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Review of Ibis Ripmo Bikes

Review of Ibis Ripmo BikesIbis Ripmo is slack, long, fast, and versatile. This long-travel carbon bike will make short work of the most challenging all-mountain or enduro courses you can find.  The new Ibis Ripmo is a bike that will allow you to rip more than you thought possible before. Though this wordplay is not actually how Ripmo got... Read More »

Review of Surly Disc Trucker

Review of Surly Disc TruckerThe new and revamped Surly Disc Trucker gets improved geometry and user-friendly components but keeps the same-old ride feel that we love so much. The Surly Trucker bikes have a long tradition and a strong reputation in the cycle touring circles. The rim-brake Long Haul Trucker has been around since 2004, whereas the Disc Trucker... Read More »

Review of Marin Rift Zone 29 2

Review of Marin Rift Zone 29 2Nothing about the design of the Rift Zone 29 2 screams “radical”, and that is to its advantage.  At no point did the engineers decide to go to an extreme, sacrificing the benefits of one end of a spectrum for those of another. This means the rider gets a bike where the specs fall comfortably... Read More »

Review of Salsa Warroad

Review of Salsa WarroadPositioned as an endurance road offering that also performs when the road disappears, the Salsa Warroad range is a great example of brands widening their horizons to current riding trends. Without attaching the ‘gravel’ tag directly to the bike, and sticking with ‘80% road, 20% whatever’, Salsa has effectively kept customers open to a bike... Read More »

Review of Marin Hawk Hill 1, 2 & Jr

Review of Marin Hawk Hill 1, 2 & JrThe Marin Mark Hill series is one bike that many riders opt for, and with good reason. Bringing all the parts that make a Marin Hawk Hill together creates a harmonious bike, integrating all the features and components that an avid biker needs to take on the rugged trails. Marin bikes were made for fun,... Read More »

Review of Yeti SB130

Review of Yeti SB130Yeti SB130 is a modern trail bike with trendy geometry, a do-it-all attitude, and a plethora of high-tech solutions that instill confidence and extend traditional trail-bike capabilities.  Yeti SB130, just like its lower-travel cousin SB100, is a highly versatile trail bike that’s packed to the brim with mouth-watering features. It’s a bike with 150mm of... Read More »

Review of Yeti ARC (2021)

Review of Yeti ARC (2021)The new Yeti ARC is a reimagined retro classic hardtail with all-new geometry, components, and looks. It’s a 29er inspired by the old school but built for modern times.  The ARC hardtail has been an integral part of Yeti’s lineup for years. More specifically, the model was introduced back in 1991 and ran until 2016,... Read More »

Review of Yeti SB140 (2021)

Review of Yeti SB140 (2021)Yeti SB140 is a 27.5″ trail ripper with the playfulness you’d expect from smaller wheels and capabilities that even some 29ers lack.  Yeti Cycles has done some impressive work with 29″ mountain bikes recently. The SB100, SB130, and SB150 models have rocked the MTB scene and established themselves as go-to choices for versatile trail riders.... Read More »

Review of Yeti SB100

Review of Yeti SB100Yeti SB100 is a rowdy 100mm XC bike with trail-crushing capabilities. It climbs like a mountain goat and descends even better. In short: It will blow your mind. The SB100 full-suspension bike is the closest thing that Yeti Cycles makes to a cross-country rig. Still, though it has just 100mm of suspension in the rear,... Read More »

Review of Priority Classic Plus – 2021

Review of Priority Classic Plus – 2021Priority Classic Plus is an old-school-cool yet modern bicycle that uses a grease-free belt and a rust-free frame to deliver a unique and innovative transportation experience. Priority Classic Plus is the definition of a low-maintenance, feature-rich, and hassle-free city bicycle. This is an elegant and simple commuter that guarantees a comfortable ride as it gets... Read More »

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