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Hello there! My name is Jeff. I only ride because i really love it. I used to mainly race, but now I’ve given that up to just teach riders how to become better at competing.
Also I test bikes and suggest these. Enjoy! More on About Us…

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Are COrdering Bikes Onlineheap Bikes Good at All?

Well, it depends of the bike. Most of the cheap bikes are garbage to be honest but small amount of bikes are just phenomenal and show that known brand want to rip you off.

So, there are many aspects which you must keep in mind and that can be quite challenging. But yes, there are many great bikes and you can read my reviews.

Buying such a bicycle online is real Russian-roulette. You can spend a lot of money for nothing or if you choose wisely, get a brilliant cheap bike with a price 35-70% lower than those of known brand competitors.

At the end, they are good starters and if you like, you can buy a better bike for i.e under €1000.But for this, you must choose carefully, so read my reviews.

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Why Cheap Bikes for Entry Level Riders?

We know that Amazon offers bikes for entry level. It has large and best selection of reliable bikes online. Amazon has proven itself to having the best prices and delivery terms on the market.

They are very good at working with you in making your search for the right kind of bike easy.Tommaso Imola Lightweight

WOW! Road bike under $600? Yes, it is possible, and we have reviews for this bike. Pretty rarely can we see a bike as head and shoulder above the rest.

Tommaso has been making bikes now for over 30 years and has guaranteed a high market share. In its price range this ride is hard to beat. Funny that cheap bikes like this can beat expensive bikes!

Check out best road bikes here – my reviews!

User likewise have good things to say: Shimano Claris components, free Tommaso bottle cage, very light SLA 6061 FRAME (compact geometry for perfect fit), comfort seat made of memory gel. This bike comes in a single box and is almost entirely assembled, even for entry-level bikers.

Best Budget Mountain Bikes Under $500Cheap Diamondback Bicycles Women's 2015 Lux Sport Hard Tail Complete

I am big Mountain Bike enthusiast. So Mountain Bike reviews are made with special passion. Don´t miss to check these out. If I was young, I didn’t have good bike.

Those, which I had, were terrible. That’s why it’s my aim to save you from these epic fails which I have experienced with cheap bikes. I bet you don’t know better place for bike reviews.

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29″? 27,5″, 26″ ? Hardtail of full-suspension? My review knows the answer.

Cheap Hybrid Bike - Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Trace Complete.Best Entry Level Hybrid Bikes

I bet we all like to roll fast! And if we see nice trail, we want to feel some adrenal
ine. Sometimes here, sometimes there – that’s why hybrids are great.You can’t be super fast on road and on forest but you can be everywhere and that’s the main reason why to choose best entry level hybrid bike.

Check out my Best Hybrids reviews here

You’re not sure, why to choose hybrid? Then you definitely this review is for you.


Suggested bikeQuality?

This logo below shows that the specific bike is reviewed, tested and suggested by us! So we can say it´s good cheap bike! If someone would ask about all the bikes we’ve tested and how many of them would we recommend, then the answer would be around 20-30% of those reviewed.

So not all cheap bikes are good. There are many bikes, which we don´t suggest for reason!

What Kind of Bike?

It is more and more popular to own two or more bicycles. The mountain bike and road bike combination is the most common of all. Second, especially for entry level riders, comes the Mountain bike and hybrid bike combo.

Owning more than one is ok to fulfill your needs. I bet you thought where the heck I take the money? Think again, your on the best cheap bikes site! Also you can read, which Bike Type you need if you´re not sure.

A bicycle is just like a home – you need to have at least one!

So, now, you can sit back and check out our cheap bikes for beginning. Whether it be for yourself, husband/wife or even for the whole family, it´s in this site.

Also, take a look at our Articles Here.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me. I want to help you to get right bike!

And now guide for you:

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