Scott Bikes Review: Worth the Money? Our Thoughts on the Brand

Overview of Scott Bikes: Technical Innovations at All Price Points

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Scott Bikes
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Scott Bikes are passionate about creating quality bikes and bike products for cyclists worldwide to enjoy.

Part of Best Bike Brands

Scott Bikes makes bicycles for kids, teenagers, men, and women who can all get durable bikes for their next adventure.

Whether you want to go road biking, mountain biking, or trekking, you can find the bike for the job.

Let’s take a closer look!


Who Are They?

Scott Bikes logoScott is one of the world’s best innovators for skiing equipment, moto gear, and bicycles.

Scott’s technical innovations led to revolutionizing skiing equipment by creating the first aluminum ski pole to replace the usual bamboo and steel poles.

Scott Bikes would dominate the biking industry by creating the first carbon MTB, first aerodynamic handlebar, and other quality bicycle parts.

Today, they are popular for producing different bikes like cyclocross bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes.

Among other things, they have helped athletes win tournaments and medals worldwide to become one of the most trusted bike companies in this decade.

These bikes come in different frame and wheel sizes, colors, and designs to fit various cyclists’ preferences. You can also get women’s and men’s cycling and winter gear from Scott Bikes.


What Makes Their Bikes Special?

Scott Bikes are not only special because of the victories they help cyclists achieve in biking championships.

These bikes are made with performance in mind to help you ride faster and better when on the trail. Their bikes keep on evolving, and you can see that in their design to create comfortable and efficient bikes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features you can find on their bikes.


CX disc brakes

With disc brakes, you don’t need to use a lot of energy to stop your bicycle. Disc brakes pack enough stopping power to stop any bike on its tracks.

As a rider, you don’t have to apply excess force before your bike comes to a halt. This greatly reduces muscle fatigue. It comes in handy when you are cycling long distances or tackling challenging trails.

CX disc brakes are mechanical disc brakes that are excellent for entry-level riders who don’t want to spend too much money.

These brakes offer immense power and control when cycling, especially during dry weather conditions. CX disc brakes are high-end mechanical disc brakes that are light and easy on the eyes to blend with the bike’s design.

CX disc brakes are also ideal because of the good lever feel and how easy it is to set up. Unfortunately, these brakes will need readjustment more often than other types of brakes.


Oversized bottom bracket

A bottom bracket on a bike is the hollow part on the frame where you fit in the bike’s cranks. The bottom bracket connects the chainset on your bike and allows the crankset to rotate freely.

This is what allows you to pedal smoothly on a bike.

An oversized bottom bracket costs less and is easier to assemble for most cyclists. It also ensures a secure fit without the risk of cracking or creaking. This guarantees the smooth running of the bearings that you can rely on for a long time.


Tapered headtube

Tapered headtubes make a difference with the front-end stiffness, so you should be keen when choosing yours. They are essential in your bike’s design to make it stiffer but more responsive and fun to ride.

Using a tapered headtube will increase the stiffness of your bike because it is more rigid than a cylindrical one. With stiff bikes, you spend more energy on the wheels than bending the frame. This works well when maneuvering corners because your bike remains consistent.


Mountain Bikes

Scott Gambler
Scott Gambler

Scott offers several types of mountain bikes:

  • Cross Country
  • Trail
  • Enduro
  • Downhill/Dirt
  • Sport
  • Women’s


Scott makes durable machines for mountain biking like the Scott Spark and Contessa Spark models. These bikes are excellent for tackling challenging terrain with ease. You can use them the next time you want to retain efficiency when long-distance riding.

Scott’s cross country bikes have won numerous Olympic medals and championships over the years. These racing machines are popular among athletes and regular cyclists. Some of their popular cross country bikes include the Scott Gambler 900 and Scott Gambler 710 mountain bikes.

They also have a wide range of trail bikes that are suitable for long-distance cycling, going up and down mountains, and exploring new locations. The Scott Spark 950 trail bikes come in various colors like red, dark grey, and smith green. While trail riding is an aggressive sport, you can be sure to tackle the challenging tracks with Scott trail bikes.

You can also get enduro bikes, dirt bikes, and sport bikes to ride on narrow country lanes. Their lineup has various women’s mountain bikes that will perfectly fit female riders. They are great for long distances to get you up and down mountains on their strong frames.

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Road Bikes

Scott Addict
Scott Addict

Scott offers several types of road bikes:

  • Lightweight
  • Aero
  • Endurance
  • Gravel/CX
  • Women’s


When it comes to road biking, you need a lightweight bike to keep you riding for longer without using too much energy. Scott road bikes are best for riding on paved roads. They feature slim tires for fast-rolling during high-speed rides. Some of their lightweight models include the Scott Addict and Scott Contessa Addict bikes.

Aerodynamic road bikes like the Scott Plasma RC bike and Scott Foil Pro bikes are great for riding competitions and bike tours. Aero bikes reduce the pressure drag allowing you to cycle faster by increasing your aerodynamic efficiency.

For cyclists who enjoy riding for days, Scott endurance bikes are comfortable, dynamic, and efficient on rough road surfaces. Gravel bikes like the Scott Addict CX bikes and Addict Gravel bikes are the perfect middle ground between road and mountain bikes.

These bikes have the ability to handle most roads like tarmac, gravel, or light mountain bike trials. They also offer women’s gravel bikes that are light and perform well on roads.

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Other Types

Scott Sub Cross

Other types of bikes that are available include trekking bikes, city bikes, and electric bikes. The city and urban bikes include models like the Scott Sub Sportbikes, Scott Sub Comfort 10 bikes, and Scott Sub Cross bikes. City bike models for both men and women are available. These city bikes for urban riding are low maintenance and designed for comfort.

Your children won’t be left out either with Scott bike sizes for kids of different ages. They are ideal for kids learning to ride their bikes and those about to transition to adult bikes. Scott balance bikes are also available as well.

Their trekking bikes are an excellent choice for hilly commutes due to their stronger frames and wider tires. They are versatile and ideal for cycling on rougher roads. There are Scott Sub Cross bikes for both men and women for touring convenience and comfort.

You can also get your pick of their electric road bikes, mountain bikes, and urban bikes. They are tough enough to handle the most demanding climbs and descents on the trail. The great thing about electric bikes is that are energy-efficient and good for the environment.

With different models like the Spark and Contessa models, you can find e-bikes for short travels and long travel on challenging terrain. You can reach high speeds on an electric bike without exerting too much effort using the motor assistance mode.



Scott Bikes come in different frame and wheel sizes to suit different cyclists. Knowing your height and weight makes it easier to get a comfortable bike for you. With size guides and instructions from their website, you will get a bike that fits you.

When choosing your next Scott bike, you should keep in mind that mountain bikes and road bikes are sized differently. For riders between 5’1″ to 5’4″, you can fit in 48cm road bikes and 13″ mountain bikes. Riders between 6’0″ to 6’3″should go for XL bikes which in road bikes can be 58cm.



Scott’s bikes are known worldwide due to their top-quality bikes. They have a collection of road bikes, mountain bikes, trek bikes, and e-bikes that are comfortable and powerful. Scott bikes are also made using durable materials to handle different trails and last longer.

Scott bike parts like the frames are manufactured in Taiwan. Giant – an equipment manufacturer is known for assembling Scott bikes.

Scott bike prices vary depending on whether you are buying a mountain bike, road, bike, or other types of bikes and accessories.

Scott road bikes are popular because they’re lightweight and do not cost much compared to other high-end models. They are fast, powerful, and comfortable for road biking and racing. They are worth the money with various models available like women’s road bikes, aero bikes, and endurance bikes.

The Scott Spark is one of their best mountain bikes to date. This is an all-around mountain bike with a lightweight frame and efficient geometry for enjoyable rides.


Where to Buy Scott Bikes?

You can buy Scott Bikes from This is a legit and trusted online retailer that features regular sales to get Scott Bikes at the best prices.


Final Verdict

suggestedWith Scott Bikes, you are sure to get your pick of the best bikes in the market. They take into account different types of cycling like mountain biking, road biking, and cyclocross so that you can get the best bike for you.

Their price is also pocket-friendly without compromising on the quality and performance you get from their bikes. They have various frame sizes, colors, and wheel sizes to suit your tastes and needs when biking. Cyclists worldwide prefer their bikes when racing, competing, and leisurely riding.

This is because of their quality machines and the comfort and efficiency they get when on a Scott bike. Their range offers something for every cyclist.

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2 thoughts on “Overview of Scott Bikes: Technical Innovations at All Price Points

  1. This “review” reads more like a paid advertisement for Scott bikes than an actual product review where ALL the models mentioned were actually ridden by the reviewer.
    Like a vast number of bicycle “manufacturers” (read as: designers) the brand is just another company having Giant in Taiwan pump out carbon fiber frames with cheap labor and then turning around and selling them at inflated costs. This has become the norm for most companies selling (NOT actually manufacturing) carbon fiber frames from those companies who are revered in cycling history (well before Scott biikes existed) to new brands continuing to pop up due to the overall cheap production costs provided by manufacturing at carbon fiber frames at giant (no pun) Taiwanese factories. Chances are that your Trek, Scott, Giant, et al. frames were pumped out in production lines and/or buildings right next to each other. One could say that this is the same as Billato or Vetta in Italy that built frames under contract for various companies. The main difference is that those builders primarily built for regional brands and the frames were handbuilt and when labelled as “made in Italy” you knew that the frame was undoubtedly designed and of course built in Italy; and again for the most part sold by Italian companies.
    Scott does not admit to this on their website. It would seem that they, and others, are not proud to have their customers aware of where their bikes were actually made.
    Their prices are not paricularly “pocket friendly” as stated unless you a have corporate sponsor, have thousands of dollars tearing your pockets apart, or you buy their lowest level models (still not cheap). They make more models and variants of each model thata dealer could not practically have available for potential buyers to test ride. I am not saying that they are bad (or good), just that you can get buy many brands all made in an automated manner by the same manufacturer.

    1. Hi Jake,
      That’s right. It’s the 21st century, and everything is global. I don’t think it isn’t bad if the bike is manufactured in China, Taiwan, or wherever. What matters is quality. If we compare Trek, Scott (you name it) to other manufacturers made in China, Taiwan, etc., it’s up to the quality that matters. Reputed brands have their quality there, which also comes from the price. We can’t say $2,000 / $4,000 / $10k for a bike is a lot because there are $400 / $900 and $1,500 in the market. These well-known bikes have the right price, and everything else has under-priced because they don’t meet the minimum criteria for components. But of course, it’s not so black and white.

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