Pivot Firebird Review – Does This Enduro Bike Tick All the Boxes?

Pivot Firebird Detailed Review: The Enduro Bike for Adrenaline Junkies

Pivot Firebird
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Are you looking for an enduro bike that will quench your adrenaline thirst, and you can ride at warp speed? Then the Pivot Firebird is the machine for you. From the size-specific geometry to the well-tuned DW-link suspension, this is the bike to go for if you are in pursuit of unrivaled velocity.

Pivot Firebird rewards riders who enjoy aggressive riding on rough terrain with comfort and quality performance.

With its ability to quickly pick up speed on the trail, the Pivot Firebird is one of the most refined and versatile Pivot Enduro bike models yet.

Let’s see what else it has to offer!


Main Specifications

Pivot Cycles bikes are among the most well-rounded and high-performing bikes available today, and the Firebird is no different. This Enduro trail bike is an updated version of the Firebird 2018 model for gravel riding with better tech and components for an enjoyable ride.

It features full-length internal cable routing that is hassle-free when it comes to maintenance. The routing ensures that the cables are secure within the carbon frame and gives your bike a more sleek design. They are also less likely to rust this way.

On this Pivot bike, you will find a Shimano drivetrain with Shimano XT M8100 12-speed shifters that make it easier to shift when climbing or descending. There is also a Shimano XTR GS 12-speed rear derailleur, a Pivot Precision Sealed Cartridge headset, and a Race Face Aeffect crankset which is robust enough to handle different types of riding.

The Pivot Firebird features hydraulic disc brakes that offer more stopping power on the trail. They also require less frequent maintenance than mechanical brakes. Pivot has a preference for everything light, and that includes their Pivot carbon handlebars. These handlebars are lightweight but still as strong as aluminum handlebars, with a width of 800mm.

The Pivot Firebird models are not too flashy and come in orange and Glacial Green metallic colors.

With different options available, it’s easy to get a Firebird with the features you want, like carbon wheels or air shocks, depending on your needs.

The Pivot Firebird fits tires up to 29×2.6″ or 27.5×2.8″ wide thanks to the super boost rear spacing. The super-boost increases the stiffness of this bike, allowing for better and more precise bike handling on the trail.


Frame and Geometry

Like most Pivot models, you get a full carbon frame on the Firebird with hollow-core molding to ensure that all riders have a bike that feels great when riding. This lightweight frame with lightning reflexes can get you out of most situations just as fast as you can ride. The carbon frame dampens the vibrations of the rough roads and bumps.

The Pivot carbon frames are lighter than most frames, but that doesn’t mean that they’re weak, far from it. They can be stiff in certain directions when efficiency is necessary on the track. Stiff frames ensure that the power you put in the pedals will transfer to the back wheel and move you forward.

The long and low geometry allows for a confident ride with size-specific chainstays refining the performance. You can adjust the geometry of this bike thanks to the flip-chip upper link mount. This flip-chip allows you to make more minor adjustments to the geometry, like changing the seat tube angles for your ideal riding position and style.



Pivot Firebird's suspension

When riding the Pivot Firebird, you can enjoy superior suspension performance with 165mm of efficient DW-link suspension travel and 170mm front travel.

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The ultra-capable suspension soaks up all bumps in your trail. With the DW-link suspension, you can get the most out of each ride because it offers some of the best traction, acceleration, superior braking and can easily handle hits on the trail which is what Pivot bikes are popular for.

The position of the DW-link is strategic to give you more traction while climbing and help propel the bike forward when speeding or turning corners. To achieve better suspension performance, the DW-link employs the concept of anti-squat.

Anti-squat refers to a direct correlation between the link locations, the shock positioning, and the rider’s center of mass. This allows for better suspension performance making the Pivot firebird suitable for a variety of cycling conditions.

Pivot Cycles offers a variety of rear shock options for riders. There are both coil shocks and air shocks you can use on the Pivot Firebird depending on your preference. You can either get the ultra-adjustable Float X, Fox Float X2, or the DHX2 coil as part of your rear suspension.

The more than capable suspension and superior components on this bike make an excellent mix for speeding up on the trail.

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With most Pivot models, you have the choice of choosing your build. The Pivot Firebird has four models available for you to choose from.


Pro XT/XTR Air

The Pro XT/XTR Air enduro mountain bikes feature a Firebird carbon frame, which is stable and one of the lightest frame materials you can get on bikes. It is one of the cheaper Pivot Firebird models and goes for $7,999.

The frameset on this bike also includes a Fox Factory Float 38 fork and Pivot Precision sealed cartridge headset. It allows 29″ wheels, and you get Maxxis Minion DHF 29″ x 2.5″ WT tires.

The ‘Air’ in Pro XT/XTR Air stands for air shock. The Fox Factory Float X2 rear shock is a progressive air shock that makes your bike more fun to ride and easier to jump on the trail.

Air shocks are more versatile on certain trails and reduce noise and vibration when cycling. They offer smooth and constant ride quality that is hard to get on other mountain bikes today.

The components of this bike include a Shimano XT M8120 4-piston brakes, Race Face Æffect R 32t crank, Shimano XT M8100 12-speed shifter, and Shimano XTR M9100 SGS 12-speed rear derailleurs.

The Pivot XT/XTR Air comes in all sizes, from small to extra large bikes, for all riders to enjoy a similar riding experience.


Pro XT/XTR Air with Carbon Wheels

The Pivot Firebird Pro XT/XTR Air with carbon wheels is an all-mountain enduro bike for your adventures with Air shock and carbon wheels. This bike is one of the most expensive models going for $9,349.

This bike fits 29″ wheels with a lightweight carbon frame to achieve fast speeds. Like the Pro XT/XTR Air, this model also has a Pivot Precision Sealed Cartridge with Shimano XTR M9100 SGS 12-speed rear derailleur.

Other components of this bike include a 165mm rear travel, a Fox Factory 38 29″ 44mm offset fork, Fox Factory Float X2 rear shock, and Shimano XT M8100 ISPECEV 12-speed shifter.

The significant difference with this Firebird model is the carbon wheels that offer better performance and reduce your effort to reach higher speeds.


Pro XT/XTR Coil

Another model in the Pivot Firebird lineup is the Pro XT/XTR Coil. This bike features a carbon frame with full suspension and high-end components. With a lightweight frame and DW-link suspension, this bike is smooth to ride and control when pedaling.

It is available for $8,199 and is one of the cheaper models in this lineup of Enduro bikes. Some features include a 165mm rear travel, 170mm front travel, a Fox Factory Float 38 fork with 29″ wheels.

Unlike the other Pro XT/XTR Air or the Pro XT/XTR Air with carbon wheels, this model features a Fox Factory DHX2 coil rear shock. This feature sets this bike apart from other models in the Firebird lineup.

Coil shocks are popular because they have greater minor bump sensitivity and better traction when riding on rough terrains. With this and other superior components, riding the Pro XT/XTR Coil in rough terrain is going to be fun.

Other components include the Foxx Transfer Factory series Seatpost for different bike sizes, a Shimano XT M8120 4-piston hydraulic brakes, Shimano XT M8100 ISPECEV 12-speed shifters, and a Race Face AEffect crankset.


Pro XT/XTR Coil with Carbon Wheels

On the higher end of the price spectrum is the Pivot Firebird Pro XT/XTR Coil with carbon wheels. This bike goes for a whopping $9,149, but the high-quality components are worth the price. Like the previous coil model, this bike also has Fox Factory DHX2 coil rear shocks that offer superior cycling performance.

The components of this bike include a Phoenix Team Enduro stem and 12-speed Shimano XT M8100 shifters for uphill riding with Shimano XT M8120 hydraulic disc brakes for efficient braking power.

With lightweight components like a carbon frame, carbon wheels, and coil shocks, you will have an easy time speeding up on this Enduro machine. This model is available in sizes small to extra large. With adjustable geometry, all riders can get their perfect fit and enjoy everything that Pivot has to offer.

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This bike has impressive climbing capabilities for high-speed adventures. The Pivot Firebird is an efficient climber when you make the proper adjustments. You can also switch on the X2 shock to help with climbing on technical terrains.

The Pivot Firebird weighs under 30lbs but is one of the lighter bikes in the Pivot lineup.

All Pivot Firebird models feature a 170mm travel fork with a maximum travel length of 180mm travel.

Pivot Cycles offer some of the most versatile and quality mountain bikes in the market today. With their signature durable and lightweight carbon frames, high performance, and incorporation of new technology like the DW-link suspension, it is one of the best choices you can make when buying a mountain bike.

Different Pivot Firebird models are available at various prices depending on the build. The Pivot Firebird Pro XT/XTR costs $7,599. The Pro XT/XTR Air with Carbon Wheels costs $8,949, while the Pro XT/XXTR -Coil-29″ costs $7,799. The priciest model -the Pro XT/XTR Coll with carbon wheels, costs $9,149.


Final Thoughts

suggestedThe Pivot Firebird model combines superior capability and versatility to create an all-mountain enduro bike that is fast when climbing and descending.

With various build options available, it is easy to get the type of bike you want that features superior suspension, air or coil shocks, and so much more.

These Pivot Firebird models are high-performing bikes with selected technology and adjustable geometry. If you are looking for a fast bike to handle aggressive riding, this is the one!.

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