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Review of Priority 600

Jeff Balton

Priority 600 Review

Priority 600 is a maintenance-free and ultra-reliable do-it-all commuter bicycle with no chain and derailleurs, boasting instead a 12-speed Pinion gearbox.

Priority 600 is one of the simplest, yet most technologically advanced commuter bicycles you can get today. This is an automotive-inspired bicycle equipped with a Pinion gearbox designed by two former Porsche engineers who brought about a major revolution into the world of cycling.

Priority 600 is extremely dependable and easy to use, built for everyday abuse but only occasional servicing. This is a good-looking urban workhorse with top-notch features and accessories (such as a dynamo hub, lights, and hydraulic discs) that does not cost an arm and a leg.

If you need a no-fuss road commuter and gravel grinder all-in-one, you’ll want to read the rest of our Priority 600 review.

Priority 600 Key Specifications

Priority 600 features high-quality components sourced from some of the biggest brands in the industry. On top of that, the bike gets all the necessary accessories to be ridden year-round, day or night.

In addition to commuting, you can also use this bike for fitness, running daily errands, or for easy spins with family and friends along smooth bike paths.

  • Frame: Ultralight 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Fork: Ultralight 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Gearbox: Pinion C1.12 Magnesium body
  • Shifter: Pinion DS2
  • Gears: 12 (equivalent to traditional 30)
  • Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Rims: WTB ST TCS 2.0 650B
  • Tires: WTB Horizon 650B Plus 47 mm, Tubeless-ready
  • Front Hub: Priority Low Drag Dynamo 3W 6V
  • Saddle: WTB Pure
  • Pedals: Priority Alloy Platform

Find more details on PriorityBicycles.com

Full Review

Priority 600 is the ideal bicycle for negligent bike owners who loathe adjusting derailleurs, cleaning the drivetrain, and lubricating the chain. All you need to do every morning before your commute is hop on and ride.

Component-wise, Priority has thought about everything, so everything on the bike has been accounted for. It’s ready to rumble.

The proud owners of this inconspicuous-looking city beast will get a lightweight aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes, multi-surface tires, and a dynamo hub to begin with.

Priority 600 Full Review

Lightweight and Sleek Alu Frame

At the base of Priority 600 lies a simple and elegant aluminum frameset painted in a uniform jet-black color. This is a step-over frame with a discreetly sloping top tube that provides a decent standover clearance.

Priority 600 weighs just over the 30 lb. mark, which means it is reasonably lightweight considering its automotive-inspired transmission gearbox.

The frame is crisscrossed with eyelets that let you attach two water bottle cages, in addition to fenders that come stock with the bike.

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Pinion Gearbox: 600% Gear Range

The 12-speed auto-inspired Pinion gearbox is the heart of Priority 600. This is the most advanced shifting technology in the cycling world that completely eliminates derailleurs, cables, or a chain.

The bicycle was named “600” because the gearbox provides you with a 600% gear-range. Even though you have a choice of 12 gears, the gear-range is equivalent to that of a traditional 30-gear drivetrain.

PRIORITY 600 pinion gearbox

The entire transmission mechanism is fully-sealed and fitted around the bottom bracket. It works seamlessly, even while you’re pedaling, and requires no maintenance or adjusting.

The gearbox is connected to the rear cogs with a Gates Carbon Drive belt that does not require any degreasing or lubrication.

Multi-Surface WTB 650BTires

Priority 600 is ready for any challenge you put it through thanks to its versatile WTB Horizon 650B tires. These are 47mm wide multi-surface tires that can comfortably take you on an on-road and off-road adventure.

In addition to being gravel-ready, these tires are also tan-walled, which looks great against Priority 600’s all-black base color.

PRIORITY 600 multi-surface tires

They’re paired up with WTB ST TCS 2.0 tubeless-ready wheels, which means you’ll never be late to work due to punctures.

If you need a bicycle that can handle different types of roads, from pavement to dirt to gravel, Pinion 600 looks like it’s up to the task.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Priority 600 comes with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes that offer good stopping power. These are dual-piston hydro brakes coupled with 160 mm rotors, front and rear.

These are not the best hydraulic disc brakes you can get, but they are suitable for the price range in which Priority 600 sits. After all, this is not a mountain bike, but a versatile asphalt and gravel machine. With that in mind, these brakes are more than sufficiently strong for the type of riding you’ll do.

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Commute-Ready Accessories

Priority 600 ships with a ready-to-ride configuration that includes a number of practical accessories. You’ll get a pair of durable composite fenders, a kickstand, dynamo, and front and rear lights.

The Priority front hub dynamo produces electricity as you ride, which is then used to power front and rear lights. You’ll be visible from all sides, at all times, without having to worry about replacing or recharging any batteries.

PRIORITY 600 dynamo and lights

The dynamo hub also has USB charging capabilities, which means you can keep all of your devices (such as a smartphone or cycling computer) charged at all times.

The 500-lumen headlight is sufficiently bright to help you see and be seen, so you can ride Priority 600 day or night.

Priority 600 Geometry and Sizes

Priority does not share a detailed geometry chart for the “600”, but it’s easy to see that this bike prioritizes comfort over speed.

The 74° head tube angle and the 69° seat tube angle give Priority 600 an endurance geometry. You’ll sit in a relaxed, upright position that gives you a good overview of the road ahead, that you can maintain for hours.

You can order Priority 600 in one of three available frame sizes, depending on your height and inseam length:

  • Small 17″: 27″ – 29″ Inseam Length
  • Medium 19″: 30″ – 32″ Inseam Length
  • Large 21″: 32″ – 35″ Inseam Length


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to the most common questions our readers ask us about the Priority 600 bike.Frequently asked questions

  • Are Priority bicycles good?

Priority is a USA-based company that makes high-quality bicycles equipped with dependable components. Their bicycles feature sealed gearboxes, Gates carbon drive belts, and reliable brakes, wheels, and tires. They are ideal for everyday riding and last a long time.

Full overview of Priority Bicycles

  • Where are Priority bicycles made?

The frames for Priority bicycles are made in China in order to control the manufacturing costs. These are then shipped to the company’s warehouses in Pennsylvania where they are painted, assembled, and tuned. This way, the company has full control of the final product, before it sends it to the customer.

  • Is Priority 600 really maintenance-free?

Priority 600 is not 100% maintenance-free but it requires significantly less day-to-day maintenance compared to a traditional bike. The Gates carbon drive belt does not need lubrication and the Pinion gearbox does not require adjusting. This eliminates 80% of regular bike maintenance and leaves some less frequent things to do.

  • Is Priority 600 off-road-ready?

Yes, you can ride Priority 600 both on- and off-road. This bike comes with 650B x 47mm tires which can tackle paved and unpaved roads, including dirt and gravel. Since there is no suspension, you shouldn’t do proper mountain biking, but Priority 600 is more than capable of mixed-terrain riding.

  • Is it easy to ride Priority 600 uphill?

Yes, Priority 600 is very easy to ride uphill thanks to the 12-speed Pinion gearbox. It provides a 600% gear range, which feels the same as if you’re riding a traditional 30-gear drivetrain. You’ll easily find the right gear both for very steep hills and for fast flat and downhill sections.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy Priority 600?

Priority 600 has brought about a revolution of sorts. It has eliminated one of the most common reasons why many people don’t commute by bike—complicated maintenance. If you’re a lazy person or you already have enough tasks to juggle every day, you will love Priority 600’s maintenance-free nature.

PRIORITY 600 maintenance-free bike

The Pinion gearbox is definitely a standout feature that will convince many to purchase this bike. It’s a fun rig that lets you commute year-round and focus on nothing else but having fun. You can ride it to work on weekdays or go on long rides on the weekend.

All in all, Priority 600 easily justifies its $2,300 price tag and wins a unanimous recommendation from the Bicycle Guider team.

Get Priority 600

Priority 600













  • Maintenance-free Pinion gearbox
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
  • Fuss-free Gates Carbon belt
  • Multi-surface tires
  • Dynamo-powered lights


  • Only 3 sizes available
  • Comes in one color only


  • David Chew says:

    Hi how much in total to deliver the whole bike to Malaysia? I am 5.5 inches which bike size suits me. Does it comes with front and rear racks for long distance touring. How do I service the gearbox and do you provide a spare belt thank you

    • Editor says:

      Hi David,
      This article might be a big help to you. You can reach priority through this info:
      We’re here for you seven days a week.

      For our fastest response:

      Email : [email protected]
      Text/WhatsApp: (917) 819-1665
      *Please include video or photos when

      Our workshop is currently open

      for contactless pickup only:

      174 Hudson Street
      New York, NY 10013
      Phone: (917) 819-1665 (Weekdays, 9-5 EST)

  • Harmon says:

    Hi Jeff,

    A great review! Did you have any problems with the lower bottom bracket height? I am contemplating using it bike packing on gravel roads across the US.

    Thank you

    • Editor says:

      Hi Harmon,
      So far, non at all. If it is simply gravel then there is no issue with the height. The thickness of your tires can also raise the bike a bit.

  • Scooter says:

    Great Review of Priority 600 mate. Thanks for sharing Jeff Balton.

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Scooter,

      Always glad to share ideas about bikes. It is great to have a bird’s eye view about certain brands before making a decision. Cheers!

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