Orbea Laufey H30 Complete Review: Progressive Geometry and Features

Review of Orbea Laufey H30 — Versatile Hardtail with Progressive Geometry

Orbea Laufey H30
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Orbea Laufey H30 is an exceptional mountain bike that fits both 27.5 and 29 wheels. Its quality specs, long suspension travel, and aggressive geometry make it an excellent choice for rough singletracks and descents.


The Frame

The heart of a bike is always the frame. If you can choose a frame that is perfect according to your needs, you are going to love riding your bike. The Orbea Laufey H30 comes with a triple-butted hydroformed alloy frame. That is an advantage compared to other double-butted alloy frames. Triple Butted frames are lighter between the two. Who does not want a lighter bike?

Moreover, the bike also comes with a unique double duty 29″ & 27.5+ design. You can pair any 27.5inch or 29-inch tires with this bike. For people who like flexibility, it is a significant advantage. For example, I do not always like to ride 29” as it requires more power to pedal. It can be an excellent addition for fun times.

The bike offers internal cable routing for the drivetrain and dropper posts.

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Therefore, you do not need to bother about cleaning the bike every single day to keep parts running.



Orbea Laufey H30 Blue
A blue model is available as well!

Orbea has chosen the best in the class fork for this bike.

RockShox is arguably the best fork maker. Orbea has equipped Laufey H30 with RockShox Recon RL 140mm Air Fork. You should know by this time that air forks are better than spring forks. (On the downside, air forks are costlier). The air chamber allows more room to experiment with more compression. The RockShox Recon showed fantastic shock absorption and great response when we tested it.

Orbea Laufey H30 offers lots of suspension customization options thanks to the advanced RockShox Recon RL air fork with 140 mm of travel.

Also, 140mm travel gives you enough reception for even the worst roads. You can even lock out the fork if you are going along the city streets for a higher speed.


Crankset & Bottom Bracket

The bike provides a 1x OC1 Alloy forged integrated boost crankset. If you are planning to use the cycle for the next few years, you have to have a crankset that can withstand time & rough usage.

These are cold-forged solid crank arms complemented with a steel spindle. The crank comes complete with a heavy-duty bottom bracket, and a Sun Race 11-46t 11-speed cassette. The Shimano bottom bracket should work well in dirty and muddy conditions if properly taken care of.

Shifters & Derailleurs

The third most important feature of a bike is its shifters. The industry has silently given Shimano a nod, but SRAM is also quite popular in this aspect. Orbea Laufey comes with Shimano Deore M5100 shifters. Shimano Deore M5100 is one of the best shifter options on the market. You can expect a smooth gear shifting experience without any hiccup.

The Deore Groupset is excellent and not only does it provide silky smooth shifting but also a huge amount of reliability and when it comes to servicing replacement parts are amazing value for money.


Wheelset & Tires

Orbea Laufey H30 Black and Purple
The Black and Purple model is our favorite one!

Hate flat tires? Want to try tubeless wheels? With Orbea Laufey H30, you can. It’s not written but it will work!

Orbea has executed a beautiful merger of technology and traditional biking. You can try both tubeless and traditional wheels with this bike. Again, who does not love to have options in hand?

Laufey’s oversized Maxxis Forecaster 2.6″-wide tires allow it to plow through obstacles instead of forcing you to find a way around them.

For tires, Maxxis is our favorite brand. I enjoyed using their durable and compliant Maxxis Forecaster 2.6″ tires. You cannot go wrong with these ones!



Shimano also handles the brake system. The bike uses Shimano MT201 Hydraulic Disk Brakes. I have used Shimano’s mechanical disk brake for years, and I loved them. MT201 is used by many bikes in this range too. So, you do not need to worry about the brake system either. We are pretty sure it will provide a stable performance.


Bottom Point

On the whole, the ORBEA LAUFEY H30 is an excellent bike for this price. I loved their frame geometry. Moreover, being able to use both 27.5” and 29” is a plus for me. Also, going tubeless is another major selling point of this bike. This is a great bike for off-roading, and I would love to use it. The only downside is the weight. The weight measures about 31lbs. I would have loved it more if it was under 27.9 lbs.

Nonetheless, it is a great buy for the price!

The Laufey H30 model is currently unavailable.

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Orbea Laufey 27+ H30











  • Nice looking
  • Components
  • 130mm fork
  • Two Colors


  • No dropper-post