Co-op Cycles Generation e Series – A New Line of Electric Cargo Bikes

Review of Co-op Cycles Generation Electric Bikes

Co-op Cycles Generation e
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REI’s all-new Co-op Cycles Generation e series is the latest in urban-centric, lifestyle e-bike technology that will power you over city streets, cycle paths, grocery trips, and morning commutes. Both Generation e1.1 and Generation e1.2 are built for everyone, with one-size-fits-most sizing, a step-thru frame, small 20” wheels, and an upright riding position.

“Urban-centric” and “lifestyle e-bike” may be a bit confusing, but in this Co-op Cycles Generation e review, we’re going to explain why the series offers some of the most comfortable and versatile e-bikes the world has to offer.

The Co-op Cycles Generation e bikes come from REI and are available in two different models, the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1 and Co-opCycles Generation e1.2.

For well under $2,000, you will get an upright e-bike with a rear cargo carrier, 2.4” tires, and a battery that will last 30-50 miles.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Co-op Cycles Generation e series and their inclusive range.

The Brand New Generation e Series

REI recently launched the all-new Co-op Cycles Generation e series as a way “to help make it easier for people to hop on and go.” Whether you are commuting in a suit or making a grocery run in a ragged pair of jeans, the Co-op Cycles Generation e series is designed to not only fit all riders but to make their ride smooth and comfortable.

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The Co-op Cycles Generation e series have wide 2.4” tires, and a step-thru frame for easy mounting. One even model sports front suspension that can handle everything from pothole-ridden city roads to light off-road trails.

Co-op Cycles Generation e Series is built for everyone – in fact, there is only one size available, and it is designed to fit almost anyone from teenagers to six-foot-tall adults.

With this frame design in mind, the Co-op Cycles Generation e series is designed to be more comfortable than fast. But that doesn’t mean you cannot use the powerful motor equipped with a 400+Wh battery that can last for over 30 miles. And with that, there are two different models available from REI: the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1 and the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2.


Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1

Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1

First comes the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1, which is available for $1,499 and in four different colors.

It is a Class 1 e-bike, which means there is no throttle, but there is pedal assist up to 20mph. There are five different assistance levels to choose from. Power comes from the Bafang 350W direct drive hub motor that offers 80Nm of torque.

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It takes seven hours to recharge the battery. The 417Wh Bafang battery offers a range of 30-40 miles.

Interestingly, this electric cargo bike offers suspension in the form of an SR Suntour SF20 Mobie A32 Cargo fork which offers 70mm of travel. This is an impressive add-on for a versatile e-bike at this price point. It makes the ride much smoother and more forgiving for less experienced riders.

The total weight of the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1 is 54 lbs. That is fairly light for an e-bike with this many features including suspension and an integrated rear rack.

Drivetrain is the Shimano Altus series with 7-speed shifting, and a 42t crankset. There are Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors, which offer tons of stopping power, especially in the wet and on city streets.

Available for $400 less than the e1.2, the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1 has 20” wheels paired with 2.4” Schwalbe Super-Moto-X tires with Double Defense GreenGuard puncture protection. Translated: it is almost impossible to get a flat tire on this bike.

And that’s not all the features: there is a dual Y-style kickstand, memory foam saddle, and integrated rear cargo rack. Integrated front and rear LED lights have been added as well, they are powered by the bike’s own battery.

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Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2

Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2

So what does a $400 upgrade get you with the Co-op Cycles Generation e series? The Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2 comes with an integrated front cargo rack in addition to the integrated rear rack.

Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2 sports the same 6061 aluminum frame as Generation e1.1, apart from the front rack. Identical Bafang 350W 48V motor powers the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2 through the direct-drive hub. There are 80Nm of torque, and five pedal-assist levels just like the e1.1.

However, the e1.2’s battery is significantly better. It comes in the form of a removable 672Wh lithium-ion battery that provides a range of 40-50 miles. Depending on your goals and needs, this could make all the difference in your commutes or shopping trips.

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Components-wise, the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2 is not too different. You can find the same Shimano Altus groupset with 7-speed shifting, and 180mm Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Generation e1.2 also boasts 20” wheels with 2.4” Schwalbe Super-Moto-X tires with Double Defense GreenGuard puncture protection.

Despite the addition of the integrated front cargo rack, as well as the more powerful battery, the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2 weighs in at 53 lbs. 11.2 oz., which is just under the weight of the Co-op Generation e1.1.

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Design of Co-op Cycles Generation e Electric Bikes

Generation e1.2's front cargo rack

Co-op Generation e series’ bikes are made for commuting. That means both short and long commutes, shopping trips, and so much more. These frames are designed for everyone. You can share the Co-op Generation e-bikes between family and friends, old and young, experienced and new riders.

The integrated cargo racks are great for grocery shopping, commuting, and hauling all kinds of gear.

These racks are specifically designed to fit a wide variety of bike bags, panniers, or even child’s seats. They are made of aluminum and steel, so they are incredibly strong.

The entire bike can hold up to 300 lbs, which includes the rider and gear carried on the bike. Realistically, that gives most riders 100-150 lbs of gear to carry. And don’t worry about it being too hard to pedal – the motor and five pedal-assist levels have you covered.


Final Verdict

suggestedThe co-op Cycles Generation e series offers a lot of versatility in the form of urban-centric cargo bikes.

With five pedal-assist levels and a range of 30-50 miles, you won’t get bogged down on a hill while riding the Co-op Generation e series, even if you’re carrying 100 lbs of gear. That gear can be stowed on top of cargo racks, which are made of aluminum and steel.

Front suspension and 2.4” tires will help cushion the ride, while the step-thru, one size frame will be fit for almost anyone.

If you’re looking for a do-it-all city bike that can handle grocery runs, steep climbs, and everything in between, the Co-op generation e series is built for you.

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  1. I have 1.1. I need a rear fender (both, would be better). Have you procurement recommendation? Otherwise, I’ll end up at St. Vincent DePaul for a ‘vintage’ component.

    1. Hey Herb, I don’t have specific recommendations. But I think you can go to any local bike shop and find a suitable one.

  2. Lots of reviews mention the low gearing which makes the bike unsuitable for extended higher speeds without very high pedaling rates. Also, will the 1.1 become available with the larger battery?

    1. Hi Earl,
      Unfortunately, such city bikes are not meant for higher speeds. We don’t have any information about the larger battery.

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