Engwe EP-2 Pro Review: Is This Folding E-Bike Worth Your Money?

Engwe EP-2 Pro Review: Affordable but Surprisingly Well-Equipped

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Engwe EP-2 Pro Review
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You could try summing up the Engwe EP-2 Pro in a few words: folding electric mountain bike. But that wouldn’t do it justice. Rarely can you combine all these features in the same bike, and the Engwe EP-2 Pro does it wonderfully.

Engwe EP-2 Pro 750W is aptly named for its powerful motor and huge battery range. There are plenty of solid components throughout the folding electric mountain bike, plus a few unexpected features.

The Engwe EP-2 Pro‘s max speed is 28mph, which is impressive for a bike this size – and you can get it all for just over $1,000.

In this Engwe EP-2 Pro review, we are going to take a closer look at the Engwe EP-2 Pro 750W and the features that make it a standout folding electric mountain bike.

Main Specifications

The Engwe EP-2 Pro is a folding electric mountain bike, which puts it into a unique category in the industry. Few other bikes offer all these features at once – there are plenty of folding bikes, electric mountain bikes, and e-bikes to choose from. But to have them all in one bike is impressive.

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Before we get to the rest of this Engwe EP-2 Pro 750W review, let’s take a closer look at the Engwe EP-2 Pro main specs.

  • Motor: 750W 48V brushless hub motor
  • Battery: 48V 13Ah Lithium Removeable
  • Range: 50+ miles
  • Charge time: 5-7 hours
  • Top speed: 45kph / 28mph
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Bike weight: 83 lbs / 37.8 kg
  • Groupset: 7-speed shifting with 3 riding modes
  • Brakes: 7.1” Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Tires: 20 x 4.0” All-Terrain fat tires
  • Accessories: integrated rear rack, 80C LCD display, thumb throttle, front suspension, kickstand
  • Price: $1,399.99


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The Frame

Engwe EP-2 Pro comes with a 3-step alloy foldable frame that can be stored in seconds. This is a strong and durable frame that is designed for both on- and off-road riding. Don’t let its folding nature throw you off – this is a sturdy alloy frame with an impressive weight capacity of 330 lbs.

Compared to most other folding bikes, the Engwe EP-2 Pro has one of the highest weight capacities. Combined with its relaxed geometry, this makes the Engwe EP-2 Pro one of the most versatile folding e-bikes for its overall fit.

The handlebars are almost perpendicular to the ground, which gives this bike a super upright position. Depending on where you sit, it may almost feel like a low-rider motorcycle. This upright position is easier on your back and is typically preferred by more casual cyclists.

There is even a rear rack integrated into the frame, which is a great feature that most other bikes would sell separately. Even with all those features, the Engwe EP-2 Pro folds up into a small 30” x 32” frame that is perfect for easy storage and travel.



Engwe EP-2 Pro comes with mid-range components fitting for a bike in this price range. The 7-speed groupset provides a decent range of gearing, though it would be nice to have a few more options for off-roading.

Engwe EP-2 Pro’s front suspension is adjustable and great for off-road rides or bumpy commutes. The 4” fat tires provide plenty of absorption and make every ride much more comfortable. Mechanical disc brakes are the ideal pairing for the Engwe EP-2 Pro’s all-terrain features – this bike includes 7.1” front and rear Tektro brakes.


Motor and Battery

Engwe EP-2 Pro includes a 750W brushless gear hub motor that provides 80Nm of torque. For a bike this size, this is quite the large motor and you will be able to get up to speed very quickly. There are three different riding modes to choose from: throttle or pedal-assist.

The 50+ mile range is supported by the 13Ah removable battery hidden inside the folding frame.

With its 750W motor, the Engwe EP-2 Pro’s max speed is 28 mph or 45 kph. For a folding bike with fat tires, this is an impressively high speed.

It takes 5-7 hours to fully recharge the battery – this is a long time in the modern e-bike world, but it makes sense given the high power and range of this battery. As long as you plug it in overnight, you’ll never run out of battery power.

The throttle is located on the right side of the handlebars as well as an LCD display. To access the removable battery, all you need to do is unlock the bike and fold it open. You can charge the battery itself or while it’s still inside the Engwe EP-2 Pro’s frame.


Engwe EP-2 Pro Versus Other E-Bikes

versusWe’ve seen the full range of versatility in this folding electric mountain bike. But how does this bike compare to other e-bikes – is there even an equivalent? Let’s take a closer look.


Engwe EP-2 Pro vs Lectric XP

Coming in at the same price point around $1,000, the Lectric XP is a top rival to the Engwe EP-2 Pro.

Both bikes have a payload capacity of 330 lbs and an integrated rear rack. The battery is nearly the same at 45+ mile range. The same goes for the disc brakes which are mechanical with 160 rotors.

The main difference comes in the motor – the Engwe EP-2 Pro 750W is much more powerful than the Lectric XP which has a 500W and five pedal-assist levels.

Both bikes offer pedal-assist and throttle, as well as fat tires for off-road riding.

However, the Lectric XP has Chaoyang or CST 3” x 20” fat tires whereas the Engwe EP-2 Pro has 4” x 20” fat tires. The wider tires make off-roading much easier on the Engwe EP-2 Pro, and they make the rest of your ride much more comfortable.


Engwe EP-2 Pro vs Engwe Engine Pro

At $1,499, the Engwe Engine Pro is a significant step up from the Engwe EP-2 Pro.

The main difference is the battery which is a 48V 16Ah lithium removable battery in the Engwe Engine Pro. Offering a 100km range, the Engwe Engine Pro has one of the biggest ranges of any folding e-bike, let alone a folding electric mountain bike.

There is also cruise control in addition to the throttle and pedal-assist levels, and an 8-speed shifting system. The disc brakes have been upgraded to hydraulic in the Engwe Engine Pro, and there is now a color LCD display.

Instead of just front suspension, the Engwe Engine Pro has both front and rear suspension to improve comfort on each and every ride.

As in the Engwe EP-2 Pro, the Engwe Engine Pro has a folding frame, this time made out of 6061 aluminum. The 4” fat tires are the same, whereas the maximum capacity has now decreased from 330 lbs to 300 lbs in the Engwe Engine Pro.


Final Verdict

suggestedWhere the Engwe EP-2 Pro perhaps falls short is its extreme versatility. While this is often seen as a positive, it may be detrimental for this bike.

The Engwe EP-2 Pro is designed for all kinds of on- and off-road riding, as evidenced by its fat tires, sturdy frame, and electric capabilities.

But when it comes to off-roading, the frame and handlebar set-up is far from ideal. The bars are quite high and close to the rider’s chest, which may impede off-road handling.

Engwe EP-2 Pro is great for casual on- and off-road riding, and especially for those looking to push their limits.

With strong battery life and a powerful motor, you can tackle longer distances and try harder routes than ever before. That’s the beauty in this bike – the Engwe EP-2 Pro helps casual cyclists push their limits or make every ride easier. It can do both, even on the same ride, and that’s what makes this bike so special.

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