Serial 1 Review – High-End Electric MTBs And Commuter Bikes

Review of Serial 1 Bikes: Premium E-Bikes with Modern Features

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serial 1 electric mountain bike
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Created by the founders of Harley-Davidson, Serial 1 offers a robust lineup of four different e-bikes designed for off-road and city riding. Each Serial 1 electric bike comes with premium features including integrated LED lights and a 30+ mile range.

Serial 1 offers four different electric bikes that cover off-road terrain, city riding, and easy cruising. There are single-speed options to choose from, as well as fully-stocked e-bikes with premium features and accessories.

Coming from the world of motorcycles, the founders of Harley-Davidson have included the very best electronics and power in each Serial 1 e-bike.

There are four models to choose from in the Serial 1 electric bike series, with a wide variety of bikes from single-speed e-mountain bikes to powerful city cruisers.

With both single-speed and multi-speed options to choose from, there is something for everyone in this Serial 1 e-bike review. Let’s jump right into it.


Overview of Serial 1

Serial 1 LogoNamed after their first-ever motorcycle – “Serial Number One” – the founders of Harley-Davidson launched a lineup of innovative electric bicycles in 2018.

The project began inside the Harley-Davidson Product Development Center and was pushed forward by just a small group of motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts.

Their goal was to design and develop the best and most capable e-bikes available.

While the idea was born in 2018, the independent Series 1 brand was made official in 2020.

The ultimate vision of Serial 1 is to combine Harley-Davidson’s leadership in the motorcycle realm with the autonomy of a dedicated e-bike brand.


Serial 1 Lineup

The Serial 1 series consists of four different electric bicycles. These are designed as medium-to-high-end electric bicycles for either mountain biking or city riding.

Of the four available Serial 1 electric bikes, there are two main categories:

  • MTN series: off-road e-bikes frames from $3,999.99 to $4,499.99
  • CTY series: mid-range carbon XC bikes from $3,799 to $4,999


Throughout this Serial 1 electric bike review, you’ll notice that the motor and battery specs are identical between each bike. All Serial 1 e-bikes come with a 529Wh battery with 90Nm torque, though the range will vary slightly from bike to bike.

Each Serial 1 e-bike comes with a Brose S Mag motor that can provide electric assistance up to 20mph. Another commonality is that every Serial 1 electric bike comes with a full series of LED lights. This includes an integrated headlight, tail lights, brake lights, and a signature Serial 1 light.

Here is the full list of options in the Serial 1 series:





Serial 1 SWITCH/MTN is a top-end electric mountain bike at $4,499.99. It includes front fork suspension in the SR Suntour suspension fork.

SWITCH/MTN is designed for serious off-road adventurers and all sorts of mountain biking trails.

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This bike also has a TranzX Dropper post and a 12-speed drivetrain, unlike any other Serial 1 electric bike. Specifically, the SWITCH/MTN is set up with SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain and 11-50 cassette. This makes the SWITCH/MTN much more capable on hilly and technical terrain compared to other electric mountain bikes.

Powering the SWITCH/MTN are the same Brose S Mag motor as other Serial 1 e-bikes, which provides assistance up to 20mph. The 529Wh battery is identical to other Serial 1 e-bikes, offering 90Nm torque and a range of 30-95 miles.

As you’d expect on a fully-fledged mountain bike, the SWITCH/MTN comes with off-road-specific geometry and wide Michelin E-Wild 2.6” tires. There are powerful disc brakes, of course, in the TRP hydraulic four-piston brakes with 203mm rotors.

As far as accessories go, the SWITCH/MTN is outfitted with the same standards as the other Serial 1 electric bikes. This includes an LED headlight, tail lights, brake lights, and a signature light. There is also mobile app connectivity to the Serial 1 app, as well as an integrated USB-C charger.

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BASH/MTN is the more affordable Serial 1 e-mountain bike that is designed more like a typical electric bike than a mountain bike. This includes the single-speed freewheel drivetrain powered by a Gates Carbon Drive belt.

Overall, the BASH/MTN is a rigid eMTB designed for pure off-road riding experiences.

The BASH/MTN doesn’t include front suspension like the SWITCH/MTN, but it does have an SR Suntour NCX Suspension seatpost which offers 50mm travel.

Its battery and motor are identical to the other Serial 1 e-bikes, with a 529Wh removable battery and Brose S Mag motor. The electronics can provide assistance up to 20mph, while the battery provides a range of 30-95 miles and a recharge time of about 4.5 hours.

The tires and brakes are identical to the SWITCH/MTN in the Michelin E-Wild 2.6” tires and 203mm rotor TRP hydraulic disc brakes.

BASH/MTN comes with all the same LED lights included with other Serial 1 e-bikes, but it does weigh significantly less than the SWITCH/MTN. Specifically, the BASH/MTN weighs about five pounds lighter.

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RUSH/CTY is the premium electric city bike from Serial 1, available for $4,999.99. Designed to make your commute easier and faster than ever, the RUSH/CTY has the same Brose S Mag brushless motor with 90Nm torque. There is, again, a Gates Carbon Drive belt that is quiet and maintenance-free.

This bike comes with a Brose Allround LCD color display, and a maximum assisted speed of 20mph. RUSH/CTY has a slightly lower range than the MOSH/CTY, with the former offering a range of 30-90 miles. This all comes from the same 529 Wh battery used in other Serial 1 electric bikes.

One of the best features of the RUSH/CTY is Enviolo AUTOMATiQ intelligent auto-shifting transmission with a CVT hub. This makes the pedaling and electric assistance smoother than any other e-bike, and you’ll hardly notice the changes.

RUSH/CTY has narrower tires than the MOST/CTY in its Schwalbe Super Moto-X 2.4” tires. The brakes are specced the same as the Serial 1 e-mountain bikes, so you’ll get TRP hydraulic four-piston brakes with 203mm x 2.3mm rotors.

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Built to be a potential car replacer, RUSH/CTY comes with integrated front and rear racks that each have a 22lb capacity. RUSH/CTY is the heaviest Serial 1 e-bike, weighing in at 59.5lbs.

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Serial 1 MOSH/CTY

The more affordable city bike from Serial 1 is the MOSH/CTY single-speed electric cruiser, available for $3,799.99.

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Its removable 529Wh battery powers the Gates Carbon Drive belt that is identical to the belt on the BASH/MTN. The range is very impressive for an electric city bike, with the MOST/CTY providing 35-105 miles of range on a single battery charge.

The motor is identical as well in the Brose S Mag with 90 Nm torque. The drivetrain is a single-speed freewheel just the BASH/MTN, and the motor can provide assistance up to 20mph.

One of the biggest differences between the MOSH/CTY and the Serial 1 e-mountain bikes is the lack of suspension. MOST/CTY comes with a standard fork and standard seat post.

The tires are Schwalbe Super Moto-X 2.8” tires. While these are wider than Serial 1 electric mountain bikes, the Moto-X tires have a significantly smoother tread, making them ideal for city riding. MOSH/CTY also comes with TRP hydraulic disc brakes, but these are two-piston disc brakes with 203mm x 1.8mm rotors.

In total, MOSH/CTY weighs about the same as the BASH/MTN at 48.3 lbs in a size large.

Just like the other Serial 1 electric bikes, MOSH/CTY comes with multiple LED lights: headlight, tail lights, brake lights, and even the Serial 1 signature light.

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Sizing of Serial 1 Bikes

Serial 1 electric bikes are available in four different sizes from Small to Extra Large.

Here is a quick sizing chart to help you figure out what Serial 1 e-bike fits your frame:

  • S: 4’11” – 5’7”
  • M: 5’3” – 5’10”
  • L: 5’7” – 6’1”
  • XL: 5’9” – 6’5”



Serial 1 is an independent company as of 2020. Serial 1 was created by the founders of Harley-Davidson in 2018 but became independent two years later.

Serial 1 bikes are designed and manufactured at the Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

No, all Serial 1 bikes have pedal assistance but no throttle. The Brose motor uses a torque sensor to adjust the assistance through the pedals.

Series 1 bikes start at $3,799 and can cost as much as $4,999. The price varies between models and series (MTN or CTY).


Final Verdict

suggestedIn this Serial 1 bikes review, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the electric bike company first created by the founders of Harley-Davidson.

Serial 1 has only been around for a few years, and they have only been independent of Harley-Davidson since 2020.

The company is leading the way in the creation of modern e-bikes for both off-road and city riding.

With four models to choose from, there is a Serial 1 e-bike fitting for everyone.

Whether you are an experienced mountain biker looking to take your adventurers to the next level, or a busy parent looking to shorten their commute or get rid of their expensive car, there is a Serial 1 e-bike for you.

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