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Diamondback Bike Reviews

Jeff Balton

Diamondback Bike Reviews

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Years ago, Diamondback was known for budget bikes, but what’s the situation today? Let’s take a closer look at our Diamondback bike reviews and find out.

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Diamondback: Then and Now

Diamondback’s beginnings date back to 1977 when the company was founded in Washington, USA, as a BMX manufacturer. In the beginning, they concentrated only on BMX bikes and sponsored riders which helped them become well known back then.

The brand was initially named Diamond Back (and then DiamondBack) but later changed the name to Diamondback.

In 1982, Diamondback launched their first MTB model called Ridge Runner. It was their Specialized Stumpjumper and marked the world’s first production of mountain bikes.

They launched the Diamond Back Racing (DBR) in 1998, which was dominant on the global mountain bike scene. This saw them win many awards ranging from the US men’s National XC championships to a bronze medal in the Atlanta Olympics Women’s XC. So, it’s quite an impressive feat!

Since then, Diamondback bikes have been constantly improving the mountain bike scene. They own the patent for the Knucklebox suspension platform, which is a feature on high-end Diamondback mountain bikes. Also, they are improving their bike types and sub-categories (such as alternative hybrid bikes, etc.). As you can see in our Diamondback bike reviews, their history is quite long.


Bike Types

Diamondback Bike Types

Diamondback offers a variety of bike types – from BMX to Triathlon bikes; $450 to $8k; and from comfortable women’s bikes to race-oriented men’s road bikes. That’s pretty impressive, right? However, the main types which DB offers are road, mountain, hybrid, and kids bikes. Some bikes are also pre-assembled!

In every category, they offer different models for both men and women. And to dig even deeper in our Diamondback bike reviews, there is something for almost everyone. There are no Diamondback hybrid bikes anymore, but they still have a decent selection of MTBs and road bikes.

The fact I will like to share with you is that Diamondback sometimes mixes frames. That’s why you can find a road bike frame with hybrid bike wheels for example, which increases the diversity.


Diamondback MOUNTAIN Bikes

Diamondback Mountain Bikes

I’m not completely sure, but I think that Diamondback sells most of its bikes in the MTB class, because mountain bikes are getting more and more popular. In this Diamondback bike review, you will find different sub-classes, such as:


Diamondback Full Suspension Mountain Bikes



Diamondback Atroz is a line of entry-level and beginner full suspension bikes aimed at those who are just starting out on the trails. Currently, there are three models available, named Atroz 1, Atroz 2, and Atroz 3. If you like them, they’re quite affordably priced between $1,075 and $1,950.



Catch models are mid-level full suspension bikes made by Diamondback, with cycling enthusiasts in mind. If you are looking to upgrade from a more basic MTB model, the Catch series is for you. The two bikes available are called Catch 1 and Catch 2 and you can purchase them for $2,550 and $3,400, respectively. Read more in our Catch review…



Release models are great for riders who are not afraid to press harder on the pedal and ride the trails more aggressively. You can choose from seven models in this line, with price tags on them varying between $2,550 and $5,200.

They are named following the same pattern Diamondback always uses – Release 1, Release 2, Release 3, Release 29 2, Release 29 3, Release 4C Carbon, Release 5C carbon. Read the Release review…



The Mission is a high-end line of FS Diamondback bikes. They are perfect for riders who plan to race enduro or all-mountain on a lightweight carbon machine. There are two models at the moment, named Mission 1C Carbon and Mission 2C Carbon. They are priced $4,000 and $5,000 respectively. Read the Mission review…



Diamondback Hardtail mountain bikes


The Overdrive line has a little bit of something for everyone. It has one model for absolute beginners, two models for entry-level riders, one for riders who are in the middle of their cycling journey, and one carbon model. The 29ers are priced $750, $1,000, $1,000, and $1,400. Overdrive 29C 1 Carbon, the most expensive one, is a full carbon model. Read the Overdrive series review…


Hook, Line, Sync’r

Hook, Line, and Sync’r are four very similar models, which is why they are put in the same basket. They’re entry-level and mid-priced models perfect for commuters or recreational riders. There are four models in total, one of each kind, priced between $815 and $3,650. Three of them have aluminum frames, whereas the most expensive one comes with a carbon frame. All four have 27.5″ wheels.



Diamondback Mason

Mason series

Diamondback Mason series is intended to simplify things as much as possible. There are two models in total, called Mason 1 and Mason 2. Mason 1 is quite affordably priced at $1,060, while Mason 2 is a bit more expensive at $1700. They can be perfect both for weekend cycling warriors and for those who want to do a hard cycling workout every chance they have.


Lux (for Women)

Ladies have something to look forward to when browsing Diamondback’s catalog as well. The Lux series is intended for female riders who use bikes to commute or to take easy-going rides through forests or on local trails. The Lux series has three models priced from $750 to $1,400.



Fat Bikes

Diamondback El Oso Fatbikes Overview


El Oso

El Oso means ‘Bear’ in Spanish, which is a fitting name for this line of sturdy-looking fat bikes. They’re great for guys and gals who like going into extremes and frequently ride on rocks, sand, or in the snow. The El Oso bikes are currently only available for kids.

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Diamondback ROAD Bikes

Well, if you like speed (and who doesn’t?!), Diamondback offers a large number of options for road-oriented bikes lovers. For example:


Diamondback Endurance Road Bikes



The Century line has a little bit of everything. You could go from being a complete beginner to a road cycling pro without buying any other bike than a Century model. The six models in this category are priced between $750 and $3,250, three of which are made of aluminum and the other three are full carbon.


Arden (for Women)

Diamondback never disappoints their loyal female customers, which is why they’ve developed the Arden line. It is comprised of two aluminum and two carbon models, with prices starting at $700 and reaching $2,500. They’re perfect for entry-level female riders who like to go against the wind and those who are more competitive and workout-oriented.


Adventure & Gravel

Diamondback Gravel And Adventure Bikes Overview



The Haanjo series is made for those who live for adventure and like taking risks. There are 8 models in total in this category, perfect for taking the path less traveled. If you frequently ride on gravel and dirt roads, but you don’t want to lose the speed of a road bike, investing between $785 and $4,650 in one of these models is the solution. Unfortunately, the models haven’t been in bike shops for a while, but we’re hoping this might be changing soon. Read the Haanjo / Haanjenn review

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Haanjenn (For Women)

The Haanjenn models are built with the same idea in mind as the Haanjo ones, only this series is for women. There are two models here in total, and they’re more basic than their male counterparts. If you want a more advanced option, feel free to buy a Haanjo model and just change the seat and the stem.

Haanjenn models have not been in stock for a while, and it seems like they have been discontinued. There are no big differences when it comes to women’s bikes, so the Haanjo models are worth considering.

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Diamondback Triathlon series Andean



Did you know that Diamondback used to make triathlon bikes as well? Their triathlon series was called Andean and it consisted of three awesome-looking models. Since these were high-tech bikes, extremely aerodynamic and resembling spaceships, their prices were up there. They used to come fully pre-built and ready to ride.

At the moment, triathlon bikes are not part of Diamondback’s lineup, but there’s no telling, they might make a comeback someday.



Diamondback Kids bikes

Diamondback Kids Bikes

Kids are our future. What can we do to offer them the best possibilities as they grow up? Cycling is crucial for improving talent, but not necessarily aiming for children to be professional riders. It helps to train their balance and maintain proper physique as well. In our Diamondback bike reviews, you will find that Diamondback offers a lot of different kinds of bikes for kids, too. Let’s take a look:

  • Mountain bikes – 20” and 24” series + a 20″ fat bike
  • Road Bikes – Impression and Mini Impression series with 16” and 20″ wheels
  • BMX series – Grind and Nitrus series


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Diamondback Women’s Bikes

Diamondback offers a selection of women-specific bikes as well.

For MTB: Clutch & Lux series are availableDiamondback bikes for women

  • Clutch MTB – The Clutch series has one model which is intended for ladies who already have some cycling experience on the trail and intend to expand it. It’s called Clutch 1 and it costs $1,999.99. This is a full suspension aluminum model.
  • LuxMTB – The women’s Lux series has three models at the moment. They’re called Lux 1, Lux 2, and Lux 3, and they’re made for ladies who like riding off-road, but not too aggressively. They’re priced between $600 and $1,099.99, so they’re great for entry-level riders.
  • Arden – Road – is a group of Diamondback’s road bikes aimed at their female riders who do not want to go crazy on their wallet but still get a decent aluminum or carbon road bike to go on group rides or tackle steep hills. They are priced from around $700 to around $2,500, which is a great price for a carbon road bike.
  • Haanjenn – Road – The Haanjenn series is created for strong and adventurous women who are not afraid to take matters into their own hands and take a detour from time to time. There are two models, priced below $1,000, made of aluminum, and really good-looking.


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Ok, let’s cover some other important aspects as well.


How’s Their Diamondback’s Warranty

Warranty is really important. Diamondback Warranty

What I really like is Diamondback’s warranty system. Frames have a lifetime warranty and full-suspension mountain bikes have a 5-year warranty.

How does it work?

If something’s wrong with your frame, just contact Diamondback. I’ve read that sometimes it goes really fast and other times it takes a bit more time. It’s pretty much the same thing with all frame manufacturers out there.

It is important that your issue is a result of ordinary usage. If you crash your bike into a stone and it breaks, then it might be a 50-50% chance that you will get your warranty. If you use your bike like it’s meant to be used and something happens, then it’s totally under Diamondback’s warranty. That’s why it is important to choose the right type of bike for your needs.

However, warranty issues are something rather rare. I’ve never had any Diamondback warranty issues because their frames are quite strong. However, it’s good to know that you are protected.



That’s the most popular question I get in my bike reviews. How hard is it to assemble a Diamondback bike?

This concern is understandable since all bikes bought online come partially pre-assembled. Well, to give you an honest answer, you need to have some experience to do it properly.

I’m gonna show you three ways you can do it:


A) Do it yourself (DIY)

Typically on Diamondback bikes, you need to attach the saddle, handlebar, wheels and adjust the gears. The last step is the hardest in most cases. It’s nothing impossible but takes time and practice to get it right. In this Diamondback review, you will find that it’s not something you should fear.

Let me point out all of the steps and things you need to do to assemble a DB bike:

  1. Open and remove everything from the box. Find the box containing all of the small parts and cut all zip ties holding things in place
  2. Insert the seat post into the seat tube and tighten the saddle
  3. Attach the handlebar to the stem
  4. Insert the rear brake clamps
  5. Attach the pedals. Make sure they rotate counter-clockwise
  6. Check the cable lining
  7. Install brake calipers and remove dick brake protective plastics
  8. Attach the quick release (QR clamps) or Thru Axle through the rims
  9. Remove the plastic protector and attach the wheels
  10. Secure the wheels and adjust the calipers
  11. Adjust the front and rear derailleurs
  12. YOU MADE IT! Inflate the tires, find the right saddle height and handlebar position. Check EVERY bolt and nut on your newly-assembled bikes!


If you’re having troubles with it, you can always bring it to your local bike shop or just order bike assembly from Amazon. Also, the Diamondback’s assembly instructions will help you.

There are also ready-ride series for those who don’t want to assemble their bikes after purchase. What does it mean? Basically, you just need to attach the seat, the front wheel and the pedals – a 2-minute job!


B) Order assembly from Amazon:

A guy comes to your home and does the hard work for you. Click here to see more from Amazon.


C) Bring your Diamondback bike to a Local Bike Shop (LBS)

They will do the hard work. In this case, you can be sure that everything’s done the correct way.


Diamondback Bike Sizes

The company makes different sizes for all of its models. Typically they have 3 to 5 different sizes. When adjusting the stem and saddle, you should easily find the best position for yourself. Also the second most popular question I’ve been asked – how to get the right size bike?

One disadvantage of buying a bike online is that you can’t try it first. However, since the trend is on the rise, there are good size charts below every bike and I have also written about it a lot. All you need to know is your height (or leg inseam length) and you can choose the right size in the bike size graph.

If you finish reading our Diamondback bike reviews, then you can find the right size below. It’s pretty easy to choose the proper bike size and I’ve written about it in different reviews. If you’re in-between two sizes, I suggest you take the bigger size. For the size chart, click here.

Also, if we talk about the tire sizes, then, of course, they are different. I often see that not-so-well-known brands go with the old design and 26” mountain bike tires. But Diamondback bikes have kids’ 20 and 24-inch tire sizes while mountain bikes have 26”, 27.5”, and 29” wheel sizes.


How Much Does A Diamondback Bike Cost?

It’s the same thing with everything in the world – your price depends on what you want to get.

Prices range from $450 and to $10k for super-road bikes. However, they are typically cheaper than their competitors. I did some research and found out that Diamondback mountain bikes around $500 cost $200 – $400 less than other bikes of similar quality. One thing which stands out is their balance between price and quality.

Diamondback bikes tend to offer more quality. How do they do it? It’s quite simple – they don’t have warehouse and shopkeeping costs, because their model is based on online sales. That’s 20-50% saved and used to improve the bikes.

When it comes to road bikes, you can start somewhere around $450, the same for hybrid bikes too. If you are a serious rider, then you can go up to $5k. So, as you can read in our Diamondback bike reviews, they offer a wide range of bikes with fair prices for everyone.



Diamondback Frames

Frame materials start from Aluminium 6061 and go up to carbon. On their top-notch road bike Vitesse Di2 they use the frame material called Carbon Technology, Specific Modulous, Monocoque Competition Road Frame. It is hand-built by the way. There are also different frame designs for women and men. Entry-level bikes have a more upright position and race-oriented bikes have a lower position for improved aerodynamics.

Some models have extraordinary frame designs too, like Haanjo where the frame has a very sharp angle. I personally like geeky things and this is one of them. That’s one of the nicest designs in our Diamondback bike reviews also.



Diamondback Mountain Bike components


In the bike industry, the balance between price and quality is very important. The frame and components determine the price. When you pay more, you get better components. However, I’ve researched hundreds and thousands of bikes and found out the “quality line”. On beginner bikes, Diamondback tends to offer low-end Shimano components. It is pretty rare to see non-Shimano parts. You probably know this, but I want to give you a quick overview of our Diamondback bike reviews – Shimano parts have been the most popular ones since the 1970s. They have a good variety of different classes.

Those components go up to the Di2 top-notch electrical class. Sometimes there are SRAM components seen as well (Shimano’s main competitor), and both of them are fine. There are also some parts which they make themselves – handlebars, stems and saddle posts. Not always, but they do.

You know what? What I like most about Diamondback bikes is that I see a huge effort which they put into providing decent parts (depending on the price).

Diamondback uses SR Suntour and Rockshox shocks most of the times. Sometimes there are other brands too but those two are pretty decent picks.


How and Where To Maintain Diamondback Bikes?

Let me make one thing clear – where you do your bike maintenance is not determined by the bike.

Since Diamondback sells most of its bikes online, there’s a good reason for this. They don’t tie you down to any bike shop. Contrary to cars, bikes are something all local bike shops can handle.

If you have tools, then it is easier for you. One important thing to keep in mind is to have a bike with the right groupset. What does it mean? It means that if you constantly need to do maintenance on your bike and adjust it, your bike is probably too cheap for your needs.


Diamondback VS Other Brands

Let’s compare it with others. Diamondback has been pushing hard from the beginning. Yes, Schwinn has a long history, but compared to Trek and Scott, they have a pretty similar pedigree. I’ve seen many more discounts from Diamondback than from other better-known brands. That’s also the reason why Diamondback can put more effort into producing a good bike because they sell online.

What you want to look at first are the components. They give you a lot of value for your money.  If you compare the prices with others, then you can get a good idea of what I’m talking about. You can also check the weights, but they tend to be similar on most bikes around $500.

What we want to say in our Diamondback bike reviews is that Diamondback wins in many aspects when compared to other similar bike brands out there.


Bottom line

Diamondback Bike ReviewsDiamondback definitely makes bikes that can compete with others well! As you could read in our Diamondback bike reviews, their sales model is online-oriented and does pretty well. Their wide range of different bikes should give an opportunity to everyone to enjoy biking, from Sunday riders to the pros. On the downside, if you decide to buy a bike online, you can’t try it first, which makes fitting more difficult.

That’s why it’s crucial to do your homework by checking the sizes and reading the reviews. When I started reviewing bikes years ago, it was quite hard to find any good information about sizing for current models.

Now there’s enough information.

So, to wrap it up, Diamondback makes decent bikes that are up-to-date and reliable!

So, just do your homework on the best models here and pick the right one!


Where to buy Diamondback bikes?





  • Jill says:

    Hi, we were given an old Diamondback bike and the sticker on it says db78 discovery – but I can’t find that model listed anywhere. Do you know what year this model would be from?


    • Editor says:

      Hi Jill,
      Wow it looks like you got a classic there. It’s from around 2006 or 2007.

  • Tom says:

    I have a 2016 Diamondback Insight 1. When I hit the middle of the Down Tube with a finger nail, it sounds very thin. Almost like an empty coca-cola can. Are the walls that thin ? How can that be sturdy ? I weigh 272 lbs, but I only ride it on asphalt bike paths.

  • Dee says:

    Can anyone tell me about a Diamondabck Sahara ladies bike? I have seen an older model for sale but cannot find info for it anywhere. Thank you.

  • Diamondback Comfort Bike says:

    I have read your awesome article. Perfect information with detailed images. BTW, this is my favourite brand and I have one DiamondBack Cycle for my College. Thanks for sharing this information! 🙂

  • Michael Class says:

    How does a road bike from diamondback compare to a cannondale road bike? Endurance type?

    • Jeff Balton says:

      It’s hard to make such generalizations considering both Diamondback and Cannondale are major bike brands with lots of endurance models on offer. With some research, you could easily find a bike you like from either of the two.

  • Scott Van Dusen says:

    When are y’all going to do BMX bikes

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the idea. We’re definitely thinking about it and might write about it soon. Check out the rest of our valuable content until then. 🙂

  • Michael Mercer says:

    Hi jeff.. I was hoping that you could share your input about a Diamond Back Turbo that I just got from an old buddy of mine. Sorry, my name is Mike and I’ll be 49 November 1st. I love riding my 2001 DB JUJU. The sticker on the bottom say that Turbo says it was built exclusively for W.S.I Inc. My friend paid only $5.00 at a rummage sale for this rare find. It should be in that museum! Did I win the bicycle lottery?

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hey Michael, you definitely won the bicycle lottery getting the Diamond Back Turbo for just $5. If it’s in a good shape and has original parts, it definitely belongs in the museum. 🙂

  • Jeffrey says:

    I’ve dealt with Diamondbacks customer service twice. I’ll will never buy a diamondback again and I Don’t recommend them at all.

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Jeffrey, that sounds quite unfortunate. Could you please tell us what happened?

  • Tom says:

    Diamond back customer service is terrible!

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Too bad that you had a bad experience with them, Tom. Could you let us know what happened? Personally, I’ve had a great experience with Diamondback’s customer support so far, but there are always cases when things can go wrong. People make mistakes.

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