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Best Black Friday Cycling & Bike Deals 2019 (You Need To Know)

Jeff Balton

Black Friday Cycling And Bike Deals of 2019
I have a little secret to share: I make almost all of my bike-related buys during this time of the year, around Black Friday. The reason is simple – I get much better deals. The prices are lower than during sales and clearances throughout the off-season. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true!

Let’s save some serious money on cycling parts this Black Friday & Cyber Monday – our fabulous hand-picked deals will keep your budget well in the green!

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Below I’ve noted a few deals that are exemplary and worth a look. Keep an eye out for new and updated items in this section!

Shimano XT 2×11 Drivetrain Groupset – $299.98 (was $609.03) – Save $300+ / 50% Off

Your times on the trails talk more than any reviews.

The Shimano XT 2×11 is probably one of the best and one of the most popular mountain biking groupsets out there. If you planned on upgrading your drivetrain but you were worried about spending too much money, now it’s the right time! Save $300 on this deal and spend them on more cycling gear!

Buy From Wiggle 

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Bicycle U Lock (3.25 x 7 inch) – $28.99 (was $42.95) – 33% Off

Kryptonite is every bike thief’s nightmare!

Every cyclist’s most precious possession is their bike. If you want to keep your bike yours and protect it from theft, you need to use at least one heavy-duty bike lock. Due to their design, U-locks have proved to be the most efficient at preventing theft. Kryptonite is one of the best manufacturers of bike locks in the industry and it’s heavily discounted this Black Friday!

Buy From Amazon

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit, 14mm x 39″– $129.99 (was $147.95) – 12% Off

Don’t cry over spilt milk. Get a decent bike lock!

Few bike locks will make a thief give up before even trying to steal your bike, but this one might do the job. It’s practically indestructible by the most common tools used by bike thieves and it looks intimidating as well. It’s made of a 14mm manganese steel able to sustain a 3T force and a 15mm hardened industrial-style shackle.

Buy From Amazon

Shimano Ultegra R8000 Groupset (11 Speed) – $659.98 (was $1,456.39 – 54% Off) – Save $700

Leave the excess weight behind, together with your opponents.

That’s what we are talking about! It’s the example of Black Friday deals we are looking for! If you are considering replacing your current groupset, then this is a great deal for you! The difference between mid- and high-level components is very big, so prepare yourself to be surprised.

Purchase from Wiggle

Crankbrothers F15 Multi-Tool – $38.69 (was $42.99) – 10% Off

Product image for Detail view

If you leave your neighborhood when cycling, a multi-tool is a must!

Did you know that you can do all of the simple adjustments and repairs on your bike by yourself? There’s no need to spend a lot of money in local bike shops when some issue is a quick DIY. Instead of carrying several tools, you can just bring one multi-tool to get all of the work done.

This Crankbrothers’ set has hex wrenches, screwdrivers, Torx, a chain tool, a spoke wrench, and a magnerized storage space. Most of the time, that’s all you’ll ever need.

Get From Aventuron

Shimano RP9 Carbon Road Shoes – from $246 (was from $299) – 18% Off

Shimano road bike shoes for black friday

Clipless is the way to go if you’re a performance-oriented cyclist.

We loved the original Shimano RP9 cycling shoes, but we love the improved RP9 Carbon even more. They feature all of the same tech solutions of their predecessors but are even more stylish and lighter than before. Moreover, the new Boa® IP1 Dial allows you to make micro adjustments of the straps for maximum comfort and stability.

Available colors: Black, Blue, Navy (with pink), White. Sizes 40 to 48 available.

Get From Wiggle

GPS: Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle – $499.99 (was $599.99) – 17% Off

Garmin 1000 Bundle on Black Friday

“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R Tolkien

The Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Bundle is a trusted and solid navigation toolkit for cyclists. Whether you’re a meticulous planner or want to explore the world without getting lost, these navigation tools will help get you home on time. It’s the best deal we’ve seen yet on Garmin, so don’t let this one slip away from you!

Out Of Stock

Carbon Road Wheelset: Reynolds R Six 2018 – $1,099.99 (was $1,749.95 – 37% Off) – Save $650

Black Friday Carbon Wheels

Let’s roll with Reynolds – EVEN FASTER!

Bring your cycling to the next level with these lightweight wheels. The overall weight is 1635g and they’re compatible with both Shimano and SRAM 9/10/11 speed cassettes. Plus, they look seriously cool!

Out Of Stock

Camelback For Women: L.U.X.E 100 Oz – $81.99 (was $110) – 25% Off!

Bring that extra Jersey and that extra chocolate bar! You have all the room you need!

The three-liter hydration reservoir and total seven-liter cargo capacity will allow you to ride farther without skimping on accouterments. Keys, tools, provisions, and even your helmet will stow nicely in the featured compartments and ride comfortably, whatever the terrain. Three colors available!

Buy from Amazon

Bike Trainer: LifeLine TT-02 Fluid – $83.98 + Free Delivery (62% Off)

Bike Triner on Black friday

Deep snow or icy wind – don’t care!

Yes, winter forces us back inside. But there’s no reason to lose your edge with bike trainers that are so effective and, in this case, quite reasonably priced! This super deal works with both road and mountain bikes. Suitable for tire sizes from 26″ to 29″ (700c).

Get From Wiggle.com

Selection of Bicycle Forks – Up To 59% Off

Mountain bike forks discount

The right fork really makes a huge difference!

Upgrading your bicycle fork is one of the easiest ways to cut some weight. Have a look at these deals. We are really impressed by the selection for mountain bikes with 26″ / 27″ / 29″ wheels.

Get from Jenson USA

Black Friday MTB pedal deals

One of the best and most stylish mountain bike pedals

Crankbrothers pedals are one of the best mountain bike pedals on the market. Extremely lightweight at 266 grams, with five years of manufacturer warranty. The silver model is available as well, so make you pick!

Buy from Wiggle

Rubber For The Road (8-72% Off)

Black Friday Bike Tire Deals

Have you tried the best road bike tires? If you haven’t, it’s time to change that!

A great selection of road bike tires is available on Wiggle. Pick up a couple of sets for the upcoming season because, when it comes to consumables such as tires, replacements should be hanging in your garage at the ready.
NB: Winter tires are available as well!

Choose from Wiggle.com

Dropper Post: Brand-X ASCEND II $107.98 + Free Shipping (was $207.99) – 48% Off

Product image for

One of the best dropper posts and one of the best Black Friday deals!

Take your mountain biking to the next level with this economical but fully-featured dropper post. The Ascend II is externally operated via a stealth-routed handlebar remote. Two diameters that fit most mountain bike seat tube sizes are available.

Buy on Wiggle.com

Road Bike Pedals: Shimano Ultegra R8000 Carbon (Save $80)

Black Friday 2017 Cycling deal - SPD Dura Ace Pedals

If you use any other pedal model, then it’s time to gear up!

Super lightweight carbon road racing pedals weighing mere 248 grams. Get yourself a smoking deal on one of the best road bike pedals in existence.

Out Of Stock

Light Set: Serfas 950 + 150 Lumen $94.50 + Free Shipping (Was $139.95) – 32% Off

Rule no. 1: Make yourself visible!

Powerful 950 front and 150 lumen rear light. Make yourself visible! Suitable both for the daytime and nighttime rides. The rear one has an ultra-low mode to get you home when your battery is empty any multiple settings for all occasions are also supported.

Get From Amazon


 dhb Windslam Cycling Peaked Cap – Only $8.64 (was $18.95) – 54% Off

Helmet hair is not in style anymore!

Wearing a helmet is a must if you are a cyclist, but having a helmet hair after removing it is far from desirable. You can solve it by wearing a cycling peaked cap, which you can now buy from Wiggle at an amazing price. It’s lightweight and protects your head from wind as well!

Buy from Wiggle

Pearl Izumi Bike Jacket (3 Colors) – $86.73 (was $125) – 38% Off

Close up of Smoked Pearl/Black

Feeling too hot? Wear it as a west! Feeling too cold? Transform it into a jacket in seconds!

You can’t decide whether to buy a vest or a cycling jacket? There’s no need since you can have 2 in 1. This Pearl Izumi bike jacket can be transformed mid-ride, there’s no need to stop and lose precious time. It’s available in three colors: black, gray, and red. Our favorite is red, what about yours?

Currently Out Of Stock

Pearl Izumi Long-Sleeve Jersey- $58.73 (was $85) – %27 Off

Close up of Bel Air Blue/Blue Depths

Comfortable? Check! Warm? Check! Looks good? Check! Check! Check!

A high-quality long-sleeve bike jersey is all you need to push through the chilly autumn rides this year. A long-sleeve jersey is a great buy for winter riding as well as a mid-layer which retains the warmth of your body.

This Pearl Izumi model looks really cool and performs even better on the toughest of rides. It’ll keep you warm and dry and you can store all the energy bars and gels you can eat in the three pockets on the back!

Currently Out Of Stock

Sugoi Resistor Aero Bike Shoe Covers – $10.83 (was $45) – 75% Off

Product image for Black

A decent pair of shoe covers will make you fall in love with autumn and winter rides once again.

These Sugoi shoe covers will keep your feet warm and dry when the going gets tough and the road beneath you is soaking wet. They’re lightweight, aerodynamic, provide wind protection, and water resistant. Moreover, they’ll help you be seen at night thanks to reflective striping, which is a reason enough to wear them.

Currently Sold Out


High5 Energy Gel Sachets 20 Count – $15.99 (was $32.80) – 51% Off

Caffeine + Carbs = A fast ride!

Caffeine and carbs are two ingredients that most successful cyclists swear by. The truth is, you cannot complete a tough session without proper nutrition. These High5 gels are easy to open, easy to take, and they digest very easily as well. Get them on Black Friday when they are 51% off and make sure you always have a few in your jersey.

Buy from Wiggle

Mobi V-15 Portable Bike Pressure Washer – $59.99 (was $147.99) – 59% Off

Image result for Mobi V-15 Portable Bike Pressure Washer

No more excuses to have a dirty bike!

One of the most interesting cycling-related finds of this Black Friday. Take the pressure washer with you. It works on 12V, so you can hook it to your car and use it anywhere. You can clean your bike or anything else you wish since the pressure is customizable.

Buy from Chain Reaction Cycles

X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench Set – $27.58 (was $51.99) – 46% Off

Never shred expensive carbon and aluminum bits again.

More is not always better, especially when it comes to the delicate screws on your bike. All you need to take care of your bike and do all of the DIY repairs and maintenance is inside this box. You’ll know exactly how much power to put into tightening the screws with a torque wrench.

Buy From Wiggle

Schwinn 130 Upright Bike – $329 (was $499) – 34% Off

Winter does not mean you have to fall out of shape.

The Schwinn indoor bike is a great alternative for people who don’t want to ride outdoors. Whether you don’t like the cold or you dislike riding in the traffic, you can nor ride in your comfy bedroom. This model has an LCD screen, 20 levels of intensity for every rider, speakers, a fan, and so much more.

Buy From Amazon

Wall Bike Mount Rack: For Two By Delta – $22.49 (42% Off)

Wall Rack for bikes on Black Friday

Rule no. 71: A bike propped against a wall is a temporary storage solution.

We all know the problems associated with storing our bikes. There’s no single best solution, but wall-mount racks are one of the most popular and most efficient ways to curb the clutter. You should consider them because: a) they can be easily folded down to save space; b) rubber-coated arms protect bike finish; c) they carry up to two bikes. The maximum load is 65 pounds.

Get on Amazon

Child Trailer/Stroller: Allen Premium For 2 Children – $205.17 (was $219.99) – 7% Off

Allen Child Stroller for Black friday

I’m sad that I didn’t have these kinds of trailers when I was a kid.

This awesome Allen Sports carrier is a bicycle trailer or a stroller – call it whatever you like! The easy-riding 20-inch lightweight aluminum trailer/stroller includes two years of manufacturer warranty. Show your young ones the world while doing your training!

Get on Amazon

Energy Nutrition Mixes: 24 Count Packs By GU Energy – $32.97  – 8% Off 

Being no. 1 requires more than having strong legs. Fuel your body the right way and never hit the wall again.

We all need energy, especially when cycling! GU Energy drink mixes can be purchased in single-use packages or 1.1-ounce canisters; orange, mandarin, jet blackberry, strawberry-banana, salted watermelon and lemon sublime. 100 calories per serving; 450 mg of Amino acids.

Get From Amazon

Bike Maintenance Parts (5-72% Off)

Bike Maintenance BlackFriday Deals

The season is over – your bike needs some care!

The onset of winter means your bike demands some attention. From special chain lube to fenders, we advise you stock up on applicable items and be ready for the upcoming season. Black Friday deals make it easy to maintain your bike in pristine condition!

Pick from Wiggle.com


Selection of Women’s Diamondback Bike – Save Up To 40%

Diamondback women bikes

Diamondback bikes are reliable, and on Black Friday – CHEAP TOO!

Diamondback offers a special selection for women. You can choose from different models. Pick yours!

Choose from Diamondback 

dhb Flashlight (Pink/Neon) – $50.40 (was $89.95) – Save 43%

Did you know winter rides don’t need to be freezing?

Are you losing motivation do to your winter rides? It’s no wonder if you are wet and cold whenever you leave your home. This women’s dhb model is windproof and waterproof, so you can ride like it’s already spring! Neon And Pink colors are available, so make your pick!

Buy from Wiggle 

Schwinn Perla Cruiser – $192.63 (was $209) – Save 7%

Choose your favorite color: blue, pink, or yellow and ride into the distance.

The Schwinn Perla Cruiser is a simple bike that will get you from one place to another with no fuss. That’s what a bike should be! It has character and it’s available in three attractive colors: blue, pink, and yellow. The Blue model offers has the best value and it looks best in our opinion! It has 7 speeds for all terrain and a step-through frame for easy mount. Check it out!

Buy from Amazon

dhb Aeron Roubaix – $45 (was $94.95) – Save 52%

Get outside and ride whatever the conditions!

The dhb Aeron Roubaix is the better, warmer, and more comfortable version of the previous Vaeon Pro Roubaix Tights. It has a comfortable and durable chamois that will last for a long time and support you on even the longest and hardest rides. This Black Friday you can save $50 on it.

Buy from Wiggle

Rapha Classic Glasses II – $117 (was $295) – 60% Off

These are must-have glasses for an avid cyclist. If you’re not a fan of those futuristic cycling glasses that look as if they were borrowed from the set of “Star Wars,” you should check these out. They’re stylish, polarized, and a great fit for cycling. Choose from one of the numerous models.

Rapha Classic Classes

You can be fast, safe, and stylish all at once with the right pair of cycling sunglasses.

Pick From Wiggle

Schwinn Women’s Thrasher Helmet (4 Colors) – $18.86 – $20.75 (was $24.99) – 17-22% Off

Did you know that you can both look good and wear a bike helmet?

If you still do not have a decent bike helmet, or if the time has come to send your old one to retirement and buy a new one, consider this great deal. These Schwinn bike helmets offer a high level of protection, come with fully adjustable straps, and look good as well. They’re available in four colors – Coral, Pink/Purple, Pink/White, and Teal.

Buy From Amazon

More Women Black Friday cycling deals on Mountain Bike or Road Bike sections (Opens in new window)


Black Friday also brings a large selection of amazing deals on complete bikes and framesets. Since bikes can be extremely expensive, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to save some serious money. Not every bike is a screaming deal, which is why we’ve singled out only the best Black Friday bike deals below that definitely stand out.

Black Friday Road Bike Deals

Raleigh Venture iE Step Thru – $1,749.99 (was $2,249.99) – $500 Off

Image result for VENTURE IE STEP THRU

You’ll love it both because of its looks and its brains.

Do you live in a very hilly area? Or you maybe have bad knees? We understand it can be a pain in the neck to finish your commute or your grocery haul every day. Why not get some help? An electric bike will still give you the benefits of cycling while providing you with some assistance on the difficult sections. Black Friday is the best time to get one, so check out this great Raleigh deal.

Buy from Raleigh
See all Raleigh electric bikes

Schwinn Fastback Carbon – $1,272.79 (was $1,399.99) – 9% Off

It’s one of the best deals you’ll get on a full-carbon bike this Black Friday!

The discount % doesn’t seem that low, but even with the stock price, it has a nice balance between the value and price. Therefore, every dollar off of the price tag is just an additional plus! It’s available in frame sizes between 45cm and 57cm, so it accommodates many different heights!

Buy From Amazon

Raleigh Electric Bikes – Up To $1,250 Off

Raleigh Electric Black Friday Deals

Commute to work without breaking a sweat on an e-bike!

If you’ve been thinking about buying an electric bike but you were discouraged by the high prices, this is the perfect time to do it. A large number of Raleigh electric bikes are discounted and offered at prices which will help you save up to $1,250. This list includes city bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, step-thru and step-over models, so make your pick.

See The Selection on Raleigh 

Supersale Section on GiantNerd – from $524.99 – Up To  $750 Off

Giantnerd Extra Sale Bikes

I thought good road bikes are actually expensive! I was wrong!

Is there anything better than starting a new season with a brand-new bike? This time, you do not have to feel guilty for splurging because GiantNerd has prepared numerous amazing Black Friday bike deals!

You can get a Tommaso road bike of your dreams for prices you couldn’t even dream of and save up to $750 on certain models. Some of them are already sold out, so you might want to hurry up. That’s one great Black Friday bike deal for sure!

See on GiantNerd 

Access Bynum Disc 2017  – $1,299.97 (was $2,799 – 54% Off)

Access Bynum on Black Friday

Top level bike with an entry-level price, TAKE MY MONEY!

The Access Bynum is a road bike you may not be familiar with, but it’s an outstanding deal that we feel compelled to point out. It’s available in five different sizes to accommodate nearly every rider. Check out these specs: carbon frame, carbon fork, Shimano Ultegra cassette and derailleurs – not what you’d expect at such a low price!

Use this Black Friday bike sale and make it yours and save a ton doing so.

Out Of Stock

Nashbar AL1 Sora- $499.99 + Free Shipping (Was $1,100) – 55% Off

Buying a road bike with a carbon fork for less than $500 is a steal!

This Nashbar AL1 with Sora components is available at a very cheap price. The price is half the usual amount, which is a pretty good deal in itself! It has a lightweight aluminum frame with a carbon fork and Shimano Sora components, so it’s as good of a deal as it gets!

Out Of Stock

GT Grade Carbon Expert (Shimano 105) –  $1,919.98 (was $3,134.99) – 38% Off

This carbon beauty is as light as feather but will tackle any terrain you put it against!

Shave the excess weight off with this carbon beauty! Fitted with a great component set including disc brakes and available in six sizes. However, only four bikes are left – so grab yours while you still can! There are also three other variants of this bike, so check them out to make the best choice for yourself.

Buy on Wiggle.com

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Black Friday Mountain Bike Deals

Orbea Alma 27 H50 2018 – $799.99 (was $1,199) – 33% Off

This orange is beautiful, but it would be even better with some mud on it!

It’s time to hit the trails hard with this Black Friday cycling deal. Upgrade to this mid-range model with a beginner price! It comes fully equipped with Shimano components and a RockShox fork for a smooth ride.

It’s available in three colors – Black, Pistachio/Black, and Orange/Black. Medium size is available, which fits riders between 5’7″ and 5’11”.

Buy from JensonUSA
All discounted Orbea bikes on JensonUSA

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike – $468 to $571

One of the best mountain bikes for the money since 2016

The thing is, this bike has been in our mountain bike tests since 2016. Since then, Diamondback has made some tweaks and several changes. Nonetheless, this is still the best MTB you can get for the money. It’s often out of stock, but now there are plenty of models available. That’s why it is one of the best Black Friday deals at the moment.

Buy from Amazon

NINER Mountain Bikes & Frames (Up to 44% Off + 365 Day Returns)

Niner Black Friday deals

Niner has some of the best bikes in the road and mountain bike world!

Niner produces great performers for both on- and off-road cycling. Jenson USA offers an amazing selection (32!) of Niner bikes – every one of them on sale this Black Friday! From the models RLT and Ros 9, to RLT 9 Ultegra and Jet RDO 5 Star X01 Eagle – a great selection for riders of all levels and riding preferences. Discounts vary from 6% to massive 44% on the RLT 9 4 Start Road Bike

See The Selection on JensonUSA.com

All Mountain Bike Black Friday Deals >


Selection Of Diamondback Bikes – Up To 40% Off

Diamondback bikes Black Friday

Grab us till you get!

Diamondback announced their Black Friday items. Road, mountain, fat bikes, women’s, kids – all you need. Have a look- no words needed.

Choose from Diamondback

ORBEA Road & Mountain Bikes (Up to 36% Off + 365 Day Returns)

Orbea Bikes For Black Friday

Orbea mountain and road bikes are increasing in popularity

Orbea is a well-known player in the cycling world, with roots going back 175 years. They produce a wide selection (over 40 models) of mountain and road bikes such as the Orca, Avant, Occam, Avant Rallon, Oiz, Alma and more – choosing just one will be the hard part. Check out the current bikes, most of which are 2017 models. Use this discount to get an even better deal!

See The Full Selection on JensonUSA.com

Kids, City And Hybrid Black Friday Bike Deals

Child Balance Bike – $39.96 (was $49.95) – 20% Off

It’s never too early to ride a bike!

Honestly, I wish I had a balance bike when I was a kid. It is the easiest way to learn how to ride a bike for a child, with the least risk for falls. Your kid will learn how to balance on a bike at their own pace and have loads of fun in the process. The perfect gift for your child or your grandchild this Black Friday.

Buy From Amazon

Schwinn Girl’s Bicycle – $119.98 (Was $149.99) – 20% Off

Childhood memories are much better when they’re made on a bicycle!

Kids are our future and each one of them should have a bike. If you have a daughter or a granddaughter about 4-6 years old, then this bike would be a great gift.

Buy from Amazon

Raleigh Carlton – $299.99 (Was $499) – 41% Off

Raleigh carlton

It’s time to do your groceries in style!

Carlton is the cool city cruiser everyone needs in their bike collection. This is a simple urban bike that is easy to maintain and, most importantly, will get the job done every single time. It comes with a front rack that fits all of your belongings for a much more comfortable ride.

You might also check out the beige Carlton Mixte for women. 

Get from Raleigh


Amazon Black Friday Deals

Image result for amazon logo

That’s it, all said and done, home of the best Black Friday deals. Find the Outdoors section and shop there.

Visit Amazon Early Black Friday Page >

Wiggle Black Friday Deals

Image result for wiggle logo

Wiggle offers best early Black Friday cycling-related deals in our opinion. They have two categories – apparel and bike deals. Wiggle updates their deals weekly.

Visit Wiggle Black Friday Page >

Chain Reaction Cycles

Image result for chain reaction cycles logo

Visit Chain Reaction Cycles (US) Black Friday Page >

Backcountry Black Friday Deals

backcountry logo

Visit Backcountry Black Friday page >

Diamondback Black Friday Deals

Diamondback Bikes

Up To 55% Off Sitewide! Black Friday starts Midnight, 11/23!

Diamondback Black Friday Deals Will Appear Here >

JensonUSA Black November Deals

Image result for jensonusa logo

JensonUSA announced their Black November deals. They offer a nice selection of cycling-related products and bikes as well.

You can also use the code SAVE20 to get 20% Off of one full-priced item.

Visit JensonUSA Black November page >

Aventuron Black Friday Deals

Aventuron Logo
Aventuron has some coupon codes. Get $10 off orders over $200. $25 off orders $500+.  Get $50 off orders $800+.

Visit Aventuron >

Giantnerd Super Sale section

Image result for giantnerd logo

Giantnerd offers a selection of road bikes we like under their Super Sale section. They sell Tommaso bikes which are pretty popular in our reviews.

Visit Giantnerd Super Sale Section >

Raleigh Sale Section

Image result for raleigh usa logo

Raleigh announced their discount % – it’s up to 50%. Have a look!

Visit RaleighUSA.com Sale Section >

Do you see now?

Why would a rider pay typical prices when they can get bikes and gear at a much cheaper price? Cycling gear sales occur all year long, but they rarely, if ever, beat Black Friday deals.



So, hope you enjoyed it! But, if you want to check the deals in even more detail:

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