Best Bike Accessories for Kids to Make Cycling Safe and Fun (2024)

Best Bike Accessories for Kids 2024: Make Cycling Safe and Fun

boy riding a green kids bike with accessories over a ramp
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Bike accessories for kids are a fun way to personalize and decorate your little one’s bike. Getting bike add-ons for your kid’s bike is an excellent way to keep them excited about cycling and staying physically active.

There are some considerations to choosing the perfect bicycle accessories, for example, you need to make sure they are safe, practical, and your kids can have fun using them when riding.

Other than that, there are no limits to kids bike accessories.

In this list, we’ve picked out some of the best and most interesting kids’ bike accessories to spice up your kid’s bicycle.



Dilly Dally Little Nutty Helmet- $69.99

Little Nutty helmet

Get this fun kid’s helmet to keep your child safe when they go cycling. With a vibrant design and available in two sizes, you can be sure of the ultimate fit and comfort for your kids. It is suitable for children ages 3 and up with contoured air vents to keep your kids cool while they ride.

The closure is a snap and goes which is simple for kids to use. This helmet is heat-sealed with a 3-piece pad set and 360-degree reflective logos to ensure your child’s safety.

Best Helmets for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

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Ride The Plant Little Nutty helmet

Burn Rubber helmet

Full review of Nutcase helmets

This Little Nutty helmet raises the bar yet again with a quality helmet for a perfect fit for your kids.

They will remain both with the air vents and this awesome design. There are two sizes available, plus they will be well-protected by the MIPS safety protection and Crumple Zone EPS foam.

Overall, this has to be the coolest bike accessory on this list.

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Joovy Noodle Kid’s Helmet

Joovy Noodle helmet

This kid’s helmet is available in different colors, from pink to green and blue, which kids love. They are suitable for young cyclists with 14 air vents to keep them cool while cycling. This helmet features an extended visor to offer maximum protection and a pinch guard chin strap closure. It is easily adjustable with a fit dial to ensure a comfortable fit for your child. These helmets are suitable for children above one year.

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ZippyRooz Toddler and Kids Bike Gloves

Zippyrooz bike gloves

These versatile bike gloves are suitable for both boys and girls, with different designs available. They are suitable for kids ages one to eight years old to keep them comfortable. These gloves feature a soft thumb material for wiping runny noses and loops to make removal easier for kids.

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Boao Kids Half Finger Gloves

Boao gloves

These quality sports gloves are machine-stitched to be soft for your kids to wear when they go cycling. They are lightweight and breathable to keep your child’s hands cool and comfortable. The kids will love the blue half-finger design that offers full palm protection and a quality grip. With adjustable sizes available, your kids can wear them for long as they learn how to ride their bikes.

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Wemfg Kids Protective Gear Set

Wemfg protective gear

This protective gear features elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads to keep your kids safe when biking. It is suitable for kids 3-8 years old. The tough and durable materials have breathable sleeves for breathability so your kids can freely enjoy cycling. The high hardness PVC shell offers additional safety, and they are available in different colors for boys and girls.

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Simply Kids Knee and Elbow Pads

Simply kids protective gear are some of the best bike accessories for kids

The vibrant toddler bike accessories might be the most important of all (after helmets). This innovative protective set for toddlers comes with bike gloves with a mesh bag for storage. This set makes sure your kids are safe when cycling with durable and sturdy material.

The bright designs are great to make your little one stand out while having fun riding their bike. The soft pad technology offers a comfortable fit, and the material is breathable to keep your child cool. With a lightweight construction, they can wear these pads for hours. The product is available in different colors (mainly blue and pink variations, plus black), so it’s perfect for both boys and girls.

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CamelBak Eddy Kids Water Bottle

CamelBak water bottle

This is the ideal water bottle for kids to enjoy using. They are specifically designed for small hands with high quality and safe materials. It is a 12-ounce plastic water bottle with simple parts to remove that make cleaning straightforward and quick. With colorful options, your kids can get the bottle they want while enjoying the beautiful graphics. The simplified stem and straw are easier to keep kids hydrated.

One thing to look out for is the price – each design has a different price.

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YETI Rambler Jr.Vacuum water bottle

Yeti water bottle

This vacuum water bottle is excellent for kids with durable stainless steel construction. The double-wall vacuum insulation helps keep drinks hot or cold.

It is also leak-resistant and dishwasher safe to keep it clean. This vacuum water bottle weighs one pound with a simple flip-flop cap and a capacity of 12 fluid ounces. Your child can also pick their color from the five colors like harbor pink, color reef blue, navy, canyon red, and crab orange.

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CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E Kids Hydration packs

hydration pack

Hydration packs are convenient alternatives to water bottles for your kids (especially for longer trips). This backpack has a 50 oz capacity to keep your child hydrated while they cycle. The ergonomic handle allows for faster refilling with the lever preventing any leaks when riding.

This backpack has a mesh back panel for a more comfortable fit. There is also a safety whistle in the sternum strap of the backpack. With the different colors available for boys and girls, your little one is sure to find the right one.

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2Pack Hydration Backpack

hydration backpack

This is a unique water bladder for kids who enjoy cycling from U’Be Store. It is a lightweight and waterproof backpack for outdoor activities for kids like bike riding. It comes with adjustable straps to better fit different frame sizes with a rubberized padded backside to prevent spillage.

The ultra-thin lightweight design is excellent for kids with a front mesh pocket for carrying personal items. The water bladder holds two liters of water to quench your child’s thirst.

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Bike Locks

LOKKI Bike Lock

Woom bike lock

Whether your kid will be riding their bike to school or the park, they need bike locks to ensure the safety of their bicycles. The Woom LOKKI bike lock is a chain lock that doesn’t need a key, only a four-digit numeric code. The sleeves will protect the bicycle’s paint, and with a 24-inch chain length, you don’t have to worry about your bike getting lost or stolen.

This is one of the best bike accessories for kids when it comes to safety.

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GoFriend Combination Bike Lock

Go friend bike lock

Keep your kid’s bikes secure with this combination chain lock. With a smart digit combination, your kid’s bike will be safe. You can easily set and reset the combination to this chain lock when necessary. It is strong with PVC coating to prevent any scratches on your bike. There are also different colors of these bike locks available for girls and boys.

Looking for accessories for your own bike? Take a list of our list of best bike accessories.

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Bike Bells

Tongues Out Bell

Tongues out bell is a great kids bike accessorie

Bike bells are a great way to accessorize your child’s bike and make them more enjoyable. They will look cool, and your hands will have fun ringing the bell while cycling. This bike bell from Nutcase is a great addition to your toddler’s bike.

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Paliston Kid’s Bike Bell

bike bell with a flower

This toddler bike bell has a beautiful flower design with a clean and loud sound when ringing. It is suitable for a 22cm diameter bike handlebar. This is an excellent addition to ensure your child’s safety when learning to ride a bike. There are different colors available for boys and girls. With just a light touch of this bell, you get a clean sound.

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KSdeal Bike Bell

Spiderman bike bell

This Spiderman-themed bike bell is made out of durable Aluminum, and will probably turn into your kid’s favorite (Who doesn’t love Spiderman?). The sound it produces is loud and clear. If your kid is a bit older and you’re teaching them about bike safety, then this is a must-have!

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Mini Bike Horns

Childhood Kids Bike Horn

Mini bike horn is one of the best bike accessories for kids

Bike horns are excellent for your boy’s or girls’ bike to enhance their safety and warn others when approaching. This high-quality rubber horn has a metal mouth and a suitable color for all kids. It is easy to install this horn with a screwdriver on handlebars with 20-23mm diameter. Your child only has to squeeze the horn for a loud sound to let others know they are coming. It is suitable for ages three and above.

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Hornit Mini Bike & Scooter Horn

Hornit light/horn

This Hornit Horn is an entertaining bike horn for kids’ bikes and scooters. The wings clip better to fit kids’ bikes with a remote trigger so that you don’t have to take your hands off the handlebars. These bike accessories for kids have 25 sound effects and five flashing lights, including a slow flash and a fast flash.

With an adjustable sound feature, you can choose how loud you want it to be without becoming annoying when your kid uses the horn.

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Bike Basket

Schwinn Girls Bicycle Basket

Schwinn bike basket

This girl’s bike basket is great for your daughter to carry goods while they go cycling. It fits most toddler bike handlebars and has enough room to place personal items for the ride. The straps on this basket have adjustable straps to make it easy to attach to bikes.

Fun colors and practicality make this one of the best girls’ bike accessories.

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Nantucket Bicycle Basket

Nantucket bike basket

Wire baskets like this one from the Nantucket bike basket come in six different fun colors for your toddler to place items when cycling. You can easily slip them onto your child’s bike using the two hooks, and the handlebars make removal more straightforward. The design is specific for kids’ bikes with a weight limit of eight pounds. The durable design will make sure your child enjoys years of using this bike basket.

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Bike Wheel Lights

PSLER Spoke Covers

Spoke covers

These high-quality spoke covers are excellent for children’s bicycles due to their lightweight materials. Spoke covers are effective in preventing dirt and rust.  The quality plastic is available in bright colors and is high-temperature resistant.

You don’t have to worry about it fading because it is durable for your child to use. Your kids will love their fashionable bikes and stay cool among their friends.

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Vevina Unicorn Bike Spoke Skins

Spoke covers

These spoke covers are fun and colorful bicycle accessories for kids. They fit toddlers and adult bikes with high-quality and durable material. You don’t have to worry about the skins falling off because they tightly stick to the spokes even when your child is speeding.

With different color options, these are a no-brainer on the list of best bike accessories for kids.

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Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

wheel lights are fun bike accessories for kids

Bike Wheel lights not only make your kid’s bikes more visible at night, but they also help decorate and add style to the bike. These lights offer brighter visibility from all angles, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety while riding late at night.

With various colors available, your kid can stay cool and safe during low light conditions. The flashing mode works well as an indicator, and you can easily install them on 12″ toddler bikes.

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DAWAY LED Bike Spoke Lights

LED wheel lights

These are safety tire lights for kids available in different designs. DAWAY A12 waterproof lights come in over 20 patterns for you to choose the best one for your little one. These lights are visible from the sides and can flash eight colors with high brightness.

The automatic lighting ensures your kids are safe while looking cool. They are energy-saving bike lights with a manual switch to glow even when the bike is moving.

Fun designs and a simple concept make it a desirable bike decoration for both kids and adults.

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U-LIAN Kids Bike Streamers

bike streamers

This pack includes two shiny pieces of streamers to add some style to any girl’s bike. The PVC plastic material is 28cm long with 96 bands. You can easily insert them into most kids’ bikes and tricycles. This is a simple and fun way for kids to personalize their bikes and encourage them to ride outdoors. They will fly and dance in the wind while riding and are available in various colors.

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Saplize Bike Handlebar Grips

grip bars

These flashy handlebar grips are a fun addition to your little girl’s bike. These bike accessories for kids are soft and comfortable with anti-slip and shock-absorbing properties due to the thick walls. You can get the streamers in pink, silver, and other colors matching the handlebar grips. Their little hands will feel better because the patterns are frictional with three layers of protection on the edges, so your child’s hands won’t slip off as easily.

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Haifly Kids Bike Spoke Beads

spoke beads are a great kids bike accessory

These plastic spoke beads are a fun addition to your kid’s bikes. They are luminous to be visible at night with a diameter of approximately 1cm. You have more than enough round beads to decorate two wheels with one pack containing stars and luminous pieces all in one pack.

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Ride Along Dolly Bike handlebar Pinwheel

handlebar pinwheel is one of the best bike accessories for kids

This pinwheel fits most kids’ bikes with an easy snap-on attachment onto the handlebar. The colorful flower designs will spin as your child rides their bike, adding more style to each ride. It is a unique accessory that your child will love to have on their bike.

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Ride Along Dolly Doll Bike Seat

doll bike seat is a great bike accessory for kids

Girls at a certain age love going everywhere with their dolls. Buying a doll seat might be the motivation they need to cycle more outdoors. These doll chairs are suitable for standard-sized dolls or stuffed animals and come in the color pink. They easily attach to the seat post of your child’s bike for safe transportation during their rides. This seat is a great way to bring your favorite doll on a ride.

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Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

Exhaust system is one of the best bike accessories for kids

While most accessories are oriented towards girls, there are still plenty of them available for boys. This bike exhaust system makes realistic motorcycle sounds and will probably will be your kid’s favorite as soon as they try it. The Exhaust system does not require any batteries and it even comes with stickers!

The fun concept and good design make this one of the best boys’ bike accessories.

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For Toddlers


bike basket

Getting baskets for balance bikes can be a challenge because of their small size. Some baskets will be too big, and others will not fit. That is why there are mini baskets suitable for kids on their balance bikes. The FirstBike basket comes in three different colors to add to your kid’s balance bike. There is no assembly required. All you had to do is attach it to the bike, which makes it a great toddler bike accessory.

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MINI-FACTORY Kid’s bike basket

kid's plastic basket is a fun little bike accessor for kids

This bike basket offers additional storage for kids when they go cycling. With a simple snap-on design, you will find it easy to install this bike basket onto your child’s balance bike. It is an excellent choice because your child can easily reach for their personal items. There are also no tools required to attach it, and it fits most bicycle handlebars.

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Pro Disc Cones

disc cones

When your child gets the hang of using a balance bike, you can move on to training them to get to the next level. As simple as these bike cones may look, it can be difficult to maneuver the challenging course when set up correctly. The Pro Disc Cones come in a set of 50 with a holder to make training your kids easier.

These cones are durable and flexible whether they get stepped on or run over by a balance bike. The colors are visible for toddlers to identify and for you to mark on the field, sidelines, or parking lot. You will be getting soft and premium quality cones that will help improve your toddler’s biking skills.

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CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Children Kids Training Handle – Balance Buddy

Training handle

This is essentially a handlebar that you can connect to your kid’s bike and help them maintain balance (or to keep them around you when you’re walking near traffic etc). This is a great device for teaching your kid about balance and giving you both a sense of calmness.

The device is made of heavy-duty Cro-Mo steel. The handlebar connects to the kid’s bike under their seat.

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Kids’ bike accessories are essential to keep your child safe and add their level of comfort and fun when cycling. Accessories like knee pads and helmets will ensure your child is safe even when they fall.

You can also add bells, streamers, and bike spokes to match your child’s personality and make them enjoy cycling.

Bike accessories for kids can make cycling fun – you can significantly improve your child’s riding experience.


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