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So, you’ve made your way here. Here are my bike reviews together in one place.

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How We Work

Since I breathe bikes and eat tires for lunch, I know pretty much about bikes. If we’re making reviews, we don’t rely just on the bare facts offered by manufacturer. If the say in their own bike reviews that these bikes are good, we want to find out the same. We take in mind those three aspects:

  • Suggested bike by Bicycle GuiderManufacturer information – We read from all the resources, what the manufacturer has to say about this particular bike. We find out press releases, see what’s behind the hardly-spelled abbreviations and even contact the factory. The reason why I told factory is that often our questions are too hard for headquarters, so they need to find more information.
  • Online tests and reviews – We don’t rely only on bike reviews written, but we contact the writers and ask for more information. Since they’ve done, and hasn’t cover some aspects, we need to know, we should ask for it. Right?
  • Overall comparision on other bikes – We look for other bikes in this range and compare them. Bike can have great components but when other in the same range have better components, it can’t be beater. For example, on bike reviews like under $2,000, we need to compare lots of different bikes on this range.
  • Our own tests – Some bikes we test. Ofcourse we can’t test every single bike in our site, because it would be expensive! However we can use out knowledge to write great reviews.

To wrap it up, we take in mind tens of components to form a great bike review. It is something you can do fine after years of experience.

Why Our Bike Reviews Have Mainly Positive Stars?

The reason is actually simple. There are thousand of bike manufacturers online and we can’t just start from A to Z. We have to find bikes which add value to our readers. If bikes are sent to us for testing, before publishing we give honest feedback to manufacturer. It’s up to you, will they want this review or they won’t but we don’t make changes on texts. It’s just unthinkable.

All the bikes in our tests are winners! We’ve picked them up, analyzed and formed them into individual and best-of reviews. They we’re chosen wisely for a purpose that you can buy them with peace in mind.

Do You Have a Bike For Review?

Contact us and let’s see what we can do.


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