Specialized Stumpjumper Review: Trail-Optimized Performance

Specialized Stumpjumper Series Review: Revolutionary Design and Trail-Optimized Performance

specialized stumpjumper mountain bike
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The Specialized Stumpjumper series is one of the most complete ranges on the mountain bike market, with five different models from the affordable Alloy to the race-ready S-Works.

Join us on the quest of revealing everything the Specialized Stumpjumper series has to offer! The wide range of similarities and differences between each model is simply going to blow your mind.

Specialized Stumpjumper is one of the most popular mountain bikes of the last 40 years. It’s easy to see why.

Specialized offers many different options across a wide price range, with bikes built for beginners and others for the performance-oriented.

We are going to tell you what the Specialized Stumpjumper series is and who it’s designed for. Spoiler alert: it’s a series of trail bikes designed for everyone. Here’s why.


Overview of the Specialized Stumpjumper Series

The Specialized Stumpjumper is available in five different builds: Alloy, Comp, Expert, Pro, and S-Works. The Alloy is the only frame in the series that is aluminum. However, the other four frames are made from carbon fiber.

Each Stumpjumper frame has hydraulic disc brakes, front, and rear suspension, as well as a dropped post, making the entire range suitable for beginners through expert-level riders.

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As a result, the Stumpjumper series covers a wide price range. The Alloy model is the cheapest at $2,650. The S-Works comes in at $10,800.

As a whole, the Specialized Stumpjumper series is for trail riders of all abilities. The unique sizing range (called S sizing) allows riders to choose their frame based on performance and riding preference rather than choosing a size based on their height alone. Let’s jump into our Specialized Stumpjumper series review.


Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy

Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy

At just $2,650, the Stumpjumper Alloy is the most affordable bike in the Specialized Stumpjumper series. It is well-suited for all kinds of trail riding. The alloy frame isn’t the lightest, but that’s where you save a big chunk of money.

The Alloy’s frame includes 29 Trail Geometry and horst pivot BB adjustment, as well as 12x148mm dropouts and sealed cartridge bearing pivots.

On the Alloy is an X-Fusion 02 Pro RL, Rx Trail Tune rear shock, with 42.5mm of travel in the S1 size, and 45mm of travel in sizes S2-S6. At the front of the bike, you’ll find the RockShox 35 Silver fork, with rebound adjust, TurnKey lockout, and 140mm of travel.

Wrapped around its 29” wheels are tubeless-ready 2.3” tires from Butcher in the front and Purgatory in the rear.

Even the cheapest model in the Stumpjumper series comes with solid components. The Alloy sports a SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain with an 11-50t cassette. The frame also comes with a TranzX dropper post that measures 170mm in the medium/large S4 and S5 frame sizes.

Tektro Gemini Comp hydraulic disc brakes are at the front and rear of the Stumpjumper Alloy, the front being 200mm and the rear being slightly smaller at 180mm.

Like the other frames in the Specialized Stumpjumper series, the Alloy is designed for versatile trail-riding, to be both lightweight and durable, and suited for long rides as well as short and fast efforts.

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Specialized Stumpjumper Comp

Stumpjumper Comp

At $4,800, the Specialized Stumpjumper Comp is a big step up from the Alloy in terms of price. You will get significantly improved specs and components bolted onto a lightweight carbon fiber frame – a FACT 11m carbon chassis and rear-end with asymmetrical design and 29 Trail Geometry.

New on the Comp is SWAT™ Door integration, flip-chip Head Tube/Bottom Bracket adjustment, and fully enclosed internal cable routing that will make bike maintenance so much easier.

The FOX FLOAT 34 Rhythm is the fork of choice for the Stumpjumper Comp, with a GRIP damper, two-position Sweep adjustment, and 140mm of travel. The rear suspension is upgraded as well, with the Comp having a FOX FLOAT DPS performance rear shock with 3-position compression adjust and 45mm of travel.

Specialized has their own 29” rims on the Comp, aptly named the Specialized 29, which are hookless alloy rims and tubeless-ready. Despite the price hike, the Comp has the same tires as the Alloy, with the 2.3” Butcher on the front, and the 2.3” Purgatory tire at the rear.

Moving away from SRAM in this model, the Specialized Stumpjumper Comp has a Shimano SLX M7100 groupset with a 12-speed drivetrain and 10-51t cassette. The Comp’s brakes come from Shimano as well, with the Shimano SLX M7120 hydraulic disc brakes with 4-piston calipers at the front and the rear.

The Comp comes with a dropper post in the form of the X-Fusion Manic, an infinitely adjustable, two-bolt head seatpost with bottom mount cable routing.

The Specialized Stumpjumper Comp is built for all-trail riding just like the Alloy, but now on a carbon fiber frame with a host of upgraded components. You will go faster, climber lighter, and handle more smoothly on the Comp, which still fits into an affordable price range.

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Specialized Stumpjumper Expert

Specialized Stumpjumper Expert

The Specialized Stumpjumper Expert moves from a versatile ‘do it all’ bike to a bike for all rider levels. The Expert has a more performance-oriented frame meant for shredding.

However, at $6,000, the Stumpjumper Expert doesn’t cost a whole lot more than the Comp.

Mainly because they use the same FACT 11m carbon fiber frame. The Stumpjumper Expert has a frame that is designed for quick climbing and great all-around performance.

The suspension system has been upgraded to the FOX FLOAT Performance Elite, with the DPS rear shock that includes 3-position adjustments with Open Mode Adjustment, and 45mm of travel. The fork includes 140mm of travel from the FOX FLOAT 34 Performance Elite system.

The Expert has Roval Traverse 29 Alloy rims that are 2Bliss ready, and the same Butcher (front) and Purgatory (rear) tires that we’ve seen on both of the other Stumpjumper models so far.

The components set the Expert apart from cheaper Stumpjumper models. Here we have the SRAM X01 Eagle 12-speed groupset with a 10-52t cassette. Of all the bikes in the series thus far, this is the best groupset so far. It gives you the complete range for climbing and descending.

Similarly, the brakes have been upgraded too. The model boasts SRAM G2 RSC hydraulic disc brakes, again at 200mm in the front and 180mm in the rear. Of course, the Expert has a dropper post, and this time it is the OneUp, Dropper Post-V2 with MMX lever.

For riders who want to shred even more, the Expert is the perfect ride above the Alloy and Comp. Its lightweight carbon frame will help you climb like a feather. At the same time, it still gives you the powerful and durable components to handle the descent.

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Specialized Stumpjumper Pro

Stumpjumper Pro

Now we’re getting into the top-of-the-line Stumpjumper models, and first up we have the Specialized Stumpjumper Pro.

At $8,000, this is a high-end model with high-end components and a range of capabilities that will suit trail riders of all abilities.

The Stumpjumper Pro includes the same exact frame as the Comp and Expert, the FACT 11m carbon fiber frame.

The first big upgrade on the Stumpjumper Pro is the suspension system. Moving up to the FOX FLOAT Factory system, the Pro has one of the best systems on any trail bike. The DPS system takes care of the rear suspension with an EVOL Air sleeve and Kashima Coat. The 34 Factory fork includes 140mm of travel, with a GRIP2 damper and Kashima Coating.

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We’ve finally upgraded to a carbon fiber wheel on the Stumpjumper Pro, which comes with Roval Traverse Carbon 29”, hookless carbon rims that are hand-built, and 2Bliss ready. Again, the Stumpjumper Pro comes with the Butcher front tire and Purgatory rear tire, each measuring 2.3”.

The Stumpjumper Pro has the same SRAM G2 RSC hydraulic disc brakes as the Stumpjumper Expert, but comes with a new seatpost in the Bike Yoke, Revive Max which is 185mm in the S4-S6 sizes.

With a SRAM XG-1295 Eagle 10-52t rear cassette, the Stumpjumper Pro is near the top of the range. It comes with a SRAM X01 Eagle AXS rear derailleur and SRAM Eagle AXS Rocker Paddle shift levers.

With the same carbon fiber frame as previous models, the Stumpjumper Pro adds carbon fiber Roval wheels to its arsenal. Surprisingly, there are even more notable component upgrades that make this bike perfect for performance-minded mountain bikers who want a lightweight and agile frame.

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S-Works Stumpjumper

S-Works Stumpjumper

Billed as “The Ultimate Trail Bike,” the S-Works Stumpjumper is truly first in its class. After that, you can’t upgrade the frame anymore, this is as high-end as it goes.

The company put everything they had into the suspension, design, and components on the S-Works Stumpjumper.

At $10,800, you’ll have to pay a premium for this bike. You’ll feel the difference the moment your tires touch the ground.

The S-Works Stumpjumper uses the same FACT 11m carbon fiber frame as the Comp, Expert, and Pro, including the SWAT™ Door integration, flip-chip Head Tube/Bottom Bracket adjustment, fully enclosed internal cable routing, 12x148mm dropouts, sealed cartridge bearing pivots, and 130mm of travel.

This frame also includes the same Fox Factory suspension system as the Stumpjumper Pro, with the FOX FLOAT DPS Factory, Rx trail tune rear shock, and FOX FLOAT 34 Factory fork.

SRAM G2 Ultimate brakes provide the – ultimate – stopping power for all your trail-riding needs, with 4-piston calipers and hydraulic discs.

The S-Works Stumpjumper includes the best components Specialized has to offer. That is the SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS rear derailleur and SRAM Eagle AXS Rocker Paddle shifters. Like the Stumpjumper Pro, the S-Works includes a 12-speed, 10-52t cassette. It will give you the best gearing range for steep climbing.

There is no upgrading the tires which are still the 2.3” Butcher front tire and 2.3” Purgatory rear tire. Both come with GRID casing and GRIPTON® T7 compound. But the wheels are new, and they are top of the line. Roval Control 240, hookless carbon 29” wheels that are hand-built and 2Bliss ready.

On a bike like this, there’s no skimping on the dropper post. Specialized has put a RockShox Reverb AXS on the S-Works Stumpjumper which measures 170mm in sizes S4-S6.

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When it comes to the sizing of Specialized Stumpjumpers, you might be confused by the lettering at first.

Instead of Small, Medium, Large, Specialized uses ‘S-sizing’ which refers mostly to differences in wheelbase and reach, rather than overall geometry.

This is meant to help riders choose a size based on their handling preferences rather than frame size alone, as well as their height and inseam measurements.

The S1 carries the shortest wheelbase and reach and is best suited for tight turns and slower, more technical trails. This style is also great for mountain bikers who want to throw their bike around. Whether that be on the trail or in the air. The S6 has the longest wheelbase and longest reach and is designed for fast, downhill trails when stability is most important.


  • S1: XS (4’11” – 5’3″)
  • S2: S (5’2″ – 5’8″)
  • S3: M (5’5″ – 5’11″)
  • S4: L (5’8″ – 6’2″)
  • S5: XL (5’10” – 6’4″)
  • S6: XXL (6’2″ – 6’8″)



The Specialized Stumpjumper series is a well-rounded all-trail series of mountain bikes fitting riders from beginner to professional. There are many options available from the affordable Alloy to the top-of-the-line S-Works, and three more options in between. There is a Stumpjumper for just about every price range, with models that include SRAM Eagle, Shimano, and RockShox components.

A Specialized Stumpjumper is a trail bike. It is designed for all kinds of mountain bike trails from flat, beginner-level trails to expert-level trails with jumps and steep descents. Front and rear suspension help cushion blows and bumps on the trail. In addition, the wide availability of sizes helps you customize your ride for your desired riding style.

Yes, the Specialized Stumpjumper is a mountain bike designed specifically for trail riding, with five different models available for beginners, experienced mountain bikers, and expert racers.

Yes, the Specialized Stumpjumper is designed specifically for trail riding, including steep and technical, and even trails with large jumps.

The Specialized Stumpjumper is a trail bike designed for all sorts of trail riding from beginner to expert level.

The first Specialized Stumpjumper model was launched in 1981. It came with 26” wheels and weighed a whopping 29 lbs. Remember, this was before suspension systems, upgraded components, and capable mountain bike tires.

Yes, each Specialized Stumpjumper model has a dropper post across the entire Stumpjumper range.

The Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy weighs 33 lbs without pedals.

Yes, the Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy is tubeless-ready.



Final Thoughts


Specialized offers a truly wonderful line of bikes with their Stumpjumper series

The Specialized Stumpjumper offers a wide range of mountain bikes from beginners to professional riders.

In conclusion, the Stumpjumpers are meant to be more comfortable and more stable than other trail bikes which may tend to handle more quickly and aggressively.

Thus, the Stumpjumper series, especially the lower-end Alloy and Comp, are well-suited for beginner and intermediate-level trail riders. However, the higher-end models are exceptional choices for mountain bikers who are looking to elevate their riding experience.

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