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Review of Rad Power Bikes RadTrike

Review of Rad Power Bikes RadTrikeRad Power Bikes RadTrike is one-of-a-kind. With a huge 415 lb weight capacity, upright frame, and 55+ mile range, there is hardly anything like it. The three-wheel design is more stable than other electric bikes, and the folding handlebars make the RadTrike perfect for easy transport. The RadTrike electric bike is all about accessibility. While... Read More »

Review of Charge City

Review of Charge CityCharge City is an electric city bike with a 50-mile range and 20 mph top speed. It has all the features you’d expect in a high-quality city e-bike, but it is also unique. Charge City includes folding handlebars and pedals for easy storage, and it is nearly 20 lbs lighter than comparable city e-bikes. The... Read More »

Review of Aventon Level

Review of Aventon LevelAventon Level commuter e-bike is designed for comfort, speed, and range. Its battery provides a 40-mile range on a single charge, and the bike’s geometry is simultaneously comfortable and fast. Perhaps the best part of the Aventon Level e-bike is its features which include cadence and speed sensors, front and rear fenders, and a rear... Read More »

Review of Salsa Stormchaser

Review of Salsa StormchaserSalsa Stormchaser offers something you don’t see every day – it’s a single-speed gravel bike. So, if you’re looking for something simple, yet reliable, this is it. Salsa is known for making unique bikes, and the Salsa Stormchaser single-speed model falls into that category. Gravel bikes have been the go-to bike to buy for all-terrain... Read More »

Review of Aventon Sinch

Review of Aventon SinchAventon Sinch is truly a one-of-a-kind. This fat tire folding e-bike is one of the most unique bikes you’ve ever seen. These are features that you hardly ever find in the same bike: 40-mile battery range, 4” fat tires, and a folding frame.  Aventon Sinch is foldable, storable, and portable. It’s perfect for commuting and all-weather... Read More »

Review of Aventon Aventure and Aventure.2 Fat-Tire E-Bikes

Review of Aventon Aventure and Aventure.2 Fat-Tire E-BikesAventon Aventure fat tire bike is the cross-country/hybrid electronic bike in Aventon’s lineup. With five pedal assist levels, throttle on demand, and a Class 3 unlock taking the bike up to 28mph, the Aventure is one of the most versatile fat tire e-bikes.  The 26 x 4” tires hint at the wide range of capabilities... Read More »

Review of Giant Revolt 2

Review of Giant Revolt 2In 2013 the Aluminum Giant Revolt was released, and it turned heads. Giant had made something that had more ability than most bikes on the market, and it flew to the top of many people’s most wanted bike list. Each year the model just keeps getting better and the current model of Giant Revolt 2... Read More »

Review of Giant Talon 2

Review of Giant Talon 2If you’re looking for a mountain bike that will give you comfort and speed and is amazing value for money. Look no further than the Giant Talon 2. Great mountain bikes don’t have to cost a fortune, and Giant has proven that with Giant Talon 2. Coming in at $750, this is the perfect mountain... Read More »

Review of All-City Space Horse

Review of All-City Space HorseAll-City Space Horse is a versatile bike that has the ability to let you ride anywhere you’d like.  The All-City Space Horse is a gravel bike that everyone is talking about. It’s practical, reliable, and sleek looking. But more importantly, Space Horse is making waves in the gravel worlds, and honestly, it’s easy to see... Read More »

Review of Engwe EP-2 Pro

Review of Engwe EP-2 ProYou could try summing up the Engwe EP-2 Pro in a few words: folding electric mountain bike. But that wouldn’t do it justice. Rarely can you combine all these features in the same bike, and the Engwe EP-2 Pro does it wonderfully. Engwe EP-2 Pro 750W is aptly named for its powerful motor and huge... Read More »

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