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Best Hybrid Bikes

Jeff Balton

Best Hybrid BikesA hybrid bike is nowadays regarded as the workhorse of bicycles. It’s an extremely versatile bicycle type that can be ridden in various conditions. Let’s see what are the best hybrid bikes on the market.

PLEASE NOTE: The Corona situation has affected cycling businesses quite hard. On the positive side, more people found their way into cycling and started riding. On the other hand, many bikes are sold out.

Unfortunately, you can’t just buy any bike you want. Low-price bikes (Under $1,000) are basically all sold out all over the world. If you’re lucky, you can find one after an extensive search. If you increase your budget, the selection becomes much better. That’s why we advise doing your own hybrid bike research on REI / JensonUSA / Backcountry / The Pro’s Closet (Pre-Owned) or read our article of current cycling situation

What Makes One Hybrid Bike Good?

How To Shop good hybrid bike

But, what defines a hybrid bike (also called comfort or dual sport bike) and what determines whether it is good or bad? They come in different sizes and shapes, but every hybrid bike should have several recognizing features and meet certain standards.

The frame of best hybrid bikes is made of aluminum and its geometry is more comfortable than both road bikes and MTB. It allows the rider to sit in a more upright position and thus have more visibility and put less strain on the back.

A good comfort bike will have tires that are slightly wider than a road bike. They can be anywhere between 28-32c, or wider, up to 42c. This gives the rider more comfort and makes the bike more utilitarian.

A hybrid bike will usually be more customizable than the road bike. It should come with mounts for mudguards and panniers on the front and on the back, as well as with two mounts for water bottles.

However, often times you will not have to worry about mounting any of this additional equipment. Many comfort bikes already come with all of these additions as standard equipment.

Another feature that is more and more present on good hybrid bikes is dynamo lighting that powers your front and backlights as you ride. You should also expect to get a kickstand for a full parking convenience.

Basically, when you’re buying a comfort bike, it should be ready for every test that you can put it through the moment you take it out of the shop.

In this review, you will find the best hybrid bikes for…

See the best hybrid bikes
  • Beginners – Priority Classic Plus – Gotham, Tern Link C8, Yuba Kombi, Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1,
  • Adventure – Surly Pack Rat, Masi Giramondo, Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1, Salsa Marrakesh,
  • Commuting – Pure Cycles, Salsa Journeyman 700C
  • Women – sixthreezero EVRYjourney, Benny Carry On 27D
  • Electric – Electra Townie GO 7D, Rad Power Bikes Radrover 5, Cannondale Mavaro Neo, Priority Embark

Best Hybrid Bikes For Beginners

Best-In-Class: Best All-Rounder for New Riders

Priority Classic Plus Gotham edition

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Priority Classic Plus – Gotham is designed in such a way that it provides a smooth and reliable ride on all surfaces and terrains. It comes with a 3-speed Shimano internal gear hub that will let you climb moderate hills and ride faster on flats.

The frame is available in step-over and step-through versions, which makes this good-looking bike suitable for men and women.

For the money, Priority Classic Plus – Gotham is one of the best hybrid bikes on the market, offering a Gates belt drive for just $549.

Like all other Priority bicycles, Classic Plus – Gotham is powered by a carbon belt instead of a traditional chain which makes maintenance a breeze.

Once you wish to stop, a pair of easy-to-adjust and use V-brakes will help you do that easily.

The weight of this Priority model is really low and that is, in part, because of the ultralight aluminum frame that is stiff and strong, but very lightweight. It weighs just 26 lbs.

The Classic Plus bike is called Gotham because of its all-black design that looks really good and fits an urban setting perfectly.

The wheels are standard 700c and pretty wide, so you will be able to enjoy a fast ride with good power transfer and plenty of grip on challenging city streets.

Priority Classic Plus – Gotham is the ultimate commuter as it comes equipped with a kickstand and water bottle cage. In the box, you’ll also get all assembly tools and even a floor pump.

Back order from PriorityBicycles.com


Best Folding Bike

Tern Node D7i Folding bike

Tern Node D7i is a folding bike built around an aluminum frame and lightweight aluminum fork that balances weight and strength pretty well. It will be a comfortable ride in pretty much all conditions. The frame is available in one size, intended for riders between 4’10” and 6’5″.

When it comes to the components, Tern Node D7i is equipped with Shimano components and comes with 7 gears. These Shimano components are not high-end, but they are still pretty reliable and will shift gears with decent precision.

This folding bike has alloy V-brakes, which are a decent choice for most riders. It is intended for commuting and recreational rides in all weather conditions.

The tires on Tern Node D7i are 24″ in diameter, which is a great compromise between smoothness and speed, especially for commuting. The front and rear fenders and a rear rack are excellent for everyday trips as well.

Tern Node D7i is one of the cheapest folding bikes around that comes with some of the best user reviews.

However, Node D7i is still a low-end bike, so you should keep your expectations realistic. It’s not the lightest bike out there, but 31.2 lbs total weight at this price is pretty good for a folding bike.

Some users online report that assembling it is not an easy task, so if you are not good with a hex key, you might need to take it to a bike mechanic. However, folding and unfolding the bike is a breeze.

The bottom line is if you want an affordable and durable folding bike with fenders and a rear rack to commute or ride for fun every day, get Tern Node D7i. Just maintain it properly, like any other bike and it will last you a long time.

Check out and purchase on REI

Best Cargo Choice


Yuba Kombi Step-Through

Yuba Kombi Compact Cargo bike is special for several reasons. It has a very comfortable upright geometry, comfy saddle, enough gears, and a massive rear cargo area.

Yuba Kombi is ideal for urban cyclists who need a dependable, easy-to-use, and versatile cargo bike to transport kids or do grocery shopping.

The bike itself runs on 24″ wheels and engages its mechanical disc brakes to stop when necessary. On top of that, the tires are 2.4″ wide, which makes them ideal for rides around smooth city streets or hardpacked dirt roads while carrying heavy cargo.

The frame is made of steel so the bike weighs 50 lbs, but it can carry large amounts of added weight, such as your kids, groceries, or anything else.

The rear derailleur is made by Shimano and the drivetrain offers 9 gears for any type of terrain. Even though the tires are 24″, this bike fits riders between 5 ft. and 6’5″ tall.

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In addition to that, Yuba Kombi comes with several handy accessories such as front fenders, rear wheelskirt, dual kickstand, deflopilator, front and rear LED battery-powered lights, and even a bell. That’s all you need for daily urban rides.

No matter what, Yuba Kombi Compact Cargo bike has some excellent user reviews online that should reassure you that it is a good buy! That’s why we think it’s one of the best cargo bikes for the money!

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Entry-Level with Disc Brakes


Co-op CTY 1.1

Full Review of CTY Series

This is a mid-level fitness bike that is a part of Co-op Cycles’ trusty CTY line. It’s ideal for riding on the city streets and down paved and smooth roads.

It comes with standard 700c wheels that make it pretty fast and lower the amount of contact the tire has with the road. CTY 1.1 also has a sporty geometry that allows you to change your position from a faster one to a more comfortable one.

This bike comes with a Shimano Acera & Tourney derailleurs, which give 24 gears at your disposal. This setup offers a good range of speeds.

When you decide to call it a day, you will be using Tektro mechanical disk brakes, which are always a good choice, especially if you are riding in an area that has lots of rainfall or dirt and grit.

Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 offers excellent performance for any beginner fitness rider out there.

Some negative things that you should consider are for example the Huafeng that some people have reported to have had problems with. You might want to consider upgrading if it happens.

The saddle might not be according to your preferences, but you can easily upgrade to a better one without spending too much money.

Therefore, apart from the several slight downsides, it’s a good, reliable, and affordable fitness bike that you should consider.

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Best Hybrid Bikes For Adventure

Best in Class – Top Unisex Touring Bike

Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1


Full review of ADV series

Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1 is created to be able to take some abuse around the world. You can use it for your day to day commutes around the city and then on the weekend you can take it on a long ride away from the city streets.

Unlike many other hybrid models, it comes with drop handlebars that give you more grip positions for a long comfortable ride.

The tires are 700x38c, which is right in line compared to the standard in this test. It means that you will have more stability and more resistance when it comes to city potholes and debris.

Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1 combines great looks, excellent components, and a comfortable geometry for $1,400, which easily makes it the best choice for commuting and touring.

When it comes to the drivetrain and shifting, the Shimano Deore LX groupset is responsible to provide you with smooth gear changes and power transfer.

The bike is also fitted with some solid TRP hydraulic disk brakes, which should give you lots of security on the downhills or sudden stops at the traffic light.

Both the frame and the fork are made from very strong and durable Chromoly steel, which can handle a heavy rider and additional weight on the front and rear racks.

To be honest, there aren’t really any setbacks on this bicycle, except that it does not come with front and rear fenders.

It is one of the more expensive models on this list, but it is still very affordable and you won’t go wrong if you choose it. That’s why it’s one of the best unisex touring and hybrid bikes in our opinion!

Find your size safely on REI.com

Best City or Touring Bike

Salsa Marrakesh

Salsa Marrakesh is a 700c city or touring bike with lots of accessories. This bike has a steel frame that is convenient both for men and women. Its upright geometry provides a comfortable riding position that also gives a good overview of what’s in front of you. The fork is made from steel as well.

The frame does not have internal cable routing, which is the only downside. However, it has many eyelets for racks and water bottle cages.

Salsa Marrakesh is equipped with a Shimano Alivio 3×9 drivetrain, which is excellent for riding when heavy loaded. You can easily pedal over a local hill or over a mountain pass if you go on a longer ride.

Salsa Marrakesh also comes with some additional equipment, so you will get a set of front and rear racks, and a place to mount a kickstand.

Salsa Marrakesh is a remarkable all-rounder for commuting or touring as it features lots of gears, strong brakes, racks, and a beautiful design.

Another positive aspect of this bike are the TRP Spyre C mechanical disc brakes. They’re not without flaws, but they’re still excellent for the money.

Don’t hesitate to buy it if you need a dependable hybrid to commute every day and go on longer multi-day trips when you take some days off from work.

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Best for Touring & Long Commutes

Surly Pack Rat

Source: BikeRumor

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Surly has released a large number of bikes recently, most of which are pretty good, as it’s expected from such a famous manufacturer. One of the bikes that caught our attention the most is Surly Pack Rat, which is a front-loading gravel/touring bicycle. It’s designed to carry a heavy front load, be it for light touring or daily commutes. It has some interesting and unique features which definitely set it apart from other bikes in this class.

This bike has a sturdy and comfy Cromoly steel frame, which is the most popular option among bicycle tourers. It’s simple to maintain and repair, and it performs fantastically on bumpy terrain. The fork is also made of Cromoly, with curved blades that give the Pack Rat a pleasant retro look, which we really like.

Surly Pack Rat has fantastic features and components that makes it a good choice forr for heavy-load commutes and light-load multi-day road trips.

The Surly Pack Rat is available both with 26″ and with 650b wheels, depending on which size of the frame you order. The tires on the 26″ wheels are 1.5″ wide, whereas the 650b wheels come with 42mm tires. This is a great width for carrying a load and riding on gravel.

The groupset you’ll get with this dual sport bike is Shimano Tiagra, which offers 20 speeds. This seems like a great deal for a price tag of around $1,475. One of the stranger points on this bike is the Cantilever rim brakes, which are not often seen today. They might not be everyone’s preference, but on the trail, they offer plenty of stopping power, they’re cheap to replace and easy to work with.

Purchase from Aventuron

Best in Class – Best Value Touring Bike

Masi Giramondo 700C

Do you need a simple touring bike that will get you from point A to point B with minimal fuss? Masi Giramondo is the right tool for that job! Simplicity is its main feature which comes without any sacrifices. This is a strong and durable Chromoly bicycle with a rigid fork, available in attractive retro brass color.

But, amazing looks are not the only thing that Masi Giramondo has to offer. In terms of components, you definitely get more than you have bargained for. This bike has a 3×10 drivetrain, so it has gears for any mountain pass you come across. The Shimano Deore groupset shifts smoothly through all of the gears.

Masi Giramondo offers all the features an experienced commuter or tourer would need on everyday rides or multi-day trips for around $1,400. It’s a great bang for your buck.

You do not need to worry about stopping either, as Masi Giramondo features dual-piston TRP mechanical disc brakes. They’ll give you plenty of explosive stopping power, which is essential when commuting in the city or traveling with a lot of weight.

Moreover, the 700x45c tires are the perfect choice to provide you with a delicate balance between speed and stability on the asphalt.

Other notable aspects of Masi Giramondo include drop bars that provide lots of riding positions, fender mounts, upright geometry, front and rear racks, and more. It’s an excellent bike for commuting, recreational rides, as well as touring.

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Hybrids For Commuting

Best Fixie Bike

Pure Cycles Fixie Bike


For what you get with this bike, it’s really affordable. We learned that fixie bikes are super-fun and capable, even though they have just one gear. Sometimes less is actually more. This is exactly the case with Pure Cycles. It’s a simplistic fixie/single-speed bike with an elegant paint job and an easy to maintain overall build.

Pure Cycles is built with a durable steel frame and comfortable steel fork. The result is a strong and smooth workhorse that can do it all.

It comes with deep dish 40 mm wheels that cut through air like through butter, so you will never be late to work again.

Pure Cycles is the best bike you can get to enjoy riding a variety of roads, commute more by bike and less by car, and get fit and healthy.

To stop, you can use a combination of a front rim brake and a coaster brake. Therefore, skidding with this bike is easy, but if you don’t like taking risks, you can just engage the hand brake.

The only two negative aspects of the bike that the people who bought it talk about have to do with the pedals which can get a bit slippery when it starts raining.

However, they are easily swappable, so this shouldn’t take away too much from the generally positive impression that we should have about the Pure Cycles fixie bike.

Find your size safely on REI.com

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Commuters’ Dream Bike

Salsa Journeyman Claris 700c

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Salsa is one of those rare bike companies that are still trying to keep cycling fun. One of their latest and best attempts at doing that is called Salsa Journeyman Claris 700C. This bike is quirky and adventurous, featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, drop bars, and lots of options for customizations. The first one of these is being able to choose between 700c and 650b wheels, depending on what you prefer to ride on the trails and the roads.

This bike’s intended use is riding on gravel, going on adventures, and doing bicycle touring and bike packing. One of the parts where this is mirrored is in the tires, which can be up to 50mm wide on 700c wheels and up to 2.2″ wide tires on 650b wheels.

Also, this Journeyman has lots of mounting points both on the frame and on the fork, so you can add rear racks and bottle holders, or you can strip it to the bone — the decision is yours!

Salsa Journeyman has the potential to dominate the mid-range market as a well-balanced and affordable gravel commuter bike.

As its name tells you, the Salsa Journeyman Claris is equipped with a Shimano Claris groupset, which is a quality class that has proven to be reliable on the trails. It gives you 16 speeds in total, on a 2×8 drivetrain. The 46/30T crankset comes from FSA, whereas the 11-34T cassette comes from Sunrace.

It’s a nice combo of decent quality parts for a decent price of around $950. Of course, this bike also comes with cable-actuated disc brakes, and the wheels are made by trusty Formula.


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Best Hybrids For Women

Most Color and Gearing Options Available

sixthreezero EVRYjourney

We have arrived at the first proper city bike on this list of affordable hybrids, and it’s a good one.

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney is built to be an efficient commuter bike. The build feels strong and durable, mostly because of the quality step-through aluminum frame. The bike also looks really nice because of numerous available paint jobs and matching front and rear fenders.

If you buy it, your EVRYjourney can come with a 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, or 21-speed drivetrain. You can also choose between 24″ and 26″ wheels and tires.

All models have dependable front and rear brakes, but the single-speed models also feature coaster brakes for added security and fun.

sixthreezero EVRYjouney is worth being called one of the best city bikes because it’s cheap, easy to maintain, fun to ride, and really nice looking.

This bike also has a rear rack, so you can fit it with panniers or a basket to carry all of your necessities, wherever you go. It’s also suitable for a rear-mounted child seat.

To wrap it up, in our opinion, it’s one of the best city hybrid bikes on the market!

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Affordable Everyday Utility Bike

Benno Carry On 27D

If your idea of cycling is to be able to roll around the city, soak up the breeze and carry groceries or other valuable items, then Benno Carry On 27D is for you.

It is a utility bike that is best intended for urban or mild off-road commutes thanks to its wide and grippy 24″ x 2.6″ tires. It has a comfortable geometry that will keep you upright, so you will be able to ride for longer without pain or numbness.

Its light aluminum frame comes in an attractive blue color and is paired up with rigid Chromoly fork. The frame has a long rear triangle with a huge rear rack and front and rear fenders.

Benno Carry On 27D is a versatile and good-looking utility bike, perfect for daily commutes and cargo trips on a variety of terrains and surfaces.

There are 27 speeds that you can select on your rides, which is more than enough for any hill profile you encounter on your long ride.

Benno Carry On 27D comes with a pair of Avid mechanical disc brakes which are a sweet surprise at this price. They are an entry-level model, but they are far better than any V-brakes.

To wrap it up, it’s one of the best utility bikes for around $1,100 with decent Shimano components and a wide range of gears.

Find your size and buy safely on JensonUSA.com

What to think about the JensonUSA?


Best Electric Hybrid Bikes

Best Electric Bike for City Riding

Electra Townie GO 7D

Electra designed its Townie GO 7D model to be a comfortable electric city bike, intended for smooth city riding.

It is equipped with 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur, which will get you up some moderate hills. When you encounter really steep hills, you’ll get assistance from a 250W rear hub motor.

The battery has a 309 Wh capacity, so the pedal-assist range is between 20 and 50 miles, whereas the maximum assisted speed is 20 mph.

The wheels are 650b,  unlike most other hybrid bikes, so you will get less rolling resistance and be able to go faster and accelerate faster, which is important when it comes to city riding.

Electra Townie GO 7D is affordable, durable, well-made, and attractive – It has everything you could ask from a day-to-day electric city bike.

The seat is a nice and comfy, made with shock-absorbing elastomers and it is coupled with swept-back upright handlebars, which will keep your back in a pain-free position.

The braking system is comprised of Tektro mechanical disc brakes that are entry-level, but still offer substantial stopping power.

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Like with many other city bike models, the only complaint that many people who bought it had, had to do with the assembly process. They report that the manual is not clear enough and that that makes assembly a bit of a trouble.

However, this is all individual and it depends on your mechanical skills. It’s by no means a reason not to buy this bike.

Find your size safely on REI.com


Best E-Hybrid for beginners

Rad Power Bikes Rad Rover 5

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 electric bike is adamant about killing all of your excuses for not cycling more. If you have a back or a knee injury, if you’re not in the springtime of your youth, or you just don’t like sweating and hard work, the RadRover 5 is the solution to your problems.

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This Rad Power electric model comes with a quiet and strong Bafang motor system with peak power of 750W. It is a pedal-assisted motor, so you can still pedal on your own. However, the motor will jump in whenever you need help, to give you some extra juice. The battery has a capacity of 672Wh, so you have enough fun in it for some moderately long rides.

The motor can be operated with a throttle as well, so you can also ride this bike like a scooter.

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 is proof that even budget-conscientious riders can enjoy the full benefits of an electric hybrid setup for commuting and fitness riding.

Other than that, the RadRover 5 has a lightweight aluminum frame, with a low top tube, so it’s easy to climb on it and start riding. The fork gives you 80 mm of travel, and combined with the 4″ wide tires, you’ll be able to go on any kind of terrain.

Other than that, we like the Shimano Acera derailleur and the 7 speeds it offers. This groupset is entry-level, but it works excellently for daily commutes and regular recreational rides. It won’t let you down.

Backorder on RadPowerBikes.com


Best in Class – Excellent e-bike for urban rides

Cannondale Mavaro NEO

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Cannondale Mavaro Neo is an electric hybrid bike that has a lot of urban capability, as you can use it for easy commutes to work and other types of everyday city rides.

Cannondale Mavaro Neo can do it all as it comes with quality Bosch electronics, so you can safely take it out on cycle lanes, roads, and moderate dirt roads avay from your home.

This model comes with a lightweight aluminum frame that keeps the weight down and with a front suspension fork. This adds some weight to the bike, but it makes it much more comfortable to ride off-road.

Bosch’s Active Line Plus 250W motor has 50 Nm of torque and is powered by a 250W battery. Therefore, you can expect a 65-mile range if you use it sparingly.

The tires you get with a Mavaro Neo are 27.5″ and quite wide – 2.0″. This means they are very stable and the width allows them to ride smoothly on unpaved roads as well.

The bike looks really modern, clean, and the step-through frame makes it easy to start riding. The rear rack, fenders, and front and rear lights add a lot to its practicality as well.

Cannondale Mavaro Neo has a 1 x 9  drivetrain. It gives you a wide range of gears to beat any terrain.

A great thing about this bike is that it also comes with hydraulic disc brakes which have proven to respond a lot better and brake more efficiently, especially in wet weather.

The only downside might be the Shimano Acera rear derailleur, which is entry-level, but other than that, it is a stupendous bike.

To wrap it up, it’s one of the best electric hybrids at this price.

Find your size safely on REI.com


Best in Class – No-Maintenance Everyday Hybrid

Priority Embark electric bicycle

Priority Embark is one of the best-looking and best-performing electric hybrid bicycles out there. It comes with a rather high price, but considering the components and the technology you get for that money — it’s pretty affordable.

Embark is made with an ultralight aluminum frame and fork available in attractive white or charcoal colors. The downtube drops near the seat tube which increases standover clearance.

In terms of electrical and mechanical components, this bike has the best of the best. It’s powered by Bosch Active Line Plus motor and a Bosch 400Wh battery that can be controlled via the Bosch Purion Display. The result is a 50-mile range.

Shifting is done with an Enviolo Trekking (c8) internal gearbox with a 380% gear range — more than enough to get you up and over the most stubborn hills.

Priority Embark is an e-bike built to be ridden every day, no matter the conditions. It requires very little maintenance thanks to the carbon belt.

Other notable features include hydraulic disc brakes, WTB Horizon 650b x 47mm tires, and of course a carbon belt! The carbon belt will make your life easier and maintenance almost non-existent.

It’s fitted with front and rear fenders and front and rear lights, so you can ride in on rainy days and even at night. Perfect for year-round commutes.

So if you want an electric bicycle that’s not complicated to use and maintain and is incredibly comfortable to ride, Priority Embark is definitely a model you should consider if you have enough money to spare.

Buy Directly from PriorityBicycles.com


How to Know a Good Hybrid Bike?

As you can see from the variety of bikes that we have reviewed above, hybrid bikes are versatile machines. There is a model for everyone and for any purpose. You need to think about what you need your bike for and what you expect it to be able to do. However, there are some general features to be on the lookout for.

How to spot good hybrid bikes

A hybrid bike needs to be lightweight. This bike should be nimble enough to tackle city rides where you need agility and acceleration. Therefore, an aluminum frame is what you should go for.

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Having front suspension could be good if you will ride on a bumpy terrain a lot. Otherwise, go for a stiff fork to save on weight even more.

A good hybrid bike should also have a wide range of gears in order to be able to tackle different terrains. However, if you know you will be riding it in a very flat area, a single-speed model will do the job as well.

When it comes to tires, 700c are recommended, as they roll better and are generally much faster on paved surfaces. Again, if you think you will ride on gravel roads a lot, or if you need shorter stand-over clearance, go for 26” wheels.

Finally, think about what kind of accessories you will need if any. Many hybrid bikes come with fenders, a kickstand, front and rear racks, and so on. This is great if you need it. Otherwise, it will just add more weight and slow you down.

Is the Hybrid Bike the Right Type for You?

That is a question that carries some complexity with itself. The best way to answer it is to ask yourself several additional questions.

What do you need a bike for? Where will you ride? On what kind of terrain and in what weather? How often will you ride it? Is speed more important for you than comfort? What about equipment, do you think you will need anything apart from the standard road bike equipment?

These are only some of the important questions that you should consider. In order to answer them more easily, take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of hybrid bikes. That way, you will have a good idea whether a hybrid bike is a right choice for you.


Hybrid bike pros

Pros of Hybrids

  • A hybrid bike’s frame is designed for comfort. The upright position that the rider is placed in is easy on the back.
  • Many comfort bikes come with front suspension that absorbs road vibrations.
  • Wider tires on comfort bikes provide more stability and more comfort on lower air pressure.
  • A hybrid bike is fast because of the large wheels borrowed from road bikes.
  • It is easy to add additional equipment to it like mudguards, racks, lights, and so on.
  • A large number of gears means that you can easily beat any hill and go fast on the flat.

Cons of Hybrids

Since hybrid bikes combine the best of road bikes and the best of MTB, they do not really have many downsides. In the end, it all depends on your personal preferences.

  • A hybrid bike can often be heavy because of additional equipment.
  • A comfort bike is not as fast as a road bike, nor durable as an MTB.
  • Since it is a combination of more bike types, you have to make compromises.

Well, we have covered the basics and presented you with the reasons why you should or should not go for a hybrid. Therefore, let’s review the 15 best comfort bikes for the money that you should consider if you opt for this bike type.



The amazing thing about hybrid bikes and at the same time the reason why they have become so popular is that there is a model for everyone. As you can see from our list of 15 best hybrids, no matter who you are, you can pedal away with a smile on your face.

suggestedIf you are looking to buy a beginner’s hybrid bike, then you should be looking at these four bikes. The Yuba Kombi is the best in the cargo class, offering the most value for money. Tern Link C8 is one of the best value models great for commuters and fitness riders. If you want a hybrid bike for hilly areas with a wide range of gears, choose the Priority Classic Plus – Gotham Edition. However, if you need a decent commuter and a weekend trainer, choose the Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1. That’s our top pick!

When it comes to the best commuters, you cannot go wrong with these. Definitely get Benno Carry On 27D as the best in commuter’s class if you’re thinking about commuting every day or you just want a durable quality bike that you can explore your surroundings with. If you need an affordable commuter with drop bars, make sure to check the Salsa Journeyman Claris 700C. A great alternative is also Masi Giramondo that can take you on a trip around the world. We believe that the Surly Pack Rat is a great choice for those who commute daily and need to carry a heavy load on the front or those who want to do multi-day bike packing tours in the countryside.

If you have realized that cycling provides great training, we advise you to consider Pure Cycles. It’s a great fixie bike that you can use to commute or workout. You can shortlist Cannondale Mavaro Neo e-bike as well, as it offers all the features and components an all-terrain fitness rider could ask for.

In case you are a woman and looking for the perfect hybrid bike, Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1, Salsa Marrakesh, or sixthreezero EVRYjourney should be on your list. If you like a fast and efficient commute, take a look at Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1, which is the best in this class. Salsa Marrakesh is perfect if you want a well-equipped commuter or tourer for short and long rides. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is pretty cheap and easy to ride on city streets and bike paths.

Finally, if you want to boost your ride with some electric juice, then you should definitely consider Priority Embark as your first and best choice. You should also shortlist the Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5. If you want the best in class and you like having plenty of speed, the RadRover 5 will take you up to 28mph. And, it is meant for women as well! But don’t forget about Electra Townie GO 7D either, which is a great budget option.

Hope you enjoyed it!

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, here’s a quick tip for you. Have a look – hybrid bikes on REI, JensonUSA, PlanetCyclery and CompetitiveCyclist

Or browse pre-owned bikes on The Pro’s Closet


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  • John Finnigan says:

    Hi Jeff, Thanks so much for providing your expertise and knowledge in helping me reseacrh the right bike for me. I had read earlier versions of this article and had decided that the cannondale CX2 or the Trek Dual Sport 3 were going to be the best bikes for my search of a bike that I can hit road and light trails as well as doing some work outs. But I am having second thoughts and thinking I should spurge a little more and upgrade to the Dual Sport 4. I like the idea of having only one shifter for the rear with plenty of range in the cassette which I think is 11-51. I figure it would be less maintenance with no front derailleur. I also like that shock can be locked/unlocked from the left side handle bar. Do you think it is worth paying the extra $300 for those features?
    Thanks so much for you time and effort, I have read your article several times and I appreciate your efforts to keep us all informed with the latest up to date information

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi John,
      I agree with your thoughts. Having less gears means little maintenance issues and in the end you save more money. So yes, why not spend more for a kind of bike that will last longer? Cheers!

  • Bryan says:

    Hey there, I really appreciate this comprehensive and informative review. I recently sold my car to fully commit to the bike to work, bike to everything life.

    I came across this cool giveaway – you can win a Marin bike among other things. Figured I’d share: http://www.pedalporteurco.com/giveaway

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Bryan,
      Wow this is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations for leading the life of health and fitness. You will not regret it.

  • Venu says:

    Thank you Jeff for the very informative review and recommendations. I am a 1.8m tall, 79kg, 64 year old male. I am looking for a bike to allow me to ride around my hilly neighborhood and to help me get into shape. The knees are not great and the heart needs some serious pumping. Comfort, quality and ability to climb hills are priorities. Budget is not too much of an issue but I always believe in money for value. I would appreciate your advise on a few options. Thanks. Venu

    • Venu says:

      I just like to add that I am looking at the Specialized Sirius Elite but unfortunately it will only be available in October 2020. I like to get going sooner than this. Venu

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Venu,
      Please check out our Best ROAD Bikes to see if you are willing to wait. Cheers!

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Venu,

      There are different bikes you need to look into before making a decision. There are times when we buy a bike by impulse and find out it is not suited for our style of riding. You need to look into our Hardtail Mountain Bikes, our Best Road Bikes, also the Gravel bikes if you are into road and casual off road riding style. You can also decide if you want to go ahead and get a Hybrid Bike. Please check our Bike sizing post to ensure you get the right size for you.

  • AT says:

    Good day. I’m planning to get into biking as I haven’t ridden since my teens. I want to do light dirt trails but also paved, flat trails. I’m a beginner and my fitness level is still novice. I’m willing to spend the money if it means I get a good all-round bike that doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge to operate and ride it. I thought a MTB would be a good idea, but I’ve been advised that the weight (>30 lbs) will outweigh the fun/benefits of riding the bike. So a hybrid was suggested. I’ve narrowed it down to four bikes: DRT 1.2, CTY 1.2, Ghost Square Cross 1.8 and Quick CX 2 (I hope it’s allowed to write the model names?). Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi AT, I like the models you shortlisted. I think it boils down to whether or not you want front suspension. It will add a lot of weight, but it will make your dirt rides a bit more comfortable.

      If you plan to spend more time on paved roads, I recommend the CTY 1.2. However, if you plan to stick to dirt trails, Quick CX 2 would be a better choice. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • AT says:

      Jeff, thank you for the response. I actually ended up getting the CTY 2.2. It was a lot more money than I intended to spend, but I figured this is my one and only first bike so why not. Thank you for your guidance.

    • Jeff Balton says:

      You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help. I think you made a good decision, that’s an excellent bike that will last you a long time. Have fun! 🙂

  • Dominique sanders says:

    Thank you for this valuable explanation as I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with my search. The Hybrid is definitely for me as it offers the combination of terrains. I’m into fitness however I’m a beginner with cycling. I printed out this information & with your helpful tips, I can narrow my search and purchase soon.

  • Outer says:

    Any suggestion for 12 years old daughter ? I need a good hybrid bike for her

    • Jeff Balton says:

      I recommend Co-op Cycles REV CTY with 24″ wheels. We wrote about it in more detail if you’re interested in learning more. It has excellent value for money, quality components, and would likely fit your daughter size-wise.

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Jeff, I was just looking at the NY Times Wirecutter column, which has steered me right a few times. For best all-around hybrid they suggest the Marin Fairfax 1 or 2. I didn’t see any Marin bikes listed here, and I’m wondering if that’s a red flag about buying one? Thanks…

  • Hey Jeff Balton,

    Good Day Buddy!

    You’re my inspiration guy. Thanks for this awesome blog, because of you I started my blogging journey. BTW I love RadRover 5 so much <3 It inspects everything from the frame alignment, wheels, brakes, and gears. All the accessories are correctly fitted to prevent any damages from occurring.

    Thank You Again and Best of Luck Buddy 🙂

    Best Regards,
    Rabbi Hossain Khan

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Rabbi Hossain Khan, I’m glad to hear you enjoy my website! Good luck on your journey as well. 🙂

  • Jozef says:

    Looking for a electric tandem bicycle

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Jozef, we still haven’t reviewed any electric tandem bikes, so we can recommend one with certainty. But we’re in the process of doing so, so stay tuned for some useful information. 🙂