Review of Saris CycleOps H2

Review of Saris CycleOps H2An upgrade from the original CycleOps Hammer, but a downgrade from the Saris H3, the CycleOps H2 falls in the middle of a smart trainer family that is known for its fantastic build and great ride quality. While the H3 is known for being one of the quietest units on the market, the H2… not... Read More »

Review of Stages SC2 Plus

Review of Stages SC2 Plus  This is a spin bike rather than a smart bike. The Stages SC2 Plus is your purpose-built indoor bike for thousands of hours of workouts and spin classes. Its super adjustable frame is built to last, with a sturdy aluminum build that is as silent as can be. The manually adjustable knob might be... Read More »

Review of Tacx Flux Smart Bike Trainers

Review of Tacx Flux Smart Bike TrainersAfter a few years of ‘recalls’ and firmware updates, the Tacx Flux S and Tacx Flux 2 are finally off the shelves and propped up in pain caves around the world. The Flux S is a mid-range direct-drive smart trainer, while the Flux 2 borders on the high-level smart trainers, at least in raw capabilities.... Read More »

Review of Tacx Neo Smart Trainers

Review of Tacx Neo Smart TrainersKnown for its ride quality, unique features, and unmatched power accuracy, the Tacx NEO Smart Trainer series from Garmin is one of the most impressive creations in the indoor training space. Each unit is quiet as can be, calibrated in-house, and designed to provide the best indoor training experience. It comes at a cost, but... Read More »

Review of Stages SB20 Smart Bike

Review of Stages SB20 Smart BikeQuiet, capable, and adjustable, the Stages SB20 Indoor Smart Bike is one of the best smart bikes on the market. Conveniently built with phone and tablet holders, USB plugs, and integrated power meters, the SB20 is a dream for dedicated indoor riders. As they say in their description, “The StagesBike is ready for the evolution... Read More »

Review of Tacx Flow Smart Trainer

Review of Tacx Flow Smart TrainerThe Tacx Flow Smart is the cheapest smart trainer on the market, with a range of capabilities that typically come at twice the price. Using Bluetooth and ANT+ technology, the Tacx Flow is one of the most capable wheel-on trainers in the world for under $500. A small flywheel and lightweight design sacrifice the realistic... Read More »

Review of Wahoo KICKR Snap Bike Trainer

Review of Wahoo KICKR Snap Bike TrainerKnown for its outstanding power accuracy and sterling ride feel, the Wahoo Kickr Snap is one of the best wheel-on smart trainers available for under $500. A high-tech flywheel and matte black design make the Kickr Snap both capable and stylish. Its wheel-on design makes it easy to set up right out of the box. ... Read More »

Review of Elite Suito Smart Trainer

Review of Elite Suito Smart TrainerFrom unboxing to riding in less than five minutes, the Elite Suito Smart Trainer is one of a kind in the world of indoor direct drive trainers. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Elite Suito Smart Trainer, and see why it’s still one of the popular interactive trainers available, up against... Read More »

Review of Saris H3 Bike Trainer

Review of Saris H3 Bike TrainerAffordability and quiet comfort are two things that probably don’t come to mind when you think of a review on indoor bike trainers. But the Saris H3 direct-drive smart trainer offers both, plus a host of other features that make it one of the best trainers on the market. The Saris H3 can fit almost... Read More »