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All You Need to Know About Everesting and Why It’s Gaining Traction

All You Need to Know About Everesting and Why It’s Gaining TractionEveresting is the ultimate cycling challenge that more and more people are trying to complete. Climbing 8,848m on a bicycle in one ride is not easy, but it can be done with the right knowledge.  Reaching the top of Mount Everest is the biggest accolade a climber can put next to their name. Cyclists can’t... Read More »

Review of Co-op CTY 1.1

Review of Co-op CTY 1.1Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 is an affordable hybrid bike with a solid list of components. Beware, it’s the type of bike that will draw you into the world of cycling and make you fall in love with it irreversibly. Do you have a limited budget accompanied by a long list of requirements that your new... Read More »

Most Comfortable Bike Seats

Most Comfortable Bike SeatsLet me ask you one thing: Have you ever decided against going for a bike ride because of terrible saddle sores? If your answer is YES, you should really consider getting a different bike seat. Saddle sores are not a normal part of cycling. The saddle you use should feel like an extension of your... Read More »

Best Comfort Bikes

Best Comfort BikesComfort bikes (also known as comfort hybrid bikes) have a unique blend of components and geometry that help eliminate most pains and aches associated with riding a bicycle. See our choices of best comfort bikes below! To be more specific, comfort bicycles have an upright geometry that will put you in a relaxed riding position... Read More »

How Much Should I Pay For A Bike?

How Much Should I Pay For A Bike?I love numbers and enjoy putting things into perspective. So let’s only rely on numbers. Instead of giving simple answers, I’d like to help you change your mindset. Are you ready? Let’s go! We hear too often that bikes are expensive. They are not! Or perhaps that’s relative. P.S. In this article, I’ll show you... Read More »

Best Recumbent (Exercise) Bikes

Best Recumbent (Exercise) BikesHere are our recommendations for the best indoor and outdoor recumbent bikes. Top picks for fitness, recovery, health, and your pocket! Who told you that you can’t sit back comfortably and still be fit and healthy? Thanks to recumbent bikes, you can have your cake and eat it too. A recumbent bike is an excellent... Read More »

Review of Santa Cruz Nomad

Review of Santa Cruz NomadSanta Cruz Nomad has been completely revamped for 2021. It’s slacker and longer but still rolls on playful 27.5″ wheels. Our review will answer all of your questions. The Nomad has long been the most fun and the most playful bike in Santa Cruz‘s lineup. Fear not as that hasn’t changed after the latest update,... Read More »

Review of Santa Cruz Bronson

Review of Santa Cruz BronsonSanta Cruz Bronson is a capable all-rounder that redefines what a 150mm trail bike can do. The third iteration is longer, slacker, and lower than ever before.  If you can afford to buy just one bike but you have a burning desire to ride trails, bike parks, and an occasional excursion into the world of... Read More »

Review of Santa Cruz Tallboy

Review of Santa Cruz TallboySanta Cruz Tallboy is a bike that should not work as well as it does. It’s a short-travel, long-wheelbase 29er that’s great at climbing and pedaling, but also confident at descending.  Santa Cruz took a few risks and made a few speculations regarding what short-travel 29ers are and what they can do. Version 4 of... Read More »

Review of Santa Cruz 5010

Review of Santa Cruz 5010Santa Cruz 5010 is a playful, nimble, and capable rider-favorite carbon trail bike. The new version is rowdier, slacker, and even more fun than before. Santa Cruz describes the 5010 as an all-terrain trail bike that has a place in every mountain biker’s collection. The reason is that this is a bike that maximizes fun... Read More »