Yeti SB100 Review—Carbon XC Race Bike to Win the Podium?

The Yeti SB100 Is the Carbon XC-Race Bike That Will Get You the Podium

Yeti SB100 Bike
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Yeti SB100 is a rowdy 100mm XC bike with trail-crushing capabilities. It climbs like a mountain goat and descends even better. In short: It will blow your mind.

The SB100 full-suspension bike is the closest thing that Yeti Cycles makes to a cross-country rig. Still, though it has just 100mm of suspension in the rear, it is not a purebred XC, it can be much more if you want it to.

To give you an idea of what kind of a beast the SB100 is, consider this: it rolls on 29″ wheels in all sizes, has a long reach, chainstays, and wheelbase, Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension, and a dropper post on all builds.

Therefore, it’s much better to describe it as a fast, short-traveled trail bike that can climb and descend, than an XC race bike. Though it’s versatile enough to still be a good choice for many endurance events.

Note: This model has been discontinued. See our review of Yeti Bikes for newer models.

Yeti SB100 Key Features

To be honest, Yeti’s bikes have never been particularly affordable. However, the company justifies the steep price tags by jam-packing its bikes with innovative features that make a big difference in the real world.

Here’s a portion of what you can expect from the SB100 model:

  • Fully internally routed cables for easier maintenance.
  • Light and strong front triangle with an integrated headset.
  • Low-slung top tube for a low standover clearance.
  • A short-travel specific design of the Switch Infinity suspension system.
  • Anti-squat suspension technology makes for more efficient pedaling.
  • Yeti SB100 is capable when climbing and descending.
  • 120mm front and 100mm rear suspension.
  • 29″ wheels and tires.
  • Full-carbon framesets with all build kits.
  • Dropper posts with all builds.
  • Room for a water bottle inside the front triangle.


Yeti SB100 Build Kits

Yeti SB100 comes in five build kits and with two different carbon frames. The C/Series carbon is less expensive and ~300g heavier than the premium TURQ Carbon found on the pricier SB100 builds.

If you want to build your own setup, the TURQ frame-only option is available as well for $3,399.

  • C1 Carbon – $5,099 – The most affordable option with Fox Performance suspension and SRAM GX Eagle components.
  • C2 Carbon – $5,699 – Has the same C/Series frame but comes with an SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain coupled with better wheels and more powerful brakes.
  • T1 TURQ Carbon – $6,499 – Premium carbon frameset with Fox Factory suspension and Shimano XT components.
  • T2 TURQ Carbon – $6,999 – SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain with SRAM Level brakes, built around a TURQ carbon frameset.
  • T3 TURQ Carbon – $7,899 – The same frameset as the one above, but equipped with the top-end SRAM XX1 Eagle groupset, weighing just 26.4 lbs.


Yeti SB100 Full Review

Yeti describes the SB100 bike as having “100 genre-killing millimeters.” Thanks to the new and improved Switch Infinity system and progressive geometry, this bike feels like it has more than just 100mm of rear travel.

Compared to Yeti’s other models, SB100 introduces some clever solutions that haven’t been seen before. These improvements make it more versatile, more practical, and allow riders to get more for their money in terms of on-trail performance.

Here are some of the highlights.


TURQ and C/Series Carbon Framesets

The SB100 model is available with two types of full-carbon frames—C/Series and TURQ. According to Yeti, the TURQ frameset weighs just 5.5 lbs. with the shock, which would make it the lightest frame the company has ever made. The C/Series version is around ~300g heavier.

Both frames boast press-fit BB92 bottom brackets, BOOST dropouts, slimmed-down and improved Switch Infinity technology, internal cable routing, and dropper posts.

Yeti SB100’s frame is stiff, responsive, and extremely light, which is one of the reasons why this bike excels across so many categories.

Due to the smaller Switch Infinity pivot, Yeti Cycles SB100 now has enough room for a water bottle in the front triangle. This also resulted in an uninterrupted seat tube, which can now take longer dropper posts (175mm on XL frames).


Race-Ready Fox Suspension

Yeti SB100 Switch Infinity suspension technology
The new and improved, SB100-specific Switch Infinity suspension technology.

Yeti SB100 is kitted out with premium Fox suspension front and rear. Namely, the more expensive TURQ models sport Fox Factory 34 forks with 120mm and Fox Factory DPS shocks with 100mm. On the other hand, the more affordable C/Series models come with Fox Performance forks and Fox Performance DPS shocks, with unchanged travel.

At first glance, you’d think that SB100 is built for XC racing. However, the slack geometry combined with 29″ wheels and advanced suspension systems come together to turn SB100 into a confident trail bike.

All builds also come with the slimmed-down Switch Infinity suspension technology that we’ve mentioned before. This results in all Yeti SB100 models having an anti-squat curve at the beginning and the end of the pedaling zone. This improves the pedaling efficiency and makes this bike an unstoppable climber.


High-End Components Across the Line

Like we said, Yeti’s bikes have always been quite expensive. However, Yeti SB100 comes with a respectable list of high-end components that make sense of the price.

All complete bikes are equipped with an SRAM Eagle 1×12 drivetrain, except for the T1 TURQ model that gets Shimano XT. All builds also get DT Swiss 29″ wheels, Maxxis 2.3″ tires, Fox Transfer droppers, Odi Elite Pro grips, and WTB Volt custom saddles.

The groupsets differ depending on the price, so the layout looks like this:

  • T1 TURQ: SRAM XX1 Eagle w/ SRAM Level TLM Brakes
  • T2 TURQ: SRAM X01 Eagle w/ SRAM Level TLM Brakes
  • T3 TURQ: Shimano XT w/ Shimano XT Brakes
  • C2 Carbon: SRAM X01 Eagle w/ SRAM Level TLM Brakes
  • C1 Carbon: SRAM GX Eagle w/ SRAM Guide R Brakes


All models also boast Cane Creek 40 integrated headsets, sealed enduro max pivot bearings, and integrated derailleur hangers.


Versatile Climbing and Descending Geometry

Geoff Kabush on the SB100
Geoff Kabush shredding a descent on the Yeti SB100.

The most exciting thing about Yeti SB100 is its geometry. It has a well-balanced 68° head tube angle combined with a 74.5° seat tube angle. It also gets a long front center, 17.2″ chainstays, a long wheelbase, a low bottom bracket, and a 44mm offset.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to conclude that Yeti SB100 is friends with high-speed singletracks and extremely steep trail descents.

This geometry centers the rider on the bike and gives them more confidence and stability achieved with the low center of gravity and a sharp attack angle.

When climbing, SB100 feels firm and efficient, thanks to a crisp pedaling platform created by Switch Infinity and the Fox suspension.


Yeti SB100 Sizes

Yeti SB100 is available in four distinct sizes that fit a really wide range of riders. Check out the size recommendations below to find your ideal frame size:

  • Small 15.5″: 5’1” – 5’7”
  • Medium 16.5″: 5’5” – 5’11”
  • Large 18″: 5’10” – 6’3”
  • X-Large 19.5″: 6’1” – 6’7”

Other Models

If you don’t think this is the right model for you, you should check out our other reviews of Yeti trail bikes to find something that suits your needs better.

  • SB130A short-travel XC race-oriented bicycle with 150mm on front and 130mm of rear travel and a redefined Switch Infinity suspension technology.
  • SB140A medium-travel 27.5″ trail bike with a 140mm rear shock and a 160mm suspension fork. This is one of the most versatile trail bikes that Yeti makes.
  • ARCA premium hardtail bicycle with 130mm of front travel, built for XC racing and trail riding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Yeti SB100.

Yeti is a premium bike brand that makes mid-range to high-end mountain bikes. Yeti is renowned in the MTB world for its innovative bikes equipped with high-end components and race-ready builds. These bikes ride well, last a long time, and come with proprietary technologies that can’t be found elsewhere.

Yeti is a USA bicycle company based in Golden, Colorado. However, their frames have been built in Taiwan since 2007 in an attempt to reduce manufacturing costs. The bikes are then assembled in the USA, where they pass the final quality control before being shipped to their respective buyers.

Yeti bikes are expensive because of advanced technology and excellent marketing. When buying a Yeti bike, you’re paying for a premium frame that’s jam-packed with high-tech solutions. However, you’re also paying for the Yeti name, which is one of the most recognizable brands in the MTB world.

Yeti SB100 is an expensive bicycle but it is definitely worth the money when you take a look at the big picture. The SB100 bike comes with advanced features that make it capable in the real world. It has an extremely light carbon frameset, excellent suspension, and premium SRAM and Shimano groupsets.

Yeti SB100 is ideal for riders who want to do a little bit of everything. If you need a bike to climb and descend, but also compete in endurance cross-country events, this is the right bike for you. It is a well-balanced machine that will help you get all kinds of KOMs on your rides.


Final Verdict: A Good All-Around Choice?

Yeti SB100 is one of the most versatile bikes in the company’s lineup. It doesn’t matter how you choose to define it, because it can be most things at the same time.

Yeti SB100 mountain bike review

If you need a short-travel trail bike you can race, SB100 is the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an unconventional XC race bike that you can push further than other similar rigs, you’ll be quite happy with this choice.

Even though Yeti SB100 comes with a steep price, you should keep in mind that its versatility puts it in several categories. You get at least two bikes at the price of one, which is a tempting proposition if you’re an all-around mountain biker.

Yeti SB100

From $5,099












  • Extremely lightweight carbon frames
  • Excellent high-end components
  • Quality DT Swiss wheels and Maxxis tires
  • Innovative Switch Infinity suspension technology
  • Dropper posts on all builds


  • Pretty expensive

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