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Review of Ride1UP 700 series

Review of Ride1UP 700 seriesRide1UP 700 Series is a bargain Class 3 e-bike that has all it takes to replace your car for short trips. It’s equipped with features you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere at such a low price. The demand for electric bicycles has skyrocketed in the previous decade so it doesn’t surprise that the number of... Read More »

Review of Priority Classic Plus

Review of Priority Classic PlusPriority Classic Plus is an old-school-cool yet modern bicycle that uses a grease-free belt and a rust-free frame to deliver a unique and innovative transportation experience. Priority Classic Plus is the definition of a low-maintenance, feature-rich, and hassle-free city bicycle. This is an elegant and simple commuter that guarantees a comfortable ride as it gets... Read More »

Review of Priority Continuum Onyx

Review of Priority Continuum OnyxPriority Continuum Onyx is the perfect low-maintenance bicycle to navigate an urban jungle year-round. It’s a feature-rich commuter with an attractive price tag. Few commuter bikes have earned a shoutout from such big names as Wired, Gizmodo, Digital Trends, The Manual, Popular Mechanics, and even Playboy. Priority Continuum Onyx is one of them. Whoever gives... Read More »

Review Of Co-op Cycles CTY Series

Review Of Co-op Cycles CTY SeriesCo-op Cycles CTY by REI is a lineup of versatile and affordable hybrid commuter bikes suitable for paved and unpaved roads, equipped with reliable components that are fitted on lightweight frames. Commuting by bicycle is healthier and often faster than doing it by car or public transportation, especially in big cities. But to do it... Read More »

Haibike Xduro Trekking 4.0 Review

This bike has been discontinued. For current models, see our review of Haibike.   If you are looking for a great bike to commute on during the week and take on longer rides at the weekend, German e-bike leader Haibike has the perfect model for you. At the 2010 Interbike show, Haibike revealed what is... Read More »

Diamondback Trace Sport Review 2017

Diamondback Trace Sport Review 2017  Currently unavailable, see our review of the best mountain bikes.   Designed to be speedy on the pavement to get you around town, Trace Sport is also more than capable of going offroad. Diamondback has a made a truly capable and affordable bike with components chosen not just for their quality and durability, but... Read More »

Fortified Invincible 8-Speed Review

Actually, the concept of Fortified’s Invincible 8-speed hybrid bike is quite interesting. Fortified builds hybrid bikes which in their words are beautiful, rugged rides that are hard to steal. Yeah? The bike build consists of a special aluminum frame to prevent rust, puncture-resistant tires, and locked components that make it theft resistant. They are currently offering... Read More »

Review of Schwinn Discover

Review of Schwinn DiscoverIf you want a good bike for starting out, then this is it! Hybrid bikes like the Schwinn Discover combine the capabilities of a mountain and road bike to perform well on different terrains. This is a hybrid bike, that has models for both men and women. With the Schwinn Discover coming semi-assembled, it will... Read More »