Top 14 Best BMX Brands of 2024: Expert Review & Buyer's Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Best BMX Brands in 2024

best bmx bike brands
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Are you a fan of shredding the skate park and doing adrenaline inducing tricks? Then you need a bike from one of the best BMX brands out there.

BMX bikes are built for doing jumps, tricks, and having fun. They are simple in design, but due to the abuse they go through on a regular basis, they need to be well-built.

With so many BMX brands out there, it’s hard to choose the best, especially if you’re looking for a specialty model.

That’s why we have researched the best brands in the BMX world and created a list of the top 14 names you should consider in your search for the best bmx bikes.

Whether you’re a BMX beginner or a pro racer, this overview will help you find the ideal BMX bike to match your riding style and skills!

How Did We Choose These BMX Brands?

Choosing the best BMX brands to include in this guide was a lengthy task that involved analyzing a lot of names in the industry and focusing on more than just looks and popularity.

Our goal was to provide you with a comprehensive list of best bike brands that offer top-notch models that you can’t go wrong with.

On this quest, our main priority was focusing on build quality reflected in reliable parts and strong framesets that can take serious abuse from regular riding.

We also considered the brands’ reputation online, their history, and online user reviews that gave us a better idea of what real BMXers like and dislike about different bikes.

Of couse, the value for the money is another important consideration, so our list includes premium, mid-tier, and budget brands. That way, everyone can get the most bang for their buck.

Finally, we also considered the customer support quality, as we were looking for companies that stand behind their products and are ready to help with any issues.

Check out the list that we’ve landed on below!

Top Features of BMX Bikes

top bmx bike brands

Let’s be honest, even though we love BMX bikes, we have to be realistic and admit that they are built to take a lot of abuse.

Whether you’re freestyle riding or racing, your BMX bike will take a beating on the regular through falls, jumps, tricks, and bail outs.

Here are some of the most important features that each BMX bike should have and that we focused on when selecting the best BMX brands below.

  • Frame: This is the heart and soul of your BMX bike. BMX frames are typically made from steel or aluminum, which are the strongest materials around. If you’re looking for a more lightweight build, choose aluminum.
  • Wheels: Most BMX bikes come with 20-inch wheels, which offers the perfect balance between maneuverability and responsiveness for tricks, jumps, and races. However, other wheel sizes are also available, such as 24-inch, 26-inch, and even 29 inch.
  • Tires: BMX bikes come with grippy, treaded tires that provide enough grip on different terrains. The tire needs to stay firmly on the ground when you’re riding around skateparks or hitting high jumps.
  • Gearing: These bikes come with simple single-speed drivetrains that are durable, easy to maintain, and lower the bike’s weight.
  • Brakes: While some BMX racing bikes have no brakes at all, most models come with a rear brake to give you control for doing tricks.
  • Pegs: BMX bikes designed for freestyle riding typically have metal pegs attached to the front and rear wheel axles, providing you with additional support for doing tricks.
  • Saddles: BMX bikes are not designed for riding while seated, so the saddles are basic and light, used only when cruising around.

Now that you know what features to focus on, let’s finally take a look at our list of the best BMX brands you can get.

Best BMX Brands of 2024

1. Sunday BMX Bikes

sunday bmx bikes

  • Pro-designed frames and parts
  • Durable builds that handle major abuse
  • Team of top-tier riders
  • Wide range of bikes for every style
  • Lifetime warranty on frames

Sunday bikes was founded in 2005 by professional BMX rider and legend Jim Cielencki.

The brand is dedicated to making premium BMX bikes designed for serious riders who will use them for park, street, and dirt riding.

Sunday Bikes is known for its innovative frames, pro-level components, and modern design. They push the industry standards and attract world-class riders.

Their frames come with a lifetime warranty and the brand offers a wide range of models, suitable for all riding styles and skill levels. They make some of the best bikes for doing wheelies, jumps, spins, and other tricks.

Some of Sunday Bikes’ most popular models include the Soundwave, Model C, Primer, Forecaster, Scout, and many other.


2. WeThePeople BMX Bikes

wethepeople bmx bikes

  • Street-focused bikes with cutting-edge geometry
  • Durable builds designed to withstand abuse
  • Strong team of innovative pro riders
  • Wide selection for all skill levels and budgets
  • High-quality aftermarket parts and signature models

WeThePeople is a German BMX brand known for its street-focused attitude toward riding. Their models are intended for technical riding and constant progression. If that sounds like your ballpark, then you should seriously consider one of their models.

The most popular bikes in WeThePeople’s lineup include the Thrillseeker, Justice, Reason, Trust, Battleship, and so on.

WeThePeople is one of the best BMX brands out there because it has been in business for over 20 years. It has a team of pro riders and innovative engineers that help it develop bikes that perform well in the real world.

Their frames are made from steel, hand-welded, and come with lifetime warranty. In addition to that, they also make bike parts, such as forks, handlebars, stems, hubs, and so on. But keep in mind that these can be pricey.

WeThePeople caters to riders of all abilities, from beginners to professionals. So don’t hesitate to get one of their models.

Shop WTP on


3. Flybikes BMX

flybikes bmx bikes

  • Spanish roots with a focus on style and quality
  • Durable builds that can handle serious riding
  • Visually striking designs and unique color options
  • Offers both complete bikes and aftermarket parts
  • Range of models to suit different budgets and skill levels

Flybikes is a Spanish BMX brand founded back in 1999, the golden age of BMX riding.

The company produces high-quality and innovative BMX bicycles, but also makes frames and forks, drivetrains, wheels, seats, and other BMX components.

They offer models with 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch wheels, and you can also purchase custom bikes that are fully customizable.

The prices start from around $500 and go up to around $1,500 for the signature models, which is not at all outrageous.

Flybikes combines durable frames with visually striking designs and paint jobs, which helps them stand out in the crowd.


4. Fitbikeco. BMX Bikes (S&M Bikes)

fitbikeco bmx bikes

  • Focus on complete bikes, great value
  • Premium frames and parts, American-made
  • Classic, no-frills BMX styling
  • Strong reputation for durable builds
  • Range of options for beginners to advanced riders

Fitbikeco. (or just Fit, as it’s commonly called) is one of the best BMX bikes when it comes to the value you get for your money.

Their bikes typically cost in the $400-$600 range and come with proprietary chromoly frames and durable parts that stand the test of BMXing.

In terms of aesthetics, their bikes blend old-school design with modern parts and appearance, so you get the best of both worlds.

While Fitbikeco. focuses on completes, their sister brand S&M Bikes specializes in high-end parts for those who want to make custom builds.

No matter if you’re a beginner or you’re already leaning toward an experienced shredder, one of Fit’s models should meet your needs.


5. Cult Crew BMX Bicycles

cult bmx bikes

  • Tough builds designed for abuse
  • Raw, rebellious aesthetic
  • Popular signature tires from Vans collaborations
  • Team of influential pro riders
  • Focus on complete bikes and aftermarket parts

Cult Crew is one of the most iconic and most popular BMX brands you can consider. Its builds resonate with riders who are looking for bikes with a serious, rebelious attitude.

Cult completes are priced around $400-$500, so they are pretty inexpensive. That makes them suitable for beginners, but experience riders won’t be disappointed as most models come with chromoly frames and double-wall aluminum wheels that can take a beating.

Cult Crew bikes often collaborates with Vans, so they are known for no-nonsense designs and recognizable colorways.

While Cult builds complete BMX bikes with 20-inch, 24-inch, 26-inch, and even 29-inch wheels, they also make high-quality aftermarket parts, letting you build the ride of your dreams.


6. Animal BMX Bikes

animal bmx bikes

  • Embodies NYC street BMX grit
  • Built for extreme durability and tough riding
  • No-frills design, clean lines, function-focused
  • Wide range of aftermarket frames, parts, and apparel
  • Legendary team of street riding icons

Animal Bikes is seen by many as the home of Street BMX. This NYC-based brand was established back in 2000 by Ralph Sinisi, who is an influential name on the East Coast BMXing scene.

Animal Bikes embodies a no-frills approach to BMX riding and emphasizes a gritty aesthetic and top-notch durability.

The brand now focuses on producing high-quality frames, parts, tires, and apparel that can be used by dedicated amateurs and pros to build their dream customs.

Animal Bikes also has a team of high-profile pro riders who regularly win competitions, including Courage Adams, Demarcus Paul, Dan Lacey, Mike Hoder, and so on.


7. Haro BMX Bikes

haro bmx bikes

  • Founded by BMX legend, Bob Haro
  • Strong BMX heritage and retro appeal
  • Bikes for every style: street, park, dirt, and race
  • Range from beginner-friendly to pro-level models
  • A popular choice among pro riders

Haro Bikes has been a leading brand in the freestyle BMX world for more than 40 years.

They make some of the best bikes in the industry and sponsor some of the top riders, such as Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Matthias Dandois, and so on.

Their bikes are known to be of top-quality, but they are also more expensive than the competition. Part of that is the fact they are ridden by the top riders in the sport.

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Haro makes everything from Freestyle and Race bikes (Micro Mini to Pro XL), over Big Wheel BMX bikes, to Kids’ BMX bikes for youngsters.

Their higher-quality models check all the boxes, from full chromoly frames, sealed bearings, double-wall rims, you name it.


8. Mongoose BMX Bikes

mongoose bmx bikes

  • Strong BMX racing heritage
  • Two lines of product: low and high quality
  • Range of options from casual to performance riding
  • Recognizable bikes with bold designs
  • Offers BMX bikes alongside mountain bikes and more

Mongoose is another iconic BMX brand with a long tradition. Mongoose helped redefine BMX riding in the 80’s and 90’s, but it has lost some of its charm over the years, unfortunately.

At the moment, Mongoose makes two separate lines of BMX bikes—lower-end and higher-end. Lower-end models are available in box stores such as Walmart and are not something we would recommend. However, Mongoose still makes high-quality BMX bikes that are available online on Amazon.

Their higher-quality models cost around $400-$500, which is pretty much average. Therefore, they are suitable for complete beginners and more experience enthusiasts. If you’re someone looking to turn pro, we would advise looking into some alternative brands such as Sunday or WeThePeople.

Mongoose makes Freestyle and Race completes, as well as frames and aftermarket parts to build your own rides.

Shop Mongoose on Amazon


9. GT BMX Bicycles

gt bmx bikes

  • Iconic BMX brand with a strong racing history
  • Classic triple-triangle frame design
  • Focus on both freestyle and race BMX bikes
  • Good balance of performance and value
  • Low-end and high-end models available

GT Bicycles is another iconic name in the world of BMX riding thanks to their rich racing history.

Nowadays, they make Freestyle, Racing, and Big Wheel BMX bikes in different price categories, suitable for complete beginners, commuters, and riders with higher expectations.

While GT does not offer as high-quality bikes as say Sunday, Kink, or Fit, they are known for offering an excellent balance between affordability and performance. Therefore, you’ll get a good bang for your buck.

Some of their most popular models include the Pro Performer, Pro Series, Slammer, and so on. They even make some electric models, so there’s something for everyone out there.

Shop GT on


10. Fiend BMX Bikes

fiend bmx bikes

  • Founded by pro rider Garrett Reynolds
  • High-quality, innovative bikes for street/park
  • High-end components and cutting-edge designs
  • Strong commitment to BMX culture and events
  • Signature models from top riders

Fiend BMX was founded by pro-rider Garret Reynolds, so you know they mean business when it comes to building high-quality BMX bikes.

Fiend is one of the best BMX brand that focuses on street and park riding, which reflects Garrett Reynolds’ approach to the sport.

Fiend’s models cost in the $450-$750 price range, offering high-end components, attractive designs, and durable chromoly frames.

Compared to other companies in the niche, Fiend is seen as a quality-focused brand suitable for serious riders who plan to put their bikes through the paces.

Most importantly, Fiend does a lot to support BMX culture by making rad films, promoting events, and sponsoring some of the best athletes.


11. Kink BMX Bikes

kink bmx bikes

  • Focus on value and durability
  • Great for beginners as well as experienced riders
  • No-nonsense designs and classic looks
  • Complete bikes and a range of aftermarket parts
  • Supports a diverse team of riders 

Kink is another leading BMX brand known for manufacturing bikes in different price categories, suitable for a variety of riders.

They have more affordable models with hi-ten frames and parts and single-wall rims, but they also offer more expensive models with chromoly 4130 frames and more durable parts.

If you’re a beginner, consider models such as Curb, Launch, or Gap, but if you’re more experienced, you’re going to love the Whip, Switch, Cloud, and Williams.

Kink BMX bikes feature a rather no-frills aesthetic with simple and clean paint jobs and classic colorways. In addition to offering complete bikes, they also have a range of aftermarket parts and accessories for custom builds.

Kink also has a long list of talented riders on their team, such as Nathan Williams, Jacob Cable, Anthony Perrin, and so on.


12. Subrosa BMX Bikes

subrosa bmx bikes

  • Rider-owned brand focused on street BMX
  • Strong team of influential pro riders
  • High-quality bikes with unique features and colors
  • Offers complete bikes and a wide range of parts
  • Supports BMX culture and events

Subrosa is a rider-owned BMX brand that was founded in 2006 by Ryan Sher and Ron Bonner. They are focused on street riding and build bikes with high-quality components and attractive colorways.

Subrosa’s lineup includes models that cost from $300 all the way to $1,000, so there’s a mix of quality categories that suit all types of riders. You can choose from models with different wheel sizes, suitable for freestyling and racing, as well as big wheel BMXs that can be used for commuting.

Subrosa is also known for a strong team of in-house riders that influence the design of every bike the brand produces.

In addition to rad bikes, Subrosa also makes high-quality parts and accessories, so you can get everything in one place.


13. BSD BMX Bikes

bsd bmx bikes

  • Rider-owned brand with UK roots
  • Strong emphasis on durability and innovation
  • Designs that push boundaries, premium feel
  • Large selection of aftermarket parts and apparel
  • Supports a team of world-class BMX riders

BSD is a popular UK-based company that differs from other names on our list of the best BMX brands in that they don’t offer complete bikes.

Instead, BSD offers a wide range of frames made from 4130 chromoly, as well other BMX bike parts, such as hubs, wheels, forks, bars, stems, pegs, and so on.

BSD also sponsors a large team of world-class BMX riders, including names like Alex Donnachie, Kriss Kyle, Denim Cox, Sam Jones, and others. Looking at these names, you can conclude that BSD knows what they’re doing.

If you’re an experienced rider and you’re looking to build a BMX bike from scratch, BSD is one of the best BMX brands to consider.


14. Redline BMX Bikes

redline bmx bikes

  • Strong legacy in BMX racing
  • Lightweight and performance-focused bikes
  • Options for racing and freestyle riding
  • Range from beginner to pro-level models
  • Embodies the competitive spirit of BMX

Redline is one of the oldest brands in the BMX world, established back in the 1970s. The company has a strong legacy in BMX racing, offering high-quality BMX race bike for kids, adults, and all types of riders.

However, Redline makes other types of BMX bicycles as well, such as Freestyle and Big Wheel. Therefore, you can consider them even if you are not a race-oriented rider.

Most Redline’s race and freestyle models cost in the $400-$600 range, while the Big Wheel models are slightly more expensive, costing around $800-$900.

Some of their most popular race bikes include the Proline and MX, while the freestyle models include the Asset and Random.


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