REVIEW: Should You Buy Bikes From GovVelo?

Buying Bikes from GovVelo: Our Review of the Process

GovVelo Review
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There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying bikes online, and it can be very challenging to find the right shops for you to buy from.

When you’re spending a fair amount of money, you are going to want to ensure it’s going to the right place and you will get top-quality service.

You might have come across GovVelo before and wonder if they are a good place to buy from.

In this article, we will answer that question for you in our GovVelo review.

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Note: GovVelo is now known as Biloxi Bicycle Works.

What is GovVelo?

GovVelo is a bike shop that is owned and run by a military family. GovVelo was originally called, and this later evolved into GovVelo. They have bricks and mortar store in Mississippi in the USA and always welcome people to drop in and say hello. They do a fair amount of work towards charity and believe in giving back to the community.

GovVelo offers an excellent range of cycling gear which isn’t just bikes.

You have everything from a car rack to computers and a lot of clothing to choose from. They even offer goods for runners as well if you like other sports too.

GovVelo works with many brands, such as legendary brands like Marin, Bianchi, Masi, Niner, and much more.

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The Bike Selection

GovVelo offers a very wide range of different bikes. If you take a look at their website, you will find mountain bikes for all the fun in the rough stuff, e-bikes if you want a bike with a little bit of charge to it, road

If you’re looking for something for tarmac, gravel bikes for a mix of everything, active bikes for those commutes and short journeys, or for example kids bikes, GovVelo has something for you.


Mountain Bikes

GovVelo mountain bike selection

As far as their mountain bikes go, they offer a massive range to choose from and many different types that will suit every trail you can imagine. When shopping at GovVelo, you will find:

  • Full suspension mountain bikes
  • Hardtail mountain bikes
  • Women’s mountain bikes


It’s easy to navigate between brands and different sizes to find the best model to fit all your needs. A feature that has been taken up a notch is selecting bikes by size.

Now, you see this feature in pretty much every online store, but GovVelo has the option to narrow it down with wheel sizes at the same place. For example, you can quickly choose between 27.5″ and 29″ wheels for medium frames.

GovVelo works with a huge number of mountain bike brands such as Marin, Specialized, Mondraker, and Niner.

You can get bikes for light trails or full-on enduro bikes ready to absolutely rip through an extremely rough trail.

See the Mountain Bikes on GovVelo


Road and Gravel Bikes

GovVelo offers a variety of road and gravel bikes

GovVelo also offers a good range of road and gravel bikes for cyclists, and though the range is slightly more limited than their mountain bikes. Here’s what they offer:

  • Flat bar gravel bikes
  • Drop bar gravel bikes
  • Road bikes


GovVelo works with a good amount of brands on the road and gravel bikes’ side of things, such as Marin, Bianchi, Niner, Diamondback, and Fuji.

GovVelo offers a decent amount of different gravel bikes. You get your off-road-focused gravel bikes with mountain bike gearing and huge tires that are ready to rip up a trail at full speed.

They offer mixed terrain gravel bikes that are great on the road but can easily handle a trail too.

And finally, there are road-focused gravel bikes with oversized tires that are excellent on the road but only good for light trails.

And then, GovVelo has the road bike selection. You have two different brands currently. You have Marin and Masi. They have a small selection, and you will find them to be endurance bikes mainly.

See Road & Gravel Bikes on GovVelo


Active and Urban Bikes

GovVelo offers commuters and other types of urban bikes

If you are looking for a bike for a ride out or even to commute to work easily and comfortably, urban and active bikes are ideal for this, and GovVelo has an excellent range to get you where you need to be.

Active bikes are bikes that are perfect for relaxed days out on the bikes and spending time with loved ones and family. They are super comfortable and typically have mounting points for racks to carry luggage. The majority of urban and active bikes from GovVelo come from Marin.

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You have a huge range of different bikes to choose from to suit whatever riding you plan to do. They have step-through bikes just like a typical hybrid which are really easy to get on and off and great for people who might have a little less ability.

Some of the options are good for doing light off-road riding, and some are built purposely for the road. So all in all, there’s something for every type of cyclist

See Active Bikes on GovVelo



If you’re looking for an electric bike, GovVelo offers a huge range of different bikes to suit your needs. Not only do they offer lots of different types of bikes, but you also get some excellent brands that they work with on providing them.

GovVelo’s electric bike range consists of:

  • Electric mountain bikes
  • Urban and active e-bikes
  • Electric gravel bikes


GovVelo works with some great brands here, such as Marin, Niner, Haibike, and IZIP.

GovVelo offers electric bikes for all occasions, and working with high-end brands, you are going to get excellent reliability and an incredible experience when using them.

If you want to go mountain biking and rip up a trail, then you have off-road electric mountain bikes. If you are looking for a gravel bike ready for some mixed riding on the road and on light trails, they have you covered here too.

Then finally, you have your active e-bikes, which you can use for city riding, commuting, and even a light trail. They offer a great range to suit the needs of any rider.

The majority of electric bikes offered by GovVelo have 250W motors and produce around 50nm of torque (it’s different for each one), but the batteries on each bike are different sizes.

See the Electric Options


Kids Bikes

When looking for a kid’s bike, it’s important to get a bike that will be the correct size for the child and also has to be of excellent quality so it is safe to use. We highly recommend using a high-quality brand.

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GovVelo offers a good range of kids bikes –  all the way from 16” wheel to 26” wheel to suit a variety of different heights, from young children to teenagers.

When it comes to children’s bikes it is about learning, so you will find some single-speed bikes where they can pick up the cycling basics and even bikes with gears.

They have a wide range of components and most come with disc brakes.

See the Kids Bikes' Section



GovVelo has a wide variety of apparel available

When it comes to cycling clothing GovVelo, have you well covered here. They offer a vast range of goods to make cycling as easy and comfortable as possible.

The main clothing pieces offered b GovVelo are:

  • Jerseys
  • Bib shorts
  • Base layers and warmers
  • Shorts and pants
  • Vests and jerseys
  • Headwear and helmets
  • Socks, shoes, and gloves
  • Eyewear
  • Casual clothing


The majority of the clothing comes from Specialized, and they typically make very good functional clothing for cyclists, and when it comes to the eyewear, they stock Tifosi.

What we do love is they do their own branded jerseys and casual T-Shirts. This is great because of the charity work they do. You can show your support by wearing their brand.


Gear and Components

GovVelo's gear selection

When it comes to gear, they offer a huge amount of goods. You will find everything you need for your riding here and have options for extra accessories to improve the cycling experience.

GovVelo offers a variety of:

  • Computers and mounts
  • Heart rate monitors and sensors
  • Lighting and radars
  • Bags and packs
  • Car racks and stands
  • Smart trainers and rollers
  • Bike storage and travel options
  • Pumps and tools

Brands include suppliers like Lezyne, Garmin, Wahoo, and Tacx, to name a few.

On the components side of things, you also have a very wide range of options to choose from. When we speak about components, we’re talking about parts for your bike.

It could be a seat post, handlebars, or even something small as a chain. If it’s a working part of your bike, then it’s classed as a component. GovVelo have a large range and supply parts such as:

  • Pedals and power meters
  • Seat posts, stems, and handlebars
  • All gearing components
  • Wheels and tires
  • Brakes, shifters, and chains
  • Saddles and dropper posts
  • Grips and bar tapes

You will find everything you need here to repair or replace on your bike and even build one up from scratch if required.

They are good value for money and very competitive with other shops on the market in the USA. You have all your big brands here, such as Shimano, SRAM, KMC, and even Lizard Skins.



GovVelo sells nutritional products as well

Getting your nutrition on point is very important when it comes to cycling, and not only do you need to be fuelled while riding, but you also need to ensure you are recovering properly as well. GovVelo has a good range of nutrition products, such as

  • Bars and gels
  • Hydration and recovery mixes
  • Chews and waffles


They have a wide range of brands they get these from, such as Honey Stinger, Infinite Nutrition, Maurten, Muir Energy, Scratch Laps, and Untapped. All excellent brands with a lot to offer.

What is impressive, is that they even keep other recovery equipment too, such as massagers


On Sale

GovVelo Sale Section

When we’re browsing cycling websites, we’re always looking for a bargain. Saving a little bit of money means you can maybe get something a little extra for yourself when you order.

Some websites have incredible on-sale sections, and you can get some incredible savings.

GovVelo’s On Sale section has plenty in it, and it looks like they are regularly looking to offload old stock and bring customers in with deals.

When searching the GovVelo On Sale section, we found a lot of clothing and some of last year’s model bikes.

There are some amazing bargains in there, and you can see discounts up to about 30%, which when buying a bike is an incredible saving and enough to get you a lot of kit to help you cycle further.

We recommend if you are looking for clothing to always check in the On Sale sections as this is normally last year’s gear, and it’s up to half price in many shops.

See the Sales Section


Returns Policy

As far as returns go. GovVelo has an excellent policy and will take anything back, providing it is new and unused. You have 60 days to take them up on this, and typically, from what we can gather, they understand the reasons for returning.

As far as bikes go though, it is slightly different. You have 15 days to return a bike, but it must be in original packaging and has to have been unused. This is generally the rule with most bike shops.


The warranty policy differs depending on which products you are buying from them. Certain items like clothing and components have different warranty levels depending on what they are and even the brand they are.

The best thing to do is to contact them via the form on the website, and they will point you in the correct direction as far as any warranty issues might go.

For Those Who Serve

For Those Who Serve

GovVelo has a discount program for veterans, law enforcement officers, government employees, active duty, and many more. You can check on their website if you are eligible.

It means you are entitled to certain discounts the general population is not. We think this is an excellent way of giving back, and you can get up to 20% off certain products that they supply.

If you are looking for something special, they do offer contact to people where they can do discounts for specialist cases too, if you don’t fall into any of these categories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GovVelo is completely legit. If you are unsure, give them a call on their shop phone. Judging by the amount of legit positive reviews, you have very little to worry about when using them.

They are located in Mississippi. They are not just an online store. They have a shop where you can physically go inside and collect or order a bike or products.

GovVelo has a rating of 4.9/5 on, plus they have gotten a huge amount of reviews there. So, as far as reliability goes, GovVelo has incredible feedback, and people do say they are very reliable.


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