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Best Touring Bikes

Best Touring BikesIf you’re planning to start traveling by bike for days, months, or even years on end and carry all of your most valuable possessions with you, then you need the right tool for the job — a best touring bike. However, the selection of adventure and touring bikes on the market is quite bewildering at... Read More »

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Best Hardtail Mountain BikesShould you go for a hardtail or a full-squish mountain bike? This seems to be a neverending debate in the MTB world. The truth is that both are excellent choices that come with some advantages and disadvantages. Hardtails are bikes that have front suspension but no rear suspension. As a result, they are not as... Read More »

Buying Guide: Best Fixed Gear & Single Speed Bikes

Buying Guide: Best Fixed Gear & Single Speed BikesOn the outside, fixed gear and single-speed bikes look pretty much the same. They both have a 1x crankset and one rear cog. However, there’s an important difference between the two. Fixed gear bikes have a rear cog that is fixed to the rear hub, so they do not have a freewheel. This means that... Read More »

Best Folding Bikes

Best Folding BikesThe morning commute to work is the most dreaded part of the workday for many people. Losing valuable time every day by being stuck in traffic for hours is on nobody’s bucket list. That’s why commuting by bicycle is becoming more and more popular in cities around the world. Folding bicycles are the choice of... Read More »

The Best 10 Fat Tire Bikes You Can Get

A fat bike is the best type of bicycle to experience what riding on mud or snow is all about. If you live in an area where the weather gets wet and cold in autumn and winter, the fat tire bike will allow you to extend your riding season and have more fun. Fat bikes... Read More »

Review Of Co-Op Cycles DRT 1.1W

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1W is a fantastic women’s entry-level mountain bike with an attractive price and an even better value for the money. If you’re looking to get an easy-going an upright trail bike to ride on smooth singletracks and dirt roads, then DRT 1.1W will fit your wallet and all of your requirements. Keep... Read More »

Fuji Jari (2019) Review

Fuji Jari (2019) ReviewFuji offers an excellent selection of gravel bikes with its Jari range, which features five variations of differing quality to fit any budget. The Jari is not simply a repurposed road bike with bigger tires, it has been designed with a new frame specifically designed to seat the rider further back on the bike for... Read More »

Cannondale Trail 1 (2020) Review

The Cannondale Trail 1 is a great option for adventurers looking to hit the trails with a sturdy, dependable rider. These bikes were created with usability in mind, which is why they come standard with high-quality components & a couple of different wheel options depending on size. This means that you’re all but guaranteed to... Read More »

The 15 Best Cheap Bikes You Can Get

The 15 Best Cheap Bikes You Can GetDo you need a quality bike but you don’t want to break the bank? Then you’re in the right place. Check out our list of the 15 best cheap bikes you can get online. What Makes One Cheap Bike A Good Cheap Bike? There’s a difference between cheap bikes and good cheap bikes. Paying little... Read More »

Vilano Shadow Review

Vilano Shadow ReviewVilano Shadow is an interesting entry-level road bike that deserves everything but to stay in the shadows. That’s why we’re putting it in the spotlight with this review, where we believe it belongs. This bicycle is a very good choice for any road cycling beginner out there for a number of reasons: It’s cheap. It... Read More »

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