »

Best Bike Repair Stands

Best Bike Repair StandsBest bike repair stands for home mechanics and those with aspirations of setting up a permanent workshop. We’re all guilty of flipping our bikes upside down to do a quick adjustment or repair. All too often, that results in a scuffed handlebar or damaged saddle.  That’s why a good bike work stand is a must,... Read More »

Best Dropper Posts

Best Dropper PostsDropper posts are one of the single most important inventions for the modern mountain bike. Disc brakes ultimately come out on top, but the advent of mountain bike dropper posts has completely changed how mountain bikers ride and handle their bikes. A dropper post is a simple device when looking at it from the outside.... Read More »

Best Winter Cycling Gear

Best Winter Cycling GearSay goodbye to winter blues by continuing to ride through the cold months with these winter cycling gear essentials. Come colder months, most cyclists simply stop riding and completely fall out of shape. But what if we told you that you could ride your bike in any weather, no matter how cold it was? Despite... Read More »

Best Foam Rollers

Best Foam RollersThere are a number of polarizing debates in cycling: disc brakes or rim brakes, socks over leg warmers or socks under leg warmers, or stretching versus not stretching? And now there is a new one: is foam rolling good for cyclists? The scientific data supports a strong correlation between foam rolling and the claims their... Read More »

Best Bikes For Teenagers

Best Bikes For TeenagersBest bikes for teens to ride to school, explore local trails, or zoom around the neighborhood on pavement and bike paths.  Whether or not you’re old enough to drive a car, you should consider cycling as a much better way of transportation. It’s quick, fun, and it’ll get you in shape. Above all, it’s cheap... Read More »

Best Smart Watches For Cyclists

Best Smart Watches For CyclistsNowadays, you can find a multisport watch or smartwatch that can do almost anything. Well, it can’t cook a meal or balance your checkbook, but you’ll see what I mean. You can now connect to heart rate monitors and power meters, track your steps, calories, distance, speed, elevation gain, and more. It wasn’t that long... Read More »

Best Bike Accessories

Best Bike AccessoriesHelmets, locks, lights, tools, and more… The best bike accessories we recommend to make your rides easier, safer, and more enjoyable. The beauty of cycling is that bikes are endlessly customizable. There’s always a new accessory that you can add to your bike gear collection to improve your riding experience. A helmet, bike lock, maintenance... Read More »

Best Cargo Bikes

Best Cargo BikesLeave your car in the driveway and do something good for yourself and the environment instead—run errands and take your kids to school on one of these best cargo bikes! Relying on your car for short trips around the city or town has a lot of downsides considering that fuel is becoming more expensive, and... Read More »

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