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Touring Bike vs Road Bike – The Main Differences

Touring Bike vs Road Bike – The Main DifferencesAre you looking into the age-old touring bike vs road bike discussion and want to learn the main differences? You’ve come to the right place!  We’ll be looking at what the main differences are between touring and road bikes, as well as the similarities. Which bike is going to be right for you? Let’s find... Read More »

Road Bikes vs. Mountain Bikes – The Main Differences

Road Bikes vs. Mountain Bikes – The Main DifferencesRoad bikes and mountain bikes are two of the most popular bike styles in the world. Gravel bikes aren’t far behind, which isn’t surprising because it’s basically a combination between a road bike and a mountain bike. Designed for smooth road riding, road bikes are the style that we see in professional cycling, racing up... Read More »

Best Electric Road Bikes

Best Electric Road BikesThese electric road bikes will help you overcome your limitations, ride farther, faster, and stay with the pack on Sunday group rides. Electric road bikes are rising in popularity because they open up the sport to people who don’t find suffering particularly fun. If you need a helping hand on steep climbs but don’t want... Read More »

Gravel vs. Road Bikes – How To Choose?

Gravel vs. Road Bikes – How To Choose?The differences between gravel bike vs road bike are real, even though they’re hard to spot by an untrained eye. Keep reading as we delve deeper into the main differences and help you make the right choice. Gravel bikes have been a hot topic in cycling circles for a long time. They’ve been the cause... Read More »

Vilano Shadow Review

Vilano Shadow ReviewVilano Shadow is an interesting entry-level road bike that deserves everything but to stay in the shadows. That’s why we’re putting it in the spotlight with this review, where we believe it belongs. This bicycle is a very good choice for any road cycling beginner out there for a number of reasons: It’s cheap. It... Read More »

Orbea Orca M30 Review

Orbea Orca M30 ReviewThe Orbea Orca M30 is a stupendous bike. It’s at the top end of the mid-range and our impressions are overall more than positive. The Orbea Orca M30 has arrived with a brand-new frame, so the new version is even slimmer and more aggressive than the previous one. The Basque company is not messing around because... Read More »

Raleigh Stuntman Review

Raleigh Stuntman ReviewThis model has been discontinued. See our list of bike reviews to find more reviews.   Remember the first time touring you realized your GPS didn’t distinguish between paved and gravel roads? Were you as unprepared as I was on a 15c road rim? Ahead, chunky railroad gravel. Behind, smooth shopping cart pavement. What did... Read More »

Cannondale CAAD12 Review

Cannondale CAAD12 ReviewWhat is it that you should be looking for in a good road bike? Lightweight, good frame ergonomics and worthy components are definitely on the list. Well, in that case, the Cannondale CAAD12 105 is more than a good road bike. It checks all of these categories and more. Cannondale is one of the rare... Read More »

Raleigh Clubman Review

The Raleigh Clubman is a versatile road bike; it can handle anything from rough pavements to commuting on a daily basis. This Raleigh heritage bike features classic rando styling. The bike is fast, cool, durable and retro, but what else?   Raleigh is one of the leading bike brands that and it has commanded the... Read More »

State Bicycle Co – Core Line – Wulf Review

State Bicycle Co – Core Line – Wulf ReviewThe new Core Line Wulf looks even better in person than in the pictures and performs better than can be expected without destroying your wallet. Last Update: State Bicycle is in Best Fixed Gear & Single Speed Bikes!   The Core Line Wulf The State Bicycle Co Wulf is a versatile single or fixed-speed bike... Read More »

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