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Review of Niner AIR 9 RDO

Review of Niner AIR 9 RDONiner AIR 9 RDO is a premium carbon hardtail mountain bike that blends lightweight materials with high-end components and guarantees podiums, PRs, and KOMs. Niner is one of the most popular USA-based manufacturers of off-road bikes. Its models are characterized by having sophisticated technologies and apparent attention to detail. AIR 9 RDO is no exception.... Read More »

Review of Cannondale Habit 5

Review of Cannondale Habit 5Cannondale Habit 5 combines progressive, size-specific geometry, tunable suspension, and trustworthy components to give you a fun and flowy trail riding experience. Cannondale was never afraid of testing the agreed-upon standards of the cycling industry, but they opted for a slightly different approach with Habit 5. This is an all-new but surprisingly mainstream aluminum full-suspension... Read More »

Review of Yeti SB130

Review of Yeti SB130Yeti SB130 is a modern trail bike with trendy geometry, a do-it-all attitude, and a plethora of high-tech solutions that instill confidence and extend traditional trail-bike capabilities.  Yeti SB130 is a highly versatile trail bike that’s packed to the brim with mouth-watering features. It’s a bike with 150mm of travel on the fork and 130mm on... Read More »

The Brand-New Co-op Cycles Electric CTY Series Is Here

The Brand-New Co-op Cycles Electric CTY Series Is HereThe Co-op Cycles CTY series has taken countless new riders out of cars and put them on bikes for their morning commutes. We don’t expect anything less from the brand-new electric CTY series, which will make urban commutes faster, riding more fun, and hills not as challenging as before. Co-op Cycles is REI’s bicycle brand... Read More »

Shimano M530 SPD Pedals Test & Review

Shimano M530 SPD Pedals Test & ReviewShimano M530 are affordable all-around SPD pedals that offer hard-to-believe performance at an even harder-to-believe price. See how they did in our test and review below. A lot of cyclists are aware of the benefits that clipless pedals and shoes can give them, but they are usually reluctant to give them a try because of... Read More »

Did Strava Just Shoot Themselves in the Foot?

Did Strava Just Shoot Themselves in the Foot?Strava announced some major changes to its free app. If you want to see how you rank on local segments against other athletes or continue building routes, you’ll have to bite the bullet and pay.  Strava has been one of the most popular fitness tracking apps for cyclists and runners ever since 2009 when it... Read More »

Best Touring Bikes

Best Touring BikesIf you’re planning to start traveling by bike for days, months, or even years on end and carry all of your most valuable possessions with you, then you need the right tool for the job — check out the best touring bikes below. However, the selection of adventure and touring bikes on the market is... Read More »

Best Single Speed Bikes

Best Single Speed BikesOn the outside, best single-speed and fixie bikes look pretty much the same. They both have a 1x crankset and one rear cog. However, there’s an important difference between the two. Single-speed bikes have a freewheel, so the cog is only turning when you are spinning the pedals, and the pedals do not spin along with... Read More »

Cycling Tour Guide: Across Estonia in a Week on a Mountain Bike

Cycling Tour Guide: Across Estonia in a Week on a Mountain BikeAdded: Readers’ Trips with pictures I want to share something unusual with you. A guy called Dusan helps me manage this blog and we often talk about bikes. He shared a story about one of his bike trips that became ingrained in my mind. After doing some further research, I believe it is definitely worth... Read More »