Best Electric Bikes for Hunting: High-Power Models for All Budgets

Best Electric Bikes for Hunting: High-Power, Fat-Tire E-Bikes

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Quietkat Bikes
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The best electric bikes for hunting on this list provide a stealthy mode of transport for hunters to reach remote hunting spots, check trail cams and traps, or haul a kill back home. 

Do you enjoy hunting but dread walking 5-10 miles with 50 lbs of gear on your back just to reach your favorite spot? By the time you get there, you’re tired and sweaty, which is not the condition you want to be in when tracking down the game.

More and more hunters are realizing that electric hunting bikes can solve these problems.

They’re quiet, odorless, blend in with the environment, and can get you to hard-to-reach spots 20-40+ miles away, that wouldn’t be accessible on foot.

We’ve put together a list of the best electric bikes for hunting and wrote a short guide on the most important features you should consider. Check them out below.


Electric Hunting Bikes Explained

Electric hunting bikes are so much more than just fat e-bikes with camo paint. The best electric bikes for hunting are built with the aim to be practical and fulfill a particular purpose.

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The features that allow them to do that include a powerful motor, high-capacity battery, high weight limit, big tires, and suspension, to name a few.

  • Motor and Battery: Electric hunting bikes come with powerful motors that typically deliver 750W, 1000W, or 1500W of power. This is important because hunters traverse technical terrain that often includes steep hills and haul a lot of gear while doing it. Likewise, high-capacity batteries are also a firm standard in order to provide a usable range that typically varies between 20-40+ miles.
  • Fat Tires: Almost all of the best electric bikes for hunting come with 4″+ wide fat tires. They allow you to ride over snow, grass, sand, roots, mud, and rocks with ease, without losing traction. They also let you significantly reduce the air pressure in order to improve comfort and increase the grip.
  • Front Suspension: Another feature that improves comfort is the front suspension, which is a standard on hunting bikes. Hunters also often carry delicate gear on handlebar mounts or in handlebar bags, which can get damaged or out of adjustment due to excessive vibration.
  • High Carrying Capacity: A frame with a high weight limit is a must when it comes to electric hunting bikes. In addition to the rider, you want your e-bike to also be able to carry heavy gear and, if you’re lucky, haul some game back home.


Best Electric Hunting Bikes

QuietKat Ranger

QuietKat Ranger

  • 750W or 1000W motor
  • Adjustable dropouts
  • Integrated rear rack


QuietKat is another big name in the hunting e-bike niche, whereas the Ranger is one of its flagship models. This electric hunting bike is a popular choice because it offers excellent features at a decently reasonable price.

First of all, QuietKat Ranger is available with either a 750W or 1000W rear hub motor and comes in three frame sizes (15.5″, 17″, 19″). Therefore, you can choose the motor and the size that fit your needs.

The 556 Wh battery is fully integrated into the frame and secures a range of up to 48 miles, according to the company. If you want to maximize the range, make sure to use the throttle sparingly.

The thing we like the most about the Ranger is its humongous Kenda Juggernaut 26 x 4.5″ tires. They give this bicycle dirt bike capabilities and easily roll over any surface and terrain.

QuietKat also equipped the Ranger with a 7-speed drivetrain, mechanical disc brakes, and a 100mm coil suspension fork.

The frame is also worth mentioning, as it has an integrated rear rack, a 325 lbs carrying capacity, and adjustable dropouts that let you change the wheelbase or run a single-speed drivetrain.

Buy if: You want a customizable e-bike for hunting with massive tires and a high carrying capacity.

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Bakcou Flatlander

  • Up to 1000Wh battery
  • 750W rear hub motor
  • 100mm air fork


If the best hunting spots in your area are located miles away and require you to travel over some rough stuff to get to them, then Bakcou Flatlander is the best electric bike for hunting you can get.

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This model is very similar to the Mule, which is one of Bakcou’s best-selling bikes. They have the same components, but this one comes with a rear hub motor, which lowers the price.

The Flatlander boasts a 750W motor and a 48V battery available in three sizes—17.4Ah, 19.2Ah, and 21Ah. That means you can have as much as 1000Wh of capacity. In the real world, this translates to a range of up to 82 miles.

Flatlander’s aluminum frame has a 300 lbs weight capacity and comes with a rear rack which is a must if you plan to carry gear or haul back anything you manage to catch.

This Bakcou electric hunting bike also boasts a high-grade GT MRK 100mm air fork for improved comfort and handling, hydraulic disc brakes, and a Shimano Alivio 9-speed drivetrain that improves climbing prowess.

What makes this bike especially capable in harsh conditions is the 26 x 4″ Maxxis Minion tires that roll over any obstacles with ease. Hunting will be accessible to you regardless of the weather or the season.

Buy if: Your main priority is the range and you’re looking for a hunting e-bike for all seasons and terrains.

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QuietKat Apex

quietkat apex ebike

  • 750W, 1000W, or 1500W motor
  • 696Wh or 840Wh battery
  • 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes


Do you believe that the language of power is universally understood? Then you should definitely shortlist the QuietKat Apex electric hunting bike.

It lets you choose between a 750W, 1000W, and even a 1500W mid-drive motor, which is among the most powerful you will get.

The battery capacity is also impressive and depends on the choice of the motor. 750W and 1000W units are paired with a 696Wh battery, whereas the 1500W unit comes with a massive 840Wh battery pack.

QuietKat Apex is available in two colorways and three frame sizes, so it’s easy to find the option that suits your build and preferences.

According to the company, the Apex has a range of up to 58 miles, but this depends on a lot of factors. But, with 5-levels of Eco assist, 5-level of Sport-assist, a throttle, and walk mode, you can easily fine-tune the assistance you need.

Other components and features are maximalist as well. This includes a SRAM 9-speed drivetrain, 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, 26 x 4.5″ tires, and a 325 lbs load capacity.

Buy if: You’re willing to spend more in order to get the most powerful motor and battery combo on any hunting e-bike.

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Rungu Dualie XR Trail Edition

rungu dualie hunting ebike

  • Three 26 x 4.8″ tires
  • 1120W motor & 780Wh dual battery
  • Three sets of hydraulic disc brakes


Rungu Dualie XR is one of the most impressive electric hunting bikes we’ve seen so far. It looks like it was designed by a child with a black sheet and rich imagination, but surprisingly it works!

As you can see, this monster of an electric hunting bike has two front wheels that take grip, traction, and stability to the next level.

Rungu Dualie XR explores the limits of physics in other areas as well. For example, it has a 1120W mid-drive motor and dual 52V 15Ah batteries with a 780Wh total capacity.

Rungu offers a Performance Guarantee and promises to buy the bike back from you if it doesn’t go where other e-bikes can’t go.

Thanks to such a powerful motor, three wheels, and a heavy-duty frame, Dualie XR has a 332 lbs carrying capacity and a 300 lbs maximum towing weight. This means you can go hunting big game.

The three Maxxis Minion tires are 4.8″ wide and each wheel gets a set of hydraulic disc brakes with a parking brake. This bike also features a 9-speed drivetrain and a 23 mph top speed thanks to the powerful motor.

This bike will be overkill for many people, but it will also be the only e-bike that gets the job done for a select few.

Buy if: The harsh terrain in your area requires three massive tires, a huge motor and battery, and heavy-duty components.

If you’re looking for something a bit less hardcore, take a look at our list of best electric fat tire bikes, or see the non-electric fat bikes.

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Rambo Rooster

Rambo Rooster

  • 750W motor / 672 Wh battery
  • Relaxed upright seating position
  • Single-speed drivetrain


Rambo is one of the most popular manufacturers of electric hunting bikes, offering innovative models with well-thought-through features.

The Rooster is a good example, combining a step-through aluminum frame with nimble and versatile 20″ wheels. This makes it incredibly easy for the rider to get on and off the bike, but also to load and unload gear from the integrated rear rack. The total weight capacity is 300 lbs.

Rambo The Rooster is powered by a 750W geared rear hub motor, which is slightly lower compared to some other options on this list. However, this bike is also significantly cheaper at $1,700.

If you live in a flat area or an area with rolling hills (under 10%), this motor will easily get the job done. The 672Wh battery provides a 35-mile range with throttle use only, and much more than that if you rely on low pedal-assist levels.

Mechanical features include a single-speed drivetrain (again, not ideal for lots of climbing) and powerful mechanical disc brakes that will easily stop you on a dime even when fully loaded.

Front and rear lights, fenders, and a dual-leg kickstand are a part of the package as well.

Consider Also: Rambo Savage

Buy if: You want a versatile electric hunting bike for traversing flattish areas that you can use for everyday commuting.


Rambo The Krusader

Rambo Krusader

  • 2WD—2x500W motors
  • 26 x 4″ Maxxis Minion tires
  • 2-piston hydraulic disc brakes


Rambo The Krusader is one of the best electric bikes for hunting, for people who want maximum power and reliability. It’s a rare 2WD e-bike that will get you and all your gear to the top of any hill.

What makes this hunting e-bike special is that it has two 500W hub motors (front and rear) for a total of 1000W of power!

Its 160 Nm of peak torque and 48V 14Ah (672 Wh) battery will make short work of challenging terrain and steep gradients and provide you with a 38-mile range.

Despite its apparent power, The Krusader is quiet and the stealthy camo paint job makes it blend in with the surrounding. Therefore, you can get deep into game territory while remaining unnoticed.

The only reason that could keep you away from this beast is the $5,000 price tag. Though, it’s decently justified with 2-piston hydraulic disc brakes, Maxxis Minion 26 x 4″ tires, and a front suspension fork.

Even though The Krusader has a single-speed drivetrain, you can still climb with ease thanks to the two motors—they’ll do most of the hard work for you.

Buy if: You want one of the best electric bikes for hunting in terms of power, range, and reliability.



More and more people are recognizing electric bikes as the ideal form of transportation for hunting. They are quiet, odorless, capable of traversing rough terrain, and simple to use. You can travel much larger distances on an e-bike and carry heavy gear without spooking your prey.

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in hunting circles. Hunters used to rely on dirt bikes and ATVs to get to distant spots, but these options are loud, expensive, and game can smell the exhaust fumes from miles away. E-bikes are quiet, odorless, and much cheaper, making them ideal for hunting.

Some electric bikes can pull a deer. For example, the Rungu Dualie XR e-bike can tow up to 300 lbs, which is how much a deer weighs on average. However, if you gut the animal in the forest and only bring the meat, you can haul everything you need on almost any electric hunting bike.

Rambo electric bikes have a top speed of between 20 mph and 30 mph, depending on the model and the motor. The maximum speed you will be able to achieve also depends on the gradient, the surface, and the combined weight of the rider and gear.

Rambo makes some of the best electric bikes for hunting in the world. They are equipped with powerful motors, high-capacity batteries, fat tires, and heavy-duty frames that can carry a lot of weight. Moreover, Rambo e-bikes have camo colorways that blend well with the surroundings.

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