Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2024: 25+ Ideas to Make Anyone Happy

Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2024: 25+ Ideas That Will Make Anyone Happy

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Best gifts for cyclists
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We’ve broken down the impressive selection of cheap gifts for cyclists into handy categories – a quick and easy way to zero in on perfect gifts for your favorite cyclists (or for yourself!)


Why Order NOW?

We all know the holiday shuffle – scrambling to find the right gift in stock, hustling to get it to your recipient and hoping for the best. This craziness can be minimized by simply shopping from the comfort of your chair. Early bird gets the worm! Don’t be shut out of great deals due to limited stock, and don’t sweat the delivery timing.

suggestedBelow are our much-anticipated gift ideas for cyclists. Have fun browsing the categories and saving lots of dough!

Cycling Gift Ideas Under $10$25 | $50$100 |$100+BIKESKids BikesBY SHOPS


Best Gifts For Cyclists – Under $10

Fantastic gifts for cyclists need not be expensive. Well-chosen, cheap gifts can really hit the spot. And, with our list of value-oriented picks, you can consider buying more than one gift without breaking the bank.

Check out the list of great possibilities below – something cool for every rider on your list and economical enough for every budget.


Park Tool Keychain Bottle Opener

Park Took Keychain Bottle Opener
Beer tastes a lot better after you deserve it on a long ride!

Check this amazing accessory out! If you like a cold beer or a coke from a good-old glass bottle, you’ll love this Park Tool keychain bottle opener. It makes for one of the best gifts for bikers or beer enthusiasts!

Buy From JensonUSA


Baisky Cycling Socks

Baisky Cycling Socks
A huge selection of socks for cyclists available in different colors!


Good cycling socks are a riding essential and make a wonderful gift for cyclists. You can’t go wrong with such a practical gift – sooner or later, socks wear out, and having a fresh pair at the ready means you are fully kitted up! Also good cycling gifts for her!

See More: Best Cycling Socks

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Y-HEX Wrench

Fondation Y Hex Wrench Tool
A must-have for any DIY bike mechanic!

No proper bike shop or mechanic will be caught without a 3-way hex wrench like this one. The Y-Hex wrench takes on everything, from major repair duty to routinely snugging down bolts.It is one of the most practical gift for cyclists.

Get From JensonUSA


Burton Accessory Case

Burton - Accessory Case - True Black Triple Ripstop
Never again lose any of your tiny gear and accessories!


The frame bag/pannier black hole is real! It eats your small gear and accessories and you never see them again. Prevent that from happening by keeping all of it in an accessory case like this one. Put this item on a list of gifts for bikers who love bikepacking and camping!

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Jogalite Cut’n Peel Reflective Stick-On Tape

Jogalite Cut'n Peel Reflective Stick-On Tape
A stick-on tape to improve visibility on nighttime rides and commutes.

Don’t let the cyclist on your list ride unseen – give a gift of visibility and safety! This 27 x 1 inch easily sticks on various surfaces and improves the rider’s visibility at night or in low-vis conditions.

See More: Best Bicycle Lights

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Gifts For Cyclists – Under $25

Cool Looking Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jerseys for christmas
Lots of different styles to choose from!

A selection of cool-looking cycling jerseys, both for mountain and road cycling! Silicon strips on the lower hem prevent slippage. Full-length zippers by YKK – probably the best on the market – are hidden so the jersey graphics are not split by a white zipper. Use the handy size menu and choose the right fit before ordering – it’s easy to look good out there with these gifts for road cyclists!

To see more cycling jerseys (and to learn the basics) see our list of the best cycling jerseys.

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Lezyne Rap 18 II Multi-Tool

Lezyne - Rap 18 II Multi-Tool
All the necessary tools to keep your bike in check out in the middle of nowhere.

A handy multi-tool is one of the best gifts for bikers, and Lezyne Rap 18 II is a solid and reliable pick. This venerable tool will help you complete everyday bike maintenance, repairs and upgrades in your shop, and fixes on the road and trail. A super handy tool for quick fixes around the house, too!

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Pearl Izumi Transfer Lite Cycling Cap

Pearl Izumi Transfer Lite cycling cap
Protects the head from the wind and bug bites, and prevent funny tan lines!

A well-designed, quality cycling cap has always been integral to the cyclist’s kit. It’s the necessary tool to keep sweat and sun out of cyclist’s eyes. There’s only one size, so you can’t go wrong with the fit. Many die-hard riders I know own more than one of these useful caps, which makes them great gifts for bike riders of all kinds!

Get From Jenson USA


Park Tool Bike Cleaning Brush Set

Park Tool - BCB-4.2 Bike Cleaning Brush Set - Blue
All the brushes you need to keep the bike sparkling clean!


Three proven brushes in one kit: cleaning brush, detailing brush, sponge/bristle brush, and soaping brush. Beard or no beard, no cyclist wants an unkempt bike – help all your cycling mates achieve an optimally-groomed bike at an unheard-of price!

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Best Gifts Under $50 for Cyclists

Knog Plug Front and Rear Bike Light Twinpack

Product Image of color Black
Front and rear bike lights to see where you’re going and help others see you!


The combination of Knog Plug front and rear bike lights is enough to help you see and be seen in all conditions. Winter is around the corner which means there is less and less daytime every day. Even if you’re not riding at night, it’s a good idea to have your bike lights on during the rainy, snowy, and foggy days. You can easily do it with this USB rechargeable model.

Buy From REI


Discounted Nutcase Bikes Helmets (Selection)

Nutcase bike helmets
A bike helmet is a must on all bike rides!

Read our full review

Minimalism is the new big thing among millennials!

One of the main reasons why people avoid wearing bike helmets is because they find them ugly. Your health and your life matter, so it’s a good thing that not all of them are. Nutcase bike helmets are beautifully simple, light, and durable, which makes them perfect for city riding and commuting. No list of best gifts under $50 is complete without a helmet!

See More: Best Helmets

Buy From Nutcase


Gregory Nano 16 Backpack

Gregory - Nano 16 Backpack
A 16-liter backpack to carry all of your gear and necessities.

This is the gift for the cyclist who has not yet recognized the advantages of a hydration pack. Say adios to dropped or lost bike bottles, and hola to a useful space for your tools, keys, and wallet. Plus greater water capacity and hands-free drinking – all for an unheard-of price! This gift for cyclists is very useful for both mountain and road bikers!

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Gifts for Bike Riders Under $100

Kryptonite Evolution Mini

Kryptonite Evolution Mini bike lock
Even Superman would struggle to break the Kryptonite bike lock.

Do you know a cycling enthusiast who seems as if they have everything they need? If you think there are no gifts for cyclists like that, you are wrong.

Help them protect their dear possessions by buying them an industrial-grade bike lock! This Kryptonite model can withhold a 3-ton force, which is a lot more than any bike thief can produce with conventional tools.

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Blackburn Dayblazer 1000 + Dayblazer 65 Light Combo

Blackburn - Dayblazer 1000 + Dayblazer 65 Light Combo - Black
Turn night into day!

See and be seen! 1000 lumens in the front and 65 in the rear are powerful enough to ensure visibility. Blackburn’s innovation and quality are well known throughout the cycling world, so light up your favorite rider this holiday, and help them be seen by motorists.

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GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set 24

GSI Outdoors Kitchen Set
A 24-piece kitchen set gift for a lover of cycling, camping, and cooking!


Whether on a cycling, hiking, or car-camping adventure, this handy kitchen set will give you the right tools for a great culinary diversion. Contains 24 pieces, neatly fitted in its small carrying case. Surprise the cyclists on your list with this unexpected but super-useful kit.

Longer Read: How to Prepare for a Bike Trip

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Tires, tires, TIRES!

Bike tires for Christmas

Bike tires as gifts for bike riders – why not? Every rider needs consumables, and bike tires are one of the most consumed. Mountain or road, you’ll get a set of tires for under $100. One of the most useful gift ideas for cyclists! There are many options and reviews so take your time and make the best choice for the needs of the riders you have in mind.

Get From JensonUSA


Bike Gifts Ideas Over $100+

Oakley Jawbreakers

Oakley Cycling Glasses for X-mas

Oakley Jawbreakers have been iconic eyewear throughout cycling history. Choose from wide selection of frame colors and lenses, and surprise someone you love with timeless and functional cycling wear. Stellar gifts for road cyclists!

Related: Best Cycling Sunglasses

Choose From Wiggle


Mechanic Tool Kit: Feedback Sports Team Edition

Bicycle Mechanic Tools set for Christmas

For the true bike wrencher on your list! A complete set, including just about everything one might need to maintain and repair any bike. Skip many of those trips to the bike shop – doing the work at home is a snap with a great kit like this!

Get From REI


Storm Jacket: Showers Pass Cloudburst Jacket

Showers Pass Cloudburst Jacket
A must for dedicated cyclists who are not afraid of a little rain.

A solid storm jacket is de rigeuer for getting you outside when the weather looks dicey. Showers Pass products are well known within cycling for functionality and durability, and their jacket line is at the heart of its weather defense.

Solid products like those from Showers Pass work well and last long – which equals a great value!

Don’t know how to choose? See our guide to cycling clothing.

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BIKE Gifts

Selection of Electric Bikes on Jenson USA

E-bikes on Jenson USA
Choose from a large selection of different types of e-bikes.

Is life in a hilly area preventing you from riding a bike or commuting to work on a bicycle? Even having knee pain does not mean you have to give up cycling altogether.

Take a look at the selection of various electric bikes on Jenson USA. They make some of the best models on the market, so you’ll surely find something that fits your needs.

Many of them are often on sale, so you’ll definitely find one that fits your pocket as well! Consider buying one as a gift for cyclists you know and make their life easier.

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See the Selection


Selection of Full-Suspension & Hardtail MTBs

Selection of mountain bikes on
A huge selection of high-quality mountain bikes for yourself or for a gift.

Big news! Evo has a huge selection of mountain bikes in its shop, many of which are discounted. If you’re thinking about Christmas gifts for cyclists you love, what better choice than a new bike? More than 140 different models are available on the link below, so go and check out these excellent gifts for mountain bikers. You can find a selection of both hardtail and full-sus mountain bikes.

Get From


Selection Of Gravel & Cyclocross Bikes

Gravel and cyclocross bikes on backcountry
Gravel and cyclocross bikes are the new big thing in the cycling world. They make the perfect gift!


One of the best gifts for cyclists is a bike. Here are some you can get, grab them till you get them! Backcountry has a pretty slick range of gravel and cyclocross bikes. They are the perfect all-around machines that ride well on paved and unpaved roads.

Choose on Backcountry


Kids Bikes

Strider 12″ Balance Bike

Strider balance bike
A balance bike is the best way to teach your kid how to ride a bicycle fast.

If I had a balance bike when I was a kid, my life would have been so much easier. I used to fall so many times before I mastered the art of balancing on two wheels, but that can’t happen on a balance bike. Consider getting this cycling gift for your youngest ones and they’ll be thankful to you for years to come.

Take a look at our guides on how to choose a kid’s bike and how to choose the right size. For older kids, take a look at our list of the best kids’ bikes (from balance bikes to bikes for teens).

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Co-op Cycles REV 24 Plus Kids’ Bike

Co-op Cycles REV DRT kids' bike
An affordable mountain bike for kids and teens to explore trails and dirt roads.

If you aim to teach your young one to ride a mountain bike, then this high-value pick will be an excellent gift. The Co-op Cycles REV 24 Plus is made around a lightweight, durable hydroformed aluminum frame. Its wide 7-gear range comes paired with powerful mechanical disc brakes and massive 24″ x 2.6″ tires. Therefore, there’s no doubt that this is a proper mountain bike that can rip light trails and dirt roads. It’s the perfect first trail bike for any kid out there.

Buy on REI


Diamondback El Oso Nino 20in Bike

Diamondback - El Oso Nino 20in Bike - Kids' - Green
A 20″ kids’ fat bike to ride on snow, through mud, and over deep puddles!

A great first bike for both boys and girls, this little ripper sports 20-inch tires and includes proper disc brakes. The Diamondback El Oso 20 has a 22.68in standover height and it should be suitable for ages 4 to 9 years.

This well-equipped fat bike is great for little daredevils. With it, your junior rider will learn quickly about big-bike riding with shifters, wide tires, and front/rear brakes. Give your future champ the early advantage with a bike that will make the transition to more advanced mountain bikes – and more biking fun – an easy one.

Buy on Backcountry


Gifts For Mountain Bikers

Christmas gifts for mountain bikers

Jenson USA has a special selection of Christmas gifts for cyclists. This Christmas, they have decided to make all of their loyal MTB customers happy with a large number of discounted bike gifts. Check out their selection of mountain bikes, helmets, pedals, saddles, apparel, accessories, and a lot more gifts for mountain bikers.

Best Deals For Mountain Bikers


Gifts for Road Cyclists

Christmas Gifts For Road Cyclists

Jenson USA already has a Christmas spirit, which should make all road cyclists very happy. If you are looking for a way to treat yourself this Christmas or buy a gift for your roadie friend or family member, you should check out this deal. They offer a large number of discounted products including road bikes, bike parts, bike accessories, fashionable clothing, and so much more.

Best Gifts For Road Cyclists


Where To Find Cheap Gifts For Cyclists?



That’s it, all said and done, home of the best gifts for cyclists. Find the Outdoors section and shop there.

Visit Amazon


REI Gifts for Bicycle Riders

REI logo

REI is known for its delivery terms, price, and selection of bike gifts. Have a look at their section of Christmas gifts for cyclists.

Shop on REI


Cycling Gifts on Evo

Evo logo

Evo offers a huge selection of cycling-related deals for the upcoming holidays. They have numerous categories that you can choose from, including bikes, gear, accessories, apparel, tools, and more.

Visit Evo's Gifts Page




Backcountry Gifts for Bicycle Riders

backcountry logo

Backcountry has a huge selection of outdoor products and bicycle gifts. This is definitely where some of the best gifts for cyclists are.

Visit Backcountry



Image result for jensonusa logo

JensonUSA has Winter Bike Sale and more. They offer a nice selection of cycling-related products and bikes as well.

Orders over $60 ship free and Jenson USA also offers price matching.





Tommaso logo

Tommaso (previously Giantnerd) offers a selection of road bikes and gifts for road cyclists. BTW: Tommaso bikes are pretty popular in our reviews, which makes them some of the best gifts for cyclists.

Visit Tommasocycling


Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes logo

Juiced offers e-bikes for everyone and make excellent gifts for bike lovers. You can save $200 on select bikes and another $50 on every referral.

Visit Juiced Bikes


What to Keep In Mind When Shopping For Gifts for Bike Lovers?

What to keep in mind when shopping for Cyber MondayPeople are generally much more likely to make a purchase around the time of big sales, be it Black Friday or Christmas. That feeling is well-known to all of us – we don’t want to miss a chance to buy a product when it’s on sale. However, take a deep breath and think twice.

There are some things that you should know before you do your gift shopping for cyclists this year.


Shop for Bicycle Gifts Only From Trusted Merchants

Make sure always to analyze your merchant’s background. You should keep your head clear. Merchants are aware that it is much easier to get customers to buy around this festive period. Therefore, be wary of the so-called “Fakerchants” (i.e. Fake Merchants), who are scammers looking for ways to steal your money.

If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. First of all, what you should do is check the merchant’s history. Find out when and where they were established, which sites promote their deals, and so on.

Remember: All that glitters is not gold!

If, after doing this, some deals still give you a bad vibe, feel free to ask us about it!


Why Did We Include These Merchants?

There are thousands of bike merchants out there offering great gifts for bike lovers; however, we’ve made sure to pick only the cream of the crop. These are online stores that we know and trust. If you know any other excellent bike merchants that you think should be on this list, please let us know, and we’ll consider it.

If you click on these links, we may earn a small commission; however, this will not change the price for you in any way. It simply helps us to cover our expenses and keep the website up and running.


What Discount % Should I Look For?

A decent product without a discount % can also be a good deal!

We want to say that it does not really matter. If you’re planning to buy a bike that initially cost $1000, saving even 5% on the purchase is a decent amount of money. With these $50, you can buy a new speedometer or a new jersey that was $100 and are now 50% discounted. Because of that, you should look at the deals as a whole, rather than just looking at the discounts.

Moreover, if you see a deal that offers a more than 50% discount, you should be careful since it might be a scam. However, sometimes it’s normal to put a significant discount on a product when it hasn’t been selling well for a long time. But better to be safe than sorry.


How Can Merchants Offer Enormous Price Discounts on Shopping Holidays?

I am not a merchant; but, some of my partners are, so I can give you some first-hand information. For example, if a pair of cycling glasses have a regular price of $100 and they sell for $60 around Christmas, where’s the profit for the merchant? I can’t give you the exact numbers, but you’ll get how it works after the next paragraph.

Bike price on Cyber Monday

Merchants usually add around 40-50% of value to their wholesale prices. This percentage covers all of their expenses (warehouse, marketing, personal expenses, salaries, etc.). Around holidays, there are more purchases without any additional costs, which enables shops to offer discounted prices. They will earn a lot more from the extra revenue during the festive period, so they can lower the prices.

Around Christmas, cycling and bike-related merchants can significantly lower their prices since they know they will sell a lot more products on these days. Therefore, this is a good period to buy Christmas gifts for cyclists or shop for yourself.


What If I See Scam Offers?

If you see anything that looks like a scam offer, make sure to stay away from it. If it’s possible, you should try to report them to protect other people from being scammed. We’ve already reported a lot of fake deals that we’ve found on Facebook. Some of them were advertising 92% discounts on well-known brands, which is highly unlikely to be true!

If you see a scammer advertising a well-known brand, write to that brand. They cannot do much, but at least they can issue a statement and warn their customers against making purchases.


Never Share Your Credit Card Details With Untrusted Merchants. NEVER!

Websites like Bicycle Guider will never ask for your credit card details. Make sure never to share your personal details and credit card numbers unless you are 100% sure you’re dealing with a genuine merchant. When people are looking for good offers, they are more likely to make rash decisions and share their personal info because they don’t want to risk losing a good deal. However, take a step back and clear your head before clicking the ‘Purchase’ button.

Check again later today – we’ll be busy updating this page whenever we find more deals worthy of your attention. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook.

Hope you find yourself or your family a decent gift.

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Dear readers, please let us know in the comment section below about the best cycling-related presents you’ve received. We’d love to hear about them!

2 thoughts on “Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2024: 25+ Ideas That Will Make Anyone Happy

  1. Frankly, looking for gifts for my loved ones is such a tough and long process for me because I always want to find something truly original. I am so glad that I came across your article and knew about such fascinating ideas which stand out with their unique features. Christmas is coming and it is necessary to choose gifts in advance. I am certain that there are goods for any taste and the goods which can meet the needs of any person. My favorite one is the HandleStash cup holder because all my family adores to be engaged in sport activities, especially in bicycling. Without any doubts, this accessory will make this process more comfortable and effective. Also, it will improve the visual component of the bike with its wonderful characteristics. Thank you loads!

    1. Hi Marina,
      As a cyclist, any cycling gift is good enough 😉 Cheers and yes, the season is almost here. Time for me to think about gifts as well!

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