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GMC Denali Road Bike Review

Jeff Balton

Even though this bike has a GMC badge it’s produced by Kent International. In my opinion, this is a good sign since a company, with many years of experience, is producing the bikes, and it’s not a company that, although they might be very good making cars, are just starting out in the cycling industry.

They are a family-owned company dating back to the early 1900s. Kent possesses the licensing rights to 5 external brands, as well as their own. These brands are Jeep, GMC Razor Cadillac, and Little Miss Match bicycles.

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Best Performer at the Lowest Price

The GMC Denali Road bike is clearly an entry-level bike, that is available in 3 sizes (Large, Medium and Small). Many people have commented that they are sized a bit larger than normal, but a sizing chart is available on their website that clears things up.

GMC Denali Road Bike Review

GMC Denali Road Bike – Black/Green


The GMC Denali road bike is built around an aluminum frame and fork. Component-wise it’s pretty much what you would expect for a road bike under $200.

Shimano derailleur and shifters are stock on this bike and the brakes are advertised as “alloy calipers” but there are no other markings that can be used to identify them.
The bike rolls on 700c size wheels, which is great since it’s the most common size and there are plenty replacement tires and tubes available. The alloy rims are what’s known as high-profile, this means that they are taller than regular spoke rims.

The added height gives the wheel more stiffness and better aerodynamics. High-profile rims can be considered the middle ground between disk and regular spoke wheels.

GMC Denali Road Bike Review

GMC Denali Road Bike – Red


The biggest pro for this bike is its price. It’s one of the cheapest options available. The different sizes available make it easy to find the right size for you.

GMC Denali is relatively lightweight and strong considering the price point and performs excellently.


However, the GMC Denali road bike is not without its cons. The biggest deal for me is the seat, it is stiff and uncomfortable, but this might not be the case for other people. the added kickstand is very flimsy and weak, people have complained that it broke off after a few rides. Also, the brake pads are very stiff and don’t feel very responsive. Most people agree that you need to squeeze the brake levers very hard and it still doesn’t feel like you are slowing down fast enough.
One thing to keep in mind is that this bike isn’t completely assembled, and some mechanical skill is required. This isn’t necessarily a con but you might want to factor in the cost of assembly by an experienced mechanic before buying. A proper tune-up and inspection is vital to make this bike function properly.

GMC Denali Pink

GMC Denali Road Bike – Pink

Bottom line

The bottom line is that this GMC Denali road bike is a great deal. This is a bike that costs less than Shimano’s highest end derailleur, and still it performs well enough for most users, especially if you are just starting out It is a good idea to upgrade a few components right out of the gate (seat, pedals, etc.) in order to be more comfortable, but even without swapping out parts it’s a great bike for a new or recreational rider.

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However, if you plan on taking road cycling seriously it might be a better idea to save up a bit more and buy a higher end product. But for entry-level riders, this Denali is just great!

GMC Denali Road Bike













  • Good Geometry
  • 21 speeds
  • Shimano Components
  • Three sizes


  • Seat is stiff and uncomfortable
  • Assembly needed

This Article Has 14 Comments

  • PhatmanXXL says:

    I own a Denali, it’s not bad. I took it on a few local tours and performed very well. First thing I did after I bought it was replace the seat, tires, handlebars.

    I too have had problems with flats, I’m thinking about replacing the trims to see if this helps.

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Glad you’re having a good time on your Denali! 🙂 The flats could be related to the rims, so you can give it a try, but there are many other possibilities as well, such as pinches, road conditions, bad tubes, etc.

  • Domenic Bianco says:

    This is not an option unless you HAVE to have a new bike. There are so many good used Trek, Cannondale, Specialized, etc… bikes out there. For $95 than what this bike lists for, I got a Trek 7500 FX with a dropped bar conversion. Way more bike for just a little more money. Why would you even recommend this bike?

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Domenic. You can definitely find good used bikes IF you know what you’re looking for. That includes looking at a lot of ads, trying out different bikes, and figuring out whether or not they’re in good condition and worth the money. That’s not something you need to worry about when you’re buying a new bike. For most recreational riders, GMC Denali is a pretty decent choice, which is why we decided to write about it. Enjoy your Trek 7500 FX. 🙂

  • George says:

    I have a GMC Denali Zo I am looking for parts for it I got it from a friend that found it thrown out in the woods and I am trying to rebuild it if somebody can contact me and let me know where I can find parts for it so I can start riding it

  • Stefani says:

    Definitely a great entry level bike. I’ve raced in it a few times and ride every week on it. The gears are a bit rough but I’m going to take it to a shop to see if the chain is loose. My biggest complaint is that the brakes are horrible. Other than that it is great. I also put Gators on it right away so no flats.

  • Prince says:

    I like the bike but I have had two flats and the sealant doesn’t work really well. I don’t know the tire size, and where to buy the tire. Please help if you can.

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Prince, the stock size should be 23c, but that might not be the case with the one you have. It’s best to measure it or ask in a local bike shop. If you know how, you can also read that information on the tire itself.

  • Kason says:

    Hello I own this bike and am very satisfied. Proper tuning of the brakes really helps responsiveness but there is room for improvement with the spring balance on the brake caliper.

    The seat is stiff but slim and as long as your not trying to sit up right very often then you should be comfortable.

    Agree that the kickstand is very weak and if not treated very gently it has the potential to break easily.

    Well worth it’s money! Very happy with it after over 500 miles of riding.

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Kason,

      I’m glad that you like the GMC Denali! It definitely has some room for improvement, but you can’t get everything at this price. But I agree, for the money, it’s one of the best choices out there. 🙂

  • Varinder says:

    Whats the price of this bike in canadian dollar and where i can buy it

    • Jeff Balton says:

      Hi Varinder, the price in Canada is around CAD 420. You can find it on Amazon and some other popular online retailers there. 🙂

  • Jerome Cabral says:

    I own this same bicycle.I ride everyday and haven’t had any problems.

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