Cannondale Quick CX 1: Is This the Only Bike You Need?

Cannondale Quick CX 1 Review: Is This the Only Bike You Need?

Cannondale Quick CX 1 hybrid bike
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Cannondale Quick CX 1 is a hybrid bicycle intended for cycling on mixed terrain, including city streets, bike paths, gravel roads, and the open countryside. 

All too often, the cycling industry tells us that we need a separate bicycle for every type of riding we do. Cannondale Quick CX 1 is here to challenge that claim.

With a lightweight aluminum frame, multi-surface 40mm tires, suspension fork, and versatile gearing, Quick CX 1 is efficient both on city commutes and weekend off-roading adventures.


Cannondale Quick CX 1 Specs

The Quick CX range consists of four models with different levels of components. However, each features a SmartForm C3 aluminum frame and multi-purpose tires.

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The Quick CX 1 model we’re reviewing here is the best-equipped and the most expensive of the four. It’s suitable for complete beginners as well as for riders with more respectable miles in their legs.

Here are some of its main highlights:

  • MSRP: $1,450
  • Frame: SmartForm C3 alloy
  • Fork: SR Suntour NEX-E25 with lockout, 63mm
  • Front derailleur: None
  • Rear derailleur: SRAM SX Eagle, 12-speed
  • Gears: 12
  • Brakes: Tektro HD-T275 hydraulic disc
  • Rims: Cannondale RD 3.0 Disc, double wall
  • Tires: Vittoria Terreno Dry, 700c x 40 mm
  • Weight: 30 lbs. 14.5 oz.
  • Extras: Cannondale wheel sensor, Intellimount Stem, internal cable routing, multiple mounts


If you like what you see above, keep reading below as we dive deeper and analyze the most important features.

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Cannondale Quick CX 1 Main Features

Renowned Aluminum Frame

Quick CX 1

Quick CX 1 is built around Cannondale’s well-known SmartForm C3 aluminum frame. It’s equipped with the SAVE micro-suspension technology that absorbs vibrations and road chatter, improving comfort on bumpy roads.

In addition to that, this frame also features a tapered steerer that reduces weight, increases stiffness, and improves handling.

You’ll also appreciate internally routed cables that keep the appearance sleek. But there’s also an Intellimount stem that lets you mount your smartphone to the stem. You can then use it to connect to the built-in Cannondale sensor and keep track of speed and distance via the Cannondale App.

If you plan to use this bike for commuting, you can easily attach a rear rack, fenders, and carry two water bottles, which will greatly improve this bike’s practicality.

Last but not least, Cannondale Quick CX 1 is available in a grey/green gradient paint job that looks classy and expensive.


Comfort-Improving Front Suspension

Looking down at the Quick CX 1's suspension

The Cannondale Quick CX range builds off the original Quick range of hybrid bikes. One of the most important things that differentiate the two is the 63mm suspension fork.

Quick CX 1 boasts the entry-level SR Suntour NEX-E25 fork with 63 mm of travel. That’s not enough for proper trail riding, but it’s more than enough when it comes to vibration absorption.

This remote lockout-enabled suspension fork gives the Quick CX 1 the multi-surface attribute, allowing you to lock or unlock the travel based on where you’re riding.

The trade-off for this ability is the weight added by the heavy coil mechanism. However, you’ll appreciate the increase in comfort once you steer off the beaten path and head across the countryside, away from busy roads.


Solid Drivetrain & Brakes

Components of the Quick CX 1

Quick CX 1 sports a SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed groupset, which is a popular option on similar bikes nowadays. The SX Eagle is SRAM’s lowest tier 12-speed group, but it still carries most benefits associated with a 1x drivetrain.

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Losing one or two chainrings on the crankset reduces weight and the lack of front derailleur simplifies shifting and maintenance. The 11-50T cassette coupled with a 38T chainring gives you all the gears you need to climb extreme gradients.

Quick CX 1’s Tektro hydraulic disc brakes could be described in pretty much the same way. Hydraulic disc brakes are the best option available today, especially when it comes to hybrid and off-road-leaning bikes.

This specific Tektro model is entry-level, but it will easily get the job done and stop you on a dime even if you need to do emergency braking. The only thing it lacks is modularity for off-road descents.


Multi-Purpose Tires

If you’re trying to make a multi-purpose hybrid bicycle, the wheels and tires are some of the most important parts. Luckily, Cannondale is well aware of that so it decided to equip Quick CX 1 with versatile Vittoria Terreno Dry 700C x 40 mm tires.

These are all-road-ready tires with a tread pattern that’s suitable for smooth city streets, gravel and fire roads, as well as some light trails. In combination with the SR Suntour suspension fork, you’ll be able to explore the area around your home in its entirety.

Quick CX 1 also has durable Cannondale RD 3.0 double-wall aluminum rims that are heavy but can definitely take a beating.


Women’s Model

Cannondale Quick CX 1

Cannondale Quick CX 1 is available in a women-specific version as well, with minimal differences compared to the unisex model.

Namely, the two bikes are identical in every way except for the paint. Even the saddle is completely the same — Cannondale Fitness Ergo Double Density.

Though the availability of frame sizes differs slightly as well. The women’s model comes in three sizes (XS, S, M), whereas the unisex model comes in five sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL).

So, if you’re a woman and you like the orange paintwork on the Quick CX 1 women’s bike, we say go for it. However, if it’s not in stock, don’t hesitate to get the unisex version as you’ll enjoy it just as much.

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Other Models

In case Cannondale Quick CX 1 doesn’t check all of your boxes, you might have better luck with one of the other models available in this range.

  • Cannondale Quick CX 2 — A slightly less expensive build with Shimano Acera 2×9 components. Good for intermediate riders and beginners.
  • Cannondale Quick CX 3 — A budget-friendly build with a Tourney/Acera 2×8 groupset combo. Great for commuters and beginner off-road riders.
  • Cannondale Quick CX 4 — The cheapest option with MicroShift 3×7 components and mechanical disc brakes. Suitable for beginners.


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Final Thoughts

suggestedIn short, Cannondale Quick CX 1 is an excellent bike for any type of riding that includes both smooth pavement and bumpy unpaved roads.

Its components are a mix of mid-range and entry-level choices, making it an ideal choice for beginners, intermediate riders, and weekend nature lovers.

Is it perfect? Certainly not. The wheels and the fork are heavy(ish) and there’s only one color available.

But what matters is that the SRAM SX Eagle groupset works crisply, the hydraulic disc brakes are reliable, and the 40 mm tires let you ride anywhere.

So if you want to get just one bike to unlock all types of roads available in your area, you’ll be ecstatic with the performance Cannondale Quick CX 1 offers.

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Cannondale Quick CX 1













  • Durable SmartForm C3 frame
  • SRAM SX Eagle 1x12 groupset
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
  • Multi-surface 40 mm tires
  • Internal cable routing


  • One color only
  • Heavy(ish) coil fork

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