Review of Tern GSD Electric Folding Bike

Review of Tern GSD Electric Folding BikeTern GSD (Get Stuff Done) is a lineup of the best equipped electric folding cargo bikes money can buy. It takes the meaning of practicality to the next level.  Tern is dedicated to making foldable cargo bikes with or without electric assistance. GSD is a series of flagship models that have all the bells and... Read More »

Review of QuietKat Ranger

Review of QuietKat RangerQuietKat was founded by twin brothers Jake and Justin Roach in 2016 in Eagle, Colorado. The brand was formed to build electric bikes specifically designed for the needs of hunters, anglers, and outdoor explorers. By creating long-range electric bikes that have the capabilities of off-road vehicles, the QuietKat Ranger allows hunters to access their favourite... Read More »

Review of RadWagon 4 (By Rad Power Bikes)

Review of RadWagon 4 (By Rad Power Bikes)The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike has the potential to replace your car without reducing you to a pile of misery, lactic acid, and sweat. It’s one of the most capable e-cargo bikes we’ve ridden so far. Did you know that car trips of under a mile add up to more than... Read More »

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Review

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner ReviewRad Power Bikes’ RadRunner is a utility e-bike made to simply get the job done. It’s a streamlined urban commuter made to be customized and personalized to your liking! The three main reasons people don’t ride bicycles more are having to deal with hills, long distances, and sweaty and musky clothes. For me, all of... Read More »

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 Review

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 ReviewRadRover 5 is one of the most fun e-bikes in Rad Power Bikes’ lineup and certainly one of the most capable fat-tire bikes I’ve ridden so far.  The e-bike market is expanding quickly as an increasing number of companies have started manufacturing affordable and powerful electric bicycles that don’t cost as much as a car.... Read More »

Review of Ride1UP 700 series

Review of Ride1UP 700 seriesRide1UP 700 Series is a bargain Class 3 e-bike that has all it takes to replace your car for short trips. It’s equipped with features you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere at such a low price. The demand for electric bicycles has skyrocketed in the previous decade so it doesn’t surprise that the number of... Read More »

Review of Ride1UP 500 e-Bike

Review of Ride1UP 500 e-BikeThe 500 Series e-bike is the first and still one of the most popular models Ride1UP has made thus far. The secret to its success? Unbelievable value at an even less believable price. Ride1UP 500 Series is a versatile hybrid e-bike packed with features, including powerful electronics, quality parts, and optional accessories. The result is... Read More »

The Brand-New Co-op Cycles Electric CTY Series Is Here

The Brand-New Co-op Cycles Electric CTY Series Is HereThe Co-op Cycles CTY series has taken countless new riders out of cars and put them on bikes for their morning commutes. We don’t expect anything less from the brand-new electric CTY series, which will make urban commutes faster, riding more fun, and hills not as challenging as before. Co-op Cycles is REI’s bicycle brand... Read More »

Review of RadMission 1 — Lightest, Cheapest, and Raddest So Far

Review of RadMission 1 — Lightest, Cheapest, and Raddest So FarRadMission 1 is the lightest and simplest Rad Power Bikes e-bike you can get. This cheap city commuter is ideal for urban riders who are seeking more freedom, and I thoroughly enjoyed riding it.  In some circles, e-bikes used to have a bad reputation of being heavy, clunky, and too complicated to use and maintain.... Read More »