Raleigh Clubman Review (Alloy & Carbon Added) - All You Need To Know

Raleigh Clubman Review

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Raleigh Clubman Review
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The Raleigh Clubman is a versatile road bike; it can handle anything from rough pavements to commuting on a daily basis. This Raleigh heritage bike features classic rando styling. The bike is fast, cool, durable and retro, but what else?

Raleigh is one of the leading bike brands that and it has commanded the public’s respect for a very long time. In fact, most of us have owned or ridden a Raleigh bike at some point in our lives.

The aluminum fenders of this stylish city road bike matches with the frame, this design creates an eye-popping look! The Raleigh Clubman has been “pimped” with some updated features like high-end mechanical disc brakes and a choice of 18 gears.

It also maintains its brilliant heritage by using some past features like a durable steel frame that has a signature Raleigh script logo. The Raleigh Clubman boasts of a comfy Reynolds 520 frame that comes with impressive features like a pump peg on the head tube, mudguard mounts, bottle bosses on seat and down tubes as well as rack mounts. It can be classified as a light tourer and it is available at a cost of $799.99.


Customer Reviews

JD said that he was pleased with his Raleigh Clubman which is very classy when compared to other “gawdy” bikes. He narrates that he remembers seeing admiration looks from other shoppers in the bike shop he bought his bike from, he even remembers a guy telling his wife that he would wish for a similar bike. Apart from the fact that it turns heads, he also noted that the clubman has speed for days; it even speeds up in many hills although it doesn’t have a third, little ring.

Raleigh Clubman Overview
Fast 50/34 and 11-34t. And yes, discs!

According to Stafford, the Raleigh Clubman is great for different purposes thanks to its superior features like a smooth-shifting Sora 9 speed drivetrain and disc brakes that make no noise.

He advises people to buy the bike as primary bike, it has a long-lasting frame that can even be built on light-trail, gravel or touring bikes. The user even added that he considered buying the Surly Disc Trucker and the Masi Randonneur before settling for the all-purpose, commuter and good gravel Clubman.

He also feels that this should be a great bike for anyone who has used modern 105 or Ultegra, or even a much older road bicycle. The owner also loves the mixture of the classic look and modern features; he calls it a very good bike.


Sizes and Assembly

Raleigh Club,an Front fork and sic brakes
Chromoly form, Clement Strada 700x28c tires and Weinmann XC180 Double Wall rims with discs

The Raleigh Clubman is offered in eight different sizes to match different kinds of riders:

  • 48 cm frame for rider height: 5’0″ – 5’2″
  • 50 cm frame for rider height 5’2″ – 5’4″
  • 52 cm frame for rider height: 5’4″ – 5’7″
  • 54 cm frame for rider height: 5’7″ – 5’9″
  • 56 cm frame for rider height: 5’9″ – 5’11”
  • 58 cm frame for rider height 5’11” – 6’0″
  • 60 cm frame for rider height: 6’0″ – 6’3″
  • 62 cm frame for rider height: 6’3″ – 6’5″

Your bike normally comes when it is around 90% assembled; it might need some small adjustments on shifting and brakes. The cheapest way to assemble your bike is by doing it yourself with the help of the assembly guide.

However, if this is very complicated then you should visit your nearest bike shop to have your bike assembled by a mechanic at a small fee. You also have an option of contacting Amazon to place an order so that you can have your bike assembled by trained professionals.


Other Clubman Models

There are also Clubman Alloy and Clubman Carbon models from Raleigh.

Raleigh Clubman Alloy Short Overview
Budget Clubman Alloy

The Clubman Alloy is an ultimate commuter that can handle long road miles no matter the conditions and it also does well on any kind of pavement. It is light, sleek, responsive, retro and it also comes with classic rando styling.

It can stop even in difficult weather conditions thanks to its mechanical disc brakes that offer outstanding stopping power. IClubman comes with tapered head tube (that adds stiffness) plus front and rear thru axles, fenders to protect your bike from dirt and mud during wet conditions, endurance frame geometry as well as Shimano Sora 18-speed STI Shifters for the ideal gear ratio.

This Raleigh heritage bike can be used for different purposes from riding rougher roads to commuting. The Raleigh Clubman Alloy is available in the market at a cost of $659.99.


Raleigh Clubman Carbon
The Gun – Clubman Carbon

The Clubman Carbon is a road bike that can be used for different purposes like riding on rough pavements and commuting to base miles. It is ultra-lightweight, cool, responsive, retro and it is made with premium materials and classic rando styling.

It comes with premium Brooks Cambium saddle and matching bar tape as well as a trademark Raleigh script logo. The bike is responsive, stiff and light thanks to a High Modulus Carbon frame. It also comes with tapered head tube plus front and rear thru axles, fenders, mechanical disc brakes, endurance frame geometry as well as Shimano Shimano Tiagra 20 speed STI shifters.

This ultimate commuter road bike blends a beautiful mix of old and new features. It costs $1,999.99.



Bottom Line

The Raleigh Clubman is a road bike that offers both style and speed. You will easily reach your destination with this comfortable, useful, daily rider and uber-cool bike. Commuters will especially appreciate the reasonable price of this fast bike.

Suggested bike by Bicycle Guider

The manufacturer can improve the bike by making the components a bit stronger; however, we are happy to report that this bike has plenty of good things like decent parts, superb riding frame and a stylish design.


If you love your bike light, fast and without the three main chain-rings then the Clubman is the perfect bike to ride. With this in mind, you should know that removing that small ring will require you to be in superb shape to receive maximum output from the bike. This is great news for people struggling with fitness and weight loss issues because you will only need to ride this bike for a few weeks before you get in good shape.

Overall, we give the Raleigh Clubman a rating of 9 out of 10 and as a daily commuter and a score of 7 out of 10 as a touring bike – definitely suggested!

Raleigh Clubman













  • Eight Sizes
  • Three Different Models
  • Disc Brakes
  • Fast 34/50


  • No color options
  • Needs (minor) assembly

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