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Gravel vs. Road Bikes – How To Choose?

Gravel vs. Road Bikes – How To Choose?The differences between gravel bike vs road bike are real, even though they’re hard to spot by an untrained eye. Keep reading as we delve deeper into the main differences and help you make the right choice. Gravel bikes have been a hot topic in cycling circles for a long time. They’ve been the cause... Read More »

Review of Niner MCR 9 RDO – Best Full Suspension Gravel Bike?

Review of Niner MCR 9 RDO – Best Full Suspension Gravel Bike?Niner MCR 9 RDO is a unique full-suspension gravel bike that redefines what a drop-bar bicycle is supposed to ride and look like. Does it make sense for gravel or is it crossing too many boundaries?  A few brands have played with the idea of adding suspension to their gravel bikes in recent years. However,... Read More »

Review of Marin Nicasio Series

Review of Marin Nicasio SeriesTraditional and modern are no longer juxtaposed thanks to Marin’s Nicasio performance gravel bikes. Modern geometry and classic steel design give new meanings to comfort and performance. The Marin Nicasio series consists of three steel endurance bikes built for those who want to keep riding even after the road runs out of pavement. Marin Nicasio... Read More »

Gravel vs Cyclocross Bikes: Are They Really Different?

Gravel vs Cyclocross Bikes: Are They Really Different?The cyclocross vs gravel bike discussion has been going on for quite a while. They seem to have so much in common, so do you really need both? We get these questions a lot, so here are our two cents. Learn about the similarities and differences between the two types. Gravel and cyclocross bicycles are... Read More »

Overview of Cannondale Topstone Series

Overview of Cannondale Topstone SeriesCannondale Topstone is a lineup of ground-breaking gravel bikes available with aluminum and carbon frames. Equipped with Kingpin suspension, high volume tires, and top-quality components, they win against the competition on any surface. Cannondale began their journey into the gravel grinding world with the revolutionary Slate model. However, gravel standards have changed a lot since... Read More »

8 Reasons Why Gravel Is the Hottest Trend in the Cycling World

8 Reasons Why Gravel Is the Hottest Trend in the Cycling WorldGravel riding has been around for a few years and is winning the hearts of more and more cyclists. It combines the best aspects from several cycling disciplines and the worst from none. It’s obvious that gravel riding is not a fad and is here to stay. Gravel bikes have been the “CrossFit” of the... Read More »

Fuji Jari (2019) Review

Fuji Jari (2019) ReviewFuji offers an excellent selection of gravel bikes with its Jari range, which features five variations of differing quality to fit any budget. The Jari is not simply a repurposed road bike with bigger tires, it has been designed with a new frame specifically designed to seat the rider further back on the bike for... Read More »

Salsa Fargo Rival 1 & Salsa Fargo GX 29er

Salsa Fargo Rival 1 & Salsa Fargo GX 29erThe Salsa Fargo Rival 1 and Salsa Fargo GX are a mixture of a mountain bike, travel bike, and even a fat bike, so they are able to make many different types of riders happy. This time we’re reviewing two drop bar mountain bikes perfect for anyone who likes exploring and traveling on gravel roads... Read More »