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Women’s Mountain Bikes

Jeff Balton


source: cyclegearguide.com

Let me help you ladies. Here you can find our selected bikes. I will reveal what’s behind the men’s and women’s mountain bikes. Actually, there is no difference except the women’s bike should be more ergonomical. Also women’s bikes are more expensive because they are produced less then men’s mountain bikes.

Women’s are typically shorter. Like I wrote on bike guide, that 29″ wheels are the best possible solution. Unless you are shorter than 5´7″, then you might get the 27,5″. 26″ is yesterday, so keep away from these, some salesmans might want you to buy these, but don’t take the bait.

What I do suggest is to buy a suitable bike and change the saddle. There are many great saddles in the market designed especially for women. You can find these here.

So, feel free to see my best for women mountain bike!


Good Women Mountain Bike:

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Laurito Hardtail Complete Mountain BikeDiamondbackLaurito

With this bike, they add positive things, that it is

  • very affordable
  • good front suspension for a smooth ride
  • easily adjustable seat
  • quick response brakes

Size chart is little bit wrong. I suggest that you choose one size bigger. Brakes need to adjust and if you´re not sure how to assemble the bike I recommend to give it to Local Bike shop for boys to fix it. But if you can hold wrench, then it is nothing hard to do.

S size is also meant for young girls, so this womens mountain bike is not only for women, but for girls also. It is good starter bike, but don´t expect some miracle from this mountain bike. If you want to hit hard trails and forest often, then you should choose little bit more expensive bike from this list.


Best Women’s Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Women’s 2016 Lux Sport

This bike is the best cheap women mountain bike on the market. It looks cool and it´s components.

If we are talking about Momentum, then it is Australia´s biggest bike company, offering lgood cheap mountain bikes for low price. It has Shimano Altus Derailleurs and Acera shifters which serve you for a long time.

Diamondback LuxFor womens mountain bikes, it is very important to have lightweight frame. And this bike has it! Well known hydroformed 5051 Alloy Frame. Like all good mountain bikes, has it mechanical lockout. It means you can make the fork harder, so it doesn´t bounce on flat roads.

For better braking power, it has Dektro disc brakes. It has wide size range from S to L, so it definitely fits for evey girl.


1. Hydraulic Disc Brakes are very powerful.
2. Heavy duty aluminum frame
3. Adjustable front fork 100mm travel
4. Shimano derailleurs and gear sets
5. Shimano brake components
6. Lightweight aluminum construction


1. Sealed box arrived. Pieces missing – no tools or wrenches in the box.
2. The men’s bikes come with high quality metal petals. These petals are clear plastic and I am concerned about their durability as my daughter rides this.


It doesn´t have pedals included because it is race-ready bike and they use clipless pedals there. I suggest you two pedals which last for long time.


These three should get you going for beginning. There´s no need to choose from expensive local bike store bikes when you can get much better bike for the buck from online. Cheap Women’s Mountain bikes are little bit different from men bikes but you can still read from Mountain Bikes Guide

If you need more help, let me know via contact!


Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels)

Schwinn Discovery Hybrid BIke

This women mountain bike is for traditional use only. For the money, it has aluminium frame. It even has fork. It does add extra weight but makes riding little bit easier.

Continue soon. Now you find top five here




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