State Bicycle Co. Review: Affordable and Stylish Bikes That Stand Out

Review of State Bicycle Co. | Fixies, Gravel Bikes, City Bikes, and More

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State Bicycle Co. is a consumer-direct bicycle brand that produces stylish fixed, single-speed, and geared bicycles for casual riding, racing, and commuting. 

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State Bicycle Co. entered the fixed-gear scene in 2009, during the height of the fixie fad of the time. However, over the years, the brand expanded its lineup to also include single-speed and geared bikes, and even a few gravel models.

Steel was the material of choice that State Cycles used for years, but now many of its bicycles come with lightweight aluminum frames paired with modern carbon forks. Though, the selection of stylish steel frames still abounds.

The main cornerstones of all State bikes are design and value. Most models are affordably priced and feature unique, limited designs and colorways that make them pop.

Read our review to learn more about this fun USA-based brand and all the bikes it has on offer.


Overview of State Bicycle Co.

State Bicycle Co LogoState Bicycle Co. was founded by Mehdi Farsi and Reza Farsi in 2009. The brand started as a manufacturer of cheap fixed-gear and single-speed steel bikes but grew to become much more than that over time.

Today, the State Cycles catalog also includes everyday commuter bikes, gravel bikes, all-road bikes, and even klunker-style mountain bikes.

State Bike Co. is known for selling affordable two-wheelers that don’t break the bank. It’s able to do this by having a direct-to-consumer business model and by equipping its bicycles with a lot of OEM components.

One thing that’s unique for this brand is that each model it releases can be considered a limited edition. State bikes have unique colorways made in limited quantities that are retired after some time.

In 2011, State Bicycle Company also formed its own racing team that is still competing successfully today. It includes athletes such as Scott Piercefield, Chris Tolley, Nicolas Côté, Samantha Wipff, and many others.

Therefore, State’s bicycles are suitable for beginners, casual riders with a tight budget, serious enthusiasts, and even amateur and professional racers.


Core Line

Core Line Redwood Edition
Core Line Redwood Edition

State Bicycle Co.’s Core Line is a selection of introductory models offered with a super-low price tag of $399.99. If you’re buying your first bicycle and staying within the budget is your main concern, Core Line is where you’ll find your next two-wheeler.

This is a selection of flat-bar steel bikes with flip-flop hubs that will allow you to easily switch between single-speed and fixed-gear riding.

At the moment, the Core Line consists of six models, all of which are priced the same and have a ubiquitous list of components, the only difference being the design. These are:

  • State Bicycle Co. x Wu-Tang Clan Edition
  • Rigby
  • Delfin
  • Wulf
  • Pigeon
  • Ghoul


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Some of the component highlights include Deep V 40mm wheels, a 44x16T gear ratio, front and rear caliper brakes, and a 24 lbs. weight.

Core Line models are also highly customizable, as the company lets you choose the handlebar type, pedal type, saddle, as well as add lights, foot straps, a lock, and a water bottle cage.

Give one of these State bikes a try if you want a fun and stylish bike that costs little, is easy to maintain, and has a solid build with a clean finish.

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See The Core Line


4130 Line

4130 - Perplexing Purple
4130 – Perplexing Purple

The State Bicycle 4130 Line is named that way because all of the models are built around frames made from 4130-grade Chromoly steel. The lineup is very versatile as it includes fixed-gear, single-speed, and geared models:

  • The Matte Black
  • Perplexing Purple
  • Van Damme
  • Sokol
  • Army Green
  • Black & Metallic
  • Americana
  • Hunter Green
  • Glacier Edition
  • Cupertino Pearl (All-Road)
  • Fiesta Black (All-Road)
  • Copper Brown (All Road)
  • Black Canyon (All Road)


The 4130 models cost between around $460 and $1,200, which makes them pretty affordable, though not the cheapest that State Bicycle Company offers.

The steel frames have double-butted tubing which makes them lightweight and durable, the hubs are sealed, and the components are higher-quality overall.

The single-speed and fixed-gear models have bullhorn bars which you can swap for riser or drop bars if you wish, whereas the geared road and all-road models have drop bars.

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If you love the properties of State Bicycle 4130 chromoly steel and want a versatile single-speed or geared bike to commute or go on adventures, these State bikes are a safe bet.

See The 4130 Line


City Bikes

City Bike - The Azure
The Azure

State Bike Co.’s City Bikes are stylish, simple, robust, durable, and old-school cool. These are modern utility vehicles with a retro charm designed to get you from point A to point B with minimal fuss.

The lineup consists of three models available with a single-speed or a 3-speed drivetrain:

  • The Elliston
  • The Elliston Deluxe
  • The Azure


If you love the appearance and the functionality of Dutch-style bicycles, you’ll love these city bikes as well. They feature a relaxed geometry with swept-back handlebars that will put you in an upright riding position to enjoy your morning commute or evening escapade.

All of the City Bike models are made around streamlined steel frames (step-over and step-through) equipped with fenders, chainguards, and mounts for racks. The Elliston Deluxe models even come with stock front and rear racks.

All models are also equipped with city-friendly 35c tires and have a coaster brake combined with a front rim brake for secure stopping.

All of this makes State Cycles City Bikes perfect for urban dwellers who need a smart and elegant way to commute and have fun in their free time.

See The City bike Line



Klunker - Grand Canyon Edition
The Grand Canyon Edition

State Bicycle Company’s Klunkers are a weird-looking bunch. If you’re not familiar, a Klunker is basically a mash-up of a cruiser bike, mountain bike, and BMX. The result is a versatile two-wheeler that can be ridden on trails or enjoyed around the neighborhood. The choice is yours.

At the moment, the brand offers five models of Klunkers:

  • Black & Metallic
  • Grand Canyon Edition
  • 420 Edition
  • State Bicycle Co. x Wu-Tang Clan
  • State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead – Lightning Bolt Klunker


Essentially, a Klunker is a Frankenstein’s Monster, but one that looks and works a lot better than the original. It’s characterized by having a single-speed drivetrain, cruiser-inspired frame, BMX-style handlebar, and wide MTB tires.

State’s Klunkers are built on a durable steel frame and fork with a 5-year warranty that has two water bottle cage mounts and a rear rack mount for on-ride practicality.

These bikes have simple coaster brakes that are easy to use and no gears to shift. They roll on versatile 27.5″ wheels and 2.3″ tires that can easily deal with light trails.

Use yours for commutes, weekend adventures, or just to show off to your friends.

See The Klunker Line


6061 Black Label

6061 Black Label All-Road - Dark Woodland
Dark Woodland

The 6061 State Bicycle Black Label series consists of higher-quality all-road and track-style bikes intended for more committed enthusiasts. As you can guess from the name, these bicycles are made with 6061 aluminum frames but also have lightweight carbon fiber forks.

The selection includes the following models:

  • All-Road
  • State Bicycle Co. x Wu-Tang Clan Edition
  • v2


The 6061 alloy is lightweight, comfortable, and affordable, which makes it one of the best bicycle frame materials around. In addition to that, carbon is stiff and responsive and reduces the weight even more.

The All-Road models boast 650b or 700c wheels, a 1×11 drivetrain, mechanical disc brakes, and gravel-ready tires. On the other hand, the track-style models have aluminum frames with aggressive geometry, flip-flop hubs, and extremely fast 23mm tires.

Therefore, State Bicycle Black Label series includes bikes with a completely different intended use, but they share the same 6061 lightweight aluminum platform.

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See The Black Label Line


7005 Undefeated

Undefeated II - Black Prism Edition
Black Prism Edition

Do you want to ride what the State Bicycle racing team is riding? Then you need to check out the 7005 Undefeated series.

These bicycles come with ultralightweight 7005 aluminum frames and even lighter Essor USA carbon forks. The result is a stiff and fast platform that’s perfect for racing and for snatching KOMs.

At the moment, SBC offers two bikes in this series:

  • Undefeated Track
  • Undefeated Disc Road


The Undefeated road bike comes with either SRAM Apex 1 or SRAM Force eTap AXS components, so it fits different budgets. With the latter option, you can also choose between a 1x or a 2x drivetrain, depending on whether you prefer simplicity or a wider gear range.

The Undefeated track bike also comes with a 7005 double-butted frameset combined with a lightweight frame fork. It was designed for pure speed and for winning fixed-gear crit races.

It boasts competition-grade components that have served SBC’s racing team well and will get you to the podium as well.

See The Undefeated Line


Offroad Division

State Bicycles' 4130 All-Road - Copper Brown
Copper Brown

The Offroad Division consists of some of the most exciting bikes that SBC makes. This series includes off-road-ready models from all the other series and adds a few of its own. You can choose between the following builds:

  • Dark Woodland 6061 Black Label
  • Deep Pacific 6061 Black Label
  • Copper Brown 4130
  • Black Canyon 4130
  • All-Road Fiesta Black & Cupertino Pearl
  • Pigeon Gray 4130
  • Sonoran Tan 4130
  • Grand Canyon Edition Klunker
  • Black & Metallic Klunker


As you can see, the Offroad Division lineup offers a wide variety of aluminum and steel all-road bicycles, as well as a few Klunkers that you can choose from.

If you love riding gravel, dirt, and fire roads, or tackle light trails in your area, this is where you’ll likely find a bicycle that will let you do that.

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The price range is pretty diverse and differs from one model to another, so almost anyone can find something that fits their needs and their budget.

See The Offroad Division Line



State Bicycle Co. manufactures high-quality affordable bicycles that offer good value for money. Its bikes are equipped either with Shimano or OEM components that are known to be durable and robust. They’re suitable for beginners as well as for experienced cyclists.

State Bicycle Company manufactures its frames in Taiwan and China, which is the case for the majority of USA-based brands nowadays. However, the bikes are then assembled in Tempe, Arizona, which is where the company is located. As a consumer-direct brand, State ships its bikes directly to customers.

Both fixed-gear and single-speed bicycles have unique advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on your personal preferences and your style of riding. Fixies are more exciting to ride, but single-speed bikes are more practical. Perhaps it’s best to get a flip-flop hub and have the best of both worlds.

State Bike Co.’s headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona. This is where State Rideshop is located as well, which is the company’s official retail store. You can visit it to check out the full range of State’s products, talk to knowledgeable staff, or service your bikes.


Final Verdict

suggestedState Bicycle Co. is an exciting brand that takes a slightly different approach to building bikes compared to similar companies.

It offers a huge variety of bicycles suitable for different types of riders, such as fixies and single-speed bikes, road, gravel, and track bikes, as well as klunkers.

Moreover, each SBC bike is a limited series which gives it an exotic feel. By being able to customize every build any way you want, you can end up with a bicycle that is uniquely your own.

We also love the diverse price points that suit different budgets and needs, even though they could sometimes reflect better in the components.

All things considered, if you want a fun, stylish, and well-built bicycle that makes a statement and doesn’t cost much, go for a State Bicycle Company model.

Get Yours From State Bicycle Co.

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