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Review of Pivot Switchblade

Review of Pivot SwitchbladePivot Switchbladelooks like your average full-suspension mountain bike. But worry not – this bike is everything but boring. Since early 2016 when the Switchblade was first introduced into the market by Pivot Cycles, it has gone through some significant improvements like a clean design and stretched-out geometry. If you are looking for a versatile MTB... Read More »

Rad Power Bikes RadMini Review

Rad Power Bikes RadMini ReviewRadMini 4 is everything an e-bike commuter could ask for—a compact, foldable, fat-tire electric bicycle that performs well in urban and off-road settings. Rad Power Bikes has made a name for itself with stocky fat-tire e-bikes that overdeliver on comfort and accessories. While RadMini shares some of that all-or-nothing philosophy, it comes in a downscaled... Read More »

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Review

Rad Power Bikes RadCity ReviewRad Power Bikes RadCity is a well-rounded e-bike with an affordable price tag, perfect for commuting, hauling groceries, or replacing your car. Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle-based bicycle company known for fat, hybrid, folding, and cargo electric bicycles. RadCity is one of its best-selling models available with a step-over (RadCity 4) and step-through (RadCity... Read More »

Review of Pinarello Prince

Review of Pinarello PrincePinarello Prince is a carbon race road bike that’s almost as fast as Dogma, but slightly more comfortable and a lot less expensive.  Pinarello’s Dogma F12 seems like the perfect road bike. However, it comes with a couple of downsides—it’s way too expensive and potentially too aggressive for the average road rider. The Prince is... Read More »

Review of Salsa Marrakesh

Review of Salsa MarrakeshSalsa Marrakesh is a heavy-duty steel touring bicycle capable of long-term worldwide touring, expeditions, and exploration. Everything about it screams function and durability. Marrakesh is Salsa’s dedicated touring bicycle. It is the only model in Salsa’s lineup that’s truly designed to haul heavy weights and do long miles while fully loaded. If you’re planning to... Read More »

Review of Mongoose Impasse

Review of Mongoose ImpasseThe Mongoose Impasse is a good mountain bike for handling light trails and commuting with 29-inch wheels and full dual suspension. With the Mongoose Impasse, you can reap the health benefits of mountain biking like a decrease in disease risk, a full workout, improve your balance and coordination, and sleep better. This mountain bike is... Read More »

Review of Niner MCR 9 RDO – Best Full Suspension Gravel Bike?

Review of Niner MCR 9 RDO – Best Full Suspension Gravel Bike?Niner MCR 9 RDO is a unique full-suspension gravel bike that redefines what a drop-bar bicycle is supposed to ride and look like. Does it make sense for gravel or is it crossing too many boundaries?  A few brands have played with the idea of adding suspension to their gravel bikes in recent years. However,... Read More »

Review of Juliana Furtado

Review of Juliana FurtadoJuliana Furtado is a do-it-all women’s trail bike with playful 27.5″ wheels and a revamped VPP suspension design. It loves being in the air, climbing, descending and comes with a long list of mouthwatering upgrades. Riders who prefer 27.5 wheels typically love bikes that feel fun, dynamic, and nimble. That’s exactly how we can describe... Read More »

Review of Marin Nicasio Series

Review of Marin Nicasio SeriesTraditional and modern are no longer juxtaposed thanks to Marin’s Nicasio performance gravel bikes. Modern geometry and classic steel design give new meanings to comfort and performance. The Marin Nicasio series consists of three steel endurance bikes built for those who want to keep riding even after the road runs out of pavement. Marin Nicasio... Read More »

Review of Public C7

Review of Public C7Public C7 is an affordable multi-speed city bike that combines modern features with a timeless retro Dutch bike design. It’s perfect for commuting, carrying groceries, or going on a casual cruise with friends.  Did you know that more than one-quarter of all trips made by Dutch residents are traveled by bicycle? Most of those trips... Read More »

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