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Review of Rad Power Bikes RadTrike

Review of Rad Power Bikes RadTrikeRad Power Bikes RadTrike is one-of-a-kind. With a huge 415 lb weight capacity, upright frame, and 55+ mile range, there is hardly anything like it. The three-wheel design is more stable than other electric bikes, and the folding handlebars make the RadTrike perfect for easy transport. The RadTrike electric bike is all about accessibility. While... Read More »

Rad Power Bikes RadExpand Review

Rad Power Bikes RadExpand ReviewThe Rad Power Bikes RadExpand is one of the best electric folding bikes, competing with all-terrain tires, 20” wheels, and a 705W rear hub motor to keep you powered on all types of terrain. In this Rad Power Bikes RadExpand review, we’re going to tell you all about the Rad Power Bikes RadExpand. With a... Read More »

Review of Rad Power Bikes’ RadRover Plus

Review of Rad Power Bikes’ RadRover PlusRadRover 6 Plus is a comfortable, capable front-suspension cruiser with dual sport capabilities and a stylish integrated battery look. Rad Power Bikes stepped up their game with this premium version of their wildly popular RadRover. The RadRover 6 Plus adds hydraulic disc brakes, a more powerful hill-climbing motor, and a sleeker and stylish design. Compared... Read More »

RadCity 5 Plus – By Rad Power Bikes (Review)

RadCity 5 Plus – By Rad Power Bikes (Review)The RadCity Plus by Rad Power Bikes is a multi-dimensional city cruiser with mid-range components and telescoping handlebars, a built-in rear rack, and a convenient step-through design. The RadCity has made its way to thousands of hearts, but now there’s an upgraded version of the fan favorite. With higher-end components like a more powerful motor... Read More »

Rad Power Bikes RadMini Review

Rad Power Bikes RadMini ReviewRadMini 4 is everything an e-bike commuter could ask for—a compact, foldable, fat-tire electric bicycle that performs well in urban and off-road settings. Rad Power Bikes has made a name for itself with stocky fat-tire e-bikes that overdeliver on comfort and accessories. While RadMini shares some of that all-or-nothing philosophy, it comes in a downscaled... Read More »

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Review

Rad Power Bikes RadCity ReviewRad Power Bikes RadCity is a well-rounded e-bike with an affordable price tag, perfect for commuting, hauling groceries, or replacing your car. Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle-based bicycle company known for fat, hybrid, folding, and cargo electric bicycles. RadCity is one of its best-selling models available with a step-over (RadCity 4) and step-through (RadCity... Read More »

Review of RadWagon 4 (By Rad Power Bikes)

Review of RadWagon 4 (By Rad Power Bikes)The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike has the potential to replace your car without reducing you to a pile of misery, lactic acid, and sweat. It’s one of the most capable e-cargo bikes we’ve ridden so far. Did you know that car trips of under a mile add up to more than... Read More »

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Review

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner ReviewRad Power Bikes’ RadRunner is a utility e-bike made to simply get the job done. It’s a streamlined urban commuter made to be customized and personalized to your liking! The three main reasons people don’t ride bicycles more are having to deal with hills, long distances, and sweaty and musky clothes. For me, all of... Read More »

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 & 6 Plus Review

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 & 6 Plus ReviewRadRover is one of the most fun e-bikes in Rad Power Bikes’ lineup and certainly one of the most capable fat-tire bikes I’ve ridden so far.  The e-bike market is expanding quickly as an increasing number of companies have started manufacturing affordable and powerful electric bicycles that don’t cost as much as a car. Rad... Read More »

Review of RadMission 1 — Lightest, Cheapest, and Raddest So Far

Review of RadMission 1 — Lightest, Cheapest, and Raddest So FarWhen making the RadMission 1 review, we discovered that it is the lightest and simplest Rad Power Bikes’ e-bike you can get. This cheap city commuter is ideal for urban riders who are seeking more freedom, and I thoroughly enjoyed riding it.  In some circles, e-bikes used to have a bad reputation of being heavy,... Read More »