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Bike Trainer Vs Roller – The Best Models For Bike Training

Jeff Balton

Which one to choose – Bike trainer or bike roller? Let’s analyze the pros and cons of both.

Updated: June 2017

Riding a bike is fun! If you have ridden on a bike you can attest to this, but it has many great benefits which extend beyond giving you more fun.
But what to do when it’s not suitable weather for riding? I know.

Quite obvious, there are numerous reasons why you should ride a bike, it is clear that riding a bike is a form of exercise, and what you stand to gain can never be underestimated. Riding is mainly an aerobic activity; this means that your heart, lungs and blood vessels all get involved in the workout.

It is ideal for building your cardiovascular fitness and can be done by people of all ages, ranging from childhood through adults and even later years when the achy joints do not allow for more stressful exercise. Considering the environment and its inhabitants, you will notice the riding a bike does not cause any harm to the environment as there is no polluting exhaust released, no oil more gas consumed.

Let’s see, what are the best bike trainers and rollers on the market.

Indoor Bike Trainer

Sometimes, you might not feel like having a ride outside; everybody knows that a nutritious diet and physical exercise are essential for sustaining a good weight. But what happens if you do not want a health and fitness center membership or wish to exercise in your room?

Especially in the winter, an indoor bike trainer can be a valuable tool in such scenario. Do you know you can ride for as long as you would do outside, in your house?

Yes! You can transform a road bicycle to an indoor exercise experience by mounting your bike on a trainer; you might not need that guy to scream at you to run in place again. If you have been involved in competitive bike riding, it’s high time you got your indoor bike trainer. As soon as you bring one, you will be able to get on your bike and ride as long as you want, without considering the weather. With the trainer, you can get a feeling of riding on the road.

How to set up and ride with Bike Trainer (Easier way)

You can go for the fluid trainer, wind trainer or even the magnetic trainer. Literally, the fluid trainer uses fluid resistance chambers, which are held together by a flywheel, this is connected to a roller which the bike tire rests on. The fluid trainer is quieter compared to the magnetic or wind trainer.

Bike Trainer advantages and disadvantages:

+ Stability

+ Can read book, watch TV etc

+ Easier to set up

+ No need to learn how to use

– Will not improve your balance

And now, what are the best bike trainers and rollers?
Let’s see the best picks.

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Magnetic Resistance Trainer

Currently Unavailable – consider this very similar Blackburn Tech Mag Race Trainer.

Well, that’s one is the best one!
Why? Because if I read different ones to test and it was quite hard. Why?
Because there are those which fits to 26“ and not 700cc tires. And which fits both didn’t fit for 29“

They’ve made hard work creating this best bike trainer!

What makes the work? These are fluid magnetic resistance units which create smooth and progressive power curves. The Mag 6 has six different resistance settings. Which is good that you can set it on the bar-mounted remote.

Both sides have a locking knob to prevent back outs. It’s quite quiet for mag trainer. The next good thing is also that it does not move or create an unbalanced wiggle while standing hard on the pedals

Includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, what mean if you haven’t tortured it, you’ll get the warranty if something happens. It means also that this bike trainer’s manufacturer knows it is good and reliable.

When not it use, it takes quite a small space.

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer DetailSo to wrap it up, you’ll get a strong as rock bike trainer which help you to keep in fit during the year. Even if something happens, you can get warranty, but all reviews say that it is bulletproof trained. It will be a good friend for years!

More Details of Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Magnetic Resistance Trainer

Currently Unavailable – consider this very similar Blackburn Tech Mag Race Trainer.

Indoor Bike Rollers

Bicycle rollers are a type of bicycle trainer that makes it possible to ride a bicycle indoors without moving forward. It is usually made up of three cylinders, drums or ‘rollers’ (two for the rear wheel and one for the front), on top of which the bicycle rides.

One of the rear rollers is connected to the bicycle is pedaled, you will ride as usual, but you will remain in the same spot. The spacing of the bicycle rollers can usually be adjusted to match the bicycle’s wheelbase.

Fluid Rollers

There are fluid-rollers, where water makes up the force. The fluid trainers are basically designed to offer a very similar power curve to that of road riding and are apt for working on your sprints, growing your tune trial efforts and building your power outputs. You can dial up the resistance for a hard workout.

This is different from the outdoor riding where you cater for your stability. If you clamp your bike on the trainer, the clamps can scratch and/breed your quick release levers, also clamping on a trainer can cause the wear of the rear tire very fast. Therefore, if you are riding a trainer, try to use some cheap and durable tires, so you do not ruin or lose your good ones.

Unlike the rollers, there is no excess wear and tear on your bike; the only contact is between your tires and the smooth rollers. There is no extra pressure there, and the surfaces are smooth, so rollers are way much easier on your tires than riding outside or on a trainer.

Rollers usually do not have a resistance unit; this could hamper your plan if you want to do some very high-resistance internal workouts. Also, it is rather hard to keep the rider and the bicycle both situated within the extremely slender width of the roller drums without tipping over or simply falling off edges.

Learn how to start cycling on Bike Rollers (Can be hard!)

If need be, you can make your rollers be like a trainer by getting a fork mount which would stabilize the bike.

Conventionally, the front roller is adjusted to be slightly ahead of the hub of the front wheel. By the way, bicycle rollers are nearly as old as the bicycle itself. New users who are not too conversant with the indoor bike rollers often seek for a nearby support, perhaps a wall in the case of a fall 🙂

Bike rollers advantages and disadvantages

+ Sustain greater watts

+ Resistant-feel riding

– More expensive

– Noisier

– Must have good balance


Best Bike Rollers: Nashbar Parabolic Rollers

Let me give you a brief overview, why this Nashbar is the best bike roller?

This bike, roller is ready to ride right from the box. When not in use, you can store it under the bed or upright position against a wall of closet.

Well, it’s made of PVC drums. And they are parabolic.

What does it mean? It means that they are flanged so you can’t roll off so easily.  The components are very durable even after 2 years of usage.

Of course you can adjust the wheelbase. It is usable with every bike size. It fits for wheelbase from 37“ to 43“

NOTE: This best bike roller has rubbers under it so it is floor-safe!

If you’re worried about the noise then actually if you’re having suitable tires, then they’re quiet. Of course, like with every indoor cycling trainer, you should choose non-tread design tires.

So wrapping it up, it’s a if you’re looking for best bike rollers, then this is it!

More Details of Nashbar Parabolic Rollers

Comparison: Trainer Vs Rollers

Balancing the bike without riding off the rollers is an extra challenge for beginning. It needs much more balance and attention when compared to the bicycle trainers, which requires no balancing as your bike becomes a stationary bike. You will need road bike for both, but if you don’t have any, can use flat tires with mountain bike too.

The bike trainer provides stability in case you are fairly new to riding. The fact that the indoor bicycle trainer is more stable makes it easier for you if you are skilled to have more enjoyment by engaging in some other interesting activities such as watching TV, reading a book, watching games and others while riding on it. However, the rollers are ideal for improving your balance as you have to consciously hold and maintain the bike upright throughout the ride time or you will fall over.

Bike Rollers


No workout is completely silent, but it is advisable to choose a quiet workout device. It can help maintain and keep peace at home and even in the neighborhood 🙂 If you ride at home while roommates or family are home, they might appreciate if you choose your rollers or a quiet trainer like fluid.

There is also need to consider the portability of indoor workout equipment. If you use a trainer, travel is just a snap because you can simply fold it flat and hit the road, unlike the rollers. You cannot fold it into a very small size but you can fold and store the rollers nicely under a bed. Of-course you cannot fit the bike rollers into your vehicle as easily.

It is also good to know that the trainer does not correct pedaling form and it is not compatible with some frames and wheel options. Rollers have a lot to offer to the rider, for instance, sound core strength is critical for maintaining balance on a set of rollers, so users develop their finesse on the bike rather than brute strength. It will not come quickly though.

New users will need a few sessions before they start to feel confident on rollers.

Finally, there is room for riders to consider owning both devices. Each one provides a distinct kind of workout for more rounded conditioning, especially for those cyclists that are trapped indoors for winter. Also, switching from one to the other will help ease the monotony of indoor training.

Overall Advantages

At face value and even when put into work, rollers and trainers share some similarity. Both the bike trainer and rollers offer an alternative to riding outside which is riding indoors at your comfort, especially during the off-season.

Despite the difference between trainer and rollers are still good for indoor riding and offer pretty many advantages compared to their disadvantages. Regular indoor riding can make your heart and lungs stronger, as cycling ease the blood circulation process of your body. It also minimises the risk of heart disease. This indoor riding is ideal for any age groups.  It also helps to burn extreme calories; it is very risk-free and saves time.

Less Expensive

Both are typically less expensive than a stationary bike and allow you to make use of your own.

Even if you have sunny skies and clear trails or road for your training, riding indoors is the best bang for your buck in many instances.

The saying goes “One hour on the stationary is worth two outside“, Now from all aspects, this statement may not be true, but from an efficiency point of view, this is true.


Can ride everyday

When you ride outside, the conditions are always changing. Even if you ride the same course at the same time of the day, there may be clouds one day and hot sun the next. One of the often overlooked points of riding outside during the wet and ugly months of winter is the effect it can have on your bikes.

Your bikes should last until at least a cooler, lighter and better one is released. If you take your bike in the wet, cold, muddy winter, you are guaranteeing that those fancy bits will be exposed to water, mud, grit and other things that do not go well with expensive bike parts


Riding indoors guarantees more safety compared to outdoor riding. It is always tragic when you hear of cyclists getting hit by drivers or maybe killed. When cycling on the road, there is increased probability of being involved in an accident. This often occurs when the roads are dark, wet, and slick. Mountain bike trails are also more dangerous in the winter, as the muddy and often icy conditions lead to more falls and more bike problems.

Indoor training is essential for your base fitness, it is clear that you cannot ride fast if you can’t ride long. Winter time is the hardest time to get long rides in outdoors, but if you have a roller or a trainer then you are good to go at any time of the day any weather.

However, there are some significant differences between the two and the decision for one or the other depends on the individual training goals.

Which one to choose – bike trainer or rollers?

Bike rollers if fold up

Bike rollers folds up easily for storage and transport

Good question but I advocate rollers as an ideal bicycle training device for you to choose when you’re riding mountain bike. Why? Because they improve your real riding skills, and you become a better rider. If you have terrible balance, you can get parabolic rollers which makes it easier to stay upright even if you stand and sprint. For road bike I would suggest bike trainer.
If you are lazier, then bike trainers are better for you – you can do other things when you’re riding.

Bike Trainer and Rollers Advantages:

Fat burning

relaxing bike ride (less than 10mph) burns more calories than an easy walk (2mph). Riding a bike feels much easier on your legs, ankles, knees and feet than running. Riding a bike gets your legs moving and your heart pumping without pounding your joints. An early morning ride might knacker you out in the short term, but will help you catch some quality sleeping when you get back to your pillow.

When you ride indoors, you can get your saddle time in and stay safe.

Riding on Bike RollersDo you need grey matter to sparkle? Then get pedaling because it boosts blood flow and oxygen to the brain, this fires and negotiates receptors.

Riding indoors was once considered best during some climate seasons and for athletes recovering from injuries. Lately, indoor riding has become a commonplace and some coaches prefer that their athletes ride indoors at an interval. Having an indoor ride allows you fit a ride into your schedule no matter the tune of the day. Once you get the benefits of riding, you find yourself wanting to ride at every spare opportunity.

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