Shimano M530 SPD Pedals Test & Review

Shimano M530 SPD Pedals Test & ReviewShimano M530 are affordable all-around SPD pedals that offer hard-to-believe performance at an even harder-to-believe price. See how they did in our test and review below. A lot of cyclists are aware of the benefits that clipless pedals and shoes can give them, but they are usually reluctant to give them a try because of... Read More »

Review of Nutcase Helmets

Review of Nutcase HelmetsNutcase helmets are bold, funky, colorful, and a bit nutty. These USA-made skater-style helmets are a piece of art intended for kids and adults, that will protect your head and make you stand out wherever you go.  One of the main reasons people avoid wearing helmets is that they believe they look dorky when they... Read More »

Review of IXS Trigger AM Helmet

Review of IXS Trigger AM HelmetThe IXS Trigger AM helmet is specifically aimed at the All Mountain (as per the AM denotation) area of mountain biking. After using this helmet for all my cycling over the last six months,  I’m happy to say its main use of protecting my head in crashes hasn’t been called into question, but let’s look... Read More »

Best Cycling Sunglasses

Best Cycling SunglassesCycling sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, debris, and the wind, and they also make you look good. But choosing the best cycling sunglasses is harder than you think.  Cycling sunglasses seem like a trivial matter that should not get as much attention as it gets. If you think that way as well,... Read More »

Best Bike Lights for 2020 (Rear, Front & Helmet)

A pair of quality front and rear bike lights is an absolute must if you ride after dark or in low visibility conditions. We’d even go as far as advocating for all-day lights as well, which is something many riders agree with.  In recent years, bicycle lights have become cheaper, more powerful, more durable, lighter,... Read More »

Best Cycling Shoes

Best Cycling ShoesWith the best cycling shoes on your feet, you’ll achieve better power transfer, smaller chance of injury, and more efficient pedaling. Let’s find out what the best ones are then! Clipless cycling shoes provide one of the highest performance boosts of all upgrades you can make to your bike, gear, and equipment. Your feet are... Read More »

Best Bike Locks

Best Bike LocksAny serious cyclist will know that a bike lock is not simply a secondary consideration when buying a bicycle. Your lock should be the single most important piece of equipment that you purchase to go along with your bike and the quality of it should match that of your bike. So, let’s check the best... Read More »

Brooks England – Sparkhill Backpack Overview

Brooks England – Sparkhill Backpack OverviewBrooks England is one of the oldest manufacturers of cycling related accessories that is still active – and they are very proud of it. I don’t intend to write much more about their history because that would be too long and it would not do them the same amount of justice that the History section... Read More »

Mission Workshop – Hauser Hydration Bag – Overview

Mission Workshop – Hauser Hydration Bag – OverviewBike backpacks have become a popular trend in the recent years. Their popularity is rising due to their versatility, comfort, and style. Mission Workshop bags kept us intrigued for quite some time, so we decided to create an in-depth overview about them. To provide you with more relevant and genuine information, we even tested the... Read More »

Review Of Thousand Heritage & Chapter Bike Helmets

Review Of Thousand Heritage & Chapter Bike HelmetsRiding a bike without a helmet requires a balance between fun and danger. Thousand wants to change this balance by offering helmets with greater functionality. Part of our Best Bike Helmets review The story behind Thousand’s helmets is actually more complicated than you would expect at first. We all have those friends who don’t wear... Read More »

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