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Bicycle Guider Statistics

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Who are Our Readers?

Bicycle Guider’s web site traffic is growing at a healthy rate. In 2016 we had around 105,000 unique visitors. In 2017, we’ve had around 402,000! In, 2018, we had 800,000!

We aim, primarily, for site visitors from the US. Our country-of-origin profile on 2018 looks like:


Bicycle Guider readers by location

So that’s basically 90% of the traffic from English speaking countries.


Bicycle Guider readers age

Our average visitor spends over four minutes on our site – and that’s a lot!


So, is Bicycle Guider a good venue to promote your product?

Bicycle Guider consists of a lean, mean team of writers, proofreaders, a web developer, a photographer, a videographer and a designer. To make good bike reviews a reality, it’s imperative to begin with great bikes, and also to have a team that knows how to showcase them to a targeted audience.

A few samples: RadWagon by Rad Power Bikes or Himiway or RadRover etc

Please keep in mind:

  • Buying a review is unethical and against our core beliefs. You can’t do it!
  • We are honest and positive, but if the review didn’t present your product in the light you’d hoped, we can promptly remove it
  • Ideally, you’re part of an affiliate network – but if not, that’s okay too

Sound appealing and useful? Drop us a line at hello (at) bicycle-guider (dot) com and let’s explore how we can spread the word about your fine wares to our viewers!

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