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Review of Niner MCR 9 RDO – Best Full Suspension Gravel Bike?

Review of Niner MCR 9 RDO – Best Full Suspension Gravel Bike?Niner MCR 9 RDO is a unique full-suspension gravel bike that redefines what a drop-bar bicycle is supposed to ride and look like. Does it make sense for gravel or is it crossing too many boundaries?  A few brands have played with the idea of adding suspension to their gravel bikes in recent years. However,... Read More »

Review of Juliana Furtado

Review of Juliana FurtadoJuliana Furtado is a do-it-all women’s trail bike with playful 27.5″ wheels and a revamped VPP suspension design. It loves being in the air, climbing, descending and comes with a long list of mouthwatering upgrades. Riders who prefer 27.5 wheels typically love bikes that feel fun, dynamic, and nimble. That’s exactly how we can describe... Read More »

Review of Marin Nicasio Series

Review of Marin Nicasio SeriesTraditional and modern are no longer juxtaposed thanks to Marin’s Nicasio performance gravel bikes. Modern geometry and classic steel design give new meanings to comfort and performance. The Marin Nicasio series consists of three steel endurance bikes built for those who want to keep riding even after the road runs out of pavement. Marin Nicasio... Read More »

Review of Public C7

Review of Public C7Public C7 is an affordable multi-speed city bike that combines modern features with a timeless retro Dutch bike design. It’s perfect for commuting, carrying groceries, or going on a casual cruise with friends.  Did you know that more than one-quarter of all trips made by Dutch residents are traveled by bicycle? Most of those trips... Read More »

Review of Norco Storm

Review of Norco StormIf you’re a cyclist who is finding your way back to mountain bike riding, Norco Storm bikes have the quality and performance you need. Norco Storm bikes feature progressive mountain bike designs to efficiently handle smooth trails and park paths. They provide the confidence you need with efficient pedaling and an additional grip for handling descents.... Read More »

Review of Kent Bayside

Review of Kent BaysideKent International is a well-known bike manufacturer in the American bike industry. This bike manufacturer is known for producing adult bikes, kid’s bikes, and safety gear. The 26″ Bayside Men’s bike and 26″ Bayside Women’s Cruiser bikes are some of their best sellers. Cruiser bikes like the Kent Bayside models are ideal for light trail... Read More »

Review of Tacx Flow Smart Trainer

Review of Tacx Flow Smart TrainerThe Tacx Flow Smart is the cheapest smart trainer on the market, with a range of capabilities that typically come at twice the price. Using Bluetooth and ANT+ technology, the Tacx Flow is one of the most capable wheel-on trainers in the world for under $500. A small flywheel and lightweight design sacrifice the realistic... Read More »

Review of Salsa Cutthroat

Review of Salsa CutthroatSalsa Cutthroat is a heavy-duty gravel/MTB adventure bike inspired by the Tour Divide. It’s the ultimate lightweight carbon bikepacking rig for those who ride long distances and want to do it as fast as possible. Cutthroat was made to be everything Salsa bikes are and more—lightweight, modern, practical, and as capable as gravel bicycles get.... Read More »

Review of Yuba Kombi

Review of Yuba KombiYuba Kombi is an affordable compact cargo bicycle available in electric and non-electric versions. It’s ideal for carrying kids and passengers, grocery shopping, or running errands around the town. Yuba’s cargo bikes are known to be some of the best around, but they are also notorious for being quite expensive. Yuba Kombi is the company’s... Read More »

Review of Tern GSD Electric Folding Bike

Review of Tern GSD Electric Folding BikeTern GSD (Get Stuff Done) is a lineup of the best equipped electric folding cargo bikes money can buy. It takes the meaning of practicality to the next level.  Tern is dedicated to making foldable cargo bikes with or without electric assistance. GSD is a series of flagship models that have all the bells and... Read More »

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