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Best Mountain Bikes For Kids

Best Mountain Bikes For KidsIt wasn’t long ago that kids’ mountain bikes hardly existed. But nowadays, you can find full suspension MTBs, hardtails, 20″ MTB and 26″ MTB for kids with all the quality and features of an adult mountain bike.  In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the best kids’ mountain bikes, including 20″... Read More »

Hybrid Bikes vs Mountain Bikes

Hybrid Bikes vs Mountain BikesSo you’re in the market for a new bike but having that internal debate, hybrid bikes vs mountain bikes?  We’ve all been there and here we will be looking at the differences between the two types of bikes. For those short on time, we can give you a summary…the main difference between mountain bikes vs... Read More »

Road Bikes vs. Mountain Bikes – The Main Differences

Road Bikes vs. Mountain Bikes – The Main DifferencesRoad bikes and mountain bikes are two of the most popular bike styles in the world. Gravel bikes aren’t far behind, which isn’t surprising because it’s basically a combination between a road bike and a mountain bike. Designed for smooth road riding, road bikes are the style that we see in professional cycling, racing up... Read More »

Review of Pivot Firebird

Review of Pivot FirebirdAre you looking for an enduro bike that will quench your adrenaline thirst, and you can ride at warp speed? Then the Pivot Firebird is the machine for you. From the size-specific geometry to the well-tuned DW-link suspension, this is the bike to go for if you are in pursuit of unrivaled velocity. Pivot Firebird... Read More »

Cannondale Trail SL Series Review

Cannondale Trail SL Series ReviewCannondale Trail SL mountain bikes are built for speed on light and moderate trails, but they’re ready for anything else, including gravel and dirt roads.  Cannondale’s Trail series has been a riders’ favorite for a long time. The lineup gets updated every year with new models that boast modern geometries, improved framesets, and trickle-down components.... Read More »

Cannondale Habit Series Review

Cannondale Habit Series ReviewCannondale Habit is a lineup of rider-favorite mid-travel trail shredders that are confident descenders and decent climbers. Keep reading as we dive deeper into the details about the series.  The Habit is a well-known series of trail bikes in Cannondale’s offer that has a long and fruitful history of innovations and upgrades. The Habit lineup... Read More »

Review of Salsa Timberjack

Review of Salsa TimberjackThe all-new Salsa Timberjack is a do-it-all aluminum hardtail that you’ll reach for when you don’t quite know what kind of riding you’ll do that day. The Timberjack feels at home be it long-distance bikepacking or rowdy trail shredding.  Salsa entered 2021 strong with an important update to one of its most popular aluminum hardtail... Read More »

Review of Pivot Switchblade

Review of Pivot SwitchbladePivot Switchblade looks like your average full-suspension mountain bike. But worry not – this bike is everything but boring. Since early 2016 when the Switchblade was first introduced into the market by Pivot Cycles, it has gone through some significant improvements like a clean design and stretched-out geometry. If you are looking for a versatile... Read More »

Review of Mongoose Impasse

Review of Mongoose ImpasseThe Mongoose Impasse is a good mountain bike for handling light trails and commuting with 29-inch wheels and full dual suspension. With the Mongoose Impasse, you can reap the health benefits of mountain biking like a decrease in disease risk, a full workout, improve your balance and coordination, and sleep better. This mountain bike is... Read More »

Review of Juliana Furtado

Review of Juliana Furtado    Juliana Furtado is a do-it-all women’s trail bike with playful 27.5″ wheels and a revamped VPP suspension design. It loves being in the air, climbing, descending and comes with a long list of mouthwatering upgrades. Riders who prefer 27.5 wheels typically love bikes that feel fun, dynamic, and nimble. That’s exactly how we... Read More »

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