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Review of IXS Trigger AM Helmet

Review of IXS Trigger AM HelmetThe IXS Trigger AM helmet is specifically aimed at the All Mountain (as per the AM denotation) area of mountain biking. After using this helmet for all my cycling over the last six months,  I’m happy to say its main use of protecting my head in crashes hasn’t been called into question, but let’s look... Read More »

Review of DZR Clipless Cycling Shoes (Urban)

Review of DZR Clipless Cycling Shoes (Urban)Do you love riding clipless but you’re not a big fan of wearing nerdy cycling shoes on a day-to-day basis? Then you should consider a pair of commuter cycling shoes, such as the DZR Jetlag Nero.  DZR Jetlag Nero is an urban cycling shoe that blends right in with your business or casual attire. It... Read More »

Review Of Hiplok Superbright Bike Lock

Review Of Hiplok Superbright Bike LockHiplok Superbright is a heavy-duty bike lock that solves one of the biggest problems quality locks create — ease of transportation. This lock can be worn as a belt around your hips or around your shoulder. It protects your bike due to sturdy design and improves your visibility at night thanks to reflective materials. Riding... Read More »

woom 2 Kids Bike Review

woom 2 Kids Bike ReviewDo you have a child that is doing well on the balance bike, but is still quite young and fairly small? If the coordination is there, and the child is full of interest and eagerness to try out a pedal bike, the woom 2 is the choice for you. Constructed of high quality, lightweight AL-6061... Read More »

woom 1 Balance Bike Review

woom 1 Balance Bike ReviewBalance bikes are the new thing. They’ve made training wheels obsolete. Indeed, if you’ve ever witnessed a child riding a bike with training wheels and crying in frustration, you’ve likely thought, “There’s got to be a better way!“ And you’d be right! There definitely is a better way, and it is the balance bike. Not... Read More »

The Explorer Backback by Douchebags – Overview

The Explorer Backback by Douchebags – OverviewThe first thing that would intrigue anyone about Douchebags is the name. The name of the company perfectly reflects the authenticity and innovative approach but in no sense the character of their bags. The Explorer Backpack by Douchebags is the brainchild of Jon Olsson, the Swedish free-ski legend which is revealed in the functionality of... Read More »

The Transit Waterproof Backpack by Showers Pass

The Transit Waterproof Backpack by Showers PassThis Showers Pass Transit backpack is as big as they come. It reminds me of the huge backpacks bicycle delivery guys carry around the city. The main area is waterproof and pretty huge, providing you with high-capacity storage space that can carry whatever you need. Just as Showers Pass itself says: “Inspired by the challenging... Read More »

Diamondback Haanjo 3 Review

Diamondback Haanjo 3 ReviewWheel Size: 700c               Gears: 18            Type: Gravel Grinder, rigid Being a gravel grinder, Diamondback Haanjo 3 is a versatile bike built for all terrain. That’s why we set high expectations for it and took it to a forest, trying trails, mud, and sand. We did the... Read More »

Brooks England – Sparkhill Backpack Overview

Brooks England – Sparkhill Backpack OverviewBrooks England is one of the oldest manufacturers of cycling related accessories that is still active – and they are very proud of it. I don’t intend to write much more about their history because that would be too long and it would not do them the same amount of justice that the History section... Read More »

Mission Workshop – Hauser Hydration Bag – Overview

Mission Workshop – Hauser Hydration Bag – OverviewBike backpacks have become a popular trend in recent years. Their popularity is rising due to their versatility, comfort, and style. Mission Workshop bags kept us intrigued for quite some time, so we decided to create an in-depth overview of them. To provide you with more relevant and genuine information, we even tested the Mission... Read More »