Review of Tacx Flux Smart Bike Trainers

Review of Tacx Flux Smart Bike TrainersAfter a few years of ‘recalls’ and firmware updates, the Tacx Flux S and Tacx Flux 2 are finally off the shelves and propped up in pain caves around the world. The Flux S is a mid-range direct-drive smart trainer, while the Flux 2 borders on the high-level smart trainers, at least in raw capabilities.... Read More »

Review of Tacx Neo Smart Trainers

Review of Tacx Neo Smart TrainersKnown for its ride quality, unique features, and unmatched power accuracy, the Tacx NEO Smart Trainer series from Garmin is one of the most impressive creations in the indoor training space. Each unit is quiet as can be, calibrated in-house, and designed to provide the best indoor training experience. It comes at a cost, but... Read More »

Review of Stages SB20 Smart Bike

Review of Stages SB20 Smart BikeQuiet, capable, and adjustable, the Stages SB20 Indoor Smart Bike is one of the best smart bikes on the market. Conveniently built with phone and tablet holders, USB plugs, and integrated power meters, the SB20 is a dream for dedicated indoor riders. As they say in their description, “The StagesBike is ready for the evolution... Read More »

Review of Wahoo KICKR Snap Smart Trainer

Review of Wahoo KICKR Snap Smart TrainerKnown for its outstanding power accuracy and sterling ride feel, the Wahoo Kickr Snap is one of the best wheel-on smart trainers available for under $500. A high-tech flywheel and matte black design make the Kickr Snap both capable and stylish. Its wheel-on design makes it easy to set up right out of the box. ... Read More »

Review of Wahoo KICKR Core Bike Trainer

Review of Wahoo KICKR Core Bike TrainerBuilt by one of the leading trainer manufacturers in the world, the Wahoo Kickr Core is one of the most capable direct smart trainers in the world. Known for its near-silent flywheel and realistic ride feel, the Kickr Core is compatible with basically every virtual riding app in existence. Let’s take a closer look at... Read More »

Best Bikes For Seniors

Best Bikes For SeniorsIt’s never too late to start cycling and there’s no reason to ever stop! You can enjoy the outdoors and stay healthy and fit no matter the age with one of these best bikes for seniors! Cycling is by far one of the best activities older folks can do to improve their health and fitness... Read More »

Best Recumbent (Exercise) Bikes

Best Recumbent (Exercise) BikesHere are our recommendations for the best indoor and outdoor recumbent bikes. Top picks for fitness, recovery, health, and your pocket! Who told you that you can’t sit back comfortably and still be fit and healthy? Thanks to recumbent bikes, you can have your cake and eat it too. A recumbent bike is an excellent... Read More »

Best Exercise (Stationary) Bikes

Best Exercise (Stationary) BikesThe best stationary bikes we’ve chosen will allow you to ride regularly and stay in shape even during the winter season or when it’s pouring rain outside. Since you’re on this page, then chances are you’re thinking that you should be riding your bike right now but you aren’t. The reason could be that it’s too... Read More »

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