Fortified Invincible 8-Speed Review

When it comes to hybrid bikes, this unisex Fortified is one of the best (and also the winner of our hybrid bike’s review)

The idea behind Fortified’s rugged 8-speed hybrid bike is impressive. Fortified makes hybrid bikes which are stunning, durable and theft resistant rides. The bike is loaded with unique features including a unique 6061 frame to inhibit rust, puncture-resistant tires, and lock out components that make it much harder to steal. Fortified are currently offering two models, the 8-speed, and a single-speed (that cannot be bought on Amazon right now)

The Bike

Fortified’s 8-speed bike includes:

  • Rust-proof frame and chain: The chain and frame on this bike are both designed so that they do not rust. The frame is of sturdy but lightweight 6061 aluminum construction. Seeing as the chain is rust proof, lubrication is not required as much as it is on a regular chain.
  • Puncture-resistant tires: Puncture-resistant tires were included by Fortified on this build. No more do you have to be concerned by the chance of a flat ruining your ride.
  • Custom Locking Hardware: Bike theft is an all too common thing in today’s society. That being said, a lot of people do not realize that individual components get stolen as well. Fortified has included special bolts to stop parts such as the saddle, handlebars, stem etc. from being stolen. They also include Delta locking hardware to protect your wheels from thieves.
  • U-Lock: Most important to protect any bike from thieves is a tough lock. (The lock does not come with the bike but can be bought here)

As you have read above, Fortified has included a lot of special features in this bike. However, there is still more to see!

Read on to see what makes this bike the winner of best hybrid bike in this price scale.

Spec List

Fortified’s component list is well chosen. It utilizes 700c wheels (32mm wide) similar to other hybrid bikes, and makes good use of Tektro disc brakes for all weather stopping power. The frame is made of 6061 aluminum which is a good platform for the rest of the bike to be built around. The whole bike only weighs 26lbs. Considering the build, that is much lighter than we predicted. Unfortunately, the bike should not be ridden if you weigh more than 207lbs.

If you chose, you can also buy fenders and rear cargo racks from Fortified here.

Lights can also be added on to the sale but are not included. There are a couple of different light outputs to choose from. You can get either a 150 or 300 lumen for the front. As for the back you have a choice of a 30 or 60 lumen light. The lights can be bought individually or in a two pack (including a front and rear light in each pack). You can see the lights here on Amazon.


Fortified Invincible review

Fortified Invincible

Sizing for this bike works as followed:  Small for 5’2“-5’6“, Medium for 5’7-5’1“, and Large from 6’0“-6’4“. The wide range means everyone should be able to find a bike that works great for them!

NOTE: The lights that were discussed above are not included with the purchase of this bike. It is definitely worth getting them though, and here is the link for it to Amazon.



Assembling the bike is quite easy, so easy in fact that Fortified encourages you to do it yourself. If you are still not comfortable doing it yourself then purchase the Amazon bike assembly.

Fortified Invincible 8 speed

Fortified Invincible 8 speed


8.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


7.5 /10


7.5 /10


  • Puncture-Resistant tires
  • Rust and theft-proof
  • Three sizes
  • Unisex


  • Need special tools to fix the bike
  • Only one design

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